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The eleventh sign of the zodiac corresponds readily to the eleventh house of the wheel. Therefore, Aquarius radiates friendliness and human association as no other sign can. It is an air sign and relates to friendly discussion and the interchange of ideas. It is a masculine, fixed sign and therefore is pronouncedly assertive, steady in thought and objectives, and inclined to be strongly opinionated, Yet even though independent in thought and action, Aquarians are unconsciously influenced by the thoughts and actions of others as the sign emanates from the third degree.

The sign is constellated in the outer heavens as a man and those born with Sun, Moon or Ascendant in this section of the ecliptic have an innate, active understanding of man, earth’s highest evolved creature–his virtues and his faults, Moreover the Aquarian recognizes the individuality of each person he contacts and knows just what to say or do to produce the right effect on each person with whom he associates. Not only does he consider knowledge of human nature paramount, but he prides himself on being well-informed as to the progress of humanity–the latest news, invention, political moves, religion, or the welfare of those in his immediate environment or sphere of influence. His attitude is ever one of friendly assistance and desire to help those less able to help themselves. This friendliness awakens a like response in others and causes him to be well-liked. The consciousness of the welfare of his fellow man, which this sign fosters, bestows the best quality of Altruism upon those born under the influence of this sign. The favorite enjoyment of the typical Aquarian is his influence in conversation, including the exchange of ideas and ideals, and the giving and receiving of new facts and theories. In fact the Aquarian is not at all given to extracting information from books and laborious research but learns readily and easily through observation and discussing his ideas with others. However, as he is somewhat fixed in his ideas and is inclined to be a bit contrary, due to the unconventional influence of Uranus over this sign, he is given to much discussion to defend his viewpoints and even enjoys taking the opposite viewpoint merely to appease his liking for his worst quality, Argumentation. Then too, his energy is often too much given to the manufacture of theories, methods for solving problems and the acquisition, through human contacts, of more and more knowledge. So much so, that he is lacking in the ability to make practical application of these assets. Natives of this sign can profit much by reflecting upon the advice even in The Sacred Tarot: “Remember, then, son of earth, prudence is the armor of the wise. Circumspection enables one to avoid snares and abysses and to foresee treason. Take it for thy guide in all thy actions, even in the least. Nothing is indifferent here below. A pebble can overturn the chariot of the master of the world. If Arcanum IX (Aquarius) should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, keep in mind that speech is silver and silence is gold.

Aquarians are inventive, quiet, patient, determined, cheerful, sincere and scientific. They are easily influenced by kindness and are original, artistic and refined. It is the humanitarian instinct of this section of heaven which teaches us the spiritual text: “Do and Think Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do and Think Unto You.

Uranus has full rulership over the first decanate of Aquarius which accounts for its keyword of Originality. Those born with this decanate prominent are given to following the precepts of others as little as possible. Yet their excellent knowledge of human nature enables them to apply other new ideas and inventive ability in a highly profitable and beneficial manner. Their ability to handle human beings to advantage is highly pronounced and when rightly used leads to their making the world a much beater place to live in. The charm of this part of Aquarius is readily imparted by its natives to others through the magnetism generated herein. The horse’s head, Equuleus, pictures this decanate in the firmament and indicates the uncommon “horse sense” bestowed on those born here.

The second decanate of this sign of hope and good cheer is portrayed in the heavens as a Flying Horse–Pegasus. The horse relates to the travel of Sagittarius while the wings further indicate travel in spheres above the physical. The sub-ruleship of Mercury, through Gemini, is here apparent in that this is the most mental decanate of the sign. The Mercury influence combines with that of Uranus to bestow the ability to consciously obtain and retain information beyond the reach of everyday consciousness. This intuitive ability in turn gives unlimited resourcefulness of the mind as well as cleverness and persuasion of speech. These are their greatest assets. Inspiration is the keyword.

The last part of Aquarius has, through Libra, the sub-rulership of Venus. It is thus the most socially inclined decanate of the sign. Yet the association of Venus with the, Uranian influence is such as to incline toward expression of the affections–or their renouncement either in part or in whole. This treatment of the affectlonal affairs tends to have an unfavorable reaction. It is the decanate of Repression. Harmonious association with the opposite sex is important to those born here as well as social intercourse and companionship. The ability to profit socially through the exercise of charm and influence is here readily bestowed.

The hieroglyph of Aquarius is considered by some to represent two snakes, indicating the wisdom acquired by reason and intuition, each traveling in opposite directions. Others regard it as the water from the urn of the Aquarian man, pouring out his compassion and altruism upon humanity. And it has been suggested that two bolts of lightning are the implication. And again, the fact that the lower line is a duplicate of the upper one suggests the Hermetic Axiom “As above, so below, as on the earth so in the sky” thus embracing the doctrine of Macrocosm to Microcosm upon which the science of Astrology–ruled by Uranus–has its foundation.

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