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Where does our Soul come from?

Consciousness is always associated with the some kind of substance.The soul is an organization of consciousness...

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Why Are We Here?

It is only contact with relative conditions that provides the soul with two essential attributes.These two attributes..

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What happens to us when we die?

You never die, since the real you is not the body but a soul that was formed eons ago.When the material body ceases to function..

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Is Immortality Possible?

The human soul craves immortality.That part of us that is our true self is indeed inherently immortal.But to attain..

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Do I have A Soulmate?

Few subjects exite the imagination so much.Yet the feeling of attraction to another, Which is the source of so much mystical nonsense..

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What Is The Nature Of Evil?

The following prolog is written by the editor to give some background information regarding the text cited from one of the B of L Lessons..

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How Do We Know?

TRUTH is the correct perception of relations. Our perception of relations is in a continual process of revision as new experiences..

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Research Reports

Read additional writings on Body Disease And Its Stellar Treatment, How To Select A Vocation, Progressed Aspects Of Standard Astrology and additional research reports...

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Sun Sign Reading

Click on your zodiac sign to see complete zodiac profile

Mission Statement

The Hermetic Order is a group of Brotherhood of Light members that is completely independent of

Mundane Cycle Charts

We have presented 2 charts for Pluto. Both came from data published by Neil Michelsen.

Astrological Research

Astrology and Elbert Benjamine’s Theory of Astrodynes as applied to the Astro-Physical interaction Diagram &

Spiritual Astrology Star Map

Spiritual Astrology (Course VII) contains the spiritual messages associated with the popular stories

In Memoriam

We would like to announce the transition of a dear member to the next plane of life

Interesting Sites

Links to Interesting Sites

Elbert Benjamine at his Typewriter

This is a photo of Elbert Benjamine sitting at his typewriter writing the 21 Brotherhood of Light Courses on Occult Studies. This is the typewriter pictured below in the next photo. The photo was taken in his study at his Coral street home in Los Angeles.