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Even as the Moon increases and diminishes in brightness according to the ever-changing relationship to her heavenly consort–the Sun–so do the people with Cancer strong in their nativities tend to be molded by the inconstancies of their environments. A constant struggle inwardly to adapt themselves to the oscillations of their surroundings brings to the fore their best quality of Tenacity. Especially when they have some ideal or fixed purpose, or perhaps a companion, to lend support and assistance, can they weather almost any storm. Without the sympathy of some human being to buoy them up and cheer them through, they quickly withdraw into themselves and give way to melancholy.

It is because they are so naturally in tune to the more ethereal efflorescence of life’s storehouse that they are easily influenced by discord and become readily hurt and upset accordingly. Touchiness is therefore their worst quality. This tendency to respond to any type of sense impression received gives them the key phrase of, I Feel. In weighing this feeling urge of Cancer much consideration must be given the entire chart as well, as to whether magnetic or electric. An electric chart will help to offset the magnetic tendencies of the lunar sign while a magnetic chart has quite the opposite feature. In the latter case it is especially necessary to associate with someone of a more electric temperament. This is truer where women are concerned as, in their case, the femininity and domesticity of the sign is brought into greater dominance whereas these qualities merely soften the natural masculine qualities of a male.

Moods is the keyword of the first decanate of Cancer ruled by the Moon. Those who have this section of the sky prominent in their horoscopes fit this description of their temperaments very well indeed. In addition they tend to be too emotional which can either cause them a good deal of unpleasantness through petty domestic squabbles and interests or can be utilized in artistic, dramatic or poetic cultivation for the highest possible good to others. This will depend on the rest of the chart as a whole. This decanate by itself lacks aggressiveness and energy.

The second decanate of the Moon’s home has the sub-rulership of Mars and Pluto. through Scorpio. Thus this portion of the zodiac possesses more forcefulness, and the emotions, while not less strong than in the other decanates, either assume a more spiritual trend or a distinctly sensual bent, depending again on the rest of the chart. This section of the sign is also the most mediumistic of all.

The last ten-degree portion of this sign has the sub-rulership of Neptune through Pisces. It is this Neptune influence which gives to the third decanate an occult and psychic trend with much curiosity concerning the inner nature of things. Restrictions in the domestic life are most often brought into manifestation for those born under the influence of this portion of Cancer. Whether it be in painting, writing or drama the emotional-mystic trend is most noticeable.

The talismanic gem emerald comes under the astral sponsorship of Cancer as well as such herbs as cucumbers, rushes, squashes, melons, water lilies and other water plants. Cancer also rules the number 18 and the darker shades of green, since the Moon governs the green ray of the spectrum and Cancer is a night sign.

In The Sacred Tarot mediumistic Cancer is portrayed pictorially by an ensemble pictures the conflicting experiences of the seance room. The admonition for Arcanum XVIII also warns against the development of the negative phases of mediumship in these words: “Remember, then, son of earth, that whosoever braves the unknown, does so at his peril Hostile minds, figured by the black dog, will surround him with ambushes; friendly, servile minds will offer him flatteries; and treacherous minds, like unto the scorpion, will plan to attain their ends through his ruin. If Arcanum XVIII (Cancer) should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, observe and listen, but know how to be silent.”

Because Cancer is so obviously related to home and family and because domestic urges concern themselves with caring for the sick and unfortunate, children, pets and others needing the parental protection, the B. of L. Spiritual Text is most aptly derived: “Parenthood Tends to Displace Selfishness With those Tender Affections that Most Quickly Strengthen the Soul and build the Spiritual Body.”

Cancer as the parental sign–representing particularly the mother principle in life. Next to Scorpio, it is the most fruitful sign of the zodiac. To represent the principle of fruitfulness bringing forth life and a future family the ancients used a hieroglyphic for the fourth-house sign which shows two cells–sperm and ovum–moving toward each other by mutual lines of attraction.

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