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We would hardly expect a person with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Leo to be dishonest. Honesty, however, is a trait depending more upon the evolutionary advancement of the individual under appraisal. Certain it is that those who are dishonest, and who have the zodiacal sign Leo prominent in their horoscopes, are not given to petty manifestations of dishonesty. For Leo is not a sign from which we expect activity in any respect other than on a grand or at least important scale. Even as the Sun, ruler of Leo, is the center of the planetary system–the planets all circling around him–so do Leo people like to be the center of attention and command authority. When this thirst for personal glory becomes more or less unquenchable, Domination, the worst quality of Leo people, results. Because the urge for significance (Power urges of the Sun) is so deeply rooted within all of us, this domination of Leo is usually resented by others and consequently Mr. Leo, if given to domination, usually ends by tempering his authority and making it more effective with Kindness–his best quality. As a general rule either Kindness or Domination stands out distinctly enough in the Leo native’s character so that the alternative quality is decidedly in the background. Entertainment, lovemaking and children figure very prominently in the lives of those born under this natural fifth-house sign. Leo people place a certain amount of trust in other people and usually are much more fortunate as a result of this than are natives of some of the other signs. Their enthusiastic bent and determined execution of whatsoever they will, entitles them more than those of any other sign to the key-phrase I WILL.

The importance of conjugal happiness, willpower and authority to the Leo people are significantly brought out, with important advice concerning them, in the admonition of Arcanum XIX of The Sacred Tarot as follows: “Remember, then son of earth, that the light of the mysteries is a redoubtable fluid, put by nature at the service of the will. She lights those who know how to direct her; she strikes down with a thunderbolt those who ignore her power or who abuse it. If Arcanum XIX (Leo) should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, happiness awaits thee in domestic life if thou knowest how to strengthen the conjugal circles and guard its sacredness in the sanctuary of the heart.” Courage, strength, fearlessness, magnanimity, generosity, impulsiveness, passion, faithfulness, sympathy and ambition are qualities typifying the nature of Leo and among animals the lion, which portrays this sign amongst the constellations.

Leo rules the number 19 and among minerals those soft and yellow as well as the hyacinth and chrysolite. The ruby is the official talismanic gem of this sign. Those herbs which come under the astral jurisdiction of Leo are parsley, garden mine, mistletoe, pimpernel, St. John’s Wort, poppy, marigold, yellow lily, fennel, eyebright, daffodil, cowslip, anise, chamomile and eglantine.

The first ten-degree section of Leo–the Sun decanate–is most typical of the sign as a whole, which gives to this section of the zodiac its keyword Rulership It is pictured among the stars by a fiery furnace to indicate the passionate love nature of its natives and their strong desire to rule over others. This cup of fire also indicates the intensity of the nature and tendency to either love too much or to shut love out all together which calls for a balancing or moderation.

Jupiter is the sub-ruler of the second decanate of Leo through Sagittarius. This either adds to the powerful love nature of Leo a sport and gambling tendency or a philosophical and religious coloring. As Sagittarius is the ninth house sign of expression of opinion, those born under the influence of this decanate are usually reformers in either politics (Leo) or religion (Sagittarius). It is this power to convince others of basic truths and necessary improvements that gives the decanate its keyword of Reformation. To indicate the sportive-philosophical nature of this decanate a creature half horse (lower parts) and half man (upper parts) was placed in the firmament by the ancient Masons. This creature is thus pictured as thrusting the spear of enlightenment–discernment of truth–into the wolf who typifies the onslaught of superstitious ignorance and intolerance which ever threatens the unwary.

Mars is the sub-ruler of the third decanate of Leo–through Aries. This Mars-Leo influence intensifies the creative energy and desire for its outlet as typified by the raven, the constellation for this section of Leo. It is shown satisfying his desires by procuring a meal from the back of the water serpent which pictures in turn the sex (Scorpio) decanate of Cancer. This energy can be used in lower channels as implied by the crow or it can be exalted like the rest of Leo to the point where it gives a great desire to rise in life in spite of any setbacks which might be encountered. If this desire is nourished along constructive lines, of benefit to the race, it becomes indeed a great asset. This is why the keyword of Ambition is applied to the decanate under discussion. The Mars influence combines with the sun to give a militant potency which can lead to great heights .

The Leo person, more than any other, knows the full value of the spiritual text for this sign which follows: “Any accomplishment Truly Worth While Requires the Exercise of Courage.”

Leo is a masculine sign and is ruled by the Sun, typical of masculine virility. A snake is also associated with sex, the Sun and sex worship playing an important part in primitive religion. Because of its phallic resemblance, due to its power of raising itself and expanding its hood, the cobra, much conventionalized, has been handed down to us from the past as the symbol of this sign of love.

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