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The human soul craves immortality.  That part of us that is our true self is indeed inherently immortal.But to attain self-conscious immortality, as opposed to just existing forever, requires something else.  It requires that a spiritual form be built from the higher states of consciousness which is attained by the use of greater amount of Love and Wisdom.  Through this process alone can self-conscious immortality be attained. Throughout the 210 Brotherhood of Light lessons information is given to assist in this endeavor, but here below is one small excerpt from

 The Method of Redemption –

The plan of action by which Self-Conscious Immortality is to be attained is this: Man must  develop, to the highest possible extent, the attributes of Love and Wisdom.
Knowledge of physical phenomena is essential on the physical plane, but life on the higher planes requires man to gather, through study, meditation, and the exercise of the psychic senses and the higher states of consciousness, as much information as possible about higher realms and about living the life of the spirit. Furthermore, in the exercise of the wisdom which contributes to immortality, the attitude toward the various events of life, the freeing them of the dross of experience, and combining them mentally so they will flux to give an intensity of vibration sufficient to affect the higher velocity of spiritual substance, is important. This subject is given detailed discussion in Course 3, ‘Spiritual Alchemy’.

Love, also, like wisdom, is of various grades, and man must strive for quality. He must not permit his love nature to atrophy; for upon love, fully as much as upon wisdom, depends immortality. Nor in the exercise of love should he make the mistake of trying that which psychology  proves to be impossible, trying to love all without first loving one or more of the individuals embraced within the all. The love of husband and wife, of parent and child, are sacred, and are the most certain steps by which is developed the love of God, the love of mankind, and the love of all creatures.

This discussion has now shown, I trust, that the soul embraces all the various states of consciousness organized in astral substance and in spiritual substance by the monad in its descent  from spirit to matter and in its evolution from mineral upward. This organization of energy which constitutes the soul results from its experiences with form.

To attain immortality the soul must have the love and wisdom to construct for itself forms in which to function on higher planes of existence than the physical and the astral. To do this it must continue to exercise and develop Love and Wisdom to a degree that it can influence the substances of such higher planes. To gain as much information about all other entities in the universe and one’s proper relation to them is the exercise of the greatest Wisdom. To work persistently to be of greatest possible service in this universal society is the expression of the highest love. A life devoted to the exercise of such Wisdom and such Love builds for itself an imperishable form on the spiritual plane that provides, here and now, for Self-Conscious Immortality.

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