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In Memoriam

Dr. Howard W. Polk

We would like to announce the transition of a dear member to the next plane of life. On Saturday September 2, 2006 Dr. Howard W. Polk passed on at a nursing home in Boulder, Colorado.

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    Dr. Howard W. Polk, D.C., N.D.
    December 21, 1911 -- September 2, 2006


    Dr. Howard W. Polk, passed away on Saturday, September 2, 2006 at Manor Care Nursing Home, Boulder Colorado. He was 94 years old.

    Howard was born on December 21, 1911 on the Polk family farm in Mansfield, IL. where he spent his early years. The Polk family moved to Boulder, Colorado on August 12, 1920. The move was made for the health of Howard's older brother Dan, who had contracted tuberculosis.

    Howard graduated from Speer Chiropractic College in Denver, Colorado in 1932, with chiropractic and naturopathy degrees. He began his healing practice in Devner and Brighton Colorado where he continued until moving to Estes Park, Colorado in 1973. He retired in 1984 after 52 years of practice.

    1932 was also the year Howard discovered the Brotherhood of Light teachings and the Church of Light. He became a Hermetician, a member of the Board of Trustees for the Church of Light and founded the Colorado Astrological Association in Denver. Throughout his long and fruitful carrer Howard taught astrology and gave countless lectures and talks on the Religion of the Stars.

    Howard married his first wife Elda Ruth in 1932. They had three children together Nancy, Karen and Barney. Elda Ruth passed away in 1937 of pneumonia. Howard eventually married his second wife, Margaret who help him raise his three children until her death in 1985. Howard and Margaret had a child of their own, Gail, who passed away in 1994. He was remarried in 1985 to Bonnie Ginther who survives him.

    In the 1940's Howard became a Freemason, eventually a 60 year member, attaining the degree of 32nd-Degree Master Mason before retiring from that group. He was also know as a renowned guest lecturer at many of the Masonic temples throughout the Colorado area. His occult knowledge served him well as he clothed that knowledge in masonic terms much to the delight of his audiences.

    In 1950 and 1951, Elbert Benjamine, the President and founder of the Church of Light and author of the 21 Brotherhood of Light lessons, visited Denver with his wife, Maria, as the guests of Howard and Margaret. Howard always recounted those visits as some of his most memorable experiences.


    Howard is survived by his wife Bonnie, his three children Nancy, Karen and Barney, daughter-in-law Arlene, son-in-law Ted, 10 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild.

    He was preceded in death by his parents; his wife Elda Ruth; his wife Margaret; his daughter Gail; and his brother Dan.

    Memorial Contributions:

    Memorial contributions may be made in Howard's name to Hospice Care of Boulder & Broomfield, 2594 Trailridge Dr., Lafayette, CO. 80026.

    Service Information:

    A memorial service was held at 12:00 p.m., Thursday, September 7, 2006, at the Crown Hill Mortuary Chapel in Denver, Colorado, with Reverend Barbara Molfese officiating. Members of the Denver Consistory performed the Masonic memorial ritual of the Rose Croix.

Doris Chase Doane

We would like to announce the transition of a dear member to the next plane of life. On Monday June 6, 2005 Doris Chase Doane passed on at a nursing home in Sacramento California.

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    Doris Chase Doane
    April 4, 1913 -- June 6, 2005

    Doris was born in Manfield Massachusetts to Willis Chase and Rose Chase Beaulac. She grew up in a loving family, spending many years on Cape Cod swimming and boating in summer and skating in winter. She loved to read romance novels with the Moon in Pisces and she played the piano. At an early age she began to show an interest in metaphysics and made contact with Isabel Hickey. Her early teacher saw her great potential and Doris had a difficult time getting a psychic release from this first contact. Doris had a great deal of difficulty with her psychic ability due to her Moon in Pisces. Only her contact with the Hermetic teachings gave her Aries Sun and Mercury the full power of their expression. Doris had a number of jobs in her early years and a short marriage that ended in her leaving for California from her home in Chicago. She acquired a job in Los Angeles at a large astrological and metaphysical library. In 1938 she had a vivid psychic experience that gave her the mission of "shopping for Truth".

    In 1941 Doris joined the Church of Light and began to study Hermetic Philosophy. Then in 1942 she began to work for the Church of Light after Elbert Benjaime's son, Will Benamine, started his own church, called the Stellar Ministry. It was a Christian Mystical group. From that time until 1969 she served faithfully in spreading the Hermetic Philosophy. She married Edward Doane in 1944 after a year of attending U.C.L.A. to study psychology and sociology. She became a Hermetician in 1945. With the passing of Elbert Benjamine to the Inner Plane in 1951 she and her husband, Edward Doane, led the organization until 1969. Edward Doane was named by Benjamine as his successor in 1945. During this period Doris contacted many students and mentored many others. Some of the most prominent are Lynne Palmer, Lois Rodden and King Keyes. Many teachers who Doris worked with became very prominent in astrology. She also wrote her first books on astrology "Astrology 30 Years Research" and "Time Changes in the USA". "Time changes in the World" came later and it along with "The Tarot Card Spread Reader", with co-author King Keyes, became Doris's entry into the world of astrology. Doris wrote more than 80 books on astrology and other subjects in her lifetime. She also acquired many Hollywood clients. A political change in the leadership of the Church of Light, caused Doris and Ed to form F.O.S.S.U., Foundation for Spiritual and Scientific Understanding, with the help of Ken and Katalin Williams. A serious accident that caused brain injury to Ken Williams and the passing of Edward Doane brought an end to this part of her life's work in the mid 1970's.

    After many years promoting her books Doris became involved with the American Federation of Astrologers (A.F.A.) and became its President. In doing this she fulfilled a prediction from Elbert Benjamine that she would be promoting astrology all over the world. Doris formed the Professional Astrologers Association, as well to help standardize astrology as a profession. She took part in an attempt to get the state of California to legalize astrology as a profession with uniform standards. This failed because the astrological community was so fragmented it could not work in cooperation. Each astrologer testified for their own type of astrological system instead of making a standard and sticking to that standard education. Doris dreamed big with her strong Jupiter. She traveled to many places around the world with her student Lynne Palmer. She met John Lawson Ahern in her astrology world and married him. They lived in California for many years while Doris served as President of the A.F.A. Doris continued to write and learned how to use the computer at a late stage in her life. Always the pioneer with the Aries Sun. She is now with those she loved and respected and they have greeted her with all the love and joy of the celebration of the transition. Doris will be a shining example of how to live a life full of difficulty and never giving a negative thought to what confronted her. Her often said motto of "Don't blame it on the Planets" shows how she lived her life. Send her the same positive thoughts in her new beginning.

Julie Wise

We would like to announce the transition of a dear member to the next plane of life. On Saturday February 26, 2005 Julie Wise of Ekert Colorado passed on due to complications from a broken hip. Julie broke her hip on February 22. She came through the surgery and then collapsed into a coma. The next day she awoke and told her family that she did not want to be a burden on them or herself and therefore she was going to die. That night she was gone.

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    Julia B. Wise
    October 21, 1912 -- February 26, 2005


    Julia B. Wise, passed away on Saturday, February 26, 2005, at Horizon's Care Center in Eckert, Colorado. She was 92 years old.

    Julia Borden Lamb was born on October 21, 1912, to John and Katie (Vogel) Lamb, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    On February 9, 1935, Julia married Lee Wise in Broomall, Pennsylvania. They moved to San Diego, California, and ran a gas station and garage. In 1952, they moved to Delta, Colorado. Lee preceded her in death on April 13, 2000, in Eckert, Colorado.

    Julia worked for the Delta County Independent and the Delta Press for many years. She was commissioned by the Independent to write a special edition celebrating the 75th anniversary of Delta County. Copies are preserved in the Delta County and Denver State Museums. Julia was also involved in the 100th celebration of Delta, and received Delta.s Citizen of the Year Award.

    Throughout her life, Julia was involved in choirs and orchestras. She could play the piano, violin and mandolin. She conducted a choir in Gardena, California, that appeared on the Al Jarvis show which was televised nationally in the 1950's.

    Julia was involved in astrology and conducted five conventions for various astrology groups. She also had private clients that she counseled. She belonged to the Delta T & R Club and was active with AARP at one time. She loved to go to Thelma and Ben Walker's on Fridays to play their organ.


    Those grateful to have shared in her life include three sons: Bob Wise and his wife Lavonne of Golden, CO, Bill Wise of Gila Bend, AZ, and Earle Wise and his wife Judy of Delta, CO; and a sister Catherine of Philadelphia, PA. She is further survived by eight grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and one great-great-granddaughter.

    Julia was preceded in death by her parents; her husband of sixty-five years, Lee Wise; and two brothers.

    Memorial Contributions:

    Memorial contributions may be made in Julia's name to the Delta Public Library, 211 W. 6th, Delta, CO 81416, or to the Delta Museum, 251 Meeker St., Delta, CO 81416.

    Service Information:

    A graveside memorial service was held at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, March 3rd, at the Riverside Cemetery in Hotchkiss, Colorado, with Jim Kent officiating.

John Molfese

We would like to announce the transition of a dear member to the next plane of life. On September 17, 2015 John Molfese passed away.

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    John Molfese
    June 24, 1942 -- September 17, 2015


    Buffalo, NY . . . University of Buffalo, B.A. psychology . . . graduate school, VA, experimental psychology . . . anti-war . . . Conscientious Objector . . . Greenwich Village . . . Woodstock . . . Ward, Colorado.

    Brotherhood of Light studies . . . A.F.A. certified astrologer . . . Sons Orion and Jerimiah . . . divorce . . . Boulder Micro-Systems . . . Boulder chapter, Church of Light. Married Barbara, . . . Leah Clark (Spencer) . . . Sam Franklin, blended family. Moved to Lafayette.

    Internet Programmer: Eight Days a Week, Infinety, E-trinsic, McData, Proficient.

    Retirement . . . Grandchildren Niko and Umaa. Travel . . . . . . ColoradoCareYES . . . Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, Immigration Ministry.

    Family . . . sister Rose Pfeiffer (Tom), Buffalo, NY . . . brother-in-law Roger Eaton (Kate), nephew Arthur and Christopher, Haarlem, The Netherlands.
    Many Molfese and Henrickson aunts, uncles, cousins.

    Long illness. Naturopathy, Medical Marijuana. TRU Hospice Care. Strong will . . . Character . . . Integrity . . . Deep Spirituality . . . and finally Peace.

    Celebration of Life Service: The Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, 5001 Pennsylvania, 4:00 pm Sunday September 20th.

    John Molfese

    The Brotherhood of Light set me on the right path. Before that, I was going 180-degrees the wrong way. I’m a 7th House Cancer and before the B of L I didn’t want anything to do with marriage, relationship, family. It was all about self-protection. I couldn’t be that vulnerable. Changed my life.

    I read the Sacred Tarot and I was “open to the spiritual way of thinking. I had looked into Buddhism, especially Zen. The eastern traditions just didn’t reach me. My friend Rich went to an occult bookstore in Boulder and came back to Ward with two books: The Secret of the Andes, which Rich chose to read, and The Sacred Tarot, which I read.

    “Elbert was making such outrageous claims. I thought, if any of this is true, it’s going to take some real investigating. And that’s when I got started.”

    Rich and I went to Mexico and Peru in May of 1972. We were drawn by the wisdom of the Incas, and if we had found a congenial place we would have stayed. We returned to Ward, Colorado in September and I realized that I am a westerner, and after 2000 years of logic I wasn’t going to sit and wait for a guru. I got Jane Schlesinger to read my horoscope and then to teach me astrology. This is the spirituality of the West.

    The spiritual life wave of the East and the West form a sine wave, 180-degrees apart. Elbert wrote about this. The year 1881 marked the point where the East reached its apex and began its decline; the West reached its nadir and began its ascent. The balance between East and West shifted. 1881 is when the whole thing kicked off with spiritualism, the Fox sisters, the theosophists, T. H. Burgoyne.

    So, finally a cosmology that made sense to me! A workable, organic cosmology. 1881 marked the start of the Aquarian Age, when spirituality no longer was based on blind belief. This is truly ‘standing on the shoulders of giants.’ And it is comprehensive and complete. It is practical occultism, using hidden means. One’s own thoughts are occult forces. One’s will is an occult force. Astrological energies are occult forces:
    50% one’s own will, thoughts
    25% astrological energies
    Then there are also the thoughts and feelings of others.

    I personally was not motivated to use the techniques Elbert describes – directed thinking and induced emotion. I use conversion. Be constructive. This is “living the completely constructive life.” That has been my motto. Being the best person I can be, all the time. And when that becomes the focus of your life – and marriage, “the most spiritualizing thing you can do” – then you’re contributing your utmost to universal welfare.

    Marriage is the cauldron within which all the rough edges and discords have to get addressed. That requires sustained effort. It requires recognizing that this is the path. Marriage is the most intense experience you can have. Sleeping together is very important. This is where ‘beating frequencies’ takes place. You can’t do it alone.

    We generate our spiritual and emotional space within we live, move, breathe and have our being.

    1. John did research with Astrodynes on a program he wrote to test the validity of the data shown. It is published on the Light of Egypt. ( Connect to Astrological Research on Web site.) He also created the Light of Egypt website so the lessons would be available to anyone who wanted to read for free. He was the one who organized students in the days of disk drives to copy the lesson to digital formats so they could be printed in any format. He was a true pioneer in making sure the work would be available to all.

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