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The constellation of the Twins was placed in the sky by the ancient Magi especially to remind us of the duality of the zodiacal sign Gemini. Gemini is the typical mental section of the zodiac, being the positive home of Mercury, lord of intellect. Both reason and intuition, of equal importance in the perfect mentality, are usually well developed in the person with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in Gemini, thereby emphasizing mentally the duality mentioned. Thus is quite naturally derived the sign’s key phrase “I Think”, as the natives of Gemini quest of knowledge. This restlessness, when controlled, gives rise to their best quality of Versatility. When not held in check, restlessness, quickly manifests as their worst quality–Changeableness.

The Gemini person is a good conversationalist because of his versatility, but when changeableness is allowed to control his speech, he becomes too talkative and what he has to say lacks depth. These are the people of whom it is said “they talk a great deal but don’t say anything”. Gemini persons usually have several irons in the fire at one time, as their interests dictate, and do not hesitate to change these whenever they deem it advisable to do so. Gemini people are enterprising, energetic and dexterous. They make good teachers, as they love to impart information to others, and have pronounced executive ability. Their lack of ability to concentrate along one channel for very long often has a tendency to make them too superficial. This often results in then not taking enough time to acquire knowledge about a subject in order to become well informed about it. The native of this sign has such a continuous flow if ideas, which he wants very much to express, that he is given to changing his mind often and thereby follows suit in his actions.

Various stories are handed down to us from the past of twins, including the constellated Castor and Pollux, showing the nature and workings of the mind in symbolic form. In the study of imponderable forces we find that we must, on the average, recognize that one-half of all occult forces come under the heading of thought and therefore the B. of L. spiritual test for Gemini is in order: “Thoughts Are Man’s Most Potent Builders”.

The first decanate of Gemini, pictured in the sky by Ursa Minor the Little Bear or Little Dipper. It represents the less obvious unconscious mind which comes first because it is more important. It is the Mercury ruled Gemini decanate with its key-word of Intuition–the process springing from the subliminal mind. First decanate Gemini people especially tend to have well-developed, keen intuitions which guide them in the search for knowledge and understanding. They are masters of intellect to the extent they can concentrate long enough on one line of procedure.

The second decanate of Gemini has the sub-rulership of Libra which brings out the companionship and affection of Venus along with the intellectuality of Mercury. This gives the decanate its keyword of Fidelity. Constellated in the celestial canopy as Canis Major–a large dog–this decanate is distinctive as regards its faithfulness to companionship of either persons or ideals.

The last ten-degree section of Gemini has the sub-rulership of the sign of science and knowledge–Aquarius–with Reason as its resultant keyword–for science implies reason. It is pictured among the constellations by Ursa Major–A Big Bear–typifying the restlessness, power and activity of the reasoning mind. Uranus as sub-ruler of this decanate indicates the unusual ingenuity of the minds of those born under the influence of this section of the sky.

The most outstanding country coming under the influence of Gemini is the United States which has this sign on the Ascendant of its birth-chart. Americans wish to be well informed, are changeable, versatile, active, nervous, and energetic. We find that Gemini tends to give tallness, long arms, light complexion and light or brown hair with usually blue or gray eyes and “Uncle Sam” seems to fit this description as he is usually pictured.

Gemini rules such herbs as vervain, madder, woodbine, yarrow, tansy, dog-grass, privet and meadow-sweet. Its talismanic gem is the beryl and it seems to have an influence over the striped stones. Its color, as the day sign of Mercury, is light violet

As a duality Gemini represents the reflection of the macrocosm or universe in the microcosm or man as stated in Genesis 1:27. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

The symbol for Gemini is a much abbreviated form of the constellated twins Castor and Pollux.

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