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Although the sign Scorpio is pictured among the fixed stars by a Scorpion, the ancients also associated an eagle with this section of the zodiac and used it, along with man, bull and lion, to represent the fixed quadrants of heaven. As co-ruler of Scorpio, a study of the planet Pluto verifies this duality of the sign by emphasizing either the very low or the very high, the most unspiritual or the most spiritual. Scorpio, therefore, more than any other sign, is capable of the two extremes.

The native of Scorpio is inclined to be secretive, jealous, reserved, enterprising, skillful, energetic, ingenious and strong willed. It is his ability to industriously and persistently pursue his appointed tasks which gives the subject of this sign the best quality of Resourcefullness. He is therefore. intense in whatever he does and is inclined to like his friends very much and to dislike his enemies very pronouncedly.

As Scorpio is a water sign these people are naturally sympathetic and take much interest in other people’s problems and affairs, using their resourcefulness to help decide the proper path for others to follow. As this is very easily overdone, in spite of their best intentions, they end up by sticking their noses too much in other people’s business, which helps to give them the worst quality of Troublesomness. They are very magnetic and charming and are capable of being very sociable and intensely affable. On the other hand they are masters at hurling cutting sarcasm and applying carefully camouflaged coercion. Especially can they resort to the latter when they strongly believe that the other person involved has a definite duty to perform. They are usually witty and quick to see the point in a joke. Likewise they are experts at uncovering flaws in other people with which to later confront them; yet when they themselves are made the objectives of such attack they are quick to resent and to retaliate.

The person with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Scorpio is a planner and schemer. He has a never-failing capacity for ideas and resources with which to better his environment and the conditions of other people and their environments. The lower-type native of Scorpio is crafty, cruel, selfish, lustful, and drastically threatening. The higher-type native of Scorpio is refined, winning, charming, sympathetic and genuinely resourceful in furthering the cause of Universal Welfare. Scorpio people are not lazy and are often contemptuous of laziness in others. The key-phrase of this sign is I Desire.

Scorpio is the sex sign as well as the sign of death and the inner world. As sex may express on a low plane and its use be perverted, or may express on a high plane such as in art or music, the spiritual text for this sign states that “Through Sex Man Contacts the Inner Planes, Drawing into Himself According to His Mood, the Finest Energies that Vivify the Spaces or the Grossest Forces from the Fetid Border Spheres.

The Sacred Tarot tells us: “Remember, then, son of earth, that nothing can resist a firm will which has for a lever the knowledge of the true and just. To combat in order to secure its realization is more than right; it is a duty. The man who triumphs in that struggle only accomplishes his earthly mission; he who succumbs in devoting himself to it, gains immortality. If the Sovereign (Scorpio) should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, it signifies that the realization of thy hopes depends upon a being more powerful than thy self. Seek to know him and thou shalt have his support.”

The number 4, color dark red and tone low C come under the jurisdiction of Scorpio, which sign also rules such herbs as bramble, bean, leek, horehound, heather, wormwood, woad, charlock and black-thorn and such stones as the bloodstone, vermilion and lode-stone. The Spanish topaz is the official talismanic gem.

The first decanate of Scorpio, as we might expect, is the Resourcefulness section of the sign, pictured by Ophiuchus the man wrestling with the generative serpent of desire. This sex decanate gives an abundance of energy and resourcefulness which may be used on either a high or a low plane either in a physical or a mental way. It is the problem of those born under this decanate to so transmute their passions as to drive their fertility of ideas, intensity of energy and vital magnetism along constructive channels. Some find this easier to do than others, depending on the position of Mars in their birth-charts. It is the Pluto-Mars decanate.

The second ten-degree section of this sign has the sub-rulership of Neptune, through Pisces. This influence of Neptune tends especially to emphasize that those born under the influence of this decanate are capable of reaching either the highest or the lowest depths of all. Consequently they are usually required to wage quite a battle within to determine whether or not the animal nature is to be subdued. To suggest this necessity of transmutation of the animal nature the ancients pictured this decanate among the stars as Ara, the sacrificial Altar. The Brotherhood of Light has affixed the keyword of Responsibility to this decanate to indicate that second decanate Scorpio natives are subject more to the call of duty than are the other divisions of this sign of transition. Billy Sunday had this decanate rising with Saturn and Mars in Scorpio. With his Moon, ruler of the ninth, in Pisces and trine to Mars, he succeeded, through evangelism and through spending energy in attacking the very source of the energy he used, in transmuting his animal passions into old time religion. This he accomplished a great deal through dramatization as indicated by his Sun trine Neptune in the fifth house of entertainment. Yet to do this he tremendously exaggerated the evils of “self-abuse” thereby, perverting the sounder psychological approach to the problem of sex, which is in official acceptance today. He drained his emotions into a channel of expression which can hardly be considered an asset to mankind because of the absence of reason and intellectual expansion.

The last section of the sign has the sub-rulerehip of Cancer and the Moon, which emphasizes the strong emotional and sympathetic nature of those born with this decanate prominent. It is also much easier for those born here to transmute their passions into aspirational and spiritual channels of endeavor. It is a decanate rich with idealism, domestic inclinations and social ambitions, qualities which merit the keyword of Attainment and the Southern Crown–Corona Australis–the laurel crown of victory over the lower forces.

The symbol for Scorpio suggests the segments of the Scorpion, and most representations of this hieroglyph include the stinging tail.

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