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Terror Events: An Astrological Perspective

Since the terror attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon on September 11th 2001 thinking people everywhere have been asking some very important questions. Something went terribly wrong, but exactly what? Saturn opposition Pluto in the sky caused a seismic shift in the way things were. The morally challenging times in which we live took a drastic turn for the worse. The quality of human life took a nosedive: and we now know that humanity’s secret enemies are a dangerous and deadly menace. Some dress in expensive business suits, others in army fatigues, yet all pose a threat to human welfare. The corporate criminal, the environmental terrorist, the hate-merchant, kidnapper, plane hijacker, drug baron and gangster are all ruled by Lower-Pluto. Since September 11th much has been written about terrorism and the terrorist mind-set – the psychology that motivates `terror’ behaviour. Hate and terror are out there, but how do we render them harmless? And there’s no room for error. This article will provide an astrological perspective on both the terror attacks of September11th and the mind-set motivating terrorist behaviour. The astrological evidence presented will permit an accurate evaluation of the current `terror’ situation. But first some comments by Elbert Benjamine.

`It was apparent, long ago, to both the Brethren of Light on the inner plane and to astrological students on the outer plane, that the passing of the equinox from Pisces back into Aquarius would bring political upheavals and a pronounced change in views relative to religion. The Piscean Age of belief must make way for the Aquarian Age of knowledge. It was a foregone conclusion that the religious beliefs of the world would be profoundly changed. The only question was, in what direction would they swing.’

`Aquarius has two rulers, Saturn and Uranus. In so far as the Saturn influence becomes dominant will the religion of the Aquarian Age tend toward materialism. It will be based on facts, but as the influence of Saturn is to restrict and curtail, the facts considered will be limited to physical life and the material plane. And this philosophy of atheistic materialism if widely accepted will encourage selfishness, breed ruthlessness and lead to the extermination of the human race.’

`But Uranus is an upper-octave planet, and is the special planet of astrology. Therefore, in so far as its influence becomes dominant will the religion of the Aquarian Age swing towards the Religion of the Stars. It will be based on facts, but the facts of both planes. Instead of restricting, Uranus tends toward liberty. It will encourage whatever economic system will conduce most to freedom from want, but it will not, as does Saturn exact the price of slavery as payment for material comfort. The power of the better side of Uranus is exerted toward delivering humanity from bondage to want and fear. It seeks to provide everyone with freedom of expression and freedom of religion.’

Elbert Benjamine spoke these words on July 27th, 1947 at the Fifteenth International Church of Light Convention in Los Angeles, California. At this Convention Fred H. Skinner, on behalf of the Church of Light membership, presented E. B. with a watch to commemorate the completion of his writing the 21 Brotherhood of Light courses. Because of the many truths contained in these lessons Elbert Benjamine went on to stress the importance of getting the teachings of the Religion of the Stars disseminated as widely as possible. He acknowledged that at this time only a small minority of people had become sufficiently polarized to the Aquarian vibration, but as time passes more and more people will be ready to receive the information – if they have access to it. In conclusion he stressed that the world in the future will depend on the Church of Light and its members to deliver it from the soul annihilating doctrines of materialism. A tremendously important task he described as gigantic.

Fifty-four years later we are in a position to assess just how things are going. But first I wish to stress that how I view the current world situation is based on my particular bias. Your bias will be different to mine. I am well aware that some people think the world is in good shape. If you’ve got a job, lots of money and a roof over your head you’re doing fine. Some people praise science because it provides medical hope and technological miracles; and some praise the corporations because they provide employment, cheap goods and big dividends. These people simply express a personal bias. A personal perspective always views a situation, and the solution to a problem, in a manner that suits its bias. When it comes to the important issues personal bias is always the big trap. And a selfishness (Lower-Pluto, Saturn) bias is the biggest trap of all.

All will agree that we live in politically turbulent times and that pronounced changes are affecting the religious agenda. Aquarian Age knowledge has caused the Church to re-assess many of its beliefs. In many respects it struggles to adjust itself to the liberated Aquarian-Age environment. Educated people prefer to think (Mercury) and this means they have less need to believe (Pisces). They want religious facts not old-age religious fictions. New-age knowledge is destroying most of our Piscean beliefs. The Church still clings to a `soul’ that survives death, even though science can prove that no such life force exists, or is needed. Religion continues to exert a powerful moral force although the promise of eternal damnation in hell seems to have lost its capacity to enforce goodness; And while Pope John Paul claims `Science has the brain, religion has the mind’, science counters – the mind is created by the genes! For the past 100 years science has made an all out attack on the Church and God yet, to the astonishment of the scientific community, both are doing just fine. In the age of science our old Piscean Age religions are still exerting a powerful moral goodness. But all things considered, it seems to me that materialism, and the mountain of scientific evidence that explains life in electro-chemical terms, is having an adverse influence on our Piscean Age religious beliefs. The Church and science remain openly hostile to the occult, astrology and ESP, and science has a dread response to conscious life after physical death, simply because these beliefs don’t suit their religious or scientific bias. The Church has a shameful (moral) past and its wealth from playing the financial and share markets is staggering: And science has backed itself into a materialistic corner where it is forced to explain `life’ by physical processes that the eye must be able to see.

When considering Uranus, Elbert Benjamine seems to have underestimated the religious power of technology. The religion of technology has millions of worshippers. The congregation worships rugged individualism, high-tech gadgetry, genetic engineering and computer games. Technology is revolutionizing life and death. The current Uranus transit of Aquarius stimulated a new-age technological revolution. Uranus, the change agent, in Aquarius accelerated the pace of technological change. Yet change is not on the religious agenda. Uranus in my opinion is not having a liberation influence on the world’s traditional religions. The Church continues to impose and dictate: it continues to restrict and curtail personal liberty. In the age of change, religion’s traditional (inner-plane) teachings – its visions of Heaven – remain the same. The religious agenda runs on fear (Saturn) and Uranus seems powerless to liberate us from the mental slavery imposed by its fearful religious teachings.

Saturn’s fear of poverty drives the economic agenda on an international, national and personal level and Uranus has not liberated us from our bondage to fear and want. Most remain shackled by their fear of financial want although Uranus has liberated some people from this soul-destroying behaviour. Many of the mega-rich, unable to liberate themselves from their fear of poverty thoughts, strive to make more and more money. They do not understand that poverty is simply a state mind: And that more money won’t free them from their nagging feelings of insecurity. On the other hand, autotelic people need few material possessions and little entertainment, comfort, power and fame simply because so much of what they do provides them with high-satisfaction emotional rewards. These people experience high-satisfaction mental states doing what they do and are less dependent on the external environment for their internal rewards. The pleasure-satisfaction reward they feel when doing what they love to do liberates them from their bondage to fear and want. This behaviour provides an important clue for those wishing to liberate themselves from their fear-bondage to money and material possessions.

On the international stage both Saturn and Uranus are putting their distinct trademarks on the new-age economic agenda: they’re doing a debt-defying dance. Most of us pay for our material comforts by becoming debt-slaves to the banks. The free-trade agenda (Uranus and Jupiter) is self-interest motivated (Saturn). Some people dream that Uranus and his technology will liberate them from the greatest fear of all – death. The new-age materialist claims that eternal (physical) life simply requires the duplication of the brain – and desperately hopes that technology will do this, preferably before she dies!

Finally, it seems to me, that in an Age that glorifies the body (and not the mind) that our rational thinking is bound to be infantile and misguided. And most of the world’s politicians and economists claim to be rational thinkers. In Spiritual Astrology, C.C. Zain in The Story of the Three Bears explains that Electra went beyond mere desire for the tangible things of life and formed such an intimate attachment and persistent longing for the material things of life that it veiled the light of their transitory nature from her inner sight. Like many who have formed too strong a love for that which is mortal, she wandered in the region of cold intellect (Mercury), and found her final abode in the lair of the icy giant, Reason. Mercury’s rational thought (instigated by Lower-Pluto) is a big barrier to spiritual enlightenment, (Mercury is exactly square Pluto in the 1988 Pluto Cycle chart); and its spiritual thought and spiritual thinkers that the world now needs. Rational thought is devoid of emotion. It employs cold hard logic. Emotion is deliberately held in abeyance and does not influence the decision being made. Rational thought is fine, but it should understand that it has limitations and, very often, destructive consequences.

What Elbert Benjamine didn’t comment on in his 1947 speech was Lower-Pluto’s influence on the world’s political and religious affairs. And over the past 50 years Lower-Pluto has dominated the mundane political-religious agenda. The cold war, the grab as much as you can for yourself mentality, globalization, corporate control, crime and gambling are all Lower-Pluto inspired and the alcohol and drug abuse is simply Lower-Pluto’s way of trying to escape the mental pain.

Who or what is Lower-Pluto? In Astrology Lower-Pluto refers to a highly dangerous and destructive thought-force that is ruled by the planet, Pluto. This thought-force is intent on the destruction of God’s Great Evolutionary Plan. It has a very low, self-centered, self-seeking, selfish vibratory rate and proactively seeks souls having a similar potential to carry out its diabolical deeds on planet Earth. The thought force is dedicated to self, death and annihilation. Lower-Pluto is proactive, energetic, ruthless and forceful. He attains his ends by secrecy, which keeps the people in the dark; and fear, which keeps them frightened and apathetic.

This thought-force while possessing a high degree of selfishness and hate poses no danger to the average individual having normal moral values. But those souls who slip downwards into a selfish-hate lifestyle, and those who feel no contrition when it comes to preying on their fellow man, become easy targets for Lower-Pluto’s astral gangsters. Working from the astral plane the thought-force contacts the unsuspecting soul, who remains oblivious to the astral gangster who is manipulating his thoughts and behaviour. This always occurs under a Pluto progression that makes contact with an astral criminal easy. The real problem is that Lower-Pluto is too subtle to be noticed.

The Nature of the Beast: T.H. Burgoyne in Light of Egypt provides an occult reality check. `In the first place, this orb (Lower-Pluto) possesses a complete organization of its own. (It’s an independent thought-force) governed by well defined laws, the nature of which may be known only too well by patiently observing the merciless instincts of the lower animal nature as manifested in man; where the moral consciousness is absolutely wanting. It is these creatures, who are treacherous beings, who produce the greatest portion of suffering and misery which afflicts humanity. They are the active Occult agents of that potent fraternity within the spiritual world which has its external expression and correspondence in the brotherhood known upon the Earth as the “Black Magi”.and the schools of Black magic, vice and crime.’

`From.the astral realms .the spirit of lies, murder, crime, fraud and religious imposture is first formulated and then projected to the earthly fraternity as the means of its continued existence (on Earth). From thence, these unseen Occult currents penetrate the innermost recesses of the human mind, and possess the soul to such an extent, that deep down in the heart of man; no matter how pure and disinterested he (or she) may appear; their lurks the slimy reptile of selfishness.

In occult circles Pluto was originally known as `The Dark Satellite’. Burgoyne claims that to understand the nature and functions of Lower-Pluto it is absolutely necessary to understand the nature and function of the animal soul. When this is understood, he wrote, it will then be seen that this dark, magnetic orb constitutes the grand center of focus of the Earth’s animal force: In other words, it is the realm of the undeveloped good in Nature, whose terrible motto is embraced in the word SELF.

Burgoyne claims that the manner in which this dark magnetic energy is projected from the organized thought-force on the astral planes is wholly inversive. He states that the world’s rulers and magical heirophants make use of this inversive force to distort and corrupt Truth whenever it struggles to become manifest upon the Earth. Astrological research reveals that the Pluto thought-cell group in the unconscious mind is mediumistic and this permits mind-control by the inversive brethren on the astral planes. It’s the personal vibratory rate (or mood) that determines the astral level that is contacted.

The Lower-Pluto person may or may not be aware of her evil intent. From her perspective she is only doing what she sees supports her survival. Lower-Pluto is overt or covert coercion. Coercive power is the imposition of your will upon another. Lower-Pluto is the intent to destroy spiritual growth through the endorsement of selfishness, competition and a win at any cost mentality. But how do you tell someone that their selfishness is slowly destroying their mind, body and soul? And how do you tell a country that their economic practices are destroying other people’s lives?

The Terrorist mind set: Astrological profiling provides a complete picture of the mind – it considers the whole person. Modern-day personality profiling makes one big mistake. It assumes that the human mind is created or produced by the events and conditions it experiences. The western mind and the eastern mind thus develop in response to vastly different political, religious and cultural values, but each mind is, in fact, composed of the same twenty-two (astral) mind-energies – in a unique, personal arrangement. We are all products of our cultures and these days every culture provides the external circumstances that support the development of a terrorist mentality – if the mind has a terror potential in its thought-cell structure. In other words if the astrological potential supports terror behaviour the new-age soul has easy access to the environmental circumstances necessary to support its development. Television (ruled by Pluto) opens many doors. Both the internal (astrological) and external (outer-world) circumstances have an equal influence on the mental and physical behaviours that develop. You can’t isolate a birthchart from the external circumstances in which it operates and you can’t isolate the external circumstances influencing a person’s development from their astrology.

Terror behaviour is simply a highly destructive response to what it perceives to be an equally destructive circumstance. Most of us learn to cope with disagreeable situations in a socially acceptable manner, but the terrorist engages his point of conflict with an aggressive, annihilation intent. So why does the terrorist have such a highly destructive response towards some countries and what they stand for?

The mind of a man who carefully plans a terrorist act that he knows will claim his own life is in a sinister, intimidating place. A mind-place that inverts and distorts political and religious beliefs; where aggression glorifies death; where mediumistic electrical frequencies permit mind-control by evil thoughts emanating from Lower-Pluto’s astral hell. It’s a mind-place where there’s no goodwill, no tolerance and no warmth – except for family members and like-minded associates. The terrorist mind is self-confident, smug, sinister and arrogant. It’s a mind built of hateful, dangerous thoughts. The new breed of terrorist is an extremist fanatic. The innate hate and violence potential is raised on hate and violence to become a killing machine intent on destruction – physical destruction and soul destruction. Planes crashing into buildings cause physical destruction and fear and confusion cause soul destruction. Fear and confusion contaminate the soul with self-destructive toxic feelings that devastate its progress.

The Terrorists: New-Age Terror has been round for quite a while – it seems we were just too busy making money to notice. In the beginning were the dictators (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin). Idi Amin and Pol Pot were terrorists. The Age of Modern terrorism was born in 1968 (when Pluto was in Virgo). Terrorist groups like the Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany, the Red Army in Japan, the IRA in Ireland, the Shining path in Peru wrecked havoc and destruction. Hamas in Palestine engages fanatical suicide bombers and now Lower-Pluto has employed the Taliband and Osama bin Laden to do its dirty work.

The Taliband is a religious group composed of cunning leaders and simple, uneducated followers, who do what their leaders compel. The groups religious leaders simply gave the Islamic scriptures an extreme (inversive) translation. They gave fanatical and brutal translations to their Holy Scriptures: And then they used threats, intimidation and coercion to force their extremist interpretations onto other people.

The Taliband emerged in 1994 from the hinterlands of Afghanistan. They were lead by a reclusive village preacher, Mullah Mohommed Omar and took control in Afghanistan in 1996. That year they captured Kabul, set up government and empowered Islamic religious police to enforce strict codes of dress and behaviour. On November 13th, 1995 Pluto commenced a 13 year transit of Sagittarius – the sign ruling religion.

The Taliband represent a conflict between the old and the new. They resent western culture and highlight a culture clash between past (Pisces) and present (Aquarian) values. The Taliband are anti-modernism. They suffer a psychic collision between the past and modernization. The Taliband perverted Islam into a religion that glorifies killing. Their conservative (Saturn) translations of the Koran simply eliminated the fun, music and joy (Venus) from their own and other people’s lives. (Maybe military Mars can bring back the joy because our new-age Aquarian God wants all her children to feel the joy of life.) Lower-Pluto found fertile soil for its diabolical intent in the mind of Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist network.

The following quote by C.C.Zain will help us understand the Taliband’s religious mid-set. `As soon as a group has formulated certain standards of morals, by which it governs its relations, it immediately convinces itself, through its religious teachers, that God has decreed them. Whatever usages (religious doctrines) become established, whether torturing heretics, making slaves of other human beings, eating flesh in religious rituals, protecting a king who has oppressed his people, not working on Sunday, not eating certain things, taking a bath at prescribed times, (not shaving your beard, not allowing women to work or get an education – my comments), and what not; soon become taught as divinely decreed institutions.’

`Furthermore, as soon as some practice comes to be believed to be commanded by divine law, the people believing this inevitably become convinced that the strict observance of the practice leads to reward, either in this life or in a future one, and that not to observe the practice is sure, sooner or later, in some life, to be followed by punishment.’ This simply means that the inversion of a religious belief plus a fear of divine punishment can cause a group (like the Taliband) to adopt extreme religious beliefs, and ruthless coercive measures to force these fanatical beliefs onto others.

Religious inspired terrorism: Straight from the depths of Lower-Pluto’s hell comes religious inspired terrorism. With God’s approval everything is permitted. When God approves, what your doing must be good. Lower-Pluto easily distorts the religious messages – inverting them to mean what they don’t.

Those with an anti-religious bias claim that all religions are dangerous. (Those with an anti-science bias say the same about science.) How dangerous are our old Piscean age religions? Can they adapt to the demands of the new Aquarian age environment? Can they support the realization of the Aquarius potential? – a thousand years of peace and harmony. Multiculturalism is a big problem for religion. The Aquarian Age objective is religious altruism, but Lower-Pluto is an atheist. There are 1.2 billion Muslims and peaceful Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion. Yet it seems to be a religion somewhat at odds with Aquarius: A restraining Saturn, Pisces religion colliding with liberty seeking Uranus and Aquarius. We do need a new Muhamad – someone who can unify the world, not just Arabia.

Lower-Pluto is active on many fronts: Lower-Pluto has no respect for human dignity. He’s a psychological terrorist and his primary weapon is inversion. Elbert Benjamine warned us about inversion but we’ve ignored his warning. Lower-Pluto’s atheistic scientists are driven by the thinking-machine mentality. Lower-Pluto knows that the human mind can be trained to believe anything and human beings are now being trained to view themselves as thinking machines. The thinking-machine mentality is driving bio-technology. Dangerous times – dangerous ideas – dangerous ignorance. Ignorance and misinformation can make good men behave badly. And the atheistic scientist is ignorant and misinformed. Lower-Pluto is pushing the science agenda at a very fast pace, but when the mistakes start to occur he’ll easily shift the blame.

Science and Genetics are a minefield of Lower-Pluto inversions. Peace and prosperity have their advantages, but they also make people lose perspective. The name of the game is self-preservation and on the physical plane aggression is the soul’s main weapon. Aggression experiences build powerful aggression impulses into the soul’s thought structures. The materialist on the other hand claims that intelligence and behaviour are merely the manner in which the genes are programmed and the chemicals arranged. He must explain life in mechanical terms. But occult science claims that intelligence and behaviour reside in the astral substance associated with the living physical body.

Conscious thought originates in the unconscious mind – the soul. It is not a chemical cascade instigated by the brain. When animated by chemical consciousness these chemicals are the physical agents that permit self-consciousness. They do play are very important role in life, but they are not the source of behaviour. Behaviour is not genetically transmitted. No behaviour is programmed into the genes. Each (mind) behaviour has its physical (chemical) equivalent, but the behaviour potential is programmed into the mind – not the chemicals. Programming requires memory and science cannot explain memory! (In desperation science has now proposed the theory that memory is stored in DNA!). Occult science claims that these chemicals, including DNA, simply obey the orders given them by their controlling astral intelligence. Take away the mind and these chemical components of life are lifeless – along with the body! Lower-Pluto inverts the truth and wants you to believe that your genes and hormones create and control your mind. Biology’s thinking-machine mentality seeks to disparage, depreciate and disempower the human soul. Lower-Pluto’s atheistic biologists must explain life in physical terms. They will never admit the existence of a non-physical life force. To do so would mean total humiliation for science (and victory for religion.) Scientific pride, privilege and status will lie rather than admit it has made a gigantic blunder. Science belittles and ridicules religion. And with science providing one explanation of life and religion providing another humanity is bound to get confused. The solution is, of course, a unified scientific-religious explanation of life, but this astonishing truth remains occult and hidden

Black biology and bio-terrorism. Is Lower-Pluto after the ultimate doomsday weapon – a deadly Pluto virus? Lower-Pluto’s black biologists are agents of terror. Their objective is germ warfare: germs to attack and kill humans. Bio-weapons do the most damage. Lower-Pluto’s biologists manage the bio-terrorism program, but his terrorists want the weapons. Germ bomblets can delivery a virus, but a human being is also a perfect delivery system. Do you know what your government is doing? Is it playing an offensive or defensive role? Higher-Pluto eliminated small pox, but Lower-Pluto brought it back. Has Iran and Iraq got the small pox virus? Our 21st Century world has become a very dangerous place: Who did post those anthrax letters?

Power Abuse terrorism: There are many kinds of power abuse but at its worst power is used to abuse the abused. In this instance a country can use its legal powers to abuse the weak and helpless. Self-interest is preferred to helping others. Then there’s power due to economic strength. In this instance super-power can use its economic clout to gain what it wants. Self-interest is preferred to global welfare. In both instances a deliberate, premeditated course of action causes the less fortunate to suffer pain and misfortune. In Lesson #211 – The Universal Law of Soul Progression, C.C. Zain points out: `In the education of any living thing, pleasure and pain play an important part. As necessary to education they have a useful function. But aside from this educational function, to wish any creature pain indicates a lack of spirituality.’ To get what they want the world’s most powerful countries don’t hesitate to abuse their power. It’s often disguised as economic aid and disaster relief. Ruthless competition drives the economic agenda. Self-interest must be protected: the recipients of the humanitarian aid must pay for it.

Corporate Terrorism: Some claim that Lower-Pluto’s corporate dictators are controlling the world’s agenda. They have the political and economic power to create the world they want. They want the public’s money. Corporate lawyers and accountants protect the corporation’s interests and it’s all done in a very secretive way. You do not have access to commercially confidential information. Some corporations have more power than your government. They’re directing the world’s economic development and they’re making the rules and regulations to suit themselves. Lower-Pluto’s corporate morality is driven by self-interest. In the corporate world spirituality has become extinct, although Lower-Pluto always claims to be working for the common good – i.e. himself! If the corporation is controlling your elected government there’s a crisis of legitimacy. In the US the public sector is regulated, but the private sector isn’t. The private sector can do whatever it wants. A democracy controlled by the corporation is a dead democracy. And Lower-Pluto turns biology into a business practice – the predators hunt in groups for survival purposes.

Morally challenging times: Ethics committees discuss moral issues, but while the bio-ethicists, philosophers, medical specialists and law-makers are talking Lower-Pluto’s accountants and lawyers are charging ahead doing and getting what they want. They are not restricted by government regulations. To get what he wants Lower-Pluto simply gets public financial support by exaggerating the social expectations. He cunningly exaggerates the benefits. Lower-Pluto rants about the public-social benefits and the uninformed are easily persuaded. The trade off for technological progress is spiritual poverty. Is it worth it?

The USA: Evolutionary biology views the USA as an alpha country: The dominant country in a tribe of countries. The message is clear: Never mess with an alpha country that has lots of bombs. With Sun square Saturn in its birthchart the US is insecurity driven. Its pursuit of wealth (Sun in 2nd house) is driven by a fear of poverty. With Jupiter conjunct the Sun it shows off, and if you want to show-off your riches you have to expect to be envied (not respected). Displays of national supremacy do not win approval. With Mars in the 1st house the US is driven to compete; and competition is fine except for one thing – the loser feels humiliated. America also has a deep culture of hatred and violence. Mars and history provide the evidence. Mars in the 1st house always wants the competitive advantage. Surviving in America in the 21st Century demands that you grab what you can for yourself. It’s a country running on fierce competition – for money, land, homes, jobs, partners, fame, publicity, sex and love.

The US version of globalization is self-interest motivated. Self-interest is driven by a fear of poverty – financial insecurity. With the Sun in the 2nd house of its birthchart the US seeks power through wealth – glory through wealth. But with Saturn square Sun the fear and insecurity contaminates the power with greed and selfishness. At certain times, the US suffers, and due to its economic clout, so does everyone else. Greed and selfishness have contaminated Jupiter’s tolerance, goodwill and philanthropy. New Age goodwill is money-driven: Provide a poor, developing country with a generous financial loan and then keep it in a debt and poverty cycle repaying the debt. The Lower-Pluto perspective influences many aspects of the mundane agenda including the culture of litigation and compensation. And is Pluto in the 9th house marketing economic oppression? The higher-Pluto spiritual-humanitarian impulse has been incapacitated by the glorification of Lower-Pluto’s selfish greed: And danger always occurs when you do the wrong thing or believe the wrong information. The US will have to face its astrological realities – the events of September 11th did occur.

What went wrong with US intelligence? September 11th was a monumental Intelligence failure. 30 US intelligence agencies failed in their public duty. Why didn’t the CIA and Intelligence services anticipate the attack? One reason is that US intelligence agencies are replacing (second rate) human intelligence with (top rate) artificial intelligence. It’s cheaper and technology (not science) driven. Lower-Pluto of course supports artificial intelligence. Can anyone do serious deep thinking? It seems that when artificial intelligence fails the military takes over and it’s not intelligent at all. It simply relies on brute strength.

The Fallout: A new-age life lived in fear, confusion and threats of terror – what a life! Terror scorched into the mind – mental wounds that will never heal. The aviation industry (9th house) in turmoil. It needed a government bailout (8th house). In October 468,000 workers; and in November 331,000 workers (6th house) lost their jobs. There’s an economic and unemployment slowdown, but how slow will it go? The tourist (9th house) and insurance industries (8th house) suffered. The Leisure Industry (5th house) was devastated. Horrific experiences – a legacy of Lower-Pluto’s destructive lifestyle. Was it worth it? Many will escape their unbearable realities by hitting the drugs and booze. Powerful loss emotions do eventually fade into vague memories: But what’s the point of economic prosperity if your inner-world reality is loaded with fear, anxiety and uncertainty? On the other hand our raised awareness learned about Lower-Pluto and his terrorist groups, terrorist organizations, terrorist cells, terror networks and bio-terrorism.

Identifying the Problem: A precise solution to the terror problem requires a precise identification. We must identify the real problem – the real enemy. So how do you identify terrorism? What is terrorism? How do you identify the causes of terrorism? When is it legitimate to fight terrorism with violence? When does violence become terrorism? And can defensive aggression become terrorism? Terrorism debates have been going on for years. This highlights Mercury’s vacillation and uncertainty. Of course your political bias will influence how you define terrorism. At this critical time you will have to be brutally honest to get the right answers. Lower-Pluto’s reign of terror won’t go away by ignoring it. It’s time to get serious. There’s no room for superficial thinking or theatrical, Hollywood rhetoric.

Alas, few problems are ever really solved simply because they are not correctly identified. Privilege, power, authority and orthodoxy solve a problem to suit their purpose. But now the stakes are too high. There’s no place for unrealistic Neptune idealism. Self interest and irrational fears are driving the global agenda and this means Lower-Pluto is in control. On a personal level it is possible to sink into Lower-Pluto’s amoral swamp and not even know your there. So you have to be vigilant, I have to fight. We both have to fight the tendency to be dragged down into Lower-Pluto’s corrupt, selfish lifestyle.

Identifying the real enemy: We have to identify the real enemy to find the correct solution. Inversion is Lower-Pluto’s chief terror weapon. Inversion inverts truth. It is humanity’s greatest enemy. Division is its ally – disunity stifles progress. Lower-Pluto’s misinformation bamboozles everyone – including the people spreading the information. Lower-Pluto’s human lieutenants are in positions of influence – dangerous people in positions of power. Their destructive terror influence is often too subtle to notice. This makes identifying the enemy difficult. Our real enemies are the internal forces driving racism, religious intolerance, power abuse, fierce economic competition and the profit driven corporations. People running on anger have no fear. People running on fear are easy to defeat. Anger can easily turn to fear. Fear is the real enemy. It demoralizes and discourages. Hate, greed and selfishness are the enemies. Pluto’s culture of secrecy is the enemy. Atheism is the enemy. The mental black hole caused by atheism is the ultimate weapon in psychological terrorism. Lower Pluto in a monstrous act of inversion psychological terrorizes his own disciples. The getting of ignorance – the dumbing down of humanity – is the enemy. It keeps the populace in the dark. And a lack of respect for the other person – her culture and religion – is the enemy. The destructive consequences of low self-esteem, hate, selfishness, greed, economic superiority, ruthless competition, inversion, secrecy, fear, disrespect and atheism must be recognized. Some honest, realistic soul searching will be needed to identify the enemy within.

How do you fight terrorism? When it comes to the crunch Mars always sees the solution in terms of bombs and aggression. Mars can always find a good reason to have a fight. He’s very impatient and motivated by revenge. President Bush wants billions of dollars to spend on military weapons to secure America. Yet Mars, his bombs, and his fierce, competitive economic practices are not the answer. Saturn’s fear of poverty money grabbing culture is not the answer. Saturn’s solution to Lower-Pluto’s terrorism is increased security – more guns, bombs and missiles, yet increased security is not the road to peace. Saturn prefers a careful, patient approach, but he’s as cold as ice and when he’s scarred he runs like the wind. Saturn’s selfishness disease is highly infectious. It spreads through contact with the selfishness virus. Its antidote is love and compassion, courage and confidence. Mercury and his debate and dialogue are not the answer. This doesn’t mean that dialogue isn’t important, it just means that in order for two people to talk sense to each other they have to speak the same language. Who can talk to Lower-Pluto? Do you speak the same language as a terrorist? Mars of course has no time for debate. Venus really has no idea about `what’s going on’! Jupiter’s benevolence won’t tolerate Lower-Pluto and his henchmen, yet a little bit of understanding, some goodwill and cooperation, and a large dose of spirituality can work wonders.

It doesn’t matter what type of terror is destroying the human soul, and its Earthly home, the antidote is always: An assertive, aggressive response. Of course, that $50 million reward for information leading to the capture of Osama bin Laden also proved effective. Drastic problems need drastic solutions, but many people don’t like a realistic assessment of a problem, or a realistic solution. Its time to integrate – or disintegrate. And if conflict resolution is not possible then conflict management will have to do – till the getting of wisdom. The current situation clearly identifies Mars, Saturn and Lower-Pluto as the three primary astrological affects influencing life on Earth today.

The astrological Perspective: In mundane astrology the reality accounts of the mundane events provided by the planets in the sky are often quite different to those provided by the human experts. Here’s what happened.

Why September 11th: Events only occur when both the inner-world and outer-world circumstances support their actualization. The same rules apply in mundane astrology as apply in personal astrology. To quote C.C.Zain: In mundane astrology any organization of people functioning under a common governing authority constitutes an entity. As such it attracts to itself fortunate or unfortunate events in a manner quite similar to that in which like events are attracted into the life of the individual. In other words, the quality of a community’s thinking behaviour influences the quality of the mundane events and conditions it experiences. This means that, on September 11th, the quality of New York’s inner-world thought vibrations paralleled the quality of the outer-world terror event it experienced. But I would not limit the event’s inner-world cause to New York and the USA. This was an international event that affected every country on the globe thus it reflected universal high-discord inner-world thought vibrations.

The primary birthcharts involved in the event’s cause and timing were the charts of New York (not available), Washington (not available) the USA, Mayor Rudolph Guiliani (not available) and President George W. Bush (see previous George W. Bush articles). Progressed aspects forming in these charts stimulate their original thought-cell composition. Malignant thought-cells work to attract unfortunate events. Events mapped in these charts only occur when the inner-world and outer-world environments support their happening. The outer-world environment supported the event. It consists of gangsters, criminals and terrorists whose hate is intent on destruction.

Pluto transit of Sagittarius: November 1995 – November 2008. Sagittarius is the sign of religion, law and tourism. The adverse influence of Lower-Pluto on Sagittarius has seen the corruption of religion as the astrological environment favors the inversion of Sacred teachings, God sanctioned hate and terrorism, divisions within the Church and revelations of the Churches wicked and shameful past. The Brethren of the Shadow subtly coerce fanatical Islamic extremists. This was a morally challenging time as Lower-Pluto’s hate and destruction caused fear and terror. An all out attack on God by the materialistic atheists occurred. They’re intent on destroying God’s great evolutionary plan. Lower-Pluto’s influence on law and order is evident as the corporate world financially benefits from both crime and punishment. In many parts of the world Saturn’s shift to the right is intent on the destruction of the welfare state. Sagittarius is a patriotic sign and in many countries Pluto instigated a wave of nationalistic patriotism that was self-interest motivated. Lower-Pluto’s henchmen are active on several fronts but Higher Pluto’s spiritual warriors fight materialistic selfishness with altruistic love.

Saturn transit of Gemini: April 2001 – June 2003. Saturn’s transit of each sign indicates a period of struggle and loss affecting the matters and countries ruled by the sign. Gemini rules thought, communications, the print media, postal services, local travel and transportation: And with Saturn in Gemini the people’s thoughts have been influenced by fear and insecurity (Saturn). Saturn in Gemini also had a fear and loss influence on the postal service and the mail it delivers. In Mundane Astrology C.C. Zain states that the US is a Gemini country. Thus between April 2001 and June 2003 it and its postal service would feel the full impact of Saturn’s fear, struggle, hardship and loss. Thoughts of national security will influence the country’s every move.

Students need to note and consider that Saturn transits each sign every 24 years and that the aspects it forms during its transit influence the trend of events at the time. If Saturn does not form any high-discord aspects in the sky whilst transiting a particular sign the degree of inner-world discord influencing the countries ruled by the sign is diminished. It is historically interesting to not that Saturn’s last transit of Gemini occurred between June 1971 and April 1974. Saturn entered Gemini on June 19th 1971 and backed into Taurus on January 10th 1972. It again entered Gemini on 22nd of February 1972 and remained there till August 2nd 1973. Then after moving to Cancer it backed into Gemini on January 8th 1974 and finally departed Gemini on April 19th 1974. Saturn was in Gemini for approximately 2 years and 4 months. At this time Uranus and Pluto were in Libra and Neptune was in Sagittarius: And Saturn formed the opposition aspect with Neptune on one occasion – April 19th 1972. These aspects in the sky have a birthchart orb of influence and Saturn was opposition Neptune between April 1971 and July 1972. The Saturn-Neptune opposition chart at Washington had cunning Saturn in the 10th house (the President) opposition tricky Neptune in the 4th house (buildings). This was a period of high deceit (Neptune). Many of the events at the time bore the characteristics of Saturn and Neptune; but a news report on June 17th 1972 initiated the greatest political scandal (Neptune) in modern US history. Early that morning 5 men were arrested at gunpoint at the Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate complex (buildings ruled by 4th house) in Washington. The signs in the sky – Saturn’s transit of Gemini and the Saturn-Neptune opposition – heralded a painful period in US politics and the eventual resignation of President Nixon (10th house). History records that Saturn’s last transit of Gemini coincided with period of crooked politics and moral poverty in America – the trend reflecting the worst side of this selfish, dishonest planet.

Saturn opposition Pluto in the sky was perfect on August 5th and November 2nd 2001. This high-discord mundane aspect got up close and very personal. It is one of the most discordant astrological aspects and its angular house placement at Washington indicated that the US would bear the brunt of its monstrous force. It mapped a dangerous union of selfish-ruthless energy that actualized as the terror attack on New York and the Pentagon – and its fear and terror response. Fear is an irrational dread and the Saturn-Pluto inner-world weather conditions supported Lower-Pluto’s intent to saturate the world with fear. The aspect allowed the Lower-Pluto forces to wreck fear and havoc and instigated widespread human suffering. For some the grief was unbearable. The November 2 Saturn-Pluto opposition chart at Washington had Pluto in the 4th house (buildings) and Saturn in the 10th house (the administration and business). The high-discord astrological conditions mapped in this chart supported the drastic, Lower-Pluto, attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon (buildings ruled by the 4th house). Saturn in the 10th house mapped the administration’s hard line response to the attacks and the business slow-down that occurred. Saturn in the 10th indicated high-discord adversity for the business sector. The aspect also initiated a worldwide swing to the conservative right (Saturn), as public opinion took fright and the political leaders naturally followed suite.

At the time important events around the globe bore Saturn’s unmistakable trademark. In November Japan’s economy was being crushed to death by a mountain of debt and the German economy was (unofficially) declared to be recession – it had experienced two quarters of negative growth. On November 27th the US economy was declared to be officially in recession (Saturn). Then on November 30th one of Lower-Pluto’s shining corporate stars, Enron, collapsed. The US Corporation’s shares were selling for 36 cents after reaching a high of $90.00. It was the biggest corporate collapse in history. Revelations of government involvement, improper dealings, shredded papers, hidden liabilities, corrupt accounting practices, debts of $16 billion and suicide highlighted Lower-Pluto’s involvement. The small investor lost everything: and the stench of Lower-Pluto’s corporate behaviour was everywhere. The Pluto-Saturn opposition mapped the corporate collapse. The aspect also identified terror as public enemy #1 and at the start Pluto united the world; but an afflicted Pluto supports disunity rather than unity. Group success requires a cooperative team effort. The antidotes for Lower-Pluto are the Moon and Mars – a caring aggressive response: And the antidotes for Saturn are Venus and Sun – love and courage.

These three astrological events in the sky were supported by developments in the major cycle charts and were timed by transit aspects in the Pluto, Neptune and Mars cycles. Transit aspects in these cycle charts have a 1degree effective orb limit during which the indicated events can occur.

The 1988 Pluto cycle chart: In the Washington Pluto cycle chart Pluto, in the 3rd house (postal service, letters, transportation, print-media and news), is exactly square Mercury in the 5th house (share market, leisure industry, schools and children). Pluto forms a grand trine with the Sun (political leaders) in the 6th house (work and sickness), and the Moon (the people) in the 10th house (the administration). On September 11th transit Pluto at 12 SAG 38 in the 4th house (buildings) had moved to form an opportunity (sextile) aspect with Mercury in the 5th house (leisure industry); an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with Jupiter (planet of religion and faith) in the 8th house (death); a semisextile aspect with birthchart Pluto in the 3rd house (the postal service); and an obstacle (square) aspect with birthchart Ascendant (the people). These Pluto aspects indicated and broadly timed the terror event that occurred. This chart played a significant role in the terror event and Pluto’s transit progressions in the future should be closely observed.

The 1944 Neptune cycle chart: In the Washington Neptune cycle chart Neptune the planet ruling aviation, confusion and chemical weapons is in the 5th house (stocks, hazards and leisure industry). On September 11th transit Neptune at 6 AQU 20R in the 9th house (airlines, planes and aviation) had moved to form a high-discord separation (opposition) aspect with Pluto, planet of drastic events, in the 3rd house (local airplane traffic and letters). This aspect mapped Neptune’s role in the terror events and broadly timed their occurrence. Neptune’s role in terrorism involves the confusion, chaos, uncertainty, airplanes and chemicals. This high-discord inner-world Neptune-Pluto event actualized as confusion, terror and devastation for the world’s aviation industry.

The Y2000 Mars cycle chart: In the Washington Mars cycle chart Mars the planet ruling disasters, accidents, fires and destruction is in the 12th house (secret enemies and terrorists). It is cusp ruler of the 8th house (death). On September 11th transit Mars at (1 CAP 33) in the 9th house (planes and aviation) had moved to form a square aspect with birthchart Mars. This aspect released the chart’s energy potential – a violent attack by secret enemy terrorists, and precisely timed the destructive terror event.

In the sky, Mars conjunct Neptune perfect on November 5th, and Mars conjunct Uranus perfect on November 26th, immediately followed the Saturn-Pluto opposition aspect, perfect on November 2nd. The implications were obvious. Mars was about to unleash a furious attack on Saturn and Pluto – an aggressive offensive that took place on every plane of existence. Mars, Neptune and Uranus were not about to let Lower-Pluto get away with his diabolical deed. These Mars conjunctions involved upper-octave planets who supported the offensive – the Mars-Uranus conjunction particularly highlighting what high-tech military weapons can do. And Mars naturally caused developments to occur with lightening speed.

Shortly after the terror attack President Bush declared War on Terror and on October 7th, 2001 at 9.20pm Kabul time the US attacked Afghanistan, the base of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network and its Taliband supporters. Mar was conjunct Neptune in the sky and transit Mars in the Mars cycle chart at 16 CAP 45 in the 10th house (the President) was semisextile Uranus, planet of surprise attacks. The astrological background, now featuring the Mars-Neptune conjunction, allowed Neptune to play a prominent role in the proceedings and Lower-Pluto, using the astrological environment to advantage, changed tack and employed another terror weapon. In the Mars-Neptune conjunction chart at Washington, Neptune and Mars (chemical weapons) were in the 3rd house (letters and postal workers) and while Mars was dropping bombs in Afghanistan Mars and Neptune were posting anthrax laced terror letters in America. (It is interesting to note that as the Mars-Neptune conjunction went into orb the print-media began to speculate on the possibility of a biochemical attack. Was Neptune sending psychic messages? If so, Time Magazine got the wrong message. The headline in the October 1 edition of Time read: `Experts agree we don’t need to worry about an anthrax attack yet’. Then on October 22nd a postal worker died of anthrax poisoning. Neptune’s confusion then blended with Saturn’s anxiety to create a toxic mix of mind damage. The US, running on fear, anxiety and confusion, was terrorizing itself and Lower-Pluto was winning. More anthrax deaths followed as invisible enemies attacked America. The crisis in the aviation industry (Neptune) worsened. (On November 8th Belgium’s Sibena Airlines and on November 9th, Canada 3000 Airlines declared they were bankrupt). Then on November 12th American Airbus Flight 587 crashed in New York killing approximately 255 people. The Mars-Neptune discord was unrelenting. Then in Afghanistan on November 13th Kabul fell to the Northern Alliance. US military might had the Taliband on the run.

The Mars conjunctions in November unleashed a wave of fury and with Mars conjunct Uranus (perfect in the sky on November 26th) the violence was about to get extreme. In the Washington Mars-Uranus conjunction chart Mars and Uranus were in the 11th house and Congress was marching to the beat of war drums. The aspect supported military successes and the US war machine with its high-tech weapons, abetted by the Northern Alliance, began to get the upper hand. On November 26th US troops landed near Kandahar; A bloody massacre and rebellion (Uranus) occurred in Mazer-E-sharif with hundreds of Taliband fighters reported dead; The Taliband resistance at Konduz was crumbling; and U.N. food aid was dropped in Afghanistan. (On the same day US scientists claimed to have cloned an early stage human embryo.) By now Mars and Uranus were moving with lightening speed and on November 27th, the day the Mars-Uranus conjunction was perfect, Afghan peace talks commenced in Germany. (Who said Mars didn’t want peace!) By December 1, the endgame was in sight. The focus was on Osama bin Laden and his terror network. By now the Lower-Pluto propaganda machine had retaliated with a surge of anti-everything propaganda. Personal bias could chose what ever it wanted to believe. Truth is always the first casualty of war. Then on December 1 Mars and Uranus unleashed their diabolical fury as 25 people were killed and 200 injured by Hamas suicide bombers in Jerusalem. Israel was being terrorized by Lower-Pluto and its response was to terrorize the Palestinians with more violence.

The US birthchart: The Terror event of September 11th must be mapped in the US birthchart. At first glance the chart appears to be free of drastic discord. Progressed Mars, planet of violence, (at 18 LIB 31) and cusp ruler of the 12th house (secret enemies) was trine birthchart Moon stimulating the 12th house and the activities of violent secret enemies. Progressed Sun (at 26 AQU 12) in the 10th house is cusp ruler of the 4th house (buildings). It had formed an expansion (inconjunct) aspect with Neptune in the 5th house (risks, hazards and leisure industry). Neptune rules aviation and chemicals. Progressed Mercury (at 1 PIS 36R) in the 10th house (the President and business) had moved to form an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with progressed Jupiter, planet of finances in the 2nd house (finances), and cusp ruler of the 7th house (war and open enemies). And progressed MC (at 27 VIR 22) in the 5th house (hazards) had moved to form a (luck) trine aspect with birthchart Pluto in the 9th house (aviation). Progressed Moon (at 21 TAU 27) in the 12th house (secret enemies) had formed a semisextile aspect with birthchart Mars in the 1st house (the people) and a trine aspect with birthchart Neptune in the 5th house (Wall Street). It mapped a peak in Mars-12th house activity. Progressed Pluto (at 23N40) had formed a long-time parallel aspect with birthchart Mars; and progressed Venus (at 3N47) had formed a parallel aspect with birthchart Saturn – planet of loss and cusp ruler of the 8th house death. In my opinion the two progressed (luck) trine aspects gave a false impression of the chart’s current harmony potential. Progressed Sun carries the discord of its square aspect with Saturn; and progressed Mars carries the discord of its square aspect with Neptune. But all things considered the terror attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon was sudden, unexpected, extreme and shocking and this means it bore the characteristics of Uranus. It is also a 7th house event: And that’s when you notice that the progressed Ascendant in the 7th house had formed a high-discord separation (opposition) aspect with birthchart Uranus in the 1st.

The terror attack was an extreme event that shocked the world. It is typical of Uranus. It directly impacted on the US people – Uranus in the 1st house and the progressed Ascendant. Progressed Uranus has moved back into the 12th house indicating secret enemies of the extremist kind. Of greater interest is progressed Ascendant in the 7th house. It’s not very often that astrologers get to observe such an astrological event. The 7th house rules open enemies and the Ascendant rules the people. The question arises: When the progressed Ascendant moves into the 7th house of a country’s birthchart do the people become their own enemy and directly contribute to the open enmity they attract?

The current Ascendant-Uranus opposition aspect requires a great deal of soul searching: Uranus is demanding change. Your Uranus-Mars personality certainly rubs some people the wrong way. The Lower-Pluto rhetoric and the need to get the competitive advantage need to be moderated with a caring, considerate Moon antidote. National pride cannot be allowed to justify bad behaviour. America: know yourself, know your enemy and know that your progressed astrology now reveals that your enemy is yourself.

The primary cause of all the world’s problems is people behaving badly. It’s not a matter of claiming I have the right to behave as I do because I have the military might to do so; or because my biology (or astrology) has made me this way. It’s a matter of realizing that if I behave badly I’ll antagonize the other person. There’s no point in detailing a country’s bad behaviours – behaviour is an unconscious process and most people are unaware of their bad behaviours. But we are aware of the consequences of our bad behaviours: the events we experience reveal the quality of our unconscious realities.

Ends notes: In the age when material appearances were all that mattered it seems that we were all to concerned about what we looked like to notice that life is a consciousness experience. Lower-Pluto is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – a beautiful appearance that clothes an evil mind. His fear and terror are designed to damage the soul. 21st Century living has turned into a nightmare. The threats can be real or imaginary, the hate has dreadful consequences and a revengeful backlash usually perpetuates more violence.

The problems facing humanity in this Pluto transition phase of the Aquarian Age are many, serious and very complex. Occult truths and spiritual giants are needed to guide the way – not self-interest motivated political parties and money grabbing politicians. Lower-Pluto is intent on turning off the spiritual lights and the forces of good on all planes of existence are currently taxed to the limit. Astral good-guys are fighting Lower-Pluto, but they’re not using guns and bombs! Yet Mars aggression has to fight Lower-Pluto’s terrorists and their evil inversion.

It is interesting to note that both George W. Bush and Tony Blair have the Sun in the 12th house of their birthcharts. They seem to have a very personal interest in secret enemies.

Pluto, in the Pluto discovery chart, is in the 12th house and everyone is working in secret! The 12th house is also the house of suicide, but as the 12th house is above the horizon the secret activities going on there usually get public notice.

Pluto, of course, has another side: A highly constructive, productive, pro-active behaviour. It is spirituality: behaviour dedicated to the common-good – behaviour that contributes to universal welfare. Spirituality considers the welfare of everyone – not special interest, or self-interest. Doing what other people do is often a recipe for spiritual failure. So find yourself an authentic spiritual role model. The only real protection from the adverse consequences of a selfish lifestyle is a proactive spiritual life that contributes its utmost to universal welfare. You live at your best when you contribute to the welfare of others because when you do something that benefits another you benefit yourself.

The US birthdata is: July 4th, 1776; 2.14am LMT, Philadelphia (74W08, 39N57)

As per Dr. James D. Keiffer from a letter written by Elbert Benjamine to American Astrology magazine in January 1940 where he wrote: `Dr. James D. Keifer and I, as far back as 1900, belonged to the same occult fraternity. In 1908 I was in Iowa, and in the summer of that year I dropped all other interests to devote the balance of my life to astrology and occult work. I was in correspondence with Dr. Keifer who was about that time organizing and incorporating the First Temple of Astrology in Los Angeles (1907). He gave me the chart of the U.S. merely writing that the data had been supplied by an acquaintance of his who was a descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence.’

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