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Courses by Book Chapter


These Award Manuscripts CANNOT be purchased. They are only awarded after passing a written examination on one of the regular courses. They are awarded in the sequence shown.

Sr. No. Subject Awarding
226 The Safe and Most Effective Method of Psychic Development 1
227 How to Become Conscious on the Inner Plane 2
228 How to Contact Desired Information on the Inner Plane 3
229 How to Hold the Consciousness on the Selected Level of the Inner Plane 4
54 Breathing to Acquire Proper Electrification 5
230 How to Become Objectively Aware of Information Acquired from the Inner Plane 6
231 How to Use the Transition Technique of ESP 7
232 How to Control Inner Plane Activities 8
34 How to Develop Soul Activity 9
35 How to Direct Soul Activity 10
94 How to Travel in the Astral 11
69 Soul Mates 12
93 How to Use Personal Cycles For Soul Unfoldment 13
84 How to Use Talismans for Special Purposes 14
68 Customs and Habits of Elementals 15
85 Value of Totems 16
163 Contacting the Masters 17
55 Great Pyramid Interpreted 18
70 Symbol Reading Made Easy 19
38 Initiation 20
37 Practice of White Magic 21