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Corona Borialis

The Great Cycle of the Sun finds the Solar Orb traveling through the Decanate of Corona Borealis from September 13 to September 23. This picture of the Crown of Twelve Iron Spikes represents the afflictions of each sign of the Zodiac. It is also a symbol of our Victory over the lessons to be learned by each individual as they transform the energies provided by their birth charts as part of the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. Each of us has to choose the life of the Spirit over the ambitions of the material world and how to balance these areas of our lives. The ability to Analyze our choices is outlined by the Mercury function of the Sign Virgo. The last decanate of the Sign Virgo, the decanate in which the Sun is in at this time, is characterized by the Key Phrase “Those who would live the life of the Spirit, Here and now upon this earth, Seen and Known by all Sentient Creatures, Must have fortitude in Times of Adversity. ” I use the term Sentient Creatures instead of the generic term men because we are inspired to serve Universal Welfare not just those in Human form. We have the Stewardship of those below us in the line of evolution and we must be accountable to those who are ahead of us. There are many stories of how those who choose the life of the Spirit have been afflicted. Two of the most inspiring to me are the story of Haipatia and her refusal to be intimidated by those who were trying to suppress the Teachings she gave at the College in Alexandria. The second is that of a Saint of the early Piscean Age whom when he was imprisoned with no possibility of release, by a trial where the lies of others about him caused his conviction, sang the praises of the Divine for all that he was given. The Story told by, The Prophet for the Aquarian Age, in Spiritual Astrology by C.C. Zain is that of Job, a tale from more ancient times grafted into the Bible. Job is not an original tale there are Babylonian and Egyptian versions that are older. These Wisdom tales show that the spirit of “The Religion of the Stars” was present in other cultures and that the writers of the Torah borrowed the story from a more ancient source. “Job was an unusually devout man who had prospered exceedingly in all ways and gave constant praise to God for his many blessings. But there came a day when the sons of God came before the Lord, and as so frequently happens on earth when good people gather together, Satan came among them. In the Hebrew it is “the Accuser” Ha-Satan. This meaning is more appropriate to the Wisdom Religion. It is well known that Virgo can be very critical and Saturn is always trying to get a better bargain by running down the merchandise of those from who the purchase is being made. “And the Lord said unto Satan, whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro on the earth and from walking up and down on it.” Thus was such an answer as might be expected at this day. In the course of the conversation, which followed, the Lord pointed out to Satan what a fine man Job proved to be. But Satan, like some people, who glory in tearing apart the merits of all who receive commendation, was unwilling to admit the worthiness of ANYONE. This is a typical ploy by those of low self-esteem and of a Saturn nature to run down all that is not theirs. Who do you know that is always critical (Virgo) of others and has no good word to say about ANYONE. The first person we need to examine is ourselves with the discriminating ability of Virgo. So a test was arranged and Satan was to have power over Job in all things except that he must not touch his Health. Thereupon, in one catastrophe after another, Job lost his property and his children, until he had nothing left. But with the Wisdom of those conversant with Spiritual Alchemy he maintained that these things were merely given to him to use so long as it served the Lord’s purpose. The verse is ” Shall we receive the good at the hand of God, and not receive the bad?”

Satan was much chagrined at the outcome of the trial. As might be expected of Satan, he whined around that it had not been a fair trial. In a real test the man’s health also must be subject to affliction for after all it was not much of a blow, no matter what a man lost so long as he kept hearty and well. Thus was arranged a second trial in which Satan should do anything he desired to Job so long only as he spared his life. Thus it was that Job’s friends turned against him, that he broke out from head to foot with boils, and that one misery after another came to afflict him and in his Wisdom he gave voice, among other things to the oft’ quoted thought: “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.” In Job’s case much of his spiritual life was motivated by fear of retribution so the chemical reaction to the emotion of fear seems to have depleted his adrenaline supply to a point where he was unable to resist infection. To fear a thing is to hold its image vividly in the mind and to feed that image mental energy. It thus creates a thought-form which has a certain power, acting from the Inner Plane, to attract into the life the things thus thought about. In his time of afflictions Job’s friends held forth the oriental doctrine that man’s lot in this world is determined by his morality, and that the Lord must be punishing him thus for grievous sins. But Job held that even the afflictions he suffered were for some good purpose. How many of us truly feel with conviction that all our pain and suffering are for some good purpose? When Job comes to realize God purpose he says ” I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you.” In our philosophy individuals are under going training to fit them for different functions in the Cosmic Organization unfolding from the Divine Plan. Accomplishment of any kind implies the ability to overcome difficulties. People who have never had hard problems to solve are unable to solve hard problems when suddenly presented. Afflictions, therefore, as Job discerned, are not bestowed by heaven to punish man for sin, but to indicate that we have lessons to learn. When we learn a lesson we will triumph over the affliction as Job did in the end; and receives the Iron Crown of Corona Borealis. The way we Triumph when we are in devotion to The Divine Plan often leads to the relinquishment of fond desires. Those born while the Sun is in this last decanate of Virgo so frequently must hear this call, the Key-Word to realize it full meaning is Renunciation. You should try to repeat the Meditation for this Decanate of Corona Borealis when a difficult problem confronts you. Then turn your attention toward manifesting it in your life. Try as Job did to see it with your eye and not just hear it. Try to use all those things provided to inspire your thoughts.

Those who would live the Life of the Spirit, Here and Now upon this Earth, Seen and Known of all Sentient Creatures must Have fortitude in times of Adversity.

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