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Do you have a Soul-Mate?

Few subjects exite the imagination so much.Yet the feeling of attraction to another, Which is the source of so much mystical nonsense, is often just a sexual attraction or a soul affinity. The Hermetic Philosophy teaches that our soul is but one third of a whole and that there is a masculine soul and feminine soul united to central spark of divinity which is called the Ego. The seperation and eventual reunion of the twin soul completes the Cycle of Necessity: the journey of the soul through time and matter, in order to achive self-conscious immortality. This portion of the document is an excert from Course 5 ‘Esoteric Psychology’, which can be found in the Courses section of our site.


All Feeling and Intelligence Are Due to Experience  –

All intelligence and all feeling are developed through the recognition of the differences that  exist between things contacted. And the ego, due to its original polarity-attractive and repellant quality at once started attracting experiences. That is, it started having those experiences which are the basis of feeling and intelligence Love and Wisdom. And thus it gradually built around itself, of the substance of the plane it occupied, a form which was sensitive to such contacts, registering and reacting to them.

How the ego, that it might have wider contrast and variety of experiences, extended the sphere of its influence to the fifth dimensional spiritual realm; and there, to still further widen the scope of its training and ultimate usefulness divided the soul sphere which it had developed into two-monads, is explained more fully in Course 2 ‘Astrological Signatures’‘Mission of the Soul’. Each of these twin ouls however, expresses the birth-chart of the ego according to its masculine or feminine polarity.

These two souls are impelled in their forward evolutionary movement by the same spirit ego. There is the same potentiality, or driving power, behind each. These souls, or minds thus developed by the ego, are organizations in substance which register experiences derived from contacts with the environment. The kind of environment attracted is determined by the polarity of the ego; that is, by its celestial birth-chart; just as the experiences attracted by a man are determined by his physical birth-chart. The ego at all times furnishes the divine driving power that urges the development of both souls and gives to them that ineradicable longing for significance that becomes the will to live and struggle. Nor can the soul lose its immortality so long as there persists the connecting line between itself and its ego.

The ego furnishes the eternal divine energy. This energy acts upon the substance of some plane of existence, and a form is gradually built. The form whether spiritual, astral or physical, becomes organized in a particular way through its contacts with environment. Its experiences are registered as feeling and intelligence. Feeling and intelligence, however, are not registered by physical substance. Three dimensional existence affords a means of contacting experiences of great contrast and wide diversity, but in itself is too coarse to retain such impressions. But associated with all physical substance (see Course I) is both the ether – a transition substance –and the four-dimensional astral, or stellar, substance. This four-dimensional substance is frictionless, and retains indefinitely the motions imparted to it. And it is in this fourth-dimensional substance that all physical and astral experiences are recorded.

The recording of an experience, whether directly derived from he external environment or from a mental process, causes a change to take place in the substance where the recording is made. That is, the sum total of the organization in the finer forms, all derived from experiences, constitutes the soul, the mind, the character, or the unconscious mind, these four terms signifying identically the same thing.

What these experiences have been was determined by the Birth-chart of the ego. Each of its two souls or thought-organization, is moving forward under the impetus given it by the ego, gathering those experiences, in association with various forms, which it requires to develop the abilities indicated by the ego’s birthchart to be necessary to perform the required function in realizing the Cosmic Plan. It is busy acquiring both the experience and the power to be able to handle that section of Cosmic Work for which the ego provided the blue-print.

The ego’s chart is the blue-print to which both the female soul and the male soul work. That is, in the division of the soul sphere in the higher state of the spiritual realm, as a physical cell so often divides to form two, the original polarity of the ego impressed itself equally upon each. But this quality of attracting certain events and repelling others, because exerted in the one case from feminine relations and in the other from those masculine, does not result in identical experiences for twin souls. As the essential polarity of each is the same, in their boarder outline the trains of experience parallel each other. But in particulars there is wide variation. Yet both the parallels and the variations in training tend to educate them so that they both desire, and are fitted for, a given work, in which their abilities complement each other.

Because through the long stretch of time since its formation a soul continues to manifest attractive and repellent qualities similar to those of its ego’s birth-chart, even though these qualities have been given special twists and trends through contact with environment, the birth-chart of an individual when he appears one earth in human form bears, in a broad and general way the impress which indicates his Cosmic Work. But from this we must not conclude that the birth-charts of twin soul must be almost identical. In their boarder aspect they show similarity; otherwise they would not be fitted to work together in the performance of a common Cosmic Function. But that their abilities should complement each other, each has had a variety of experiences not undergone by the other; and a birth-chart is a map of all the experiences a soul has had up to the time of human birth.

People Who Think They Are Soul-Mates  –

While true soul-mates may meet on earth, because this relation can only be perceived from the spiritual plane, only those who have advanced far enough to perceive things as they exist on this spiritual plane can be sure that such a relation exists. Most of those on earth who think they are soul-mates merely experience a strong magnetic attraction. They have not advanced far enough to have any clear conception of what a spiritual attraction would be like.

But when you reach the spiritual world, as the natural result of your upward progress you will possess Divine Consciousness. Or, if you build up a sound and vigorous spiritual body, you can acquire this state of consciousness while you are still on earth. 

Among other things, this brings the awareness of the existence and whereabouts of the soul-mate. And when you pass from the sixth to the seventh state of the spiritual world, as a natural result of having reached this advanced spiritual region, there will be a complete and permanent blending of your energies.

From thence onward you will progress together as a complete system. This system is composed of a male soul, a female soul, and a single ego. The ego corresponds to the nucleus of an atom, and each soul to one of two electrons.

Each soul retains both its own form and its own identity. Nor is each limited in its action by the other, except as domestic partners customarily and voluntarily are when striving for accomplishment of some common work. Even here on earth, husband and wife may travel a thousand miles apart without breaking the fusion of their finer forces. In fact, distance in space seems to have no power to dissolve such a system.

A New Form And New Powers.

Nevertheless, even though each retains liberty of action, a distinct form, and its own identity, both have merged into another and more complex permanent body, or form. Instead of being more or less separate factors, the ego and the two souls now make up a definitely organized group. And just as an atom has a distinct form, or a solar system has a distinct form, this system that has now come into existence also has a definite form.

Furthermore, just as a solar system can accomplish that which would be impossible to its members if these were not thus united, and just as an atom can exhibit qualities impossible to ununited electrons and protons, no matter how numerous, so the Angel thus formed by the permanent union of soul-mates has abilities infinitely superior to those of souls before they were thus permanently united.


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