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Consciousness is always associated with the some kind of substance.The soul is an organization of consciousness within the finer substances of the astral and spiritual worlds.Each soul is a unique organization of astral and perhaps spiritual substances,yet nevertheless being part of the whole as a wave is apart of the ocean.The following is an editorial summary of the B of L teachings regarding the soul.For a more in depth study read..

Even as each snowflake that falls has a unique form and structure due to its environmental experiences previous to its birth as part of the snow landscape, so does each human soul have a unique form and structure that we commonly refer to as its character and personality. This quality is due to its experiences in lower forms of life previous to human birth.  The unique structure of the soul is an organization of consciousness in finer substance, and is called by some the unconscious or subconscious mind.

So what is the finer substance wherein resides the soul?  Hermetic occultism postulates that there are realms interior to matter that exist above the velocity of light. That light is simply the boundary-line region between the physical and non-physical worlds.  Above the speed of light time and space are of a completely different order.  The soul or unconscious mind dwells within that region and through pressure upon the boundary-line electromagnetic energies, controls the physical vehicle or body on the material plane.

The soul, within the high velocity region, possesses an energy which under tension is called desire.  It is attracted to certain types of conditions and repelled by other types of conditions.  It possesses a memory and retains as states of consciousness all its experiences. These experiences modify or intensify the characteristics and desires of the soul, but because of its essential nature it tends to attract to itself events and experiences of a definite type which further reinforce the desires it already possesses.  Through this process, over the course of time, the soul grows in love and wisdom; feeling and understanding.

At all times the soul is impelled by its ego, that spark of the divine flame within, to fulfill its potential. At the very commencement of its long and wearisome journey the Hermetic tradition informs us that soul was given a definite trend or polarity. It is this trend that becomes the souls ‘blueprint’ which it ever strives to fulfill. The soul’s divine purpose is to so perfect its nature; to so grow in love and wisdom that it may fulfill its destiny of becoming a valuable component within the Divine Plan of Evolution.  

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