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Reading Names in Detail

Reading Names in Detail

ECAUSE the name John Brown when present in any person’s mind always
radiates the same component thought vibrations, and always reverberates to
the same vibratory key, it is easy to map the influences of this name in a
positive and scientific manner. And by substituting the divinatorysignificance of each numerical factor, it is possible to give a divinatory reading of the
name, as such, without reference to any particular person.

But such a divinatory reading is a delineation of the name only, and should not be
expected to reveal much concerning the life of any particular John Brown. Quite
certain it is that of the thousands and thousands of John Browns throughout the
world, their fortunes are markedly varied, and have no such uniformity as would be
necessary if all their lives were to be represented by a single set of divinatory

When we have the astrological birth-chart of an individual we possess a positive map
of his various important vibratory rates and how they are related to each other. When
we have a name and find its key we possess a map of the vibratory qualities of that
name. By comparing the two maps we can determine with all the exactitude of
positive science how the name will influence the individual.

From the astrological birth-chart and the progressed aspects we can plot the invisible
influences operative in the life of the individual at any given time, and thus have a
positive way of mapping the probable events and the time they will happen, in the
individual’s life.

But when we do not have the birth-chart of the individual by which to determine his
various vibratory rates, we have no positive method of determining how a name will
affect him, and we possess no positive method of determining either the events of his
life or the time they will happen.

But man is not dependent exclusively upon positive methods in the acquisition of
knowledge. Reason is positive, but often intuition, which is not positive, yields
information even more valuable. The physical senses are positive, but the psychic
senses, under certain circumstances, are even more reliable. And while the positive
method of gaining information by means of numbers is very valuable, it is not the
only method of using numbers to acquire knowledge. Numbers may also be used as
divinatory instruments. All systems of numerology are purely methods of divination;
and the one now to be presented is no exception. But it is the best system we have
been able to find.

In order to have a constantly varying factor which provides a proper basis for the
exercise of divination, it is customary to use the name of the individual, but to this
name add another distinctive factor which is unique to the individual. This distinctive
factor, which has come to be known as the number of the Birth Path, is merely the
number which is obtained by adding crosswise the factors of the birth date as
commonly expressed numerically.

Thus the number of the Birth Path of Jan. 13, 1872, is 1 (January is 1st month) plus 1
plus 3 plus 1 plus 8 plus 7 plus 2, which gives 23.

The number of the Birth Path of May 8, 1932, is 5 (May is the 5th month) plus 8 plus 1
plus 9 plus 3 plus 2, which gives 28.

The number of the Birth Path of July 4, 1776, is 7 (July is 7th month) plus 4 plus 1
plus 7 plus 7 plus 6, which gives 32.

The number of the Birth Path of December 7, 1941, is 1 plus 2 (December is 12th
month) plus 7 plus 1 plus 9 plus 4 plus 1, which gives 25.

The number of the Birth Path of November 2, 1948, is 1 plus 1 (November is 11th
month) plus 2 plus 1 plus 9 plus 4 plus 8, which gives 26.

The Birth Path is really the birth date, and therefore it is true that the number of the
Birth Path does belong specifically to the individual; for it is a number obtained from
the record of his birth; yet it must not be lost sight of that using it thus is not a method
depending upon the vibratory influence of thought, but is merely a divinatory method
of using the Birth Path, or date of birth, in a particular way.

Then having found the number of the Birth Path, this number is added to the number
of the name, the sum giving a Divinatory Number, which affords a chart which
should reveal to one whose intuitions are active, the character, the chief events of the
life and the conditions surrounding the individual when life ends.

To obtain this chart the Key of the Divinatory Number is found and placed at the
beginning of the chart as signifying the chief influence in the character. The Major
Arcanum corresponding to this Key of the Divinatory Number is considered in the
nature of symbolically representing the birth-chart of the person.

Then in the chart this is followed by a Major Arcanum substituted for each letter of
the name. That is, each letter of the name, commencing with the first, is considered as
a separate influence in the life. It is considered in the nature of an astrological major
progression. And the nature of the event which it brings into the life is symbolized by
the Major Arcanum corresponding to the letter. The first letter of the name thus
represents the influence in the life immediately following birth, the next letter an
influence somewhat later, the third letter a period following this, and so on up to the
end of the name.

Then the Key of the Decave of the Divinatory Number is found and placed at the end
of the chart, after the Major Arcanum representing the last letter of the name. The
Major Arcanum corresponding to the Key of the Decave does not so much represent
a specific event, as the conditions which surround the person at the close of life. That
is, it represents in a divinatory way, that which is signified by the fourth house of a

46 plus 89 plus 23 gives 158 as the Divinatory Number. 1 plus 5 plus 8 gives 14 as the
Key of the Divinatory Number.

158 minus 14 gives 144. 144 divided by 9, plus 1, gives 17 as the Key of the Decave.

14 (Key, or Character) –1–2–20–1–8–1–13–12–10–14–11–16–12–14–17
(Condition at end of life).

The numerical chart as given in the line above shows that Abraham Lincoln’s
character was based upon 14, or Temperance. A much more detailed description of it
can be had by substituting the astrological correspondence, Taurus, which shows
clearly the deep sympathy and the intense practicality of his nature.

Very early in life he began to develop himself through the application of Will in the
expansion of his Intelligence (1).

Science (2) next comes under his scrutiny as a child, and exerted its full influence in
his life as he ciphered on the back of a wooden shovel by the firelight.

But there was an Awakening (20) also in his early years, by which his thoughts were
turned into higher channels.

And some travel (Mercury influence) which gave full material for his developing
Intelligence (1).

This was followed by gaining for himself a reputation for Justice (8); for he came to
be known as honest Abe.

Then further application to study and the development of his Intelligence (1); for he
began to prepare himself to practice law.

And a Transformation in his affairs due to taking part in a military expedition (Aries)

Then came the first great Sacrifice and sorrow (12) of his life through the loss of his
beloved Ann Rutledge.

Followed by a Change of Fortune (10) as he was thrust forward into the political

In which capacity his fairness and Temperance (14) in handling the issues of the day;

Lent to him a Spiritual Force (11) which swept him into the highest office in the land.And brought to him the responsibility of that great Catastrophe (16), the Civil War.

This was an Expiation (12) of the sin of human slavery; and enabled him to set free
these slaves at the Sacrifice of his own and other lives.

Then the war was ended, and he embarked upon a full program of Regeneration (14)
for the country, when his own end came.

And while this end came suddenly, and violently, nevertheless, he had accomplished
his work. The surroundings of his life at its end (Key of the Decave of the Divinatory
Number) is well shown by 17. Truth had prevailed, Faith had been vindicated, and he
left behind him a message of Hope that has continued unabated to this day.

52 plus 104 plus 19 gives 175 as the Divinatory Number. 1 plus 7 plus 5 gives 13 as
the Key of the Divinatory Number.

175 minus 13 gives 162. 162 divided by 9, plus 1, gives 19 as the Key to the Decave.

13 (Key, or Character)


(Condition at end of life).

13 (Aries) indicates that Washington was typically a pioneer destined to bring about
a Transformation by the use of the sword. A more detailed reading of the character
may be had from the sign Aries.

His early life was spent in Action (3) rather than in study.

Then the influence of Law and Religion (5) played their part.

At an early age a commission as midshipman was offered to him, but his mother
blocked this, which was a Catastrophe (16) to his ambitions.

The death of his brother brought him an inheritance and an Awakening (20) to new

Then he married (3) Mrs. Curtis, and settled at Mt. Vernon.

His life as a planter brought him into contact with the Law (5) in that he was elected
repeatedly to the legislature of Virginia.

Then came a time of Trial and Temptation (6) in regard to Governor Dunmore, in
which his position was always that of a radical.

His appointment to Congress in 1774 gave him opportunity for the exercise of his
Will, Intelligence and Dexterity (1) for which later he became famous.

In this period, just prior to the Revolutionary War, Deception (18), subterfuge, and secret
enemies were encountered on every hand.

And then, with the war, came a decided Change of Fortune (10).

When named commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United Colonies his
Temperance (14) caused him to refuse a salary, and to announce that he felt himself
unfit for the command.

Then came the Action (3) of War.

But the stupidity, Foolishness (22) and impatience of his supporters during 1775
almost wrecked the enterprise.

It was a Catastrophe (16) when Benedict Arnold and his sympathizers turned against

But his persistence and Temperance (14) brought him through, established his fame,
and placed him uncontested in the presidential chair.

From this position he later retired to his home at Mt. Vernon, to find the rural life he
enjoyed so much, surrounded by his family and friends. Away from the conflicts of
political quarrels, with the highest honors his country could bestow, with wealth and
the affection of many, his closing years are well represented by the Key of the Decave
of the Divinatory Number (19), the number of Happiness.

I believe these two illustrations will quite suffice to indicate the manner in which
divination by numbers can be used to give a detailed reading of a name. The number
representing the Key of the Divinatory Number should always be taken to represent
the character. Then each letter of the name, in its proper sequence, should be taken to
represent a period of the life, and the influence of this period can be expanded by
using the astrological correspondence of the number.

There is no way, by this system, to know just how long any period lasts. The duration
of time is the most difficult thing to determine by any method of divination. The
general rule here, however, is to divide the total life–whether short or long–into as
many periods as there are letters in the name. Each letter represents one of these
periods. If the life is long, it represents a longer period than if the life is short.

Then the Key of the Decave of the Divinatory Number is taken to represent the
condition at the end of life, whether this end comes early or late.

And it must not be forgotten that in such divination rigid interpretations are to be
avoided. The numbers in such a chart are to be used merely as guides to the intuition;
not to limit it. All impressions and intuitions, therefore, should be expressed freely,
even when they somewhat contradict the rigid interpretation of the numerical chart.

The Enchantress–Arcanum XI

–Letter: Egyptian, Caitha; Hebrew, Caph; English, C–K. Number 11.
Astrologically, the planet Neptune. Color, changing iridescence. Tone, the music of
the spheres. Occult science, divination. Human function, thought-transference.
Natural remedy, spiritual healing. Element, neptunium.

C-11, expresses in the spiritual world, the principle of all force, spiritual and

In the intellectual world, moral force.

In the physical world, organic force.

Remember, then, son of earth, that for power one must believe in one’s ability.
Advance with faith. To become strong, impose silence upon the weakness of the
heart. If Arcanum XI should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope thou
shouldst study duty, which is the rule of right, and practice justice as if you loved it.

In Divination, Arcanum XI is Force, Spiritual Power, or Fortitude.

Arcanum XI is figured by the image of a young girl who opens and closes without
effort, with her hands, the jaws of an angry lion. The maiden wears a crown
surmounted by a vase and crowned eagles, and at her brow the sacred serpent.

The vase is symbol of the affections, and the crowned eagles represent force
spiritualized. The sacred serpent signifies that she acts in full knowledge of her
power, and not blindly. The lion symbolizes force, also the animal desires in man
which are subdued by the spiritual nature.

The whole ensemble symbolizes the power over violent forces of nature that faith in
oneself and an innocent life will give; also the spiritual power that is the natural result
of unsullied affections which dominate and rule the animal instincts. It signifies that
purity is the touchstone, and that goodness alone is power.


–Numerically, 11 indicates the extreme magnetic and feminine forces of nature. It
exemplifies the doctrine that evil should not be resisted, but be overcome with good.
The finer forces of woman, while not giving the physical strength of man, enable her
to govern him by appealing to him interiorly, and thus she molds his efforts through
his affectional nature. She enters occultly into his life; and liberating the powers
which lie latent in the structure of his genius, enables him to realize the ideals she in
her love has formed of him.

As composed of 7 and 4, the number 11 symbolizes the power that is realized as a
result of the perfect union denoted by 7. As 9 and 2, it represents Wisdom carried into
the realms of Occult Science, giving control of the magnetic currents of the astral
world. As 6 and 5, it signifies Temptation banished through devotion to Religion. As
10 and 1, it denotes Fortune dominated by Will.


–Neptune is the octave expression of the planet Venus, signifying spiritual love as
distinct from the material love ruled by Venus. Neptune is the planet of psychic
manifestation, its prominence in a birth-chart being an indication of psychic ability. It
exerts little power upon the physical world directly, but by its action upon the
imagination of people it becomes singularly potent. Its influence is to spiritualize, and it
usually is a prominent planet in the birth-chart of all types of genius, denoting that
peculiar power so well expressed by Arcanum XI.

Human Function

–The peculiarly high-strung and sensitive organism given by the planet Neptune
enables its natives to receive mental messages from others. It is capable of great
negativeness, giving it capacity for reception, and is sensitive enough to perceive the
import of thought vibration. At the same time it has an inward power by which it can
send potent thought-forms to do its will, or through the faculty of imagination
impress its messages upon the minds of others. It is like the strings of a cello,
sensitive to impinging sounds and readily set vibrating by them, and at the same time
powerful to cause vibrations in other instruments. These qualities requisite for
thought-transference are indicated by Arcanum XI.


–Arcanum XI represents the energy liberated during the process of transmutation.
When the metals join, and the heat of the reverberatory furnace is applied, they flux
and reduce to the first matter before the alchemical transformation takes place. And
in this process heat, electricity, magnetism, and still finer forces are set free. These
forces, so generated, are not violent, and are so subtle that they would go entirely
unnoticed by the careless. Nevertheless, they are of great importance in the
alchemical process, and especially essential in the completion of the Great Work.


-The most notable reference to the principle pictured by Arcanum XI which occurs
in the Bible is the story of Samson. His strength lay in his purity and his virility; for
his mother was commanded while carrying him; Ju. 13: 14; “She may not eat
anything that cometh of the vine, neither let her drink wine nor strong drink, nor eat
any unclean thing.”

Samson slew the lion of Arcanum XI with his hands, and later took honey from its
carcass; honey being symbolically the nourishment the spiritual body receives from
that creative purity represented by the highest work of the bee. In other words,
Samson overcame his animal nature; and the bees, or creative attributes, utilized his
virile powers to build up spiritual strength.

So long as Samson was pure his strength was boundless, but when he fell into sin his
strength departed. Ju. 16:5; “And the lords of the Philistines came up unto her, and
said unto her, Entice him, and see wherein his great strength lieth, and by what means
we may prevail against him, that we may bind him to afflict him, and we will give
thee, every one of us, ELEVEN hundred pieces of silver.”

The three times Samson was bound and easily broke his bondage signifies that the
power of purity prevails in physical, astral and spiritual realms. Hair is coincident
with the age when sexual virility is attained, and Samson having been unshaved since
his birth, indicates his natural ability, due to purity of life, to use his virile forces in a
constructive manner. But Delilah was a harlot, and robbed him of his purity, shaved
him of his constructive powers, and delivered him into the hands of his enemies, who
put out his eyes, or spiritual sight, and the spirit of the Law departed from him.


–The Masonic degree known as the Heroine of Jericho is founded upon Arcanum
XI. The scarlet line let down by the heroine, and the red handkerchief used in making
the sign of the degree, denote feminine power.

The story is that by means of this cord two spies from Israel made their escape from
their enemies in Jericho. It is symbolic of woman’s creative periods, and signifies the
spiritual escape from physical limitations that the higher use of their creative powers
will bring to man and woman. They are here alluded to as spies in a foreign land
because the physical plane which they occupy is a domain foreign to their spiritual


–In magic, Arcanum XI corresponds to thought-diffusion. This process, sometimes
used maliciously, and sometimes used unconsciously, is a dominant factor in our
political life, and is the means by which the so many occult absurdities and religious
imbecilities are kept alive and gain a following.

Some strong, self-willed individual elects himself leader, and formulates some
doctrine–political, occult, religious, or what not. This doctrine may, or may not,
contain much of truth; and it may be an earnest conviction, or merely the means by
which the leader hopes to further his own unscrupulous ambitions.

But in any case he attracts to himself other mentalities less dominant than his own,
who unite with him in promulgating this doctrine. The combined thought-force
radiates the thought-form of the doctrine outward with much force, and it reaches and
dominates a number of receptive minds. These, in turn, convinced the doctrine is
true, even though they have never subjected it to keen analysis, add their thoughts to
the thought-form group. And in this manner, the dominant power of the
thought-form overpowering reason through emotional energy, a chain is formed
extending from the leader as the positive pole, through various links, to the masses as
the negative pole.

Every additional person who accepts the doctrine and becomes its proponent makes
its power stronger. As a snowball gains in size as it rolls down hill; so the
thought-power of such a group of thoughts gains strength with each new adherent.

The viciousness of this thought-diffusion process is that it works so subtly. It attacks
the unconscious minds of people quite unknown to themselves. The vast
thought-power gives an emotional trend to the unconscious minds of the people it
reaches, and this emotional element is often sufficiently strong to override any
tendency to use reason or to bring to bear the critical faculties.

Thought-diffusion, minus the chain effect, is the kind of power used by a
high-pressure salesman to sell a customer something for which the customer has no
earthly use. But as employed by statecraft or by priestcraft, with the chain effect, it is
used to sell the populace whatever ideas those in authority wish people to accept.
And these ideas, all too often, are those that support decaying theological dogmas,
those that keep people subservient to their exploiting rulers, or which cause
Occidental students to accept, in spite of their logical absurdities, certain mystical
follies from the Orient as a part of the real Secret Doctrine.

The real adept never utilizes such methods; and the only image he radiates
systematically is his own ideal of himself in greater perfection than he has yet
attained; and this ideal he receives through reflection, from his mate.


–In the soul’s initiation Arcanum XI represents the spiritual and psychic powers that are the
outcome of the neophyte’s occult training.

His training, as well as the general trend of his life, has been to give greater
refinement to his body, his thoughts, and his feelings. And as this change, denoted by
Arcanum XI takes place, he becomes increasingly more potent to use his spiritual
and astral powers; for the power of a force depends upon the plane from which it
emanates, and the finer the organism the finer the force which it is capable of
receiving and transmitting.

This refinement and training also increase the sensitivity of the psychic senses,
enabling him to register and interpret vibrations quite outside the range of perception
of the less developed man.

As shown by Arcanum XI, the animal nature must be entirely subdued; but it
certainly must not be killed. Man is dependent for energy upon the attributes
developed while in the lower kingdoms; but these energies, to be spiritual, must be
diverted from animal expression into purely constructive channels. Not the
suppression of the animal nature is real purity, but the use of all energy, sexual energy
included, in channels which are constructive and aid others instead of merely
benefiting self.

This Arcanum does not represent the repression, or destruction of sex; for every
energy in existence is dependent for its potency upon polarity, or sex. The power of
an electric current depends upon the difference in potential; that is, the difference
between the positive pole and the negative pole. And a man or woman to be able to
exert any real power must be strongly sexed. The more feminine a woman is, and the
more masculine a man is, the more power they possess. The mistake here must not be
made, however, of concluding that intellect and will are strictly masculine qualities.
Mercury is convertible, and not the exclusive property of either sex. A woman may
be an intellectual genius and still be strongly feminine, and a man may have strong
tender emotions and still be masculine. But to have great power, as amply
demonstrated by the outstanding people of the world’s history, the individual must
be strongly sexed.

Things have been accomplished by hermaphrodites; that is, by those of dual sex; but an
investigation of such accomplishment discloses that these hermaphrodites were merely
the mediumistic and negative instruments through which some other strongly sexed
intelligence was able to manifest. The lack of individuality, the lack of character, and the
lack of sex, alike give easy access to some dominant force, and encourage the expression
of a multiple personality. But it hinders the development of individuality, makes for the
disintegrative phases of mediumship, and precludes real soul development. Real power
depends upon an energy controlled by the individual, and this energy has great
dependence upon sex; but if it is a real power it must be projected from a high plane and
only into constructive channels.

Occult Science

–By divination the attention of the unconscious mind is directed to obtaining
information which is not readily accessible to the objective consciousness through
external channels. The psychic senses, thus directed, perceive the information
sought. This information then resides in the astral brain like a memory. Then,
through the divinatory process, whatever it may be, this memory residing now in the
unconscious mind, is brought up into objective consciousness to be utilized in
everyday affairs.

King Court Cards See Page 4

–Strictly speaking the king, queen and youth of each suit have a numerical value of
10 each; for they represent all of humanity, both men and women, as born under the
twelve zodiacal signs. See Page 4.

Man alone, or woman alone, is represented by the number 5; but each king not merely
signifies a man of given temperament, but also, when reversed, a woman of that
temperament, thus giving two 5s, or 10 for the whole card. Either the king, the queen,
or the youth, is numerically 10.

The kings represent the first degree of emanation of each zodiacal triplicity; the
queens represent the reaction, or second degree of emanation of each triplicity; and
the youths or product of action and reaction, represent the third degree of emanation
of each triplicity.

The horsemen, however, do not represent people, but the thoughts of people.
Thoughts are ruled by Arcanum I; therefore, each horseman has a numerical value of

The King of Scepters signifies a person ruled by the sign Aries: fiery, headstrong,
ambitious, courageous and energetic. Right way up it denotes an Aries man; reversed
it indicates an Aries woman. The dominant idea is I AM.

The King of Swords signifies a person ruled by the sign Taurus: reserved, sullen and
practical. Right way up it denotes a Taurus man; reversed it indicates a Taurus
woman. The dominant idea is I HAVE.

The King of Coins signifies a person ruled by the sign Gemini: intelligent, restless,
volatile and fickle. Right way up it denotes a Gemini man; reversed it indicates a
Gemini woman. The dominant idea is I THINK.

The King of Cups signifies a person ruled by the sign Cancer: mild, reserved,
home-loving and pleasant. Right way up it denotes a Cancer man; reversed it
indicates a Cancer woman. The dominant idea is I FEEL.

The Martyr–Arcanum XII

–Letter: Egyptian, Luzain; Hebrew, Lamed; English, L. Number, 12.
Astrologically, the zodiacal sign Pisces. Color, the darker shades of purple. Tone,
low A. Occult science, natural alchemy. Human function, sensing the spiritual
aromas. Natural remedy, such herbs as mosses which grow in the water, ferns and
seaweed. Mineral, the talismanic gem peridot; and such stones as sand, gravel,
pumice and coral.

L–12 expresses in the spiritual world the revealed law.

In the intellectual world, the precept of duty.

In the physical world, sacrifice.

Remember, then, son of earth, that sacrifice is a divine law from which none is
exempt; but expect any ingratitude from men. Always hold thy soul in readiness to
render its account to the eternal. If Arcanum XII should appear in the prophetic signs
of thy horoscope, a violent death will spread its snares upon the way. But if the world
attempts thy earthly life do not die without accepting with resignation this decree of
God, and pardon thy cruelest enemies; for whosoever does not forgive here below
will be condemned in the next life to eternal solitude.

In Divination, Arcanum XII may be read as Sacrifice or Expiation.

Arcanum XII is figured by a man suspended by one foot from a gallows which is
supported by two trees, each having six cut branches. His hands are tied together,
forming a down-pointing triangle, above which one leg crosses the other in the form
of a cross. From the hands gold pieces drop to the earth.

It is the sign of a violent death, coming unexpectedly by accident, or in the expiation
of a crime, or accepted voluntarily through heroic devotion to truth and justice.

The twelve cut branches indicate the destruction of the twelve houses of the
horoscope, signifying the extinction of life.

The cross above the triangle, a symbol the reverse of that on Arcanum IV, indicates
that material forces have gained the ascendency and subdued the mind.

The coins dropping upon the earth signify wasted effort and the ebbing of the life
forces. They also indicate that the efforts of the martyr who loses his life in
furthering truth and justice are never lost, but remain on earth after he has passed.
Ideals as yet unrealized persist in the astral about the earth until they contact some
other person through whom they find suitable and more complete expression.


–Numerically, 12 being the second decave of 3, may be represented by Arcanum III
expressing on the vibratory level indicated by Arcanum II. That is, union expressing
on the negative plane, the result of which is depicted by Arcanum XII.

But it also has another aspect; for union may also be on the plane of science, as
denoted by Arcanum II. And thus considered, Arcanum XII indicates that the science
of union rests upon sacrifice and devotion; for selfishness is the antithesis of higher
union. This thought, however, is perhaps better expressed by adding 3 and 9 to
indicate union guided by wisdom; while the adverse significance is more completely
denoted by 6 plus 6, indicating trials upon trials. The 8 plus 4 aspect is better; for it
reads, justice realized.


–As the sign Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and rules the house of self-undoing,
of expiation and crime, as well as sacrifice and disappointment, the astrological
correspondence with Arcanum XII is obvious.

Human Function

–As a symbol of religious devotion, or for the expiation of sin, it was anciently the
custom to offer a sacrifice unto the Lord, or universal law. This taking of life and
offering it upon the altar of expiation was to be a sweet savor unto the Lord. But its
higher import was the implication of the sacrifice of the animal part of one’s nature
upon the altar of devotion to cosmic welfare, and that such sacrifice, through the
aspirations which prompt it, nourishes the spiritual nature. Such exalted emotions, in
addition to building a spiritual body, cause radiations to emanate from a man similar
to those spiritual aromas which can alone be apprehended by the psychic senses.


–Because life is short and the processes of the alchemical art take time, the variety
of the ingredients which enter into transmutation becomes limited. Some such
ingredients, therefore, which, had we more time, might be used successfully must be
Sacrificed to the need of other ingredients. Thus are we compelled to exercise choice
in their selection. This choice should be made only after careful analysis has revealed
the quality of each, the effort at all times being made to retain that which already is far
advanced and truly useful. When such a choosing becomes imperative the grosser
metal must be Sacrificed that we may retain the more refined.


–Arcanum XII pictures Judas after he repented. Math. 27:5; “And he cast down the
pieces of silver in the temple, and he went and hanged himself.”

It also symbolizes the fig tree that was cursed for not being fruitful. Mark 11:20;
“And in the morning, as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots.”

The other aspect of this symbol is that of voluntary sacrifice instead of expiation.
This is exemplified in the persecution and violent death of the apostles, and also in
the conversion of the rich publican, Zacchaeus. In mythology it is Prometheus
undergoing perpetual torment for his immortal theft of the divine fire from heaven
with which to benefit humanity.


–Arcanum XII is represented by the ritual in the Christian Mark degree where
the Grand Ministers execute the Judgment of the Lord and the candidate bewails
his fate because his lips are unclean. Before conferring the mark, in some
obediences, a live coal is taken from the altar and pressed to the candidate’s lips to
signify expiation.


–Arcanum XII symbolizes the certain fate that ever follows those who use magical
powers without discrimination. The cross above the triangle signifies that the
magician has become the servant of the very elemental forces he sought to master.
The practice of magic, unless with wisdom and unselfishness, inevitably leads to
tragedy. And those who attempt to use sex in magic to attain selfish power merely
fasten upon themselves evil elementaries that often force them to follow the example
of Judas Iscariot and commit suicide in their attempt to get free from them.

The benefic side of the arcanum is this exposition of magical law: “Give all thou hast of
breath, of power, or life, in just duty and lawful motive; expire honestly the corrupted or
contaminated matter; and you shall instantly be filled with the celestial fire and become


–Arcanum XII indicates the neophyte’s absolute devotion to the cause of truth and
progress. It exemplifies the summons of the Nazarene: “Go thy way, sell whatsoever
thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasures in heaven; and come,
take up thy cross, and follow me.” Henceforth the struggling soul takes no thought
what it shall gain personally by its efforts, but devotes its energy to assisting in the
progressive evolution of creation; sacrificing life itself if necessary in the cause of
truth and justice.

Occult Science

–Natural alchemy embraces those processes which take place slowly in nature, but
which man can hasten and utilize for himself if he possesses sufficient knowledge.
To this end, therefore, he studies all the transformations that have taken place in the
world; physical, biological, mental and religious, that he may perceive just what
nature has thus accomplished. Having arrived at a comprehensive knowledge thus of
relations of things to each other and to himself, he utilizes this information to bring
those transmutations to pass which, in this new wisdom, he now most desires.

The Horoscope Spread

–The diagram on page 140 illustrates the principle that four signs always express
the absolute and are explained by the fifth. The diagram on page shows how the five
must move in a medium expressed by four signs, thus completing the number of
deific manifestation, 9. But when we consider man, we find him the medium through
which stellar forces act. So considered, the signs reverse and he is represented by
cells 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9 in the diagram of page .

Furthermore, we know that everything possessing life is a trinity of positive,
negative, and union, so that each of the active cells, 7, 1, 3, 5, shown in chapter 1
expands into a trine as indicated by the diagram on page. These are the twelve houses
of life constituting a horoscope.

To use the diagram as a tarot spread the cards are dealt one by one upon the houses of
the horoscope in the order indicated by the numbers in the diagram. The reading is
used to foretell the near future of every department of life of the one making the
consultation. The card falling upon any house of the chart will reveal the fortune of
those things ruled by that house astrologically. The cards should be turned over only
as read.

Trine 1–6–11 is the trine of life. 1 relates to personal things and health. 6 is the life
of the mind, governing philosophy, publishing, and travel. 11 is the life of posterity,
ruling children, love affairs, pleasures, and speculation.Trine 2–7–12 is the trine of power. 2 is the power to attract honor and authority,
ruling business, credit, and reputation. 7 is the power given by environment,
governing sickness, servants, and labor. 12 is the power of wealth, ruling cash and
personal property.

Trine 3–8–9 is the social trine. 3 is the society of partners, and rules the husband or
wife, open enemies, and law suits. 8 is the society of kindred and thoughts, governing
brethren, studies, writing, and short journeys. 9 is the society of associates, ruling
friends and hopes.

Trine 4–10–5 is the trine of concealed things. 4 is the environment more or less
concealed, ruling the home, real estate, and the end of life. 10 is the concealed things
of death and fatality, ruling legacies and the partner’s money. 5 is the concealed
afflictions, governing disappointments, restrictions, and secret enemies.

A good card falling on any house signifies good luck in that department of life, and an
evil card on a house signifies evil luck will come from the things it rules, the nature
being shown by the card.”

Everything that has been, is, or will be, has its foundation and is built up, in four

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