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The positive sign of Mars begins the zodiac–represents its birth as it were. And this is certainly true to form for as Mars rules strife and physical pain, so do we all enter this life through a doorway of struggle. Any worthwhile, system of philosophy is forced to start with the fundamental assertion–I AM–and therefore it is only fitting that the first sign of the zodiac bear this assertion as its key phrase.

As the Sun is exalted in Aries, so do people with this combination in their birth-charts generally have a very good opinion of themselves. Although this may become a fault very easily, when rightly used it gives the Sun-in-Aries native a self-assurance and self-confidence which is his strongest asset in life.

Being the first sign of the zodiac Aries is the typical pioneering sign. We therefore say that all the world seems new to Aries people and that they are always looking for new fields to conquer. Largely because of the Sun’s exaltation therein, Aries people have the qualities of imperious leadership and militant power as well as an energetic will. This is probably somewhat less true when Aries is on the Ascendant or contains the Moon, although consideration must be given to the prominence of the Sun in this respect. In whatever way Aries may be prominent in the birth-chart, his best quality is Leadership. When he does not have enough to do to use his energy in this way his worst quality–Officiousness–most readily manifests as he is usually an excellent “mixer” and therefore does not find it hard to stick his nose into other people’s business more than is good for him. Unlike his polar opposite–Libra–his enthusiasm is often apt to lead him into controversy before he has had time or has stimulated an inclination to consider the matter from the standpoint of justice. He is decidedly impetuous in his love making and inclined to be too zealous in any business which he has started for himself. He delights in competition and has an extreme optimism which sometimes tends to lead him so far that he neglects or nearly neglects other important matters. He considers variety the spice of life and should therefore take care that he doesn’t overdo it to the extent of not following up what he starts to a reasonable extent. Not only must he lead rather than follow, but the strong egoism in his nature demands that he have the say of things, at least partially, as he cannot stand being dictated to by others. This is especially true with people who have the Sun in Aries.

Aries on the Ascendant gives a keen, independent and active personality and intensifies the social side of the sign. The Moon in Aries is not badly placed at all, for the ruler of this sign is her natural antidote. As chief significator of the Mentality the lunar ray finds itself somewhat stabilized and her sympathy and domesticity commandeered by the rather cold intellect and materialistic perception which is the typical mental expression of the sign ruling the head and brain. And yet the enthusiasm is not lessened but led into mental channels pioneering in the realm of hard facts. Aries values experience above many things.

The zodiac’s number one sign is Movable, therefore changeable. It is a member of the fiery Triplicity which bestows upon it courage and energy. As it emanates from the first degree Aries people act from their own inner motives. It is a positive-electric sign and certainly Aries people are not negative-magnetic. Anatomically the head is ruled by Aries, as previously stated, and normally leads the rest of the body into the world for the first time–just as the ram leads the procession of constellations.

Nations said to be ruled by Aries in Mundane Astrology are England, Japan, and Germany. England has displayed her military (Aries) prowess during her long history to the extent that now “The Sun (exalted in Aries) never sets on the British Empire”. Japan displays the rising Sun on her flag and formerly the military party in power saw to it that the Sun kept on rising and held her people in obedience through the doctrine that His Imperial Majesty, the emperor, was descended directly from this heavenly father of the planets. Germany, when striving for her place in the Sun, considered this same Aries militancy her most potent weapon as a means to that end.

In The Sacred Tarot, Arcanum XIII–The Reaping Skeleton–portrays esoterically the influence of Aries. Wars may bring their tragedies, disease and epidemics their deaths, and earthquakes their own type of wholesale destruction, but man usually emerges much wiser for the experience. “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good” and it is doubtful if there ever was such a windstorm that it eclipsed all good. Through death and destruction new cycles emerge bringing better things.

Even in the weather we find the influence of Aries reflecting its characteristic qualities for in the astrological temperature charts the effect of this Mars sign is decidedly hot. Being a Movable sign he is fairly windy, though not so windy as the air signs. In the astrological moisture charts, as he is a fire sign, his effect is dry and prohibitive as regards rain.

First decanate Aries is pictured by the constellation Triangulum. The triangle has always been a symbol of flame and indicates the divine fire those born under this Mars decanate of its own sign Aries have the capacity to inhale. When used as divine inspiration none can soar higher. However, if the lower martial instincts take hold, none will be more destructive. It is the decanate of Activity.

The Sun and Leo give sub-rulership to the 2nd decanate which is pictured by Eridanus the heavenly river or fountain of youth. The solar love and magnanimity tempers Mars’ severity yielding a more affectional influence. Through this conjoining of the heart to the head this decanate gives the power to sway men’s minds through noble affection and become born leaders. It is the decanate of Exaltation.

Jupiter through Sagittarius is the sub-ruler of the 3rd decanate of Aries. The religious and philosophical promptings of Jupiter divert the Mars aggressiveness into more spiritual channels. Pictured by the hero Perseus, this decanate can give the desire to valiantly fight against the sordid conditions which oppress civilization. It is the decanate of Propaganda.

In Spiritual Astrology the influences of cyclic law symbolized by Aries on everything that was, is, or ever shall be, is ably expressed in the text:

There is no death!

What seems so is transition:

This life of mortal breath

Is but a suburb of the life elysian

Whose portal we call death.”

In the mineral kingdom Aries rules red stones of various kinds, for being the day sign of Mars, the lighter shades of red and darker shades of pink come under his jurisdiction. Brimstone and ochre are ruled by Aries and a live amethyst is his official talismanic gem. In the vegetable kingdom such herbs as mustard thistle, garlic, onions, nettles, peppers, radishes, hemp, broom, holly, dock, fern, poppies, and rhubarb come under his rule. In the mammal division of the animal kingdom wolves are the typical expression of this sign.

High C is the one for Aries and especially is music of a martial temperament typical when played in this key.

In environment Aries has jurisdiction over a rugged landscape, fairly high and sparsely settled containing stones and boulders with a hot, dry climate.

To write the symbol of Aries we use the conventionalized for of the ram’s head with his curly horns.

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