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The heavenly scales open the way into the winter half of the zodiac, balancing spring and summer with autumn and winter. These scales not only imply the weighting of good against evil but being two and yet one (united by a common tie), they suggest marriage in its ideal state. Thus Libra corresponds to the mundane (seventh) house ruling both enemies and mates. Surely we may say that it is the higher side of this sign which aspires to true marriage and this truth is contained in the Brotherhood of Light spiritual Text for Libra: “Not By One Alone May the Highest of All Be Reached, But By Two United Souls Who Are Exalted By the Sweet Reverberations of Holy Love.� The key phrase, as suggested by the scales, is I Balance.

Even as Aries people act quickly from impulse so does Libra, the opposite sign. Aries can act too impulsively for his own good, thereby getting into difficulty. Libra can weigh and balance so much that he lets opportunities slip by. A reconciliation of the two extremes is obviously desirable. As Aries is active, aggressive, bossy and dominant, so Libra is quiet, peaceful, diplomatic and mild. Venus thus makes herself readily apparent; but as Libra is an air sign the love of beauty expresses more on a mental plane, in contrast to Taurus whose practical applications of the artistic, personally and in the environment, are so characteristic of this earthy home of Venus. Both Taurus and Libra are very socially inclined and in their individual ways seek to mix well with others. Aries too has this inclination but Libra is most adept of all in the social arts. Whereas Aries lends zip and pep to social activity, and Taurus people express themselves through personal possessions including clothes, jewelry and personal physical magnetism, Libra distinguishes himself by grace of manner, politeness, courtesy, refinement, neatness and general “good breeding”. The best quality of this sign of partnership is Affability. As Aries people tend to push themselves into places or situations where they are not wanted, so Libra seeks the line of least resistance and often times avoids becoming involved in anything because he is afraid he might not be able to get along with others or that strife and disagreeable subjects might be injected into the center of interest. Neither extreme should be adhered to too closely. Libra people, above all else, want other people to like them and respond more to an appreciative attitude on the part of others than those of any other sign. In many cases this amounts, still further, to a love of flattery, praise and flowery adjectives uttered by others on their behalf. Thus the worst quality of this sign love of Approbation

Libra people consider cleanliness of both mind and body an “A” virtue topped only by justice. They are sensitive by nature and when made the object of harsh injustice they are indeed deeply wounded. In such a case they react more by passive methods of protest rather than by open retaliation. When imposed upon, therefore, they need to learn how to protect themselves in a more assertive manner–to acquire a little of the fire of Aries in other words. Peace, harmony, and kindness are valuable assets but when the Liberian procures those by sacrificing firm decisions, strength of character and emotional stability he is paying too great a price.

Libra is indeed Isis Unveiled for she exemplifies the principle that true wisdom cannot be acquired without love nor can true love be attained without a certain amount of wisdom. Yet both of these, to be sustained or properly balanced, require life as the activating principle thus completing the Hermetic Trinity–Life, Light, and Love. This is suggested in Arcanum III by the admonition: “Remember, then, son of earth, that to affirm what is true and will what is just, is already to create it; to affirm and will the contrary is to vow oneself to destruction. If Arcanum III (Libra) should appear in the prophetic signs (Sun, Moon, Ascendant or dominant sign) of thy horoscope, hope for success in thy enterprises provided thou knowest how to unite the activity which fecundates, to that rectitude of mind which will make the words bear fruit.”

Companionship is very essential to the Libra native who, though inclined to be very changeable in affections, needs someone to bring out the best in him and encourage him in his aspirations. He is easily influenced by others but, after he has time to reflect, quickly adopts his own viewpoints and attitudes.

The diamond is considered to be the official talisman among gems for Libra, which sign also rules such stones as white spar, white quartz and white marble. The natural remedy for this section of the Sun’s path is to be found in such herbs as lemon-thyme, pansy, balm, heartsease, primrose, water cress, violet, strawberry and white rose. The lighter shades of yellow, tone high E and number 3 fall under this sign’s governorship.

The first decanate of Libra is the Venus decanate, well typified from this standpoint by its keyword of Policy. But as signified by its correspondence amongst the constellations–Serpens, a serpent–it is a decanate of wisdom. The ability to “feel out” people and situations is characteristic of this section of the sky. Cunning in handling delicate situations requiring tact and skill is a further explanation of this fundamental principle.

The sub-rulership of Uranus, through Aquarius, gives the second decanate of Libra its keyword of Independence. Already changeable in affections, the Libran who has this section of the sign dominant is decidedly individual and original in his social inclinations and sometimes very unconventional. The native of this decanate does not merely believe in justice but is ready to defend liberty and freedom, being very much opposed to restrictions of any kind. The resisting of conservatism in social matters is their specialty. Portrayed in the heavens by a dragon–Draco–this decanate is the friendliest one of the three.

The sub-rulership of Mercury, through Gemini, over the last decanate of Libra proclaims this ten-degree section of the sign as the most mental of the three. The wolf–Lupus, picturing this decanate along with its keyword of Expiation–remind us that those born with this decanate prominent who use their brilliant intellects for questionable methods of gain and advancement are more quickly called upon to pay or their transgressions that others. However, as Gemini suggests, it is a dual decanate, capable of either the use above described or of being used as a means whereby one may contribute markedly to universal good through furthering a cause whereby those forces pictured by the wolf will be made less of an obstacle to the human race.

The hieroglyph for the sign of marriage is the union of a feminine (negative or crooked) line with a masculine (positive or straight) line.

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