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Author Archives: loe_siteadmin

Facts and Fancies About Reincarnation II

ALL the evidence put forward as proof of human reincarnation, insofar as it has come to my attention, is, I feel confident, but a misinterpretation of actual facts. I have no occasion to question the honesty of the witnesses. They without doubt report what is seen and what is felt as it seems to them. […]

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Facts and Fancies About Reincarnation I

OVER the Occident has swept from dreamy Oriental skies, during the past forty-five years, a balmy breeze of metaphysical speculation laden with the aroma of the choicest flowers of eastern thought. Upon the West it has had a salutary influence, warming the chill winds that blow so constantly from the icebergs of the practical that […]

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Doctrine of Signatures

THE English word signature is derived from the Latin “signare,” meaning to sign. A signature, therefore, is a mark of identification. The Latin “docere,” from which the word doctrine is derived, signifies to teach. In occult science “The Doctrine of Signatures” relates to that which is taught about the marks placed upon all things by […]

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Physiology and Correspondence

AS there is a strict correspondence between the inner and the outer, between functions exercising on one plane and functions exercising on other planes, the physiology of man may be used as an index to occult processes, and to the nature of functions exercised by man on other than physical planes. By the application of […]

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The Mission of the Soul

THE PURPOSE of this lesson is to give information about the human soul such as will serve as a working basis for those who are struggling to attain Self-Conscious Immortality. To begin with we must know just what the soul is, and what it is not. Then it will be advantageous to know just how […]

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Mundane Houses

PLANETARY vibrations not only must have a point of departure, but also, if they are effective, must have a place of reception. A tone reverberating from the sounding board of one of the zodiacal signs must reach the earth in order to affect the destiny of the inhabitants of the earth. To do this it […]

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The Zodiac

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ANY worth-while study of the occult sciences must be based upon familiarity with the golden key, Astrology. The various astral vibratory rates that constitute the occult properties of objects can only conveniently be classified by associating them in terminology with similar vibrations of the zodiacal signs and the planets. We have no other terminology than […]

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The Two Keys

In all ages and in every land and clime there are progressive souls whose spiritual vision pierces the murky clouds of dogmatic illusion with which priestcraft and statecraft have ever sought to obscure the sun of divine truth. These bold aspirants to esoteric wisdom have the courage to burst the fetters that chain them to […]

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