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Making an Astrological Chart of a Name

Making an Astrological Chart of a Name

ERE is just one way, in so far as I know, of determining in a positive, reliable
and scientific manner how any invisible vibratory tone, or combination of
such tones, will affect a certain person. That is by comparing the tone, or
tones, with the astrological birth-chart of the person.

The planets and signs in a birth-chart each map thought-cells of specific tones, as
revealed by their correspondences, which are set forth in these lessons. Any
thought-vibration, character-vibration, or astrological-vibration reaching the
individual adds its energy to the thought-cells having the same vibratory rate in the
astral body of the person. The chief influence of a name, or number, as affecting a
person is to give added energy to the thought-cells of that section of the astral body of
the person which vibrates to the same rate as the Key-tone of the name or number.

That is, to determine how a name or number or other invisible influence will affect a
person, first get the Key of the name or number, or other influence. This key is
expressed by some number below 23. Thus the Mars dynamic structure vibrates to
the tone 16, and the Virgo zone vibrates to tone 2.

Now if the Mars structure in a person’s astral body is very discordant, as shown by
inharmonious aspects to Mars in the birth-chart, any energy added to its thought-cells
by objects, by thoughts, or other influences vibrating to tone 16 merely increases the
power of these thoughts to attract such Catastrophe as is pictured by Arcanum 16.
But if the Mars structure in a person’s astral body is harmoniously organized, as
shown by Mars having strong beneficial aspects in the birth-chart, this added energy
will increase the power of its thought-cells to attract events which are constructive
and beneficial.

The pictured arcanum corresponding to each of the signs and planets thus represents
the more common influence of the tone apart from lines of force which, like aspects,
conduce to harmony or discord. But in the astral body of man these dynamic
structures and zones, which vibrate to the tones so depicted, are usually strongly
modified and influenced by the manner in which they have been associated with
other thought structures. Therefore, while tone 15 may in general be considered as
Fatality; in a person’s chart who has the planet Saturn exceedingly well aspected it
might be the most fortunate influence in the life, and the one which, when given
added energy, would bring the most benefit.

Therefore, in determining how a name, number, environment, or other invisible
influence will affect an individual, the tone of the influence should first be
determined, and then a study should be made of this tone as mapped in the
astrological chart of birth. If the tone in the chart of birth is essentially beneficial, the
same tone received from a name, number, other person, locality, birth-stone or
anything else will be beneficial; because it will increase the power of beneficial
thought-cells in the astral body. But if the tone as mapped in the birth-chart is
detrimental, the same tone received from without, from any of the sources
mentioned, will tend, through giving discordant thought-cells more energy, to attract

Fortune or misfortune does not come equally through all departments of life. And a
particular vibratory tone often stimulates one or two departments of life, and has little
or no influence upon other departments. It thus may have an influence over finances
and yet have no influence whatever over health or companionship.

The department of life influenced by a vibratory key is denoted by the compartment
in the astral body ruled by the sign or planet in the birth-chart whose
thought-structure is stimulated into activity by the key. Thus, disregarding whether
the influence will attract or disperse it, if the key-tone is the same as a planet in the
house of money (2nd house), or the same as the sign on the cusp of the house of
money (2nd), its chief effect, for good or ill, will be upon money. But if the key-tone
is the same as a planet in the house of partnership (7th), or the same as the sign on the
cusp of the house of partnership (7th), the chief influence will be upon the relation
with partners.

Now if on a pond of water there are several little sticks floating, and someone throws
a rock into the pool, this disturbance of the water also disturbs the little sticks and
they go bobbing about. Likewise, if there is one or several planets in a zodiacal sign
in the birth-chart, because these planets represent organized groups of thought-cells
in that zone of the astral body indicated by the sign, if the sign is given increased
activity, the groups of thought-cells in it are set in motion.

The precise power of a dynamic thought structure mapped by a planet or the common
thought-cells mapped by an unoccupied sign to attract good fortune when thus given
increased activity is directly proportional to its harmodynes, and the precise power of
a dynamic thought structure mapped by a planet or of the common thought-cells
mapped by an unoccupied sign to attract misfortune when thus given increased
activity is directly proportional to its discordynes. How to calculate the astrodynes,
harmodynes and discordynes of each birth-chart planet, sign and house is explained
in Chapters 1 and 2 of Course 16, Stellar Healing.

An unoccupied sign occupying one house cusp has one-half the harmodynes or
discordynes of its ruling planet. An unoccupied intercepted sign has one-fourth the
harmodynes or discordynes of its ruling planet. An unoccupied sign occupying the
cusp of two houses has the same number of harmodynes or discordynes as its ruling

Thus on an average the influence of a planet is twice as important as that of an
unoccupied sign.Thus it is that when we have before us that complete map of the astral body of any
individual, which is a birth-chart, we can determine in a positive, scientific and
detailed manner how any invisible vibratory rate of which we know the key will
affect him. We can determine if the particular key will tend to attract to him fortune or
misfortune. We can determine in what department of life that fortune or misfortune
will be attracted. And we can determine, by calculating the astrodynes of the planet
or sign mapping the thought-cells within his astral body responding to this key and
the probable volume of energy added to them by the invisible influence, somewhat of
the magnitude of the events that will thus be attracted into his life.

Now any name or any number can be converted into an astrological chart by the
simple expedient of substituting the corresponding Major Arcanum for each of the
letters or numbers. Each Major Arcanum also, of course, signifies a definite
astrological influence.

These various letters of a name, or the astrological influences substituted for them,
each represent one tone. Each letter of the name, therefore, as a tone, has some
influence in stimulating into activity the corresponding tone in the astral body of the
person wearing the name. Sometimes in a person’s name certain letters are repeated
several times. Sometimes there will be several A’s, for instance, or the letter l may
occur twice in each member of the name. In such cases, naturally, the influence of the
particular tone so repeated is intensified, and may be taken into consideration in its
relation to affecting the individual. But in all cases the Key of the name as a whole is
by far the most important vibratory rate, and even letters that occur repeatedly in the
name are of subsidiary influence.

To chart a name, therefore, we find the Key of the number of the name, and set it at the
head of the chart as the dominant influence. In relation to the name itself, it represents
the birth-chart. Then if we desire to do so we find the Key of the Decave and place it at
the foot of the chart. It indicates the end of things, that which the fourth house in an
astrological chart represents. Then the letters of the name may be placed between the
Key of the name and the Key of the Decave as transitory influences.

Reading A Name Alone Does Not Give a Reading for the Individual Wearing It

–By using such a chart we can give a reading of any name. But because people
wearing the same name are different individuals, we must not assume that a reading
of the name alone gives a reading applicable to the individual wearing it. On the
contrary, to give a reading of the individual wearing a name, even by the process of
divination by numbers, we must add an individual element. This individual element
which is most suitable for such use is the Birth Path. And the method of using it and
giving such a divinatory reading by means of numbers is set forth in chapter 8.

Apart from any individual, however, and not indicative of any person’s fortune, we
can make an astrological chart of any name or any number which will be
scientifically correct; and to one delving in spiritual research such a chart often will
yield information of value.

Let us take the name Jesus, for instance. J-10, E-5, S-21, U-6, S-21. 10 plus 5 plus 21
plus 6 plus 21 equals 63. 6 plus 3 gives 9 as the Key of the name. 63 minus 9 gives 54.
54 divided by 9 gives 6. 6 plus 1 gives 7 as the Key of the Decave. Then the
astrological chart may be stated thus:

Aquarius (9), Uranus (10), Jupiter (5), Sun (21), Venus (6), Sun (21), Sagittarius (7).

As the birth date of Jesus is unknown we will attempt no reading of his life. But the
motive actuating those who follow his doctrines is very apparent. The Key of the
influence is Aquarius, or Major Arcanum IX, signifying Prudence and
Circumspection. The prudence of the followers of Jesus causes them to accept Him
in the expectation of finding heaven and escaping hell. And the end for which they
hope, both here and hereafter, is Sagittarius, or Major Arcanum VII, signifying
Victory. “Onward, Christian Soldiers,” as sung in thousands of Sunday schools,
might well be inspired by the pictured Arcanum VII with its conqueror riding
forward to overcome opposition.

Aside from astrology let us consider the vibratory significance of some other holy
names: The Jews called their stern and unyielding God, Jehovah, spelled in Hebrew,
Jod-He-Vau-He (I-E-V-E): 10 plus 5 plus 6 plus 5 equals 26. 26 being more than 22
must be involved. 2 plus 6 gives 8 as the Key of the name. 26 minus 8 gives 18. 18
divided by 9, plus 1, gives 3 as the Decave. Thus the Key and the Decave, 8 and 3,
indicate the moral code of Jehovah to have been inflexible Justice in Action.

To proceed with other deific names, the chief deity of Christianity is spelled G-O-D:
3 plus 16 plus 4 equals 23. 2 plus 3 gives 5 as the Key of the name. 23 minus 5 gives
18. 18 divided by 9, plus 1, gives 3 as the Decave. The Key and the Decave, 5 and 3,
thus indicate that the idea behind the Christian God is beneficent (Jupiter) Law in

Now turn to the deity of Egyptian initiates, Ra. R-A: 20 plus 1 gives 21, which needs
no involving because it is already a Key, pictured by Arcanum XXI. Ra is thus,
according to its Key and its astrological ruler, the spiritual Sun of our universe; the
highest spiritual and intellectual entity; and those who worship Him strive to become
the most spiritual and intelligent men on earth; they strive to be adepts.
Astrologically, Ra is the Sun. The religion of His devotees is expressed still more in
detail by the two arcana picturing the two letters of the word, 20 and 1, signifying
Will and Intelligence (1), Resurrecting (20), the soul beyond the tomb.

What is the vibratory import of the Hindu deific word used so frequently as a
mantram, and rendered into English as A-U-M? 1 plus 6 plus 13 equals 20. The Key
(20) reveals that the object sought is to Awaken (20), the soul to its latent
possibilities. The method employed to do this is indicated by the three letters: The
Will (1), brought to bear upon Temptation (6), to induce a Transformation (13).

And this rendering of a foreign name brings up a point of some importance; that of
the different ways of spelling a name.

Again I would call your attention to the principle that it is not the sound of a name, nor
its phonetics, with which we are dealing, but its astral vibratory-rates. These astral
vibratory-rates are set in motion by the person thinking the name, and they are set up
irrespective of vocal action. Nor do people of different countries, who spell a name
differently, have the same conception of its significance.

Because with most people, according to psychological experiments, sight registers
its impressions more quickly and more strongly than sound, the spelling of a name
commonly determines its thought-vibration when it is thought about. The English
spelling, therefore, only indicates the vibratory significance of the name to those who
use the English spelling. Any alteration of the spelling of a name, even though the
phonetic value is unchanged, thus changes the vibratory-rate and the inner meaning
of the name. The native spelling of a name gives its significance to such natives.

Buddha: 2 plus 6 plus 4 plus 4 plus 8 plus 1 gives 25. 2 plus 5 gives 7 as the Key. 25
minus 7 gives 18. 18 divided by 9, plus 1, gives 3 as the Decave. Thus our conception
of the life and teachings of this great reformer is Victory (7), of mind in Action (3).

Brahma: 2 plus 20 plus 1 plus 8 plus 13 plus 1 gives 45. 4 plus 5 gives 9 as the Key. 45
minus 9 gives 36. 36 divided by 9, plus 1, gives 5 as the Decave. This deity, therefore,
to us signifies Wisdom (9) acting through Law, (5).

Vishnu: 6 plus 10 plus 18 plus 14 plus 6 equals 54. 5 plus 4 gives 9 as the Key. 54
minus 9 gives 45. 45 divided by 9, plus 1 gives 6 as the Decave. This god of
preservation therefore exemplifies the thought that Wisdom (9) overcomes
Temptation (6).

Siva: 21 plus 10 plus 6 plus 1 equals 38. 3 plus 8 gives 11 as the Key. 38 minus 11
gives 27. 27 divided by 9, plus 1 gives 4 as the Decave. The Hindu trinity, Brahma,
Vishnu and Siva are usually translated as Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. But
while Siva does represent destruction, it is a destruction which implies a restoration,
or reproduction, and thus the linga is used as his emblem. And this significance is
conveyed by Force (11), undergoing Realization (4).

Devil: 4 plus 5 plus 6 plus 10 plus 12 equals 37. 3 plus 7 gives 10 as the Key. 37 minus
10 gives 27. 27 divided by 9, plus 1 gives 4 as the Decave. The Devil thus is the agent
for a Change of Fortune (10), Realized (4).

Hell: 8 plus 5 plus 12 plus 12 equals 37. 3 plus 7 gives 10 as the Key. 37 minus 10
gives 27. 27 divided by 9, plus 1 gives 4 as the Decave. Hell, therefore, is a Change of
Fortune (10), Realized (4).

The early Magi erected a tower to Bel: 2 plus 5 plus 12 gives 19 as the Key. As it is
already below 23 no Decave influence need be considered. We chart this name in
detail thus–19 (Key)–2-5-12, and read it as Happiness and Prosperity (19) devoted
to Science (2), Religion (5), and Sacrifice (12).

Later generations forsook the worship of Bel for Baal: 2 plus 1 plus 1 plus 12 gives 16
as the Key. In detail it indicates that the desire for violence (16) prompted the
energies to be turned to Science (2), Will (1), Intelligence (1), and Sacrifice (12).

Babylon: 2 plus 1 plus 2 plus 10 plus 12 plus 16 plus 14 equals 57. 5 plus 7 gives 12 as
the Key. 57 minus 12 gives 45. 45 divided by 9, plus 1 gives 6 as the Decave. Babylon
is mentioned in Revelations as the great prostitute; which is borne out by its vibratory
significance which reads Sacrifice (12), to Temptation (6).

The above examples, I believe, are quite ample to denote how names may be handled
as factors in themselves, apart from their influence upon any particular individual.
But I must repeat, because it is so frequently overlooked by those who practice
numerology, that when the influence upon an individual is to be revealed, or a
reading is to be given an individual based on his name, that there is always an
additional individual factor which must be included.

The Conqueror–Arcanum VII

–Letter: Egyptian, Zain; Hebrew, Zayin; English, Z. Number, 7. Astrologically, the
zodiacal sign Sagittarius. Color, the lighter shades of purple. Tone, high A. Occult
science, spiritual astrology. Human function, the sense of smell. Natural remedy,
such herbs as mallow, wood betony, featherfew, and agrimony. Mineral, the
talismanic gem red garnet (often called carbuncle), and such stones as are mixed with
red and green, including turquoise.

Z–7 expresses in the spiritual world, the septenary dominion of spirit over matter.

In the intellectual world, the sacerdocy and the empire.

In the physical world, submission of the elements and forces of matter to the
intelligences and forces of man.

Remember, then, son of earth, that the empire of the world belongs to them who
possess the sovereignty of spirit, that is to say, the light which makes clear the
mysteries of life. If the Conqueror should appear in the prophetic signs of thy
horoscope, it signifies that in breaking through obstacles thou wilt crush thy enemies;
and all thy wishes will be realized if thou attack the future with audacity, armed in the
consciousness of thy right.

In Divination, Arcanum VII may briefly be read as Victory.

Arcanum VII is figured by a war chariot of square form, surmounted by a starry
canopy sustained by four columns. Upon this chariot advances a conqueror armed
with a cuirass and carrying both sword and scepter. He wears a crown from which
rises three pentagrams, or golden stars with five points.

The square car symbolizes the material world vanquished by the work of the will.
The four columns supporting the canopy represent the four quadrants of heaven
which surround the conqueror. They also represent the four elemental kingdoms that
have submitted to the master of the scepter and the sword.

Upon the square front of the chariot is pictured a sphere sustained by two outspread
wings; symbol of the immortal flight of the soul through the infinitude of space and
time. The sacred serpent at the conqueror’s brow signifies the possession of that
intellectual light which makes clear all the arcana of fortune. The three golden stars
rising from the crown symbolize the dominion of man in all three worlds; physical,
astral and spiritual.

A T-square and two try-squares are traced upon the cuirass. The T-square, or Tau,
symbolizes virile force, and the two try-squares indicate the rectitude of judgment
that enables the conqueror to direct this force either to right or left, into mental or
physical power as occasion demands.

The cuirass signifies resistance; the high held sword is the emblem of physical
victory; and the scepter indicates mental conquest. This scepter is surmounted by a
square, a circle, and a triangle. The square is the emblem of matter, the circle
indicates the realm of spirit, and the triangle is the emblem of mind; together
denoting the perpetual dominion of intelligence over all realms and forces of nature.

Two sphinxes, one white and the other black, are harnessed to the car. A sphinx, as
composed of the four emblems of the zodiacal quadrants, indicates the passage of
time. The white sphinx signifies fortunate periods, and the black one signifies
periods of adversity; both of which serve the soul victorious over the ordeals met in
its pilgrimage of eternal progression.


–Numerically, 7, as composed of the numbers 3 and 4, expresses action and
completion. It is the number of perfect form on the physical plane. It is thus the
septenary, which is the complete and perfect three-dimensional gamut; even as 9 is
the complete and perfect four-dimensional gamut. A scale of 7 is better, therefore, to
indicate physical tones and electromagnetic vibrations; but a scale of 9 is more

Thusinthree-dimensional existence where perfection of form exists it will be found that the
number 7 expresses it as 3 and 4. The 3 are active principles. The 4 are reactions, or

In human life 7, as composed of 3 and 4, express the concrete 4 dominated by action,
or 3; the realization of physical perfection through active effort. As composed of 5
and 2, it indicates man in full possession of the law of polarity, realizing the potency
of sex force. As composed of twice 3 plus 1, it signifies body, soul and spirit united to
body, soul and spirit, guided by intelligence and under control of will; thus
representing the perfect nuptial union. It is dominion of intelligence over all actions,
hence complete Victory over all Temptations.


–Astrologically, Sagittarius is pictured as the starry Centaur, with bow full drawn,
indicating its combative qualities and its locomotion. Sagittarius is a dual sign,
adapting itself to both scepter and sword. It is natural ruler of philosophy and travel;
its chief mental characteristics being obedience to ruling authority, discipline,
prompt decision, self-control and the power to command others. The conservative
attributes are well represented by the cuirass; and the other qualities are all
symbolized in detail by the various pictured emblems of Arcanum VII.

Human Function

–It has been explained that the planet Jupiter corresponds to the electromagnetic
body. This body is nourished by the electromagnetic energy liberated from protein
molecules, as explained in Chapter 9 of Course 5, Esoteric Psychology. The
electromagnetic energy of the nervous system enables it both to broadcast and
receive short-wave radiations. As an aid to tuning in on the desired wave-length
incense has been found helpful. Through stimulating the sense of smell in the proper
way the mind is directed to a certain state of consciousness, which raises or lowers
the individual’s vibrations, tuning him in on the grade of energy it is desired to
contact. Thus does the sense of smell correspond to Arcanum VII.


–The various ores from which the metals to be used in the process of transmutation
are obtained are not of equal richness, and are not of equal suitability as furnishing
the required metals. And when the metals are extracted from these ores, or are
otherwise obtained, they are not of equal purity, or of equal value. Thus it is that
every ingredient used in the process should be assayed to determine its refinement, to
determine its value, and to determine how best it may be treated to purify it to the
extent required if it is to be used in the alchemical work.

In spiritual alchemy, for instance, each experience needs to be appraised as to its
possibilities of providing spiritual values, and to determine exactly what attitude will
recover the highest percentage of these spiritual values. In mental alchemy, a still
different appraisal is made to determine the value in terms of harmony, and the
treatment necessary to gain these values in highest measure. Such determinations are
secured through assaying, which corresponds to Arcanum VII.


–Joseph, sold into Egypt, representing the soul born into matter and fettered by
carnal desires, represents Arcanum VII.

But Joseph overcame all obstacles and rose to great power, as indicated by the sword.
And in addition to having at his command the material forces thus indicated, he also
became an interpreter of the Divine will, as symbolized by the scepter.

He was tempted by Potiphar’s wife, Arcanum VI, but he Triumphed (Arcanum VII)
over the temptation, even though it meant certain affliction. The dream of Pharoah
which he interpreted, of the 7 fat kine and the 7 lean kine, and the 7 good ears and the
7 bad ears, related to periods of good and evil, such as the white sphinx and the black
sphinx of Arcanum VII signify. The result of his triumph through periods of good
and periods of evil, and of his not yielding to temptation, is set forth in Gen. 41:41,
and is symbolical of what may be expected by others who triumph over temptation;
for they also shall be made rulers over the physical plane, which is the land of Egypt.”

And Pharaoh said unto Joseph: See, I have set thee over all the land of Egypt. And
Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand, and put it upon Joseph’s hand, and arrayed
him in vestures of fine linen, and put a gold chain about his neck: and made him to
ride in the second CHARIOT which he had: and they cried before him: Bow the knee:
and he made him ruler over all the land of Egypt.”


–The Royal Arch degree of Masonry is based upon Arcanum VII. The chariot, like
the tabernacle, is an oblong square; but instead of being divided into four veils the
canopy is supported by four columns.

The captivity in Babylon is denoted by the square-formed chariot; and the release
from bondage by the scepter. The return journey to Jerusalem is denoted by the two
sphinxes hitched to the wheeled car. The arcanum also symbolizes the vault into
which the candidate is lowered; where he finds the Ark of the Covenant containing
the four emblems which are the suits of the tarot cards. Of these the scepter represents
the rod of Aaron; the sword is the symbol of the tablets of the law, the gomer is
represented by the cuirass, and the sacred serpent indicates the manna, or intellectual

The three jewels, or trying squares of the three ancient Masters, are to be seen on the
cuirass, and the wonderful scroll, which is the key to the ineffable characters of the
degree, is present as the starry canopy overhead. The long lost Master Mason’s
Word, which is recovered in the Royal Arch, is fully exemplified by the four symbols
mentioned, and is written in three languages as indicated by the golden stars. All of
which, plainly stated, signifies harmonious union of positive and negative forces,
such as the Masonic trowel suggests, on all three planes of existence.


–In magic, Arcanum VII represents the power of projection, of sending the astral
form to a distance; and the power of attraction, of compelling the astral of another to
appear and obey whatever commands may be given. And it is also of the same
symbolical import as the Seal of Solomon, the two interlaced equilateral trines.

Next to the pentagram, Solomon’s Seal is the most important magical diagram; for it
represents the macrocosm and its laws, thus indicating its user to be familiar with
nature, and to be endowed with intelligence.


–In the soul’s pilgrimage, Arcanum VII indicates physical initiation completed. It
shows proficiency in both science and magic. The temptations of the material world
have been surmounted and the neophyte has gained complete mastery of self. The
body is under the control of a disciplined will, and whatever knowledge concerning
spiritual things is obtainable in the external world has been gained.

The scepter and the sword balance each other, positive and negative, indicating that
the neophyte has a partner whose physical temperament, mental polarity, and
spiritual aspirations are in complete harmony with his own. And as shown by the Tau
and squares on the cuirass, they both implicitly obey the divine laws governing
physical union, having mastered which they become candidates for regenerate union
as signified by Arcanum XIV, and later for true soul-union represented by Arcanum

Neither 7 nor 14 are decaves of 3, the number of union; but 7, composed of 3 and 4,
expresses union and its issue, which is perfection of form. And the multiples of 7,
though not decaves of 7, relate to some octave of the perfect form.

Occult Science

–Spiritual astrology reveals the facts which the wisest men of all time have learned
regarding the nature of the soul, its destiny, and how it may best make progress. Such
facts have been recorded still more specifically in the pictured constellations. These
pictured constellations thus form a positive key to the sacred books of the world, and
give detailed instructions on how the soul may best proceed to scale the spiritual

The Sevens

–The sign Sagittarius is general significator of philosophy, long journeys,
publishing, teaching and out-of-doors sports; therefore the Sevens, corresponding
numerically to Sagittarius, in their more common divinatory significance must relate
to these things as applied to the department of life indicated by the suit. But in their
higher application they reveal the influence of, and can be interpreted by, the seventh
decanate of each zodiacal triplicity, starting with the movable signs.

The divinatory significance of the Seven of Scepters is success in teaching or
publishing; its inner interpretation is DEVOTION.

The divinatory significance of the Seven of Cups is a successful change of home; its
inner interpretation is VERITY.The divinatory significance of the Seven of Coins is money earned through a
journey; its inner interpretation is INTUITION.

The divinatory significance of the Seven of Swords is danger through travel or sport;
its inner interpretation is ACHIEVEMENT.

The Balance–Arcanum VIII

–Letter: Egyptian, Helitha; Hebrew, Cheth; English, H-CH; Number, 8. Astrologically,
the zodiacal sign Capricorn. Color, the darker shades of blue. Tone, low G. Occult
science, horary astrology. Human function, the sense of hearing. Natural remedy, such
herbs as henbane, nightshade and black poppy. Mineral, the talismanic gem sardonyx,
and ash-colored or black minerals such as coal.

H–8 expresses in the spiritual world, absolute justice.

In the intellectual world, attraction and repulsion.

In the physical world, relative justice, fallible and limited, which comes from man.

Remember, then, son of earth, that to be victorious over thyself and dominate
obstacles is but a part of the human task. To accomplish it entirely thou must establish
equilibrium between the forces that thou hast brought into play. All action produces
reaction. The will should foresee the shock of opposite forces in order to temper or
annul them. If the Balance should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, it
signifies that the future is balanced between good and evil, and warns that an
unbalanced mind is like an abortive sun.

In Divination, Arcanum VIII may be read as Justice or Equilibrium.

Arcanum VIII is figured by a woman, blindfolded and seated upon a throne. She
wears a crown of lance-heads, holds in her right hand a raised sword, in her left hand a
balance, and from her brow the sacred serpent thrusts its head.

This is the ancient symbol of justice, which weighs all acts and opposes to evil as a
counterweight the sword of expiation. Justice, emanating from God, as symbolized
by the overshadowing protection, is the equilibrium between right and duty.

Justice is crowned with lances to indicate inflexibility, adorned with the sacred
serpent to signify she acts with enlightenment, and her throne is placed on a platform
of three steps to represent her action in all three worlds. At her side is a lion, symbol
of the force over which she rules; and a sphinx, symbol of the passage of time which
enables her to manifest. Above is a winged turtle, symbol of the repentance which
may bring forgiveness. At the back is a divine messenger, signifying that the justice
of God will be the final judge of the justice of men. The sword is here a sign of
protection to the good and a menace to the wicked.

The eyes of Justice are covered with a bandage to show that she weighs and strikes
without taking into account the conventional differences that men establish for


–Numerically, 8 expresses complete balance and equilibrium, hence stagnation and
death. As composed of two fours it indicates two realizations of an opposite nature,
and is thus the antithesis of progress. In nature it signifies the polarization of the
forces that bind together, or that produce motion; hence dissolution of matter and
inactivity of energy. It is the number of annihilation, unconsciousness and mortality.


–Perfect equilibrium of forces produces crystallization. A solid is the result of an
equilibrium established between at least eight forces. First, two forces converge.
And about this point of equilibrium two forces meet from above and below, two from
right and left, and two from behind and in front; eight forces in all, well represented
by a cube with its six faces and a center. Verily, matter is nothing but spirit in a state
of equilibrium. The most earthy sign of the zodiac, the sign which the sun enters
when life’s forces are lowest and the waters and vapors of earth crystallize into ice
and snow, is Capricorn. Capricorn well expresses that equilibrium which results in
crystallization, and thus corresponds to Arcanum VIII.

Human Function

–Capricorn is receptive, and is also a reflective zodiacal sign which pertains to
earthly endeavor. These qualities which express as receiving and not giving, of
utilizing all to its own advantage, are well typified by the sense of hearing. It is often
quoted that where speech is silver silence is gold; and Arcanum VIII pictures this
stable attitude of listening.


–In all branches of alchemy different ingredients are brought together. And it is of
utmost importance that they shall be present in just the right amounts. In order that
they shall form the proper fluxes for each other, and in order that some essentials
shall not be too small in quantity, the ingredients are weighed. If there is not
sufficient of some substance, as indicated by such weighing, it must be sought out
and added to the mixture. Both the weighing and the seeking of ingredients thus
found lacking, correspond to Arcanum VIII.


–The Royal Master degree is founded upon Arcanum VIII. As a Just reward for the
most skillful and faithful Masons in building the Temple, it was decided to impart to
them the Omnific Word as soon as the Temple was completed. “And behold I come
quickly: and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall
be,” etc. It also represents the judgment which ultimately was passed upon the
assassins of Hiram Abiff, and the state of disintegration in which the body of Hiram
was found.


–Nothing is more sure than that in magic any thought or desire projected to another
will in time return to influence the sender. The magical forces of the soul traverse the
spaces almost instantly and fasten upon the object of its ceremony, and may act with
terrible force. But if such a force launched toward another has not the power to
penetrate his aura it at once reacts upon the sender and affects the other not at all.

In repelling any evil influence there should be no thought either of vengeance or of
mercy, but instead an attitude of unbending justice. Efforts at retaliation attract
fearful dangers. To launch a destructive thought is to attract denizens who are
destructive by nature, and who may linger long afterwards.


–In the soul’s pilgrimage a time comes when the individual accepts some definite
work to perform for the benefit of humanity. In carrying out this spiritual work, his
body must have sustenance. Thus he can not entirely ignore the physical, nor can he
devote his energies exclusively to financial ends. He also has certain obligations to
his family which he should not ignore. Too much energy spent in gaining wealth and
caring for the physical body prevents the accomplishment of the spiritual work; and
upon his faithfulness to it depends his further progress. Thus he must learn to
“Render, therefore, unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things
that are God’s.”

Occult Science

–Horary astrology depends upon the relation between the mental factors and the
positions of the heavenly bodies. A question receives additional stimulation when
the factors corresponding to it in the sky reach such a situation as to represent the
facts concerning it. This equilibrium between the mind of man and the astrological
influences at the time he is stimulated to ask a question, permits the astrologer to give
a correct answer to the question.

The Eights

–The sign Capricorn is general significator of station, honor, business, and
government affairs; therefore the Eights, corresponding numerically to Capricorn, in
their more common divinatory significance must relate to these things as applied to
the department of life indicated by the suit. But in their higher application they reveal
the influence of, and can be interpreted by, the eighth decanate of each zodiacal
triplicity, starting with the movable signs.

The divinatory significance of the Eight of Scepters is a political appointment; its
inner interpretation is EXPLORATION.

The divinatory significance of the Eight of Cups is extravagance; its inner
interpretation is SELF-SACRIFICE.

The divinatory significance of the Eight of Coins is a costly law suit; its inner
interpretation is FIDELITY.

The divinatory significance of the Eight of Swords is loss of honor, or business
failure; its inner interpretation is EXPERIENCE.

The Magic Seven Spread

–Ten completes a cycle, but seven completes a form. Common divination is
concerned with external life, hence with form, the problems of which are readily
solved by the application of the Seal of Seven, or Solomon’s Seal, as it is commonly

This Seal is an astrological chart in abstract; for the sum of the angles of the two
triangles equals 360 degrees, measuring exactly, but in a more concrete form, the
number of degrees in a circle. The six external points of the star, together with the
point in the center, express the planetary septenary in terms of Jod-He-Vau-He, both
above and below, the final He, or product, being common to both and occupying the
center of the star.

To use this magical figure as a tarot spread, first, as usual, clearly formulate the
information sought and keep it constantly in mind while shuffling and cutting the
cards. Then deal them face downward, one by one, on the points of an imaginary
six-point star, in the order shown in the diagram on page 100, the seventh card taking
the center.

Turn the cards over one at a time, and read as turned.

The first card dealt, the upper Jod, signifies the past of the matter inquired about.

It is
the Cause of the present condition.The second card dealt, the upper He, represents the present of the thing inquired
about. It is the effect of past causes already indicated.

The third card dealt, the upper Vau, signifies the past and present united. It represents
the immediate future of the matter.The fourth card dealt, the lower Jod, represents the power of the individual to control
the matter. It is also the influence of those favorable to it to control the matter through
initiative and effort.The fifth card dealt, the lower He, designates the part that fate and environment will
play in the matter.

The sixth card dealt, the lower Vau, shows the combination of fate and individuals in
the future taking the form of opposition to the venture.

The seventh card dealt, the final He, corresponding to the seventh seal of the
Apocalypse, reveals all the factors of past and future after they have undergone
gestation and given birth to the final issue. It, therefore, represents the result of the
thing asked about.

At the front of this booklet both Hebrew characters and planetary symbols are added
to the figure to assist those studiously inclined to discern the astral and kabalistical
meaning of the seal, and the method used in divination. These additional characters
need not be considered by those interested in divination only. The question asked
may embrace any phase or activity of life, and thus the application of this method in
divination is universal.

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