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Cycles of the Sun

Cycles of the sun

THE ASTRONOMICAL year commences when the sun moves across the
celestial equator from south declination to north declination. Because in
ancient times it was discovered that the point in the sky occupied by the Sun
when it thus crosses from south declination to north declination was the
commencement of the zodiac, east and west measurements on the celestial sphere are
calculated from this point. If they are made along the celestial equator, which is the
projection in the sky of the earth’s equator, they are expressed in degrees and minutes
of Right Ascension. But if, as is required for astrological practice, they are made
along the path of the Sun, or ecliptic, they are expressed in signs, degrees and minutes
of zodiacal longitude. But in either case, the measurement starts from 0 degrees
Aries, where the Sun is located about the 21st of March when it crosses from south
declination to north declination.

Declination also is measured in a north and south direction from the position of the
Sun at this time; a time commonly called the Vernal Equinox, because then is the
commencement of spring (vernal) and the days and nights (nox) are equal (equi).
That is, declination is measured north and south from the celestial equator, on which
the Sun is stationed at the commencement of Aries and the start of the zodiac. When
the measurement north and south is made from the path of the Sun, or elliptic, it is
called latitude. All astrological aspects are calculated by zodiacal longitude, except
one. Parallel of declination is calculated from the north and south distance of two
planets from the celestial equator.

As with all the other astrological orbs, with the exception of the Moon which is a
satellite of the earth, the Cycle of the Sun commences when that body crosses from
south declination to north declination. But it will be seen from the fact that this Sun
crossing establishes those electromagnetic relations which determine where in the
sky each sign is located in the zodiac, that the commencement of the cycle of the Sun
is an extremely important astronomical and astrological event. It is often referred to
as the Vernal Ingress.

All organic activity and life upon the earth are dependent upon energy received from
the Sun. And the vital force of every creature is determined by the thought-cells
mapped in its unconscious mind by the position of the birth chart Sun. Furthermore,
the activity of men and other creatures must depend upon their vitality.

Instead, therefore, of mapping events resulting from one special type of influence, as
does Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars; the Sun Cycle, the
commencement of which marks the beginning of the zodiac and determines the
positions of the signs in the sky for that year, is a chart of events of all types and
affecting every earthly relation for the year.

This does not mean that all the chief events of the year are signified in their relative
importance by the Vernal Ingress, or Sun Cycle chart. The most important events of
each type are indicated by appropriate progressed aspects in the Cycle Chart of the
planet to which by type they belong. That is, the most important accidents and
combats are dated and indicated in the Mars Cycle, the most important financial
transactions in the Jupiter Cycle, and the most important innovations and inventions
in the Uranus Cycle But aside from these events, and in addition to them, the Sun
Cycle chart gives a general picture of the events which will happen during the year
affecting each of the twelve departments of life.

The time the events indicated by each house of the Sun Cycle chart will take place is
when the Sun by progression, which in mundane astrology means its position as
shown on that day in the ephemeris, makes aspects to the position of the planet in the
Sun Cycle chart, ruling the house affected. That is, when the Sun reaches an aspect to
the place of Mars in the Sun Cycle chart, not only are events involving accident and
strife then attracted, but the accident and strife affect the departments of life
governed by the houses Mars rules in the Sun Cycle chart.

While the planets aspected strongly by the Sun in a Sun Cycle chart have more
significance as to events to happen during the year, yet any planets that are powerful
by position or aspect in the chart, whether or not they aspect the Sun, are also
significant of events. In fact, what the year holds in general in each of the twelve
departments of life may be read from the twelve houses of the Sun Cycle chart. It thus
serves the purpose of a natal chart for the year, for the place where erected, and
should be read in all details almost precisely as if it were a person’s birth chart. The
only difference in such reading is that, because it relates to national or municipal
affairs, some of the houses attain a peculiar significance.

Thus the eleventh house is not merely the friends of the city, but the aldermen. Or in
national affairs, it represents the members of Congress and the governors of the
various states. The tenth house, in addition to being the honor of the nation and its
business, signifies the mayor of a city or the president or ruler of the country, and thus
the Administration. And the ninth house in addition to relating to travel, has an
influence over treaties and interstate and foreign commerce, over the District
Attorney, and over the Supreme Court as well as over court proceedings in general.
These house meanings are given in full detail in Chapter 2.

In reading a Sun Cycle chart as a birth chart of the year, one can begin with the first
house as representing the health and general welfare of the people, and their
temperament; the second house as their money and expenditures; the third house as
newspapers, science, postal service and local transportation; the fourth house as
homes and farms, building and development of natural resources; and thus on around
the chart, taking up in detail what may be expected to happen during the year relative
to each department of life.Such a reading, in the main, will be found correct.

But it is subject to intensification in certain directions, due to the progressed aspects
which from time to time form in the Cycle charts of the other planets. A progressed
aspect in the Sun Cycle may or may not coincide with some unusually important

If the event is unusually outstanding, it probably is attracted chiefly through a
commensurate aspect in the Cycle of the planet which rules the type of influence
most involved. But if near the date on which the aspect is completed in this Planetary
Cycle chart, there is also in the Sun Cycle chart a progressed aspect to this planet,
there is on the day when the Sun Cycle aspect is completed an accumulation of
planetary energy of a given type, and due to this added energy of the same kind, the
event is usually timed as to the day it happens thus by the progressed aspect in the Sun

Such also is common in the timing of the exact day on which the chief events
attracted by a Major Conjunction take place. If near the time of the major conjunction
there is a progressed aspect in the Sun Cycle to the place occupied by one of the
planets making the conjunction, this accumulation of planetary energy of a particular
type tends to cause the event then to happen. And to take the final step in such precise
predicting, not only must the energy of a progressed aspect to one of the planets
involved in the conjunction be considered in the Sun Cycle chart but also in the New
Moon chart. That is, important events more commonly occur at such times as there is
an accumulation of energy of a definite type; and progressed aspects to the planet
signifying the event, in the Sun Cycle or in the New Moon Cycle, or both, usually
give the additional energy which times the precise day of the events signified.

Calculating the Sun Cycles

The time each year when the Sun enters each zodiacal sign is given in a table in the
back of Raphael’s Ephemeris, a custom which quite recently has been adopted by
some other ephemerides. The day and time of day when the Sun enters the sign Aries
is the proper time to use for erecting the Sun Cycle chart.

The time there given is Greenwich Mean Time. Therefore, for erecting the Sun Cycle
chart for any place east or west of Greenwich, the Local Mean Time at that place must
be ascertained when the time at Greenwich is as stated for the entrance of the Sun into
Aries. This Equivalent Local Mean Time is ascertained by subtracting the difference
in time, if the place is West Longitude, and adding the difference in time if the place is
East Longitude, from or to the stated Greenwich time. Thus from the time given in
the ephemeris, if it is desired to erect the chart for Washington, which is 77 degrees
west, 5 hours, 8 minutes must be subtracted; or if it is to be erected for Los Angeles,
which is 118 degrees 15 minutes west, 7 hours, 53 minutes must be subtracted. But if
it were desired to erect the chart for Berlin, which is 13 degrees, 24 minutes east, 54
minutes must be added.

Civil Time, as I have noted in connection with calculating the Cycle charts of the
more slowly moving planets, commences at midnight, and therefore is 12 hours
earlier than Mean Time. The present tendency is toward standardizing the time used
by astronomers. There was a time when it was more convenient for them to use a day
which commenced at noon, such as the English and American astrological students
still use. But since 1925 the Naval Observatories who prepare the Ephemerides and
Nautical Almanacs from which the more common ephemerides are prepared, have
instead used Civil Time.

For astronomical and astrological purposes, it is convenient
to reckon time from 0 degrees Longitude on the earth’s surface, which is the
Longitude of Greenwich, and from 0 degrees Longitude in the sky, which is the
commencement of Aries. And as a still further step in standardizing astronomical
practice, I note that the 1939 Nautical Almanac, just at hand, refers to Greenwich

It is likely that the future will witness the adoption of this Universal Time among
astrological students and the makers of the ephemerides they use. Already the
makers of the German Ephemerides have adopted this time, and commencing with
the year 1931, the positions are given for midnight instead of noon, that is, for what
now is called Universal Time. These German Ephemerides now are available to and
including the year 1950. This matter of Universal Time is mentioned here so that
students will take note in consulting ephemerides which time is used.

The only planet progressed in a Sun Cycle chart is the Sun. When by its position, as
shown in the ephemeris for that day, it makes an aspect to the place of a planet in the
Sun Cycle chart, new energy of the type of the planet then aspected and of the
harmony or discord of the aspect reaches the unconscious minds of men, and
according to its power tends to attract events. These events are of the type of the
planet aspected, and chiefly affect the departments of life ruled by the Sun and the
aspected planet. The affairs ruled by the house into which the Sun has progressed
when the aspect is completed also are influenced, but usually in a much less degree.

The event attracted by the energy of a progressed aspect of the Sun in the Sun Cycle
takes place within 24 hours of the time the aspect is perfect.

The Cycles of the Sun

The best way to learn what to expect in the future from astrological positions is to
study what has transpired in the past under similar positions, and to observe current
events as they transpire in their relation to astrological influences. In this lesson there
are presented Sun Cycle charts for each of the past fifteen years, commencing with
1923 and ending with 1937 (this is being written in February, 1938), for such study.
As events attracted by the less powerful aspects are apt to be much less important, in
all but the last chart considered (1937), I will not indicate these less significant
aspects, but will pay attention only to the events coincident with the progressed Sun
coming to the conjunction, opposition, square and trine of the more prominent
planets in the Sun Cycle Chart. Because, during a year the Sun makes so many
aspects, if all were here considered, available space would be used on a single chart.
But by thus selecting the prominent planets in a chart, and giving attention to only the
6 mentioned aspects (to the place of each planet the Sun makes each year one
conjunction, one opposition, two squares and two trines) we can cover sufficient
ground to give a good idea of what to expect, in different charts, from the more
significant aspects. Starting thus with the Sun Cycle of 1923 I will go as far as space

Allowing an orb of no more than 24 hours from the time the aspect is perfect, I will
state each such aspect and quote from the WORLD ALMANAC (with my own
comments in parentheses) the event coincident with it. When the event falls on a day
other than that on which the aspect is perfect, this will be duly noted.

Then as the second part of our study, we will consider the Sun Cycle chart of 1937,
which forms one of the illustrations at the front of this booklet, and starting with its
commencement, I will list ALL the progressed aspects in that Sun Cycle, and go as
far as space permits, quoting from the WORLD ALMANAC the event attracted by
each of these progressed aspects.

Sun Cycle No. 125 in the table commenced March 21, 1923, 10:21 a.m. L.M.T. 77W.
38:56N.Uranus in this chart is in the tenth conjunction the co-ruler of the people (first),
promising to reveal graft; and as it is co-ruler of the house of shipping (ninth), and
Neptune is in opposition to Venus in this ninth, sudden disasters where transportation
are concerned are indicated. This prominence of Uranus also encourages uprisings.
Mars conjunction the Moon and in opposition to Jupiter (courts) indicate severe
accidents, and legal rulings concerning the liquor (Mars) question; and as Jupiter is
ruler of the seventh, business dealings with foreign governments. Neptune in the
house of writing (third), opposition Venus and square Mars, Moon and Jupiter
denotes large schemes for social betterment, and other schemes of a fraudulent
nature, especially in connection with writing. I shall consider only the progressed
aspects of the Sun to Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune.

April 6, 1923, Sun trine Neptune r (fraud) in third (writing): Martin E. Kern of
Allentown, Pa., who in December, 1918, purchased for $4,500,000 the American
Bosch Magneto Company’s property at Chicopee, Mass., seized and sold by A. M.
Palmer as Alien Property Custodian, pleaded guilty at N. Y. to an indictment
charging him with perjury in describing himself as an American instead of a Swiss
citizen in a passport application made January 3, 1922. He was fined $2,000 in
Federal Court, which he paid.

May 4, 1923, Sun in eleventh (Legislature) conjunction Mars r (intoxicants): N. Y.
Legislature just before the end of the 1923 session, repealed the Mullan-Gage “dry
law.”May 6, 1923, Sun conjunction Moon r, ruler of house of money (second): Chinese
bandits (Mars is conjunction Moon and opposition ruler of seventh) killed a
foreigner and carried off a score of passengers in a raid at Shantung border on train on
Tientsin-Pukow railway. Miss Lucy T. Aldrich (sister of wife of J. D. Rockefeller
Jr.), Mrs. Robert Allen (wife of Major Allen, U.S.A.), and Mrs. Robert R. W. Pinger
(wife of Major Pinger, U.S.A.) and other women (Moon) and children were released.
Allen and Pinger were held with others for ransom.

May 7, 1923, Sun square Neptune r (fraud) in third (writing). Forged checks and
forged buying orders from a score of cities caused commotion in N. Y. stock market.

May 10, 1923, Sun opposition Jupiter r in sixth (sickness): U. S. Judge Knox at N. Y.
ruled that the Volstead Act cannot limit amount of liquor physicians may prescribe.

June 6, 1923, Sun square Uranus r (new contrivances), co-ruler of ninth
(transportation): The army dirigible TC-1 was destroyed by thunderstorm at Dayton,

July 7, 1923, Sun trine Uranus r, co-ruler of house of transportation (ninth): July 6,
Lightning killed 5 at Pittsburgh. Balloon of U. S. Navy containing Lieuts. L. J. Roth
and T. B. NuII, fell into Lake Erie off Port Stanley. Roth’s body was found July 9.

July 11, 1923, Sun trine Jupiter r (law) in sixth (inferiors): July 10, The U. S.
Department of Justice has established a watch at Tuskegee, Ala., to prevent
outbreaks between white residents and negroes over the new Veteran’s Bureau
Hospital there.

August 6, 1923, Sun square Mars r (violence): Philippine constabulary killed 50
Moros in battle near Lake Lanas, Mindanao Island.

August 8, 1923, Sun square Moon r, ruler of second (money): August 9, N.Y. State
transfer tax appraisers fix net value of estate of late Wm. Rockefeller at $67,649,660.

August 9, 1923, Sun conjunction Neptune r (gas) in third (auto-travel): August 8,
South Dakota State oil stations cut price of gasoline in war on private dealers.

August 12, 1923, Sun square Jupiter r in sixth (labor): August 13, The 8-hour day
plan was put into effect at Gary plant by U. S. Steel Corp.

September 6, 1923, Sun trine Mars r (violence): Five men were killed and 30 injured
when tons of smokeless powder aboard a schooner and four freight cars exploded and
hurled blazing debris on persons in automobiles at South Amboy, N.J.

September 8, 1923, Sun in fourth trine Moon r: Mexico-U.S. claims agreements were
signed at Washington, D. C. (claims arising from oil and land, ruled by fourth).

September 8, 1923, Sun opposition Uranus r, coruler of shipping (ninth): U. S. Navy
torpedo boats (destroyers) Delphy, S. P. Lee, Chauncy, Fuller, Woodbury, Nicholas,
and Young, went ashore off Arguello Light, 75 miles north of Santa Barbara,
California; 25 drowned.

November 5, 1923, Sun opposition Mars r: At Atlanta, Georgia, Phillip Fox,
Publicity Director for the Klan and editor of the Nighthawk, official Klan
Publication, shot and killed W. S. Corbin, former Kleagle of the Klan and attorney
for W. J. Simmons, Emperor of the Invisible Empire.

November 7, 1923, Sun opposition Moon r, from cusp of sixth (supplies) to cusp of
twelfth (hospitals): Testifying before Senate sub-committee in Veteran’s Bureau
inquiry, Brig. Gen. Charles E. Sawyer, chief of the Board of Hospitalization, stated
that President Harding asked for the resignation of Col. Charles R. Forbes, former
Director of the Veterans’ Bureau, for insubordination in refusing to hold up
shipments of supplies to the Thompson and Kelly Co. Inc. of Boston, from the
bureau’s depot in Perryville, Md.

November 8,1923, Sun square Neptune r (corporations): November 9, The Sheffield
steam plant, a unit of the Muscle Shoals project, has been leased for another year to
the Alabama Power Company which has been operating it (part of a long fight for
control).November 11, 1923, Sun conjunction Jupiter r, ruler of seventh (aliens): U. S.
Supreme Court declared valid the laws of California and Washington prohibiting
aliens (including Japanese and Chinese) ownership of real estate.

December 7, 1923, Sun square Uranus r (the exposer): Oklahoma Legislature passed
a bill prohibiting Ku Klux Klan and others from masking in public.

December 8, 1923, Sun trine Neptune r in third (transportation): December 9, The
Marine Corps aviators (Neptune rules aviation) Lieuts. F. O. Rogers and H. D.
Palmer, arrived at Santo Domingo City, thus completing their flight to San Francisco
and return. The flight is declared to be the longest ever made by American aviators.

January 4, 1924, Sun trine Mars r from seventh (foreign powers): The U. S.
Government has sold to the Mexican Government 5,000 Enfield rifles, 5 million
round of ammunition, and 8 airplanes (Mars rules armament) .

January 6, 1924, Sun trine Moon r from seventh (other nations): Edward W. Bok
announced that the $100,000 prize offered by him on July 2 for the best practical plan
by which the United States may cooperate with other nations looking toward the
prevention of war (seventh house) has been awarded by the jury, headed by Elihu
Root, for plan No. 1469 of 22,165 plans submitted.

February 2, 1924, Sun square Mars r from ninth (transportation): Twelve were killed
when 2 traction trains collided head-on near Ingalla, Indiana.

February 4, 1924, Sun square Moon r from ninth (religion): N. Y. Presbytery, 111 to
28, cleared Rev. H. E. Fosdick, Baptist, of charge of preaching heresy.

February 5, 1924, Sun opposition Neptune r (schemes for social betterment):
February 4, The American (Bok) Peace award has been won by Chas. H. Levermore
of N. Y. City, who, at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, was given $50,000 of the
$100,000 prize. He is secretary of the N. Y. Peace Society.

February 8, 1924, Sun square Jupiter r (law) from ninth (courts): Frederick G.
Bonfils, publisher of the Denver Post, testified before the Senate Public Lands
Committee that he, his partner H. H. Tammen, and John Leo Stack, got a contract
with Harry F. Sinclair whereby he paid $250,000 outright and prospectively
$1,000,000 for their alleged rights in Teapot Dome oil fields.

March 5, 1924, Sun conjunction Uranus r (exposer) in house of Administration
(tenth): Members of the Senate Committee investigating the oil scandal reported the
finding of another telegram in the series sent to Edward B. McLean at Palm Beach.

March 9, 1924, Sun in tenth (business) trine Jupiter r (religion and law): 30,000 blue
law offenders were named by police for Grand Jury action in Hudson County, N. J.
They are mostly storekeepers (tenth).

Sun Cycle No. 126 in the table commenced March 20, 1924, 4:12 p.m. L.M.T. 77W.
38:56N.As the Ingress (Sun at commencement of Aries) and two other planets are in the
seventh, foreign affairs become the subject of much concern. Uranus in the seventh
opposition Moon in the house of the people (first) signifies acute controversy with
foreign powers, and as Jupiter is square to both, finances will enter the controversy.
Further, as Jupiter is in the fourth, territory will play its part.

The Sun square Mars in the house of sport (fifth) and ruling the house of death
(eighth) denotes the death of important (Sun) persons, death through violence and
strife (Mars), and strife arising through sports. Venus in the ninth and Saturn in the
third both aspecting the Sun, indicate important developments in transportation; and
as the aspects are not altogether favorable, traffic accidents. With Uranus occupying
so important a position, the radical element will be active, but as it is severely
afflicted they will suffer.

I shall here consider only the six stronger aspects to Uranus,
Jupiter, Moon and Mars. The first three are angular and making powerful aspects,
and Mars aspects the Sun.

March 28, 1924, Sun square Mars r (accidents) from eighth (death): Twenty-six died
in explosion in coal mine at Yukon, W. Va.

April 9, 1924, Sun trine Jupiter r (finances) from eighth (debts): The American
(Dawes) and British (McKenna) committees of experts handed to the Allied
Reparation Commission, at Paris, their reports on Germany’s capacity to pay.

April 29, 1924, Sun in ninth (travel) trine Mars r (accidents): April 30, Major F. L.
Martin, one of four round-the-world airplane flyers, left Chignik, Alaska, for
Unalaska, but hit a mountain top; he and his mechanician, Sgt. A. L. Harvey, after
many hardships, on May 9 (Sun sextile Uranus r) reached Port Moller, 200 miles
west of Chignik.

May 17, 1924, Sun in ninth (journeys) trine Moon r (publicity): May 18, U. S.
round-the-world airplanes flew from Paramashiru Island to Yetorofu Island,
reaching there May 19, and on May 22 landed at Minato, Japan.

June 9,1924, Sun in tenth (business) square Uranus r (strikes): June 10, Sun
opposition Jupiter r (interstate commerce). June 9, A strike of employees against
manufacturers when illegal picketing and intimidation are used to prevent
production does not constitute restraint of international commerce, was held by the
U. S. Supreme Court (Jupiter).

June 18, 1924, Sun, ruler of foreign lands (seventh) in house of business (tenth),
square Moon r in house of people (first): China bade U. S., Japan and France not to
interfere in arrangements between Russia and China as to the Chinese Eastern

June 30, 1924, Sun opposition Mars r (intoxicants and accidents): At Washington,
Secretary of State Hughes and Ambassador Jusserand signed a treaty to prevent the
illegal importation of intoxicating liquors into the United States. Eight were killed,
16 hurt, when mail train telescoped passenger train at Buda, Illinois.

July 11, 1924, Sun trine Uranus r (revolt against authority): Bootleggers bombed and
partly destroyed Ottawa St. M. E. Church, Joliet, Illinois.

August 12, 1924, Sun in twelfth (prison) trine Jupiter r (law): At N. Y. City, for his
services in testifying against William J. Fallon, lawyer, who was acquitted of jury
bribing, Charles W. Rendigs, convicted perjurer, was released from the Tombs by
Judge Talley of General Sessions, with a suspended sentence.

September 1, 1924, Sun trine Mars r in house of pleasure and speculation (fifth):
Dawes German reparation plan went into effect at noon (causing speculative
activity). August 31, The Prince of Wales practiced at polo at Westbury, L. I., and
took a motor boat ride on Long Island Sound.

September 11, 1924, Sun opposition Uranus r, in seventh (war): September 12,
16,792,781 individuals took part in 6,535 Defense Day demonstrations throughout
the United States, according to telegraphic reports to the War Department.

September 12, 1924, Sun square Jupiter r in fourth (hotels): Waldorf Astoria Hotel,
N. Y. City, has been sold by the Astors to the du Pont-Boomer syndicate.

September 19, 1924, Sun conjunction Moon r (women): Mrs. G. R. Hunn, of
Chicago, was beaten with a hammer and shot to death at her villa, Pasadena,
California.October 1, 1924, Sun in second (money) square Mars r in fifth (sports): Jimmy
O’Connell, outfielder of the New York Giants, who cost $75,000, and Cozy Dolan,
one of the Giants’ coaches, were found guilty by Commissioner Landis of offering
$500 to Heine Sand, shortstop of Philadelphia National League Club, to throw the
game (September 27) when the Giants clinched the National League pennant.

November 11, 1924, Sun trine Uranus r in seventh (foreigners). November 12, Harry
Katz, diamond broker, was killed in Los Angeles, Calif., in an alleged international
smuggling plot (Uranus reveals graft).

Dion O’Banion (gangster chief) was assassinated in his flower shop, at Chicago.
December 10, 1924, Sun square Uranus r (radicals); and conjunction Jupiter r (law)
on December 11: December 10, The conviction of Charles E. Rutenberg for the
violation of the Michigan Syndicalism Act was affirmed by the State Supreme Court.
The arrest and conviction of Rutenburg was followed by a raid on a secret convention
of the Communist Party of America in Berrien County, in August 1922, by Federal
agents and local officers. The Court upheld the constitutionality of the Syndicalism

December 18, 1924, Sun co-ruler of house of sorrow (twelfth) in the fourth (grave)
square Moon r (people): The body of Samuel Gompers, President of the American
Federation of Labor, was buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Tarrytown, N. Y. (He
was the common people’s champion).

December 30, 1924, Sun conjunction Mars r, in fifth (sports) and ruler of death
(eighth): A jury at Los Angeles found Norman Selby (Kid McCoy), ex-pugilist,
guilty of manslaughter for the shooting of Mrs. Theresa Mors. An express messenger
was shot and killed by one or more robbers who attempted to hold up a Chicago
Northwestern passenger train (Mars co-ruler of third) as it neared Chicago.

January 17, 1925, Sun in fifth (social events) trine Moon r, co-ruler of eleventh
(friends): Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovitch of Russia, wife and mother-inlaw,
arrived at New York.

March 9, 1925, Sun, co-ruler of foreign powers (seventh) conjunction Uranus r
(radicals and strikes)in house of conflict (seventh): President Coolidge handed down
his arbitral award in the controversy between Chile and Peru over the possession of
Tacna and Arica, calling for a plebiscite by which these provinces shall determine
their own nationality, and holding that the town and Province of Tarata shall revert to

At Lima a general strike followed the decision. U. S. Senate, 64 to 11, approved
Republican committee assignments demoting La Follette and other radicals of the
partyMarch 10, 1925, Sun square Jupiter r (finance) in fourth (farming): March 9, At
Washington, Senator Howell of Nebraska filed a report in the Senate exonerating
Senator Frank R. Gooding of Idaho, who, it had been charged, obtained the Lion’s
share of War Finance Corporation money lent to farmers in his State.

March 17, 1925, Sun in seventh (war) opposition Moon r: Peruvian mobs, angry over
President Coolidge’s decision, attacked the U. S. Embassy at Lima.

Sun Cycle No. 127 in the table commenced March 20, 1925, 10:05 p.m. L.M.T. 77W.

While the Sun is in the fifth, influencing speculation, entertainment and children; as
it is not powerfully aspected, this trend is less powerful than that restricting and
limiting freedom, as shown by Saturn in the house of restrictions (twelfth) in
conjunction with the place of the people (Ascendant) and in square with the Moon
(populace) in the house of thought (third) and in square with Neptune in the house of
teaching (ninth). Neptune, the ruler of plots, is in the house of law (ninth) afflicted.
As there is space available for only three events, I shall consider only aspects to
Saturn, Neptune and the Moon.

April 10, 1925, Sun trine Neptune r, ruler of social welfare schemes in house of
treaties (ninth): April 9, President Coolidge refused to reopen for Peru his arbitration
of the Tacna-Arica boundary dispute.

May 4, 1925, Sun opposition Saturn r (conservatism) in house of imprisonment
(twelfth): May 5, John T. Scopes, a teacher in the Dayton, Tenn., High School, was
arrested, charged with teaching evolution in violation of a State law.

May 6, 1925, Sun square Moon r in third (mails): At Great Falls, Mont., Gordon
Campbell, finder of the Kevin-Sunburst oil field, was sentenced to 2 years hard labor
at Leavenworth, when a jury in Federal Court found him guilty of using the mails to
defraud in the promotion of an oil (Neptune opposition Moon and square Saturn in
house of prisons) syndicate 3 years ago. A fine of $1000 was also imposed.

Sun Cycle No. 128 in the table commenced March 21, 1926, 3:53 a.m. L.M.T. 77W.
38:56N.Sun Cycle No. 129 in the table commenced March 21, 1927, 9:51 a.m. L.M.T. 77W.

Sun Cycle No. 358 in the table commenced March 20, 1928, 3:36 p.m. L.M.T. 77W.

Sun Cycle No. 359 in the table commenced March 20, 1929, 9:27 p.m. L.M.T. 77W.

Sun Cycle No. 360 in the table commenced March 21, 1930, 3:22 a.m. L.M.T. 77W.

Sun Cycle No. 361 in the table commenced March 21, 1931, 8:58 a.m. L.M.T. 77W.

Sun Cycle No. 362 in the table commenced March 20, 1932, 2:46 p.m. L.M.T. 77W.

Sun Cycle constituting first chart at front of this booklet commenced March 20,1933,
8:55 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38:56N.

Sun Cycle No. 363 in the table commenced March 21, 1934, 2:20 a.m. L.M.T. 77W.

Sun Cycle No. 364 in the table commenced March 21, 1935, 8:10 a.m. L.M.T. 77W.

Sun Cycle No. 365 in the table commenced March 20, 1936, 1:50 a.m. L.M.T. 77W.

Sun Cycle constituting chart facing text at front of this booklet commenced March
20, 1937, 7:37 p.m. L.M.T. 77W. 38:56N.

Later Sun Cycles, previous to their commencement, will be published in THE

Taking Each Progressed Aspect of the Sun as it Comes

And now to furnish examples, not of what is to be expected in the way of events from
heavy and exceptional aspects in a Sun Cycle, but to give a clear picture of what
should be expected also from the weak aspects, and those that occur at rather short
intervals, it seems that the best method to follow is to take all the aspects that the Sun
forms within a given period in its cycle chart, and note one event which actually was
coincident with each such aspect. Commencing, therefore, with the Sun Cycle of
March 20, 1937, which faces the text at the front of this booklet, I will list ALL the
progressed aspects in the chart following its date, going as far as space permits, and
quote the date and the event attracted, from the WORLD ALMANAC, my own
comments being placed in parentheses. As only the most important events are listed
in the WORLD ALMANAC, it will be apparent these events are not inconsequential.
When the event falls on a day other than that on which the aspect is perfect, this will
be duly noted.

March 23, 1937, Sun trine Mars r in house of wages (second) from house of labor
(sixth): March 22, Wage increases of 5 to 10 per cent and recognition of a C.I.O.
union as a bargaining agency for its members ended a strike which had closed about
ninety retail stores in Providence, R. I.

March 26, 1937, Sun semi-sextile Venus r in house of foreign lands (seventh):
Mourning services in the Sistine Chapel, without the accustomed presence of Pope
Pius XI, climaxed Good Friday (ruled by Venus) at Rome.

March 28, 1937, Sun semi-sextile Uranus r in house of foreign lands (seventh):
March 27, The Soviet Academy of Science announced that insects and a small
variety of lobsters born thousands of years ago (Uranus rules the extremely old and
the very new) have been received and are pursuing a normal existence.

April 7, 1937, Sun sesqui-square Mars r in house of money (second), inconjunct
Neptune r, co-ruler of the house of labor (sixth), and opposition the Ascendant
(people): An angry mob of 3,000 farmers, who had lost pay for 800,000 gallons of
milk because of a sit-down strike at the Hershey Chocolate factory near Harrisburg,
Pa., marched into the plant and threw out the strikers. Many were injured (Mars).

April 9, 1937, Sun square Moon r in house of long journeys (ninth): Colonel and Mrs.
Lindbergh arrived at their home in England after a ten-week air flight to India.

April 10, 1937, Sun square M.C. r (honor) from house of foreign countries (seventh):
The monoplane, Kamikaze, owned by the newspaper Ashi and bearing Tokyo’s
coronation greetings, swooped into Croydon airfield, near London.

April 13, 1937, Sun square Jupiter r (treaty), ruler of railroads (third): At
Washington, Secretary Hull and Francisco Castillo Najera, the Mexican
Ambassador, signed a treaty providing for the termination of Article VIII of the
Gadsden Treaty, 1853, which authorized the construction of a plank and railroad
across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

April 15, 1937, Sun semi-sextile Mercury r and Saturn r in house of labor (sixth): The
United Automobile Workers of America agreed in Detroit to settle the General
Motors strike at Oshawa on a “Canadian” basis, without recognition of the C.I.O.

April 16, 1937, Sun square Pluto r (mobs) in the house of authority (tenth): April 15,
The U. S. House, 277 to 118, passed the anti-lynching bill which provides for Federal
fines or prison sentences for peace officers who permit a prisoner to be taken from
them and injured or killed, and it also permits an injured person or his kin to institute
suit against the guilty peace officers for personal damages.

April 23,1937, Sun in house of war (seventh) inconjunct Mars r: Fifty persons were
injured, some seriously, in a riot of cannery workers at Stockton, California. Police
used shotguns and gas shells before a truce was arranged.

April 25, 1937, Sun conjunction Venus r (women) in house of foreign affairs
(seventh): At Baltimore, the girlhood home of Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson (for
whom King Edward gave up his throne), on E. Biddle St., was opened as a museum.

April 28, 1937, Sun conjunction Uranus r in house of foreign affairs (seventh): At
Berlin, the People’s Tribunal sentenced Rev. Joseph Rossaint, chief defendant in the
Catholic treason trial, to 11 years in the penitentiary. He was found guilty of
“preparation for high treason” (Uranus rules rebellion).

May 1,1937, Sun semi-square Saturn r and Mercury r in house of labor (sixth): At
Warsaw (progressed Sun in seventh), Fascists threw bombs and fired shots at a May
Day (labor) parade of the Jewish Socialist Party.

May 6, 1937, Sun in house of foreign nations (seventh) semi-square Sun r: Women
and children with aged and helpless are being taken from Bilbao, Spain, by British
and other vessels, guarded by warships.

May 8, 1937, Sun trine Neptune r, ruler of aviation: May 9, The first attempt at a
transatlantic airplane flight this year started at 4:36 p.m. when Henry T. Merrill and
John S. Lambie, co-pilot, took off from Brooklyn on a projected non-stop flight to
London. They made the trip in 20 hours, 59 minutes.

May 9, 1937, Sun in house of death (eighth) inconjunct Ascendant (people): Six
high-school boys from Greensborough, Florida, were killed in a bus-truck collision
near Chattahoochee, Florida.

May 10, 1937, Sun sextile Moon r (populace) in house of religion (ninth): May 11, At
Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, church bells rang out as worshipers crowded into the
cathedral closed for three years but reopened on orders from Governor Roman
Yocupicio. Hundreds of women, many weeping and others screaming (Moon
conjunction Pluto, ruler of mobs), crowded around the public plaza.

May 11, 1937, Sun sextile M.C. r, (place of honor): At London, King George VI gave
a personal pledge “to carry on my father’s work for the welfare of our great empire”
in a ceremony in which the Prime Ministers of five dominions presented “Loyal
Addresses” to him at Buckingham palace.

May 14, 1937, Sun in house of death (eighth) trine Jupiter r: The Soviet Russian
government has shot 41 Soviet citizens on charges of espionage and sabotage on
behalf of the Japanese (capitalism) at one of the strategic sections of the Transiberian
Railway (Jupiter in third).

May 16, 1937, Sun in house of death (eighth) sextile Saturn r and Mercury r in house
of subordinates (sixth): At Moscow, B. V. Pavloff-Silvansky, Soviet army
commander and one of the country’s experimenters with parachutes, was shot and
killed by a civilian sentry whom he scolded for leaving a hangar door open.

May 18, 1937, Sun sextile drastic Pluto r in house of president (tenth): An electric
alarm system whereby any one of the President’s secretaries can call an armed guard
at a moment’s notice has been placed in the Executive offices.

May 21, 1937, Sun sextile Sun r in house of labor (sixth): May 20, At Pittsburgh, the
27,000 employees of Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation, chose the Steel Workers
Organizing Committee as their collective bargaining agent with the company.

May 24, 1937, Sun in house of insurance (eighth) opposition Mars r in house of
money (second) and sesqui-square Ascendant r (people): The U. S. Supreme Court
upheld in three opinions the constitutionality of the Social Security Act affecting
26,000,000 workers and 2,700,000 employers. The unemployment insurance and
old-age pensions sections of the Federal law were approved respectively, by 5-to-4
and 7-2, while the auxiliary State laws were backed by a 5-to-4 vote.

May 26, 1937, Sun semi-sextile Venus r in house of foreign countries (seventh): The
Special Assembly of the league of Nations admitted Egypt to membership.

May 26, 1937, Sun semi-square Moon r in house of religion (ninth): The Pope
received Alfred E. Smith, ex-Governor of New York, at Castle Gandolfo, near

May 27, 1937, Sun semi-square M.C. r (business): At New York City, an agreement
providing for a 10 per cent wage increase, a basic 48-hour week, a minimum wage of
$25, vacation with pay and the closed shop was signed between Thomas E. Murray
Jr., receiver for the Interborough Rapid Transit Co., and the Transport Workers’

May 29, 1937, Sun in house of death (eighth) sesqui-square Jupiter r (which is in
opposition to drastic Pluto): Major H. H. Witt of the German Air Corps, a passenger
who escaped from the airship Hindenburg when it was destroyed by fire at
Lakehurst, N. J. on May 6, told the Department of Commerce (ruled by Jupiter)
investigating board that the Zeppelin company had received sabotage warnings
before sending the dirigible on her final voyage to the United States.

June 2, 1937, Sun in house of taxes (eighth) semi-square drastic Pluto r in house of
president (tenth): June 1, President Roosevelt asked Congress to get after income tax
dodgers–“a minority of very rich individuals.”

June 8, 1937, Sun square Neptune r, co-ruler of house of labor (sixth): At Waukegan,
39 C.I.O. sitdowners in the Fansteel factory were fined and jailed. A La Follette agent
was declared in contempt. Lansing was tied up a second day when A. F. of L.
building workers followed the C.I.O. automobile employees and declared a work
holiday (Neptune).

June 9, 1937, Sun trine Ascendant r (people): Industrial disputes held in idleness
more than 123,000 wage earners in 18 states, a survey on the strike front showed.

June 11, 1937, Sun semi-sextile Venus r (women) in house of foreign countries
(seventh) and semi-square Moon r in house of courts (ninth): In King’s Court,
London, Mrs. Joan Sutherland, wife of a British army officer, apologized for having
said (Moon rules gossip) at a luncheon party, that Ernest A. Simpson had been paid
for not opposing the divorce action of his wife, Wallis Warfield, now wife of the
Duke of Windsor. Simpson had denied in court, under oath, that he had been paid in
cash or otherwise.

June 12, 1937, Sun semi-sextile M.C. r (business): The Pan-American Exposition
opened, at Dallas, Texas.

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