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Declaration of Spiritual Freedom

Spiritual Freedom is the ability to direct your feelings and thoughts into the most constructive activities you can understand in the present state of your Knowledge of your Being. In this article we will discuss some of the difficulties in making it possible to direct yourself in a manner that increases your satisfaction with your life.The term “submundane atoms of life” is defined by hermetic philosophy as an Independent intelligence capable of acting on its own initiative to satisfy its own desires. The term “thought cell” is a concept invented by Elbert Benjamine writing under the pen name C.C. Zain when writing the Brotherhood of Light lesson for the Church of Light between 1915 and 1945. This term was used by Benjamine to denote the smallest parts of the Soul. Benjamine’s theory says the Soul is a thought built body. Those who study Hermetic Philosophy, in our opinion, have a problem with connecting the thought cell and submundane atoms as being in the same class of intelligence and how much they influence you. These two classes of intelligence are components of the Unconscious Mind or Soul. The Soul is a thought built body that exists on another plane or higher Velocity realm that connects with our body by the Electro-magnetic energy of the physical body generated by the physical cells and nervous system. When a practitioner of this system of astrology, alchemy and Magic as set forth by the Hermetic Teachings of Elbert Benjamine does not understand this concept it is difficult for them to give a scientific reading of the Horoscope or adequately practice any other branches of these arts. You must also use the Astro-Physical influences diagram or they cannot do a truly professional job of scientific delineation of a horoscope or assisting the client. Benjamine states in Delineating The Horoscope that “Physical data of precision and scope often are not at hand to make a correct appraisal of the specific condition or event indicated; and if such details are correctly to be given extra-sensory perception must be employed.” (Page 37 Last eighteen Decanates Analyzed OS) Benjamine makes it clear in the Course on Divination of his lessons that any instrument may be used for divination, crystal balls or tea leaves but that the Horoscope is the best Instrument for divining the future events of a person. This is not a scientific reading of a horoscope.

The writing by Benjamine from 1915 to the late 1920’s and early 1930’s did not have the completed astrological research that was available in the late 1930’s. The Lessons first complete writing was finished in 1934. The introduction of the Astro-physical interaction diagram in the early 1940s was the result of the experience of the research department on case histories studies from 1915 to 1940. This experience caused a new terminology to develop that was not consolidated in a new revision of the writings by the passing of the author in 1951. Some of the new terminology is in the Alchemy books but it is not in the Astrology books in a completed form with detailed reasoning and Delineation. The evolution of these concepts in the late 1940’s causes some difficulty in the beginning students understanding of how to give a scientific astrology reading with this system. Benjamine wrote many articles in Astrology Magazines, including the Rising Star and the Church of Light Quarterly that explained the new thinking. But it was not completely explained in the lessons with the use of carefully delineated case histories with the Astro-Physical Diagram. For students not familiar with this diagram it appears in the C. of L. Cyclopedia in the sections on When and What events will Happen and Vocational Selection. The parts of the Astro-Physical Interaction Diagram are A: The Character Mapped by the Birth Chart, B: Special Conditioning by Events Since Birth, C; Volume and Trend of particular Progressed Aspects, D: Volume and Trend of All Other Progressed Aspects, including Transits, E: Resistance Offered by Physical Environment, F: Effort at Control based on Knowledge of Progressed Aspects, G: Evolutionary Level. Further Benjamine says “In all problems relating to the events (using the personal Horoscope) which come into the life- and the practice of a given vocation is no exception – each of the above seven factors should receive attention as playing a significant part.” In this article we would like to try to start the process of clarifying the your understanding of “Thought Cells & Sub-Mundane Atoms” and how they affect the delineation of personal horoscopes with the Astro-Physical Diagram.

The concept of what is consciousness is an underlying assumption which Benjamine defines in his categories of definition in Course V, Esoteric Psychology, page 8 OS (OS is the printing before the current editions where re-typeset in the 1980’s) “because in it resides the sum total of consciousness, including that which connects up with the physical brain to express as Objective consciousness, it should be understood that the Mind, the Soul, the Character and the Unconscious Mind of an individual are one and the same thing.” How do electrical processes of our physical brain create our self-consciousness? How does this process, no matter how many brain cells are firing create self-consciousness? The arguments of Holographic or quantum jumps are not sufficient. Many scientists negate the materialist doctrine that the brain is the seat of consciousness. They take the position that the brain is just the receiver of a signal. One is Richard L. Gregory in “Mind in Science” Cambridge University Press 1981. The process of developing Self-consciousness in a human is created by birth with all the bodies, Physical, Electromagnetic, Astral (thought cells with animal conditioning Animal Soul and Sub-Mundane Atoms controlling the processes of the physical body) Spiritual Body, Divine soul and Spiritual Ego. This is the Theology of Hermetic Philosophy. The subject of consciousness will be dealt with at another time but we wish the reader to be aware of the implications of this system of consciousness. The physical brain is simply a signal system not the seat of or the repository of the Total consciousness. The Soul as Benjamine defines it is “all the states of consciousness” so I would like to consider the term invented by R. Glasgow “Holocosm” as an substitute noun which includes the entirety of all the bodies and states of consciousness. This term as a noun implies more than just the part of the Soul close to the physical body. In Course V, Esoteric Psychology, it states on page 30 OS “Objective Consciousness is not something apart from the Unconscious Mind. It is present when the unconscious mind is able to impart the energy of some of its Thought-cells and thought groups to the electric energies which flow over the nervous system in such a volume that it sets up similar vibratory disturbances in the physical brain. The variety of thought energies that the brain at one time can thus receive and handle is quite limited.” This is being verified by the experiments in brain waves that show how the electrical energies can be detected before the thoughts become conscious in the brain of the person. When we talk about the awareness of a thought it is the part of the Soul/Holocosm we call the Soul’s/Holocosm’s Self-Consciousness that can manifest in the physical brain. The part that knows who it is as a separate being, Jim, Nancy or whatever name we call our selves. This is also the part that starts the process of Directed Thinking and Induced Emotion. Our Soul/Holocosm’s Self-Consciousness decides as best it can what to do. Emotions are also part of this process of making a decision. How they influence the process depends on the conditioning our thought cell structures. When the President sends a bill to congress it must be passed by a majority. If there is too much resistance in the thought-cell/sub-mundane groups it will not happen. This is the metaphysical explanation of unconscious resistance to changes in behavior. When we decide to go on a diet the thought-cells and sub-mundane atoms begin to rebel and cause you to be hungry etc.

Benjamine describes the relationship of the sub-mundane atoms to thoughts Cells in Course XIX, Organic Alchemy, on page 29. “These so-called sub-mundane entities, which also include thought-cells, are the lesser member of an organization over which man is rightfully the ruler.” This makes it clear that they are both in the same class of entity “independent intelligences” that is part of the constitution of any living creature in the physical world. We wish to make those aware who study our system that they have intelligence and try to get their desires fulfilled. The ones with the most energy are the ones who dominate the thoughts and emotions, which cause actions and trends in the thinking on the part of the individual.

We take the position that: two mantrams and the One Law are a condensed version of Hermetic teachings. The first Mantram is “Aphorosmata of the Logos” as presented in Course VI, The Sacred Tarot, which provides the neophyte an opportunity for the realization of the Cycle of Necessity. The first line of the Aphorosmata is “What ever exists, exists as a whole, as God, or is a part, or Emanation from God.” The last line is “That which was parted from the whole, and has again returned to the Whole, is a part of the Whole, remains so forever as a blest spirit, and is the Law of Perfect Atonement.” This indicates that we are a part of Deity and after our journey is over we are aware of our source and work with the Divine Consciousness. The Hermetic Mantram, as presented in Course XXI, Personal Alchemy, gives the understanding of the purpose of the human form, which is to confer the state of Self-Consciousness. This Mantram also gives direction to the Self-Consciousness. Coupled with The Law of Correspondences “As Above So Below As on the Earth So in the Sky” as presented in Course II, Astrological Signatures, are the cores of Benjamines teachings. We would like to show some of the parallels these three principles of the Hermetic teachings have to the underlying philosophy of the New Atlantis or the United States of America. America’s destiny to be the leading Nation in the Aquarian Age is an important part of our premise that has its foundation laid in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. All are created Equal, is the underlying philosophy, the equality of the Aphorosmata of the Logos, that all are created by the Divine mind for a purpose in the Divine Plan. The Hermetic Mantram gives the freedom for each individual to work out their own destiny under the Law that greater ability is attained only by greater effort. The Law of Correspondence is the principle of Justice for All on an unbiased basis that is the cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution after the elimination of Slavery and biases against women. We would like to put emphasis on the parts of the Mantram that are not well defined in the minds of many of the students of this philosophy. Here are our key examples.

“3. I am assisting in the progressive evolution of creation, and in doing so my soul and its infinite possibilities are progressing (**meaning: moving toward but have not yet arrived) in proportion to my desire to use all my powers and possibilities in spirit and in truth. (**The key phrase is “in proportion”, meaning: The degree of progression of the powers of the soul and its infinite possibilities is measured by our desire to use them in spirit and in truth. So, the degree of your desires gauges your level of assistance in the evolution of creation.)

“4. My physical organism is my natural universe, over which I alone will rule. (**Key phrase: “will rule”, not “am ruling”) It is my material cloak, or garment, through which I will manifest the powers of my Divine Nature. (**Again, it is “I will manifest”, not “I am manifesting”.)

“5. I am progressing rapidly toward the subjugation of matter and the complete lordship over all sub-mundane atoms of life. (**”Progressing rapidly toward” means you haven’t yet arrived at the subjugation and complete lordship over matter and the sub-mundane atom of life.)

The Mantram as it refers to the subjugation issue of the sub-mundane atoms refers specifically to the astral body and the intelligent energies thus represented in this body. Remember the other bodies physical, astral, spiritual etc. The mentioning of the subjugation of the sub-mundane organizations is analogous to the transforming of the squares to sextiles, and oppositions to trines, that Benjamine refers to in his courses on alchemy. This information can be used as a portal into the energy intelligences that the horoscope represents in its symbols. Let us honor the Hermetic philosophy of Mr. Benjamine and move through this portal past the symbols of the horoscope into the four dimensional energy intelligences and environment. Let the new language of astrology communicate that it is the unconscious interchange of the astral minds of individuals that gives manifestation to the psychokinetic capacity to bring events into the life. The symbols of the horoscope from the houses to the planets to the aspects and the whole warp and woof of the astral symbology that the horoscope represents are a picture of your astral body as a submundane/thought cell congress with the harmonious groups of intelligences as well as inharmonious factions. The harmonious groups working to fulfill the desire of the self-conscious individual. The inharmonious groups fulfilling their desires whether in harmony or not with the needs of the whole run by the congress/astral Body. Individuals interchanging with other individuals cross penetrate their astral energy fields and form into highly complex communication between the submundane thought cell organizations of each other to a degree of complexity that creates the mostly unknown dialogue and interchange of the human species. This unknown dialogue that you are not aware of is how the “independent intelligences affect our thinking. When we become angry (Mars/thought-cells), or have a thought of superiority (Sun/thought-cells) or any of the so-called sins “Lust (Mars-Venus/thought-cells),gluttony (Saturn-Jupiter/thought-cells)etc.” these are the thought cells gaining their desires in thought and behavior.

The practices of recording dreams and keeping a personal journal are strongly recommended in Course V Esoteric Psychology. The careful keeping of a personal journal is not done by many of those who study astrology. Most astrologers that have learned the Hermetic system are practicing without the benefit of this process or full knowledge of their effect on clients or their own biases. Every psychologist who practices must work through their own process, learning some of their own “unknown Dialogue”, before working with patients. This process is a fairly complete analysis of how they think and what their biases are before they are allowed to practice. Astrologers have a better map and should have an easier time seeing their own biases with the use of the horoscope.

Benjamine is very clear that sub-mundane and thought-cell complexes create thoughts, emotions and affect our thinking processes. In our experience most beginning students of astrology have not thought through the “Truth of Appearances versus the Truth of Reality”. Most have ideas that are influenced by the inner plane desires of the sub-mundane thought-cell complexes. This is the reason most of us are in a state of mental slavery to these complexes. This leads to what psychologists refer to as infantile thinking as well as rationalization. When this process of conflict becomes too strong it is the source of psychosis. It is the source of most difficulties of perception of events by people with the thought cells in charge, causing rationalization. Most people are dominated by their own view of reality, in a sense like the Solipsist creating their world and not allowing for any other point of view. There is also the individual who represses their anger or emotion and think they are being spiritual. This is why a complete chapter in Esoteric Psychology is devoted to “Why Repression is not Morality”. There are a great many psychological studies on repression of our animal expressions and the consequences.

Most of us when we do a Tarot reading or Horoscope are not aware of our biases. In one of our ,both in watching our readings and others, experiences it was observed when we knew a persons chart that their own planetary biases influenced the reading. We know from studies of communications that each of us has lenses and filters that color our perceptions of the world. This becomes apparent from the dominance of the planets in a chart and how this type of thinking slants our view to these planets ruling our thinking not us. It takes a great amount of self-discipline and insight to change our conditioning as indicated by the Alchemy lessons of the Hermetic Teachings. It is our hope that this article will help people to be more aware of their thinking influences and have more ability to be free to make Spiritual Progress by learning more about how their thought processes are influenced by past conditioning and progressed planets of the horoscope. There are other influences not in the scope of this article called “thought forms” which control large numbers of people’s thinking and actions.

The goverment of the United States is a model of how we view the interaction of the Soul as outlined in Hermetic Philosophy. The Bill of Rights is the Law of Correspondence. The Aphorosmata of the Logos ,Declaration of Indepencence, is the condensed version of the Divine Plan. The Constitution represents the process of how we work to manifest our destiny. The Senate and House of Representatives are like the Thought Cells and the Sub-Mundane atoms. The House of Representatives/sub-Mundane atoms changes every two years. The food of the body changes the cells of the body with new physical cells and thus new Sub-Mundane atoms on a regular basis. Current thought on the body changing cells has come to light to help with this analogy. Certain New Age thinking says that the body changes its cells completely in 2 years although conservative thinking still says 7 years for the change. The Senate like the Thought-Cells is changing more slowly and only with effort on the part of the Will (President-Self consciousness) are new Senators elected. It takes a reconditioning effort to decide by directed thinking what type of thought cells with induced emotion need to be attracted rather than just letting them go on with business as usual. There are many parallels to our government and the make up of our astral constitution. If you are to have Spiritual Freedom you must work diligently at control of your emotions to serve you and Only Directed Thinking and Induced Emotion can give you this Freedom.

Though love’s kindle will last forever
My Mind can only conceive
True love can only be glimpses As the eyes of eternity blink.

These Lyrics are were provided by Donald Koen and we think they are well suited to the core of what we are trying to convey. Like all poetry, images are more easily understood than prose.

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