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Who We Are

The Hermetic Order is a group of Brotherhood of Light members that is completely independent of the Church of Light Incorporated.

The Order is the outgrowth of a vote taken at a Church of Light Colorado conference held September 1998 in Grand Junction, Colorado. At that conference a Hermeticians’ meeting was held and a vote was taken to form such an independent group.

We are committed to being a continuation of the original path of the Brotherhood of Light before it was forced by circumstances in 1932 to establish The Church of Light in order to protect its freedom to pass on its teachings publicly. We are a spiritual and philosophic order committed to the Brotherhood of Light principles of cooperation to further the mission of teaching and disseminating the Religion of the Stars, the Secret Doctrine of the Ancient Masons or Magi, as set forth by Elbert Benjamine in the 21 Brotherhood of Light courses.

We welcome all seekers interested in study, discussion and the free exchange of ideas. We seek to create a community of like-minded individuals who support the principles outlined in the Brotherhood of Light courses.

We are interested in providing participation opportunities in carrying on the research tradition begun by Elbert Benjamine through the Brotherhood of Light’s Astrological Research Department, the ESP Research Department and Control of Life Research Department.

The Light of Egypt website embodies the mission content of the Hermetic Order of the Brotherhood of Light and will serve as a means through which classes, seminars and exams will be offered. The name of this website, “Light of Egypt” is a reference to the Brotherhood of Light’s ancient origin, as a secret fraternal society, in Old Kingdom Egypt. It is also a reference to the title of two book volumes written by the Brotherhood of Light’s adepts, Thomas H. Burgoyne and Sarah Stanley Grimké.

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