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Pisces is a psychic sign, dual and much influenced by environment. Belonging to the watery triplicity, and responding more closely to Neptune than any other planet. Pisces a romantic, emotional, mystical, dreamy uncritical, plastic and receptive. Its membership in the Mutable Cross proclaims its adaptability and ability to quickly respond to the strongest force brought to bear upon it. The key phrase for this section of the zodiac is I Believe. This tendency to accept ideas of faith causes the Pisces people often to be gullible. But when they shake off this negative influence of the sign and become more discerning, they have great capacity for intuitively recognizing truth and helping others to do likewise. Emanating, as it does, from the third degree, this is a worldly sign given to responding strongly to what other people think proper or in good taste. The rulership of Neptune also causes them to be mediumistic, sensitive, idealistic, modest, prudent and magnetic. The best quality of the Pisces native is Sympathy. His worst quality is Worry. Because Pisces people are so sensitive to discord they tend to magnify adversity and exaggerate its importance.

This is a religious sign. Faith in a higher power is very important to the average Piscean who should seek scientific knowledge of spiritual law in order that a foundation may be had which will render this faith unshakable. Pisces people seek the Utopian in their ideals, “Peace on earth good will toward men” typifying collectively their aspirations. Especially do they yearn for the ideal in marriage. This thought is conveyed in the B. of L. text for Pisces. “Love is the Tree of Life, and its Fruit is Universal Brotherhood.”

Pisces is a sign of sorrow and disappointment and it is an actual fact that many Pisces people obtain a certain amount of enjoyment from being in ill health or through having suffered some trial or tribulation. This tendency is negative and tends to attract just this kind of fortune. It should be replaced by an attitude of cheerfulness, buoyancy and optimism. The duality of the sign often causes Pisceans to vary in their personalities and temperaments and to be either optimistic or pessimistic as mood dictates.

The first decanate of Pisces has the full rulership of Neptune, thereby emphasizing the psychic, mystical, idealistic and spiritual capacities of this sign. It is pictured by a king–Cepheus–whose foot rests upon the Pole Star of Truth. It is the decanate of Verity. Nature, in her occult and psychic aspects appeals to those born under this section of the sky to such an extent that many seers and experimenters in psychic phenomena are born here.

The second section of this sign has the sub-rulership of the Moon through her sign of Cancer. This sub-influence indicates that those born here are given more to moodiness and changeableness. The influence of mother environment–Cancer–is to add a fatalistic setting and to bring restrictions and limitations into the environment. Yet the self-sacrifice oftentimes demanded of these people leads to greater progress for the world as a whole. The domestic influence of the Moon and the Utopian effect of Neptune are to carry above the physical and to establish the motive of true universal brotherhood. It is the decanate of Self-sacrifice, constellated Andromeda, the princess chained and waiting to be devoured by the monster of corruption.

The last decanate, through Scorpio, has the sub-rulershlp of Pluto and Mars. The influence of Mars brings excitement, change and much activity into the lives of those born here. Pluto joins his social influence with that of Neptune, bringing either progress or dissolution according to the dynamic thought-center occupying this section of the sky in the horoscope. This combination also readily indicates the aptitude for spirit communion bestowed by this last ten degrees of the zodiac. The magnetism or Scorpio is here in evidence, for those with this decanate prominent are likable–and resourceful in an esoteric way. Cassiopeia–the enthroned Queen who boasted too much of her sex-appeal–pictures this decanate of Vicissitudes among the constellations. It is highly important that Pisces people do not forsake practicality for mysticism so that they will have the ability to use their ideals in concrete channels of endeavor.

Pisces is portrayed in the firmament as two fishes bound together by a ribbon. Similarly, the symbol for Pisces consists of two crescents (souls) bound together by a line.

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