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As Taurus is a fixed earth sigh this section of the zodiac is the least vacillating of all twelve and therefore conservative, practical, persistent and patient to a most pronounced extent. These qualities when expressing on the harmonious side give the Taurean his best quality of Stability and when expressing on the discordant side bestow the worst quality–Obstinacy. When its best sign is uppermost, therefore, the person with sun, Moon, or Ascendant in the Taurus section of the ecliptic tends to be plodding, careful self-reliant and untiring. When its worst side is dominant this sign expresses sullen resistance to change of any sort and clings in a most determined manner to viewpoints which, though carefully formulated at the time, are resistant to constructive change and progress. Taurus people who are progressive usually have Uranus prominent or the mutable signs very much in evidence. Yet, even so, to progress these natives carefully assimilate new ideas before accepting them. They are thus lacking in pioneering ability but are able to follow on the trail and complete what the pioneer has started better than those of any of the other fixed signs.

This magnetic home of Venus, corresponding as it does to the second house of the natural horoscope, relates to money and personal possessions. This fact, indicated in the key phrase I Have, is the prime medium of expression for the Taurean whether it be “I have wealth” “I have personal charm and beauty,” “I have power” or some other “I have”. This fact in itself is neither an asset nor a liability for it depends entirely on how it is made use of. When Moses, as related in Exodus, found his people worshipping the golden calf, represented astrologically by the Sun (gold) in Taurus (the bull–in this case yet to reach maturity), he did not take it away from them entirely but caused it to be converted into a form which no longer could be venerated, but was made use of. The Bible tells us in symbolical language that money and material possessions do not bring evil, but only when they are given undue significance in themselves rather than from the constructive standpoint of their use for purposes beneficial to mankind. Those who are misguided entirely renouncing money defeat this objective by failing to grasp the fundamental concept that spiritual development is in direct proportion to the aspirant’s contributions to Universal Welfare. This is impossible without money or its equivalent being used for a solid physical foundation. This fact is plainly stated in the Brotherhood of Light Spiritual Astrology text: “Physical Life and Its Opportunities Should Not be Slighted; Neither Should Spiritual Aspirations Be Ignored. Learn therefore, to ‘Render unto Caesar the Things Which be Caesar’s and Unto God the Things Which be God’s.'”

Many a Taurus person, rightly or wrongly, has unconsciously followed this admonition, given us by the The Sacred Tarot, to the letter; “Remember then, son of earth, to conserve thy forces, not to recoil at thy works, but in order to wear out obstacles, as water, falling drop by drop, wears away the hardest stone. If Arcanum XIV (Taurus) should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, a well formulated plan of action followed perseveringly will raise thee by degrees to the heights thou wouldst attain.”

So careful are Taurus people in planning first, in contrast to the spur-of-the-moment impulses of Aries, that they resent being pushed or hurried. They like routine and regular habits which enable them to be thorough and to perfect details. Providing they are permitted to follow their own pace, obedience, reliability and efficiency are their virtues. They are not optimistic as is the Aries person, but cautious, wishing to avoid taking any risk and lacking in enthusiasm because enthusiasm would lead them into propositions without time to think over the matter thoroughly. When startling news is conveyed to the Taurus native he does not display much surprise because he has to have time to absorb such news and by the time this process is completed it has ceased to be startling. This, perhaps is more true when the Moon is in this sign which causes impressions to be absorbed gradually. The Venus qualities manifest by bestowing a magnetism which expresses as sex appeal through this sign more than any other. This is the reason why it is especially important to differentiate between the sexes in the case of this sign, as it enhances the typical femininity of woman and typical masculinity of man.

As Taurus is the night sign of Venus so do the darker shades of the color yellow and the tone low E come under his jurisdiction. Alabaster, white coral and white opaque stones are ruled by this sign, the moss agate being the official talismanic gem of Taurus. Among the herbs flax, dandelion, gourds, myrtle, lilies, daisies, moss, spinach and larkspur respond to the Taurean vibrations.

In the animal kingdom Taurus rules the bovine family which includes the cow, ox yak, etc. We write the symbol of Taurus as a conventionalized form the bull’s face with his two horns

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