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In The Brotherhood of Light, there are 50 Degrees of Initiation leading to absolute human perfection on the earth plane. The whole is symbolized by the 7 stars of 7 rays each that surround The Brotherhood of Light Emblem, which, together with the Lunar-Solar conjunction at the apex of the evolutionary trine, completes the 50 steps and indicates all human victories won.

The 3 stars at the right of the emblem represent the 21 branches under which the whole of occult science may be classified, and which must be mastered by the candidate for Adeptship. The upper 7 pointed star at the right represents the 7 branches of ASTROLOGY, the 7 pointed star at the right in the middle the seven branches of ALCHEMY, and the 7 pointed star below at the right, the 7 branches of MAGIC.




  1. The Laws of Occultism – is the science of the relation of the inner plane to the outer plane, of extrasensory perception, psychokinetic power and psychic phenomena.
  1. Ancient Masonry – is the science of ancient rituals, of universal symbols, of Soul unfoldment and the use of creative energies.
  1. Esoteric Psychology – is the science of the subjective processes of the mind, including the analysis and proper use of thought, the cultivation of subliminal thinking and the use of creative imagination.
  1. The Sacred Tarot & Kabbalism – is the science of traditional knowledge, including the Egyptian Sacred Tarot, the Hermetic and other systems of names, numbers, colors, and the Kabala.
  1. Divination – is the science of foretelling the future and revealing hidden information by various means.
  1. Imponderable Forces – is the science of invisible influences, including the use of rituals, invocations, exorcisms, magic circles and the control of elementals by fixed forms of procedure.
  1. The Next Life – is the science of the conditions met by humans after the dissolution of the physical body; and, of the properties and circumstances of the realm where they then must function.

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