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As the Saturn ruled sign of the zodiac, and part of the Earthy Triplicity, Capricorn is the most practical, industrious, business like and acquisitive of them all. The sign is constellated in the heavens as a mountain goat with the tail of a fish, indicating the ability of those born under this sign to adapt themselves to widely divergent environments. Capricorn natives are ambitious for worldly success, station in life and material gain. This causes them to be economical, cautious, systematic, prudent and good buyers. Capricorn people tend to be quiet, patient, reserved, persistent, serious and conventional.

Their desire gradually to reach the highest place in their particular sphere of influence causes Capricorn natives to become adept at “rubbing people the right way” and bringing together people or groups of people previously at odds with one another. In this way can Capricorn be of the greatest good to others, for the best quality of this sign is Diplomacy. But when this ability for uniting dissenting factions is used for selfish purposes and Capricorn begins to use people wholly as a stepping stone to the pinnacle of material power, the worst quality of Deceitfulness readily becomes apparent. The desire for advancement causes Capricorn natives to assume responsibilities and burdens which tax their health and endurance. They are excellent managers and are oftentimes too much given to carrying the troubles of others.

The dominant thought motivating the Capricornians is I Use. The utility and the adaptability of Capricorn teach us an important spiritual lesson as embraced in the B. of L. text: “Every Environment Offers Opportunities for Spiritual Advancement, and He who Makes Good Use of His Present Circumstances for Spiritual Ends Will Attract New Opportunities�. If success is to be maintained after it has been achieved then victory over self must be also achieved and maintained. This is illustrated in The Sacred Tarot: “Remember, then, son of earth, that to be victorious over thyself and dominate obstacles is but a part of the human task. To accomplish it entirely Thou must establish equilibrium between the forces that thou hast brought into play. All action produces reaction. The will should foresee the shock of opposite forces in order to temper or annul them. If the Balance (Capricorn) should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, it signifies that the future is balanced between good and evil, and warns that an unbalanced mind is like an abortive Sun.”

Capricorn has astral jurisdiction over the darker shades of blue, such herbs as henbane, nightshade and black poppy and those minerals such as the sardonyx (its talisman) and black or ash colored minerals.

The first decanate of Capricorn is, of course, the Saturn-Capricorn decanate. Those born under the influence of this decanate are the most systematic, careful and thorough of all. Business and politics find them conservative reformers and organizers. And in whatever field they may occupy their greatest asset is in their ability to conciliate opposing factions and utilize them in promoting bigger and better organizations. They are excellent managers and shoulder responsibility with ease. The keyword for this decanate, therefore, is Organization.

The second decanate of Capricorn has the sub-rulership of Venus through Taurus. This section of the sky combines thoroughness with feeling and love and so we find those born here are often capable of working very hard and sacrificing much for the furtherance of science on all planes. They are able to make practicable the finer essences of life and use those for their own benefit and the benefit of others. The Taurus influence gives great persistence and a desire to carry on in spite of all obstacles. It is the decanate of Martyrdom.

The third decanate of this sign has the sub-rulership of Mercury, through Virgo. This co-rulership of Mercury as well as the fact that Aquarius is a next door neighbor, influences those born here in a mental-altruistic way. They have ability to grasp the ideal and present it in a practical, concrete form. This is the labor decanate of the sign of government and we find that natives of this section of heaven are able to make excellent plans and then take the initiative in seeing to it that these plans are carried out. It is the decanate of Idealism.

Andreas Vesalius, famous pioneer anatomist of ancient times, is an example of the material influence of this sign. Others picked at random who have Capricorn prominent in their horoscopes are Elbert Hubbard, Harry Houdini and von Hindenburg.

The precise origin of the hieroglyph for Capricorn is not certain but it seems to be a condensed and abbreviated form of the goat in the sky.

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