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In The Brotherhood of Light, there are 50 Degrees of Initiation leading to absolute human perfection on the earth plane. The whole is symbolized by the 7 stars of 7 rays each that surround The Brotherhood of Light Emblem, which, together with the Lunar-Solar conjunction at the apex of the evolutionary trine, completes the 50 steps and indicates all human victories won.

The 3 stars at the right of the emblem represent the 21 branches under which the whole of occult science may be classified, and which must be mastered by the candidate for Adeptship. The upper 7 pointed star at the right represents the 7 branches of ASTROLOGY, the 7 pointed star at the right in the middle the seven branches of ALCHEMY, and the 7 pointed star below at the right, the 7 branches of MAGIC.




  1. Astrological Signatures – is the Science of the Correspondence between celestial influences and all other things.
  1. Spiritual Astrology – is the Science of the Soul in its relation to the stars, including astro-mythology and the astro-theological interpretation of the Scriptures.
  1. Horary Astrology – is the science of divining from a chart of the heavens, and includes election of times, and determining the outcome of any venture.
  1. Natal Astrology – is the science of an individual’s reactions to planetary influences, including the prediction of the nature and time of planetary energies received and the erection, delineation and progression of birth-charts.  Click here for the 2nd part of the course.
  1. Mundane Astrology – is the science of planetary influences as affecting countries, nations, cities and groups of people.
  1. Weather Predicting (Astro-Meteorology) – is the science of planetary influence as related to weather and other kindred phenomena such as magnetic changes.
  1. Stellar Healing – is the science of planetary influence as affecting health and disease.


Reading List For Astrological Studies

Course 2 – Astrological Signatures

Beginners Horoscope Reader

Vocational Selection

Progressed Aspects of Standard Astrology

Chart Reading and Relationships Information on Houses, Mutual Reception, etc.

When and What Events Will Happen


Stellar Dietetics

Keeping Mentally and Physically Fit

What to Eat When Mercury or Uranus is Afflicted

What to Eat When Sun, Moon or Pluto is Afflicted

What to Eat When Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune is Afflicted

What to Eat When Venus or Mars is Afflicted


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