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Cycles of Saturn

cycles of saturn

N A CYCLE CHART, the house occupied by the planet for which the chart
is erected becomes unusually important as indicating the starting point from
which the influence emanates which brings about the most important events
which transpire during the life of the cycle. Thus in the Neptune Cycle, illustrated at
front of Chapter 2, Neptune is in the 11th house. This
indicates that Congress becomes an influence through which the most important
events signified by the cycle are brought to pass. That is, the things which Neptune
rules are shown to be so closely associated with Congress that from December 28,
1863, until March 7, 1944, Congress will have a tendency to bring those things to
pass which the chart as a whole indicates, and which specifically are timed and
denoted by the progressed aspects of Neptune to the planets.

In the Uranus Cycle of 1844, illustrated at front of Chapter 3,
Uranus is in the 12th house. This indicates that, until the next cycle started in
1927, bondage and limitations would be the things which Uranus would operate
through to bring about the most important events. Slavery of the Negro was the
earlier issue, and economic bondage was the later one. And Uranus being the planet
of disruption, the influence of slavery and of economic exploitation brought sudden

In the Uranus Cycle of 1928, illustrated at front of Chapter 3,
Uranus is in the 1st house. This indicates that, from February 4, 1928, until
April 1969, the starting point from which Uranus will exert its most important
influences will be the condition of the common man. The common man is so closely
associated with Uranus things in this chart that he can not fail to be the instrument
through which abrupt changes will be brought to pass. Wherever Uranus progresses
by Transit through this chart and makes an aspect to some planet in it, he will
continue to carry some of the first house influence, the influence of the common
people, and the more important radical changes will be brought about by, and affect
the interests of, the masses.

In the Saturn Cycle of 1922, illustrated at front of this lesson, Saturn is in the 8th
house. Death, Taxes, Debts, Pensions and Insurance, therefore, are so closely
associated with Saturn that wherever he goes through the chart they will continually
be bobbing up in connection with the most important events this planet brings to pass
from March 2, 1922, until March 5, 1938.

Not all of the aspects he makes will bring things to pass related to the 8th house; but
he carries enough of this influence with him that the most important events
influenced by the things he rules will in some manner relate not merely to the house
in which the aspected planet is located, but also will relate to those things which the
8th house rules.

Saturn in Mundane Astrology

Saturn is the planet of safety, economy and poverty; hence his most characteristic
influence is to contract and depress. He is over cautious, and frequently lets golden
opportunities pass him by through lack of courage to attempt.

He, as well as Jupiter, is a business planet, and has an influence over the business
trend in a country; but where Jupiter tends to expansion, and when afflicted causes
extravagance, Saturn tends to contraction, to over cautiousness, and to measures of
protection.Diseases in general are under his influence, as are sanitary and other measures taken
to protect the public health. In fact, action of all kinds which is prompted by fear, and
has for object protection, comes under his dominion. When afflicted he is
responsible for various kinds of losses, including the loss of public health which
occurs during an epidemic.

His nature is in direct opposition to that of Uranus in that he is the planet which is
most conservative, and most persistently resists change of any kind. The things
which were good enough for his father and grandfather are good enough for him. He
fears the effect of anything which has not withstood the trials of time. In financial
matters, his influence following the boom periods of Neptune or the extravagances of
an afflicted Jupiter, leads to a time of depression. Jupiter and Saturn together are
chiefly responsible for the rise and fall of markets. and the periods of business
advance and the periods of business recession.

Saturn rules the land, the buildings on the land, the crops which grow from the soil,
the mineral wealth under the ground, and basic utilities like steel, lumber and coal.
He also has chief influence over the weather. The destruction of crops and buildings,
therefore, through flood, storms, and when Mars plays a part even through fire,
comes under his jurisdiction.

Hard work and those who perform it in general, and the miner and farmer in
particular, are influenced by him. Hence measures to protect them, such as
immigration laws which have for object the protection of those who work from an
over abundance of laborers; and tariffs that are placed upon goods, not chiefly as a
means of revenue, but to protect from the competition of cheap foreign labor, come
under his rule. Some caution is here required in passing judgment on tariffs,
however, as those which are designed chiefly as means of raising revenue come
under the rule of Jupiter.

Furniture, fixtures of all kinds, and the crude materials from which other things are
made, natural resources, and all movements toward conservation, are under Saturn’s
rule. And because he is so closely associated with the land, all acquisition of territory,
bargaining for it, or its loss, relates to his influence. In his thought he is
ultra-conservative, in his religion strictly orthodox, and in politics is represented by
the miner and the farmer.

Calculating the Saturn Cycles

For the purpose of illustrating the method of calculating the time for which a Saturn
Cycle chart should be erected, we will use the last two cycles of Saturn, January 23,
1909, and March 2, 1922. As we wish to know the influence of these Saturn Cycles
on the affairs of the United States, the problem is to ascertain the times at
Washington, D. C., when Saturn crossed from south declination to north declination.

The Nautical Almanac for 1909 gives the declination of Saturn each day at noon,
Greenwich Mean Time, together with the variation per hour. The position on January
24 is given as plus 0 degrees, 1 minute, 0.8 seconds. The variation per hour is given as
5.21 seconds. That is, Saturn, moving 5.21 seconds per hour, on January 24 had
already crossed into north declination 0 degrees, 1 minute, 0.8 seconds.

One hour equals 60 minutes. 0 degrees, 1 minute, 0.8 seconds equal 60.8 seconds.
Then 5.21.60: :60.8: ? The answer is 700 minutes, which equal 11 hours, 40 minutes.

From January 24, noon, subtract 11 hours, 40 minutes, and it gives the Greenwich
Time as January 24, 0:20 a.m. As Washington is 77 degrees west, subtract a further 5
hours, 8 minutes, and it gives the time for which the Saturn Cycle must be erected as
January 23, 1909, 7:12 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38–56N. The chart erected for the time so
found is No. 52 in the table at the front of this booklet.

The Nautical Almanac for 1922 gives the declination of Saturn each day at noon,
Greenwich Mean Time, together with the variation per hour. The position on March
2 is there given as plus 0 degrees, 0 minutes, 12.9 seconds. The variation per hour is
given as 4.35 seconds. That is, Saturn, moving 4.35 seconds per hour, on March 2 had
already crossed into north declination 0 degrees, 0 minutes, 12.9 seconds.

One hour equals 60 minutes. 0 degrees, 0 minutes, 12.9 seconds equal 12.9 seconds.
Then 4.35:60::12.9:? The answer is 178 minutes, which equals 2 hours, 58 minutes.

From March 2, noon, subtract 2 hours, 58 minutes, and it gives the Greenwich Time
as 9:02 a.m. As Washington is 77 degrees west, subtract a further 5 hours, 8 minutes,
and it gives the time for which the Saturn Cycle must be erected as March 2, 1922,
3:54 a.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38–56N. The chart erected for the time so found is
illustrated at the front of this booklet.

The Cycles of Saturn

As an index of what may be expected to happen under the influence of aspects in a
Saturn Cycle, we will follow two plans: First: commencing with the first Saturn
Cycle since 1800, I will quote, with my own comments in parentheses, every event
that is clearly Saturnine in nature that is of enough importance to be included in the
Reference History of the World of Webster’s New International Dictionary.
Omitting none of these as far as available space warrants us following them, the
progressed aspect in the Saturn Cycle then effective will be indicated. Second: I will
list ALL the progressed aspects that have formed in the current Saturn Cycle, going
as far as available space will permit, and indicate the event attracted by each of these

As the Saturn Cycles earlier than 1884 were calculated, not from the Nautical
Almanac, but from the positions of Raphael’s Ephemeris, these earlier cycles are
approximate only, and too much dependence can not be placed on their house
positions. The house positions of the Cycles since 1884 are precise.

The first Saturn Cycle of the Nineteenth Century commenced (Chart 45) April 4,
1820, approximately 9:16 p.m., Washington. The ruler of the cycle is in the 5th,
house of speculation, and immediately there is an Act encouraging land (Saturn)
speculation.April 24, 1820, there is passed the Public Land Act which permits the purchase of
tracts of 80 acres or more at a minimum price of $1.25 per acre, and at the same time
abolishes the credit system.

1821, under Saturn conjunction Sun r, co-ruler of the 9th (sea commerce), and later
square Mars r ruler of the house of sea commerce, Russia lays claims to the North
American Coast (Saturn) south to 51 degrees.

April 17, 1824, under Saturn sextile Mars r, Treaty with Russia; no Russian
Settlements (Saturn) south of 54 degrees, 40 minutes, which becomes the recognized
northern boundary of the Oregon Country.

April 30, 1824, under Saturn sextile Mars r, General Survey (of land) Act passed.

August 6, 1827, Saturn square Sun r, Treaty with Great Britain continues the joint
occupation of Oregon (land).

May 19, 1828, under Saturn square Sun r, Tariff Act (Saturn p in house of tariff) of
1828, called the Tariff of Abominations. It is strongly protective (Saturn), and the
South, especially South Carolina, declaring that the burden of it falls (Sun rules
politics) on the slave States, threaten resistance.

May 28, 1830, under Saturn sesqui-square Uranus r, Jackson signs the Indian
Removal Act, which embodies his policy for the general removal (Uranus ruling
house of travel) of the Indians to reservations west of the Mississippi (so the whites
can have their land).

July 14, 1832, under Saturn opposition Jupiter r, Tariff Act of 1832 continues the
protective (Saturn) duties so obnoxious to the South.

March 2, 1833, under Saturn p in house of business, trine Venus r in house of
opposition, Clays’ Compromise Tariff Act, calling for a gradual reduction (Saturn)
to a revenue basis in 1842. A Force Act is also passed to furnish means of controlling
recalcitrant (7th house) States.

The next Saturn Cycle commenced (Chart 46) April 13, 1834, approximately 6:52
a.m., Washington. Saturn is in the 6th (harvest) trine to the Moon (common people),
and trine to Neptune (schemes and promotions) on the cusp of the 10th, and
opposition Mercury, ruler of the 2nd (banks and money). As the cycle came in the
patenting of the horse reaper by C. H. McCormic made considerable change in the
labor (Saturn) of harvesting (Saturn in 6th).

April 20, 1836, under Saturn opposition Venus r, ruler of 1st (people), and square
Neptune r, Wisconsin Territory is set up out of Michigan Territory.

January 9, 1837, under Saturn sesqui-square Mercury r, Jackson’s special message
shows interest of United States in an Isthmian (Saturn p in house of foreign countries)

May 10, 1837, under Saturn opposition Jupiter r, (finances), Panic (Saturn) of 1837

June 12, 1838, under Saturn inconjunct Sun r and opposition Asc. r (people), Iowa
Territory is created out of that part of Wisconsin Territory west of the Mississippi.

September 4, 1841, under Saturn sextile Uranus r, in house of business, Act for
preemption of public lands and distribution of the proceeds of public land sales
among the States. Settlers may once only preempt 160 acres at $1.25 per acre.

August 9, 1842, under Saturn sesqui-square Asc. R, (people of U. S.), Ashburton
Treaty signed with Great Britain. It settles the northeastern boundary (Saturn)
dispute, which threatens war, by a compromise line.

August 20, 1842, under Saturn in 8th (Tariffs) sesqui-square Asc. r, Tariff Act of
1842, a protective measure (Saturn) without any distribution of proceeds of public

March 1, 1845, under Saturn in 10th (business) square to Jupiter r, Joint resolution of
Congress for the annexation of Texas, less favorable to the United States than the
abandoned treaty.

June 15, 1846, under Saturn semi-sextile Mercury r, Treaty is signed with Great
Britain adjusting Oregon; the United States confirmed in the portion South of 49

December 12, 1846, under Saturn conjunction Uranus r, in house of business, Treaty
with New Granada (Colombia): freedom of transit on Isthmus of Panama given to
United States; in return neutrality of Isthmus and Colombia’s sovereignty (Saturn)
over it are guaranteed by the United States.

January 24, 1848, under Saturn (mines) conjunction Mars r, Gold is discovered near
Sutter’s Mill in California. A great immigration (Saturn ruler of house of long
journeys) by land and sea follows (the gold rush of 1849 unequalled for roistering
and crime, characteristic of Mars), with pressure for quick organization of civil
government.February 2, 1848, under Saturn square Moon r, Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo is
signed with Mexico. Rio Grande recognized as boundary (Saturn) and New Mexico
and California ceded.

August 14, 1848, under Saturn semi-sextile Sun r, Oregon is organized as a territory,
slavery being forbidden.

March 3, 1849, under Saturn semi-sextile Uranus r in house of administration, Act
for the Department of the Interior; its head becomes the seventh member of the
cabinet. Minnesota Territory (Saturn) is established.

Then follows a short Cycle of Saturn (Chart 47) commencing May 19, 1849,
approximately 6:52 a.m., Washington. Saturn is ruler of the 7th (foreign countries)
and is with Mars (war planet) in the 10th (business). Under this influence eyes are
turned toward Cuba as a possible acquisition in the future and filibustering
expeditions are sent against her.

The next Cycle of Saturn (Chart 48) commenced February 12, 1850, approximately
3:52 a.m., Washington.

April 19, 1850, under Saturn p in house of short journeys, sextile Mercury r, co-ruler
of house of long journeys, Clayton-Bulwer Treaty with Great Britain. Acquisition of
California has made the transit across the Isthmus important to the United States; and
the British show intention of fixing themselves there. Treaty is recognition of equal
interest in any canal (Saturn in 3rd) or line of transit on the principle of guarantee of

September 20, 1850, under Saturn sextile Venus r, first act of Congress making land
(Saturn) grants in aid of construction of railroads (Saturn in house of railroads).

March 3, 1851, under Saturn sextile Venus r, Congress reduces (Saturn) letter
(Saturn in house of letters) postage to three cents per half ounce for carriage up to
3,000 miles.March 2, 1853, under Saturn in 4th (house of land) square Mercury r, Washington
Territory set off from Oregon Territory.

March 4, 1853, under Saturn in 4th (house of land) square Mercury r, Franklin Pierce
becomes the fourteenth president. In his inaugural he declares for the annexation of
Cuba.December 30, 1853, under Saturn square Moon r, Gadsen Purchase Treaty with
Mexico; for $10,000,000 (Moon in house of money) a strip transferred over which
the southern route of the proposed Pacific Railroad would pass.

March 7, 1857, wider Saturn sesqui-square Sun r in house of money, Tariff Act of
1857: follows the plan of 1846, but further reduces (Saturn) duties.

August 24, 1857, under Saturn square Uranus r, Panic of 1857 begins; increase of
gold and the rapid extension of railroads are underlying causes. The government
surplus becomes a deficit (Saturn), and treasury notes and bonds are issued.

1859, under Saturn trine Saturn r, First oil well is sunk on Oil Creek, Pa.; the
beginning of the petroleum industry. Silver discovered in the Comstock lode
(Saturn), Nevada.

February 28, 1861, under Saturn inconjunct Saturn r, Colorado Territory (Saturn) is

May 15, 1862, Saturn, after being retrograde from conjunction Jupiter r, in the 9th in
Virgo, turns direct again bringing to pass the things which were started three months
earlier while the aspect was perfect. As this conjunction is in Virgo, the sign of
farming, the events relate to this industry, and while the conjunction is applying the
second time these events transpire before the aspect closes to the common orb of
influence. May 15, Congress authorizes the Department of Agriculture (Saturn).
May 20, Homestead (Saturn) Law is enacted. July 2, Morrill Agricultural College
Act grants public lands to States for the support of colleges (Jupiter in the house of
colleges) of agriculture (Saturn) and mechanical arts; origin of most of the State
agricultural schools.

The next Cycle of Saturn (Chart 49) commenced January 16, 1863, approximately
6:52 a.m., Washington. Here we have Saturn, ruler of the Asc. (people) in the house
of death in opposition to Neptune. Thus were the people in vast numbers in the house
of death through the Civil War and the ravages of disease which accompanied it.
Thus also were they depressed by the death of their President, Lincoln, who was
assassinated when Saturn, April 14, 1865, was conjunction Jupiter r, ruler of house of
secret enemies, and square Sun r (one high in political office).

March 3, 1863, under Saturn trine Venus r, ruler of the house of lands, Idaho
Territory is created.

May 26, 1864, under Saturn trine Mercury r, Montana Territory (Saturn) is created.

July 2, 1864, under Saturn trine Mercury r, Northern Pacific Railway is incorporated
by Congress to run from Lake Superior to Puget Sound: it receives a land (Saturn)
grant.July 27, 1866, under Saturn semi-sextile Saturn r, Atlantic and Pacific Railway is
incorporated and given a land (Saturn) grant in connection with the Southern Pacific
of California.

March 2, 1867, under Saturn sextile Sun r, Further internal revenue reduction
(Saturn); and higher protection (Saturn) given to wool and woolens.

March 30, 1867, within a month after Saturn had turned retrograde from its sextile
Sun r, which marked the negotiations, Treaty signed with Russia covering purchase
of Alaska for $7,200,000.

July 25, 1868, under Saturn inconjunct Mars r, Wyoming Territory (Saturn) is
established.September 24, 1869, under Saturn conjunction Moon r, sextile Mercury r, Black
Friday in Wall Street, due to an attempt to corner (Mercury ruling house of
speculation) gold, broken by action of the Federal treasury (Saturn ruling panics).

March 3, 1871, under Saturn trine Pluto r (in house of railroads), Texas Pacific
Railway is incorporated by Congress and given a land (Saturn) grant, the last of the
land grants.

October 8-10, 1871, under Saturn in the 12th square Saturn r, Great fire in Chicago;
loss $200,000,000. Shown in Mars Cycle also, indicating the nature of the agent
which brought the loss of property (Saturn).

November 9-10, 1872, under Saturn inconjunct Uranus r, Great fire in Boston; loss
(Saturn) of $70,000,000.

September 18, 1873, under Saturn conjunction Sun r, square Jupiter r (financial
planet), failure of Jay Cooke and Co. starts a great panic (Pan is one of the ancient
names of Saturn); caused chiefly by over-building of railroads in the West.

March 3, 1877, under Saturn square Moon r (common people), Desert Land Act
provides special conditions for patenting such land, subject to proper development
and irrigation.

June 3, 1878, under Saturn conjunction Neptune r, Timber and Stone Land Act
provides a further special means of securing public land. (Has been used by large
corporations–Neptune–to secure vast holdings at little expense–Neptune in
house of cash.)

Another Cycle of Saturn (Chart 50) commenced March 20, 1879, approximately
2:52 p.m., Washington. Again Saturn is in the 8th (house of death) this time
conjunction with the Sun (persons high in political office). The significance of this
position was verified by the assassination of two presidents of the United States.
Garfield died September 19, 1881, as Saturn came close to the conjunction of the
M.C. r, and McKinley died September 14, 1901, as Saturn came close to the trine of
Neptune r; but the actual assassinations belong under the influence of, and are shown
in, the Mars Cycles.

In addition to the 8th, the other important houses are the 9th, holding three planets,
and indicating outstanding developments in the domain of commerce; the 7th,
holding two planets, and indicating relations with foreign countries; and the 6th,
because Mars, the planet of strife is there located and in sextile to Saturn, both Mars
and Saturn at the same time being inconjunct Uranus, the planet of disruption, in the
house of the people. As Mars also rules the 4th, house of lands and homes, in addition
to strife where labor and farm products are concerned, the deadly influence of Saturn
strikes hard in the destruction of these possessions.

November 17, 1880, under Saturn semi-square Moon r in house of foreigners,
Chinese Exclusion (Saturn) Treaty (affecting labor) is signed with China, removing
Hayes’ objections to an exclusion act.

January 24, 1881, under Saturn conjunction Venus r, in house of court, In Springer v.
United States the Supreme Court holds the Federal income tax (Saturn in cycle in
house of tax) of 1862 to be constitutional, not being a direct tax.

March 1882, under Saturn conjunction Neptune r, Disastrous overflow of the
Mississippi River; some 85,000 people made destitute (Saturn).

May 6, 1882, under Saturn semi-square Sun r, First Chinese Exclusion (Saturn) Act
suspends immigration of laborers for ten years.

August 3, 1882, under Saturn conjunction Pluto r, First Act to restrict general
immigration excludes (Saturn) defectives and convicts and imposes a head tax.

March 3, 1883, under Saturn semi-square Saturn r, Tariff and Internal Revenue Act
to reduce (Saturn) the surplus.

October 1, 1883, under Saturn semi-square Venus r, ruler of the house of letters,
Letter postage is reduced (Saturn) to two cents a half ounce.

July 1, 1885, under Saturn square Sun r, Letter postage reduced (Saturn) to two cents
an ounce; second class postage to one cent a pound, causing a continued deficit
(Saturn) in the department.

August 2, 1886, under Saturn in Cancer (stomach) square Mercury r, Congress
places a tax on oleomargarine; an early Pure food (protecting the public) law.

October 12, 1886, under Saturn sesqui-square Moon r, Gales and floods in Texas and
Louisiana destroy property and 247 lives.

January 29, 1887, under Saturn semi-square Uranus r, Mexican War Pension Act
becomes law; age, dependency, or disabilities are pensionable (Saturn in house of
pensions in cycle chart).

February 8, 1887, under Saturn semi-square Uranus r, in house of citizens, Indian
Allotment Law is enacted; under stipulated conditions Indians may be given land in
severalty and become citizens. During this period the reservations are being rapidly
reduced (Saturn) in size and number and the land (Saturn) opened to white

February 11, 1887, under Saturn (in house of pensions in cycle chart) semi-square
Uranus r, Cleveland vetoes (Saturn) the Disability and Dependent Pension Bill for
Civil War Veterans. He relentlessly uses the veto power against private pension
(Saturn) bills.

March 2, 1887, under Saturn square Mercury r, in house of colleges, Hatch Act
authorizes the establishment of agricultural (Saturn) experiment stations in
connection with Morrill Act colleges.

September 5, 1887, under Saturn, planet of labor, opposition Mars r, in house of
labor, Labor Day is first observed in New York as a legal holiday.

October 1, 1888, within three weeks after the aspect was perfect, Saturn trine
Mercury r, in house of foreign travel, Second Chinese Exclusion (Saturn) Act
prohibits the return of laborers (thus protecting American labor) who have left the

February 9, 1889, under Saturn trine Mercury r, Department of Agriculture (Saturn)
becomes an executive department and its secretary a cabinet officer.

1889, under Saturn trine Mercury r, in house of shipping, Bankruptcy (Saturn) of the
French Panama Canal Company; of importance to the United States, where the
concession is deemed contrary to the nation’s policy and welfare, if not to the
Monroe Doctrine. Interest in an American canal is stimulated; an American
company organizes for work through the Nicaraguan isthmus (Saturn).

April 22, 1889, under Saturn sesqui-square Sun r, ruler of the people, Part of Indian
Territory is opened, and a wild rush to settle ensues.

June 14, 1X89, under Saturn sesqui-square Sun r, Tripartite agreement with Great
Britain and Germany for the independence and joint control of Samoa (Saturn).

August 30, 1890, under Saturn opposition Moon r, in house of foreign Nations,
Congress passes an act for the inspection of pork products intended for exportation (a
protection); the outcome of controversies with foreign nations, especially Germany.
President given power to retaliate on unjust discriminations (a protective measure)
against American products. Federal encouragement of agricultural education is
increased by an act for an annual grant to the Morrill agricultural colleges.

September 29, 1890, under Saturn sesqui-square Venus r, ruler of house of railroads,
Act for the general forfeiture (Saturn) of unearned Federal land grants to railroads.

October 1, 1890, under Saturn sesqui-square Venus r, Act for Weather (Saturn)
Bureau. McKinley Tariff Act. Increases and systematizes protection (Saturn);
revenue is reduced (Saturn) by prohibitive duties and the placing of raw sugar (basic
commodity) on the free list, a sugar bounty being given the domestic producer as an

The next Cycle of Saturn (Chart 51) is a short one. It commenced April 29, 1908, 0:02
p.m., Washington.

Then follows the Cycle of Saturn (Chart 52) previously calculated in detail,
commencing January 23, 1909, 7:12 p.m., Washington. This leads up to the current
Saturn Cycle.

The Cycle of Saturn Now Effective

The Cycle of Saturn effective at the time this is written, as per detailed calculations
given earlier in these pages, commenced March 2, 1922, 3:54 a.m., Washington. The
chart is used as an illustration at the front of this booklet. One important influence of
Saturn things during the period of this cycle–March 2, 1922, to March 5, 1938–as
shown by three planets in the house of money, will be to make a scarcity of cash.
Mercury, ruler of the 6th (labor) and co-ruler of 8th (pensions) in the 1st, will make
employment insurance and old age pensions popular demands. Neptune in the 7th
(foreign countries) will give dreams of receiving pay from foreign nations that will
never be realized.

Saturn in this chart makes only two close aspects. An aspect from the planet for
which the cycle is erected to another planet indicates a direct thought current relating
the things the cycle planet rules to the department of life indicated by the house
occupied by the aspected planet. Thus in this cycle. Saturn is in the house relating to
death, taxes, insurance, pensions, and debts due; and it is in square to Pluto in the
house of work. It has an influence, therefore, to make a scarcity of work, which in
turn brings a demand on the part of labor for greater security (Saturn) in the future in
the matter of employment. And as Saturn is also sextile Mars in the house of
Congress; that legislative body will become aggressive (Mars) in making laws
having the security of the aged (Saturn) and of those who toil (Mars inconjunct Pluto
in 6th) as their object.

Commencing with the beginning of this Saturn Cycle I will now start to list ALL the
progressed aspects that have occurred in it, and go as far as available space will
permit. In connection with each aspect I will quote an event of importance enough to
be included in the WORLD ALMANAC, with my own comments in parentheses.

These events, all showing clearly the influence of Saturn, will afford opportunity to
study, not merely how the heavy progressed aspects in the cycle affect events, but
just about what may be expected to happen under each type of aspect which would
receive any consideration in practical work.

On the Cycle: March 1, 1922, U. S. Senate, 67 to 22 ratified U. S. Japan Yap
(territory) treaty.

March 5, 1922, Saturn sextile Mars r: March 4, N. Y. Court of Appeals rules Housing
(Saturn) Law is not retroactive.

May 3, 1922, Saturn sesqui-square Mercury r: May 4, tornado (Mercury rules wind)
killed (Saturn in 8th) ten or more and damaged property (Saturn) in and near Austin,
Texas.July 3, 1922, Saturn sesqui-square Mercury r: July 2, Lightning burned 500,000
bushels of grain (Saturn) and 60 cars of tobacco at B. and O. Locust Point terminal,
Baltimore.August 23, 1922, Saturn sextile Mars r: August 23, U. S. House, 219 to 55 passed
President Harding’s Coal (Saturn) Inquiry Commission Bill.

August 25, 1922, Saturn conjunction Saturn r: August 25, N. Y. City skyscrapers
(Saturn) begin to install oil burning equipment for light, heat and power owing to
coal (Saturn) shortage.

September 12, 1922, Saturn square Pluto r: September 13, U. S. House, 177 to 130
reject dye embargo and potash duty (Saturn in 8th) in conference report on Tariff
Bill.September 26, 1922, Saturn inconjunct Uranus r: September 23, New Yorkers are
limited (Saturn) to two weeks coal (Saturn) supply at a time.

October 1, 1922, Saturn semi-sextile M. C. r: October 2, Inquiry by The World shows
that America “invested” (M.C.) $960,000,000 since the world war in German paper
money (Saturn in cycle in house of foreign money) now almost worthless (Saturn).

October 7, 1922, Saturn inconjunct Sun r: October 8, “Safety (Saturn) Week” begins
at New York.

October 31, 1922, Saturn sextile Neptune r: November 2, Mexico (Neptune in house
of foreign countries) suspends (Saturn) all commercial relations with New York.

November 21, 1922, Saturn inconjunct Venus r: November 22, blast kills 84 miners
(Saturn) in dolomite iron mine near Birmingham, Ala.

November 25, 1922, Saturn trine Mercury r: November 25, 7 dead in coal mine
(Saturn) explosion at Cerillos, New Mexico.

November 28, 1922, Saturn square Asc. r: November 27, States may impose tax
(Saturn in 8th in cycle) upon products produced within the borders before such
products enter interstate commerce, U. S. Supreme Court holds, in deciding the
constitutionality of the Pennsylvania anthracite coal (Saturn) tax.

December 7, 1922, Saturn conjunction Jupiter r: December 7, the business (Jupiter)
district of Astoria, the oldest city in Oregon, was destroyed by fire which swept over
30 blocks; hundreds of persons are homeless (Saturn) and property loss is estimated
at $15,000,000.

January 20, 1923, Saturn opposition Moon r: January 19, at Marion, III., the jury
(Saturn p in house of court) in the first trial growing out of the Herrin coal mine
(Saturn) massacre return a verdict of not guilty after being out for 26 hours.

February 8, 1923, Saturn opposition Moon r: February 8, 120 die in an explosion in a
soft coal mine (Saturn) of the Phelps-Dodge Corp., at Dawson, New Mexico.

March 25, 1923, Saturn conjunction Jupiter r: March 24, U. S. Government begins
inquiry (hoping to lower price–Saturn) into boost (Jupiter) in sugar (basic
commodity) prices.

April 5, 1923, Saturn square Asc. r: April 6, union miners (Saturn) charged with
Herrin murder riots are acquitted (Saturn p in house of court) at Marion; on April 7,
all the untried indictments are dismissed.

April 10, 1923, Saturn trine Mercury r: April 9, N. Y. Conference of M. E. churches
(Saturn p in house of church) 35 to 31 opposed women (Saturn the conservative) as

April 15, 1923, Saturn inconjunct Venus r: April 16, U. S. Supreme Court (Saturn p
in house of court) upheld Grain (Saturn) Futures (Venus in 2nd, Mercury, ruler of 5th
still in orb) Act.

May 22, 1923, Saturn sextile Neptune r: May 24 at the request of the State
Department the Republican National Committee “withdrew” (Saturn) a statement
which it issued in which the Allied Powers of Europe (Neptune in house of foreign
countries) were referred to as planning to “bilk” (Neptune) and “job” (Neptune) the
United States to join in partnership (Neptune in house of partners).

July 11, 1923, Saturn sextile Neptune r: July 11, the French Senate (Neptune in house
of foreign countries), 287 to 3, adopt all of the Washington Arms Conference treaties
with reservations (Saturn) as to aeronautics (Saturn p in house of aeronautics).

August 15, 1923, Saturn inconjunct Venus r: August 15, U. S. and Mexico
representatives sign at Mexico City an agreement on oil rights (Saturn in house of
foreign commerce) in Mexico.

August 20, 1923, Saturn trine Mercury r: August 22, gasoline (basic commodity)
sold at 6 cents (Saturn poverty) at Los Angeles.

August 24, 1923, Saturn square Asc. r: August 24, the U. S. Coal (Saturn)
Commission having failed to settle the anthracite dispute, President Calvin Coolidge
appointed Governor Pinchot of Pennsylvania Mediator.

September l, 1923, Saturn conjunction Jupiter r: August 31, the Missouri Supreme
Court (Jupiter in house of court) outlaws St. Louis Lumber Trade Exchange in “open
price association” suit, and fines (Saturn) members $96,000.

September 21, 1923, Saturn opposition Moon r: September 21, New York City
Board of Estimates extends $5,000 tax exemption (economy) on new homes

September 28, 1923, Saturn semi-square Mars r: September 27, Governor Walton,
Oklahoma, orders troops (Mars) into Sulphur County to stop flogging and house
(Saturn) burning (Mars).

October 30, 1923, Saturn sesqui-square Uranus r: October 28, a slide (disruptive
Uranus) develops on the west bank of Panama Canal.

November 11, 1923, Saturn sesqui-square Sun r: November 11, U. S. Supreme Court
(Saturn in house of court) declares valid the laws of California and Washington
prohibiting alien–Including Japanese and Chinese–ownership of real estate

January 5, 1924, Saturn sesqui-square Venus r: January 6, cold wave (Saturn) in
Mid-West and East kills 17 at Chicago, 6 at New Orleans, 2 at New York.

March 19, 1924, Saturn sesqui-square Venus r: March 19, the story of a “tentative
reduction” (Saturn) of taxes (Saturn in house of taxes in cycle) of the Standard Oil
Company from $23,000,000 to $5,000,000 was told to the U. S. Senate committee
investigating the Internal Revenue (Venus in house of money) Bureau by E. E.
Rossmore, a former employee of the bureau.

June 6, 1924, Saturn sesqui-square Sun r: June 6 Governor (Sun) William S. Flynn
issues a denunciation of the Ku Klux Klan and an Order that the Klan be kept out of
all State-owned buildings (Saturn).

July 21, 1924, Saturn sesqui-square Sun r: July 17, 13 Negroes die in fire and
explosion in Kansas City tenement (Saturn).

September 24, 1924, Saturn sesqui-square Venus r: September 22, storms (Saturn)
kill 55 in Wisconsin and 5 in Minnesota.

November 2, 1924, Saturn semi-sextile Mars r: October 30, forest (Saturn) fires
(Mars) in New York and Vermont cause hunting (Mars) season suspension.

November 4, 1924, Saturn semi-sextile Saturn r: November 5, the U. S. Department
of Labor (Saturn) declines to deport (Saturn p in 9th) Firpo, Argentine boxer, and
canceled the arrest warrant.

November 21, 1924, Saturn trine Pluto r: November 20, N. Y. State Board of Parole
(Saturn in 9th) grants parole, as of December 26, 1924, to R. P. Brindell, convicted on
charge of extortion (Pluto the racketeer) from laborers in the Building Trades
Council and from contractors.

December 6, 1924, Saturn trine Uranus r: December 5, the charters of local branches
of the United Mine (Saturn) Workers of America, near Scranton, Pa., have been
revoked because of an outlaw strike (Uranus) of 12,000 employees of the
Pennsylvania Coal Co.

December 12, 1924, Saturn conjunction M. C. r: December 10, Probate Court at
Laconica, N. H., accepts the resignation of J. V. Dittmore of Boston, as a trustee (M.
C.) of estate (Saturn) of Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science leader.

December 20, 1924, Saturn trine Sun r: December 24, bursting dam at Parmatown,
Pa., drowns 23 and leaves 200 homeless (Saturn).

January 30, 1925, Saturn square Neptune r: January 31, while 600 men and women
look on, Edward S. Harkness, with a silver spade (Neptune dramatizes), turns loose
earth in a 22-acre lot (Saturn) at 168th St. and Broadway, which he had donated,
marking the beginning of a great new medical center in New York City.

March 16,1925, Saturn square Neptune r: March 18, a storm (Saturn) in Missouri,
Southern Illinois and Indiana kills over 830 persons, injures 3,800 and destroys
property (Saturn) valued at $10,000,000.

May 1, 1925, Saturn trine Sun r: May 1, the largest check (Sun in house of money) in
recent times–for $146,000,000, for payment of Dodge Brothers auto plants
(Saturn)–is drawn at New York City and deposited in a local bank.

May 12, 1925, Saturn conjunction M. C. r: May 11, U. S. Supreme Court upholds the
provision of alien land law of California imposing upon aliens ineligible to
citizenship the burden of proving that their purchase of agricultural land (Saturn) was
not for the purpose of defeating the statute.

May 19, 1925, Saturn trine Uranus r: May 18, the New York Baptist Ministers’
Association (Saturn in house of religion) declined to reaffirm (Uranus tends to
progressive views) belief in the necessity of baptism by immersion.

June 20, 1925, Saturn trine Pluto r: June 19, Gov. Ralph O. Brewster of Maine
authorizes Donald B. MacMillan, who sails (Saturn p in house of voyages) to claim
any territory (Saturn) he may discover in the Polar regions for the state of Maine.

August 1, 1925, Saturn trine Pluto r: August 3, a syndicate (Pluto rules cooperation)
to control South African Diamond Mines (Saturn) is formed by New York

September 1,1925, Saturn trine Uranus r: August 31, 150,000 miners (Saturn) quit
(Uranus rules strikes) the anthracite pits of Pennsylvania to enforce their demands
for a 10 per cent pay increase.

September 7, 1925, Saturn conjunction M. C. r: September 5, fire destroys 250
dwellings (Saturn) at Shreveport, La.

September 16, 1925, Saturn trine Sun r: September 14, U. S. Secretary of Agriculture
(Sun rules government officials) Jardine dismissed the complaint against the
Armour-Morrison merger in the meat (farm product) packing industry.

October 14, 1925, Saturn square Neptune r: October 14, ratifications of the German
(Neptune in house of foreign countries) commercial (Saturn in house of business)
treaty with the United States are exchanged at the State Department by Secretary
Kellogg and Baron Maltzan, the German Ambassador.

November 2, 1925, Saturn trine Venus r: November 4, a 50-car train from Omaha,
Neb., containing poultry, butter, eggs and other dairy products (farm produce)
valued at $50,000,000 (Venus in house of cash) arrives at New York City.

November 6, 1925, Saturn square Mercury r: November 8, although submitting a
brief in the U. S. Supreme Court, as law officer representative of the Government
arguing in support of the constitutionality of the Futures (Mercury rules house of
speculation) Trading (in farm products) Act, Solicitor General Mitchell expresses
the personal opinion the law is invalid.

November 9, 1925, Saturn sextile Asc. r: November 11, 1925, the body of King
Tutankhamen, who died 3,275 years ago at the age of 15 to 18, is taken from the
coffin (Saturn in house of death in cycle) in the royal subterranean tomb at Luxor,
Egypt, by Howard Carter (U.S.A.).

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