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Cycles of Jupiter

Cycles of jupiter

O DIFFICULTY will be experienced by anyone who becomes even slightly
conversant with the use of progressed aspects in Cycle Charts, in foretelling
with precision the times when widespread interest in events of each planetary
type will be exhibited, and, within a day or two, when important events of each
planetary type will come to pass. In fact, by also considering the New Moon Cycle, or
Lunation, such events can be predicted to within twenty-four hours of the exact time
they actually transpire.

To predict the degree of importance which will attach to the event indicated by any
one progressed aspect in a Cycle Chart is a more complex matter; for events are not
isolated occurrences, but each an integral portion, great or small, of that total pattern
which goes to make up our national and international life. This pattern has not only
breadth, into which the occurrences indicated by the progressed aspects of each of
the cycles and major conjunctions of the immediate period must fit; but it has length
in time. The events which have gone before, as indicated by earlier progressed
aspects in the various cycles, and by earlier major conjunctions, all have a bearing
upon both the importance and the precise nature of the event attracted by any single
progressed aspect.

When, for instance, the preceding cycles have led up to a condition in which the
minds of the populace are filled with thoughts of war, any progressed aspect, either
harmonious or discordant, in the Mars Cycle Chart, tends to fan the destructive
flames. If a state of war already exists, such an aspect indicates the time of actual
skirmishes or engagement, and if the aspect is a powerful one, it will mark the time of
heavy actual fighting. But taken by itself, no progressed aspect in the Mars Cycle
Chart can cause a country to go to war. A war is the result of a cumulative set of
circumstances that are indicated in various cycle charts and major conjunctions.

We can be absolutely certain when a progressed aspect forms in the Pluto Cycle
Chart that some important event will come to pass involving group activity, and with
possibilities of drastic action in case there is resistance to the group decision.
Thought currents within the world are then stimulated by energies coming from the
planet Pluto, and these, linking certain people together in a chain of similar thought,
lead to mass action.

The house position of the aspected planet, and the special affinity of the aspected
planet, are good guides to the nature of the event to be expected. Yet at a time, due to
preceding influences which have led up to it, when the attention of the world is
focused on the League of Nations it is safe to predict that the most important event
attracted by the Pluto aspect will relate to some action of this body. If, however, the
progressed aspect occurs during a period in which some bureau, such as one of the
various associations designated by letters which at times exercise dictatorial
authority–NRA, AAA, PWA, etc.– holds the attention of the public, the most
important event attracted will relate to this particular group.

A progressed aspect in the Saturn Cycle Chart, at a time when there is great public
agitation for conservation of natural resources, can be expected to mark the date
when some pronounced decision or action will be taken in reference to conservation.
But the same aspect in a time of business depression would indicate the date on which
some action would be proposed or taken having for its object economy or security,
the more exact nature of which could be determined from the house position and
special affinity of the aspected planet.

Or to take an actual example from the past, spiritous liquors are ruled by Mars, and
actions concerning them are shown by aspects in the Mars Cycle Charts. But
nation-wide prohibition, in addition to affecting the consumption of alcoholic
beverages, was a radical departure from precedent. And all the important actions
leading up to national prohibition were shown also by aspects in the Uranus Cycle
Chart. Not only so, but after national prohibition was established, all the important
actions leading to the abolition of prohibition also were shown by progressed aspects
in the Uranus Cycle Chart, until the pendulum finally swung back and the freedom of
the people to decide their personal habits for themselves, as indicated by Uranus in
the house of the people in the Uranus Cycle of 1928, finally asserted itself.

I am here trying to point out that over one period of time the most important events
attracted by nearly every progressed aspect in the Uranus Cycle Chart had to do with
prohibition, at another period of time with strikes, and that during still another period
of time with the exposure of graft among public officials.

These broad public trends are not independent of the influence of Cycle Charts and
Major Conjunctions; but to determine them requires great skill in combining all the
factors, including the Major Progressions in the nation’s birth chart, the Transits of
the planets through the signs, and the General Astronomical Phenomena, examples
of which are given in Chapter 1.

Because so many factors are involved, to predict the precise nature of an event years
in advance, such as that one nation will declare war on another on a certain date, or
that the government will devalue its currency on another specified date, is a difficult
matter. But to make accurate short time predictions, after a certain trend has set in,
giving exact dates and exact events weeks and months in advance, is not difficult and
requires only a moderate amount of practice.

When the trend is seen to belong to the rulership of a certain planet, any progressed
aspect in that planet’s Cycle Chart will bring something of consequence to pass
relating to the matter, and the nature of the event can be ascertained from the known
trend combined with the house position and special affinity of the aspected planet,
etc., according to the rules given in Chapter 3. Also,
progressed aspects in the Cycle Charts of the other planets, to the planet ruling the
trend under consideration, will have an effect upon the development of such events.
That is, such aspects show the influence of the things ruled by the planet in whose
Cycle Chart the progressed aspect occurs, to bring events to pass which are of the
trend of the aspected planet, and which, therefore, are related to the special trend
under consideration.

When Pluto is involved in the aspect, group action with drastic implications may be
expected; when Neptune is one of the planets, schemes and an involved condition
may be expected; when Uranus is one of them, something new, sudden and a marked
change from old conditions; when