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Calendar of Events for the Light of Egypt.

Group Discussions and Talks on Internet

We have a general class for Meet and greet once a week. Please  contact us for details.

CPAK Conferences

These conferences are highly recommended. There is a lot of information that updates the B. of L. information on the Atlantis and Mu civilizations as well as information on the last 50 years of ESP research. We have two new contact sites on our Links list from this convention. One is the BRI research Institute and the other is The Synchronized Universe site. We recommend them to our students.

In addition to the beginners classes listed above we currently have on going classes in Personal Unfoldment. These discussions and work are on the use of ESP techniques detailed in the Award Manuscripts along with information from the lessons that are discussed in various areas in Ancient Masonry, Spiritual Astrology, etc. If you have passed courses on the lessons and have obtained the Not Sold Award Manuscript, you are welcome join us. We have a number of people with experiences to share and help you with your growth in the Life of the Spirit. Please  contact us for schedules and further information.

LOE Classes

  1. Astrology for Beginners. Learn to read your chart. We will be using the Halloran Program. There is a free chart program under downloads on the Halloran website
  2. Tarot Class: History and Correspondence.
  3. Alchemy Classes. Spiritual Alchemy, Esoteric Psychology and Mental Alchemy.
  4. Hermetic Theology and Philosophy.
  5. Guided Meditation on the Planets. This is a class for those who wish to explore the Inner World of their mind. With past Effects on how their thinking is affected by that past conditioning.
  6. There are two levels of classes. One is the general class with a subject or topic, i.e. Delineation of a chart, Meditations or discussions of a topic. The second level of classes is for those who wish to pass the exams for the Self-unfoldment program where a manuscript will be given out to all who pass the written exam for the Course that is being studied.
  7. The topics below are a list of areas of study for new classes. As interest in subjects is gotten from those who contact us we will set up a class when 10 or more request a topic. These are not the only topics we will use. Suggestions from those who contact us will be considered. Some of the topics are Carl Jung, Angels, Energy healing, Goddess, Hypnosis, Inner peace, Astral Projection, Magic, etc.

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