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In The Brotherhood of Light, there are 50 Degrees of Initiation leading to absolute human perfection on the earth plane. The whole is symbolized by the 7 stars of 7 rays each that surround The Brotherhood of Light Emblem, which, together with the Lunar-Solar conjunction at the apex of the evolutionary trine, completes the 50 steps and indicates all human victories won.

The 3 stars at the right of the emblem represent the 21 branches under which the whole of occult science may be classified, and which must be mastered by the candidate for Adeptship. The upper 7 pointed star at the right represents the 7 branches of ASTROLOGY, the 7 pointed star at the right in the middle the seven branches of ALCHEMY, and the 7 pointed star below at the right, the 7 branches of MAGIC.




  1. Spiritual Alchemy – is the science of transmuting mental into spiritual force, including the realization of the higher states of consciousness.
  1. Mental Alchemy – is the science of transmuting desire into aspiration, destructive thoughts into constructive thoughts; and, the mastery of destiny through mental power.
  1. Natural Alchemy – is the science of discerning how abnormal beliefs had their origins and how they may further be changed to conform strictly to reality and to cosmic welfare.
  1. Occultism Applied – is the science of transmuting all the energies of everyday life into potencies of the greatest constructive value.
  1. Cosmic Alchemy – is the science of transforming the energy of society, as a whole, into types of action which are most beneficial to the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.
  1. Organic Alchemy – is the science of those inner changes by which the Soul advances through mineral, plant and animal to manhood; and, finally, to angelhood.
  1. Personal Alchemy – is the science of the character changes which the devotee of The Religion of the Stars must take as he ascends the spiritual ladder to become the Exalted Adept.

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