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How to Delineate a Horoscope

How To Delineate a Horoscope

ONE who reads a birth-chart for another should be grounded in the conviction that
the success of the reading given is to be measured by the amount of assistance it
affords his client to be happier, more spiritual, and more useful to society.

These are the three worth while objectives of human life; and to the extent the advice
of the astrologer conduces to their maximum attainment is that advice of value. If this
is kept in mind, and the astrologer strives, to the limit of his ability, to aid his client
cease drifting on the blind tides of fruitless endeavor, it will raise astrology from the
rank of cheap fortune-telling into that of a dignified and exceptionally useful

It is of very little value to any individual to be told that, according to the indications of
his chart, he has certain faults. A cheap fortune-teller can tell him this. But the real
astrologer, if worthy of the title, can, and does, also tell him just what step he can take
to overcome these faults.

Any Gypsy along the road can point out to the individual that he is unsuccessful in
making money. But it takes real talent to analyze a chart, pick out its weaknesses and
its strong points, and indicate to this same individual how he can fortify his
weaknesses and take advantage of such natural strength as he possesses, and thus so
direct his efforts that he no longer is a failure, but becomes a financial success.

If a chart is so hopelessly afflicted in the 7th house that marriage can bring nothing
but tragedy and unhappiness, it is better for the client to realize this and direct his
energies wholly into other channels. When marriage is denied, it is always indicated
by heavy afflictions in the chart. That is, the absence of marital experience in the life
is always a real affliction. But if the chart is inimical enough in this respect, to avoid
marriage may be the less of the two evils.

Yet as a matter of practical observation, few charts are so hopeless in this respect.
Instead, they indicate that the individual needs special education and the
development of more harmonious thought-cells in relation to affectional matters,
and perhaps some special kind of partner, or some unusual arrangement in reference
to the partnership. And it is when the astrologer can take a life which is miserable in
its affectional experience, and direct it into channels of its maximum happiness in
this respect, that he deserves to feel some pride in his work.

Some women, for instance, abhor merely taking care of the home. Their energy is
such that they can only be happy when out in the business world striving with others,
meeting others, and feeling that they are accomplishing something in the world’s
work. For such a woman to marry a man who feels that a woman’s only place is in the
home is to wreck the happiness of both. But there are many men who are not so much
interested in a home as in having a pal and a lover with whom they can converse and
with whom they can go places. A business woman with such a man may make of
marriage just as great a success as the homebody wife with the home-loving male.
And these are the things about which the astrologer should be able to give the correct

U. S. Grant was a failure in business. It was not until the war came along that his
particular talents, which later placed him in the president’s chair, were discovered.
Every person has more chances of rising to honor, or at least making a greater
success, along some line than along other lines. It is the astrologer s business to
determine the field of work, and the circumstances under which it should be
followed, to enable his client to gain the highest success.

Progressed aspects are not the writing of the hand of inevitable fate. They indicate
that certain thought-cells, at predetermined times, will receive planetary energy of a
particular quality, and, unless something is done about it by the individual, will
become active in attracting a particular kind of event. The knowledge that such an
event will transpire is of some advantage to the client, as it will enable him to arrange
his affairs to meet the approaching conditions.

Yet indicating when such events will transpire, if nothing is done about them, is the
less important work of the astrologer. His real function is to point out in detail just
what his client should do to prevent, or mitigate, events which he does not desire, and
to take fullest advantage of those he does desire.

Progressed aspects are not events, they are astral storms and astral sunshine, arriving
at predetermined dates, which hinder or favor events. This hindrance or favoring is
brought about through the energy, darkness or light, which they add to the
thought-elements within the astral body having to do with the department of life
where the influence is felt.

Just as a man protects himself from rain by umbrella and slicker, from cold by
steam-heat, and takes advantage of the sunshine and fresh air by his morning walks,
so the individual can protect himself from adverse progressed aspects by selection of
physical environment, by diverting Rallying Forces of a genial nature into the
channels of the adverse aspect, and by the use of Mental Antidotes applied directly to
the thought-cells receiving the unwanted planetary energy. And he can take full
advantage of favorable progressed aspects by mentally walking in the stream of their
benign influence.

Delineating a horoscope is not just a matter of telling the individual the facts about
himself as they exist. What he is now, as mapped by his birth-chart, is the foundation
on which must be built what he is to become. It is important to understand this
foundation. But a foundation is not a building. The important thing is the building.
And it is the function of the astrologer, taking the foundation which already has been
built, to indicate to his client how, in every department of life, he can build a future
structure upon this foundation that is superior to any which could be built without the
astrologer’s services, and which is as near to realizing all his worthy desires as

Follow the Rules.

–As this is written our school, in which teachers have been trained who are now
conducting classes of their own in nearly every large city in America, has been in
continuous operation thirty years. And the thing we have noticed as the most sure
indication that a student will eventually become a good astrologer is not brilliance,
but the ability to learn the rules set forth in these lessons and follow them closely.

It is not that there is any intention to limit the student’s knowledge to our teachings.
On the contrary we believe every student who masters our system should persist
diligently to find, and prove out, additional astrological information. But we have
found many rather brilliant minds who attend our classes that in reading a chart jump
to the first thing they see in it, and flit from that to the next point, as a bird flits from
limb to limb, with no system and no order. And instead of applying the rules set forth
in the lessons, and modifying them as the chart indicates, they judge each position in
the chart by what happens at the moment to enter their minds as a proper

In thirty years teaching astrological students, I have never known one of these
hop-skip-and-jump readers to become a reliable astrologer. To them a position at one
time means one thing and at another time it means something else, and in the end
means faulty judgment.

My advice to every astrological student is to learn the rules thoroughly, and always
think of the rules first in every reading. Contradicting conditions in a chart often will
prevent the application of a given rule; but in such instances the student should say to
himself that the rule is so-and-so, yet in this particular instance it is modified or
abrogated, and on that account must be read in the manner finally given.

Follow Some Definite System.

–In Course VIII, Chapter 3 I have indicated the system, as seven steps which should
be taken in the same order of sequence in judging any horoscope, which we have found
most advantageous not merely in natal astrology, but also in other branches. Some such
definite system should be adopted and followed by every astrologer.

First General Consideration.

–The first step, as there given, consists in gauging the Power of the chart by the
distribution of the planets among the houses. In natal astrology, planets in an angle
indicate thought-cells in the astral body with sufficient vigor to accomplish
something. Unless there is energy present in volume nothing of importance, either
good or bad, is attracted. Planets in an angle, or at least prominent, indicate
though-cell activity.

Thus in Lloyd George’s chart four planets are in angles; in Jean Harlow’s chart five
are in angles; in Charles Lindbergh’s chart four are in angles; in Anne Lindbergh’s
chart eight are in angles; in Henry Ford’s chart four are in angles; in Thomas Edison’s
chart five are in angles; and in Upton Sinclair’s chart four are in angles.

This means that the thought-cells in the astral bodies of these persons, as mapped by
the angular houses thus occupied by planets, were vigorous enough to enable them to
accomplish something if these energies were directed toward accomplishment.

To attract even good luck or bad luck in any marked degree takes energy. Nothing of
consequence happens in the lives of people whose thought-cells do not possess, as
mapped in the birth-chart, or as acquired through Mental Alchemy, more than
mediocre energy. Therefore, if a chart is weak, the astrologer should tell the
individual how, through cultivating desires and a proper line of thought and action, to
give his life more power.

Second General Consideration.

–The second step is to observe the Quality of the influence which the most active
stellar cells exert through noting the signs the planets and Ascendant are in. This
Quality of the most active thought groups in the astral body is an important factor in
determining the capacities and abilities.

In Lloyd George’s chart, for instance, we find four planets and the Asc. in fixed signs,
indicating fixity of purpose and ability to handle details. Four planets in movable
signs enable him to branch out, pioneer, and when necessary enter untrodden paths.
Two planets in mutable signs give adaptability, which is heightened by the adaptable
planet, Mercury, in conjunction with the Asc.

We might judge, therefore, from the dominance of the fixed signs, that such an
individual would be active and daring in carrying out his policies, that he would be
agile in adapting means to attain his ends, but that once he had decided on the end to
be attained he would not swerve, and would only surrender it when overwhelmed by
insurmountable difficulties.

People with too many of their most active thought-cells indicated by fixed signs tend
to be stubborn, to lack adaptability, and to hold on to investments and other things too
long. They, therefore, should be advised how to cultivate a more elastic attitude.

People with too many stellar structures in the mutable signs, as indicated by the
planets, permit both people and obstacles readily to deflect them from their purpose.
They should, therefore, be instructed how to cultivate stamina and the ability to
withstand being pushed about.

Those with too many active stellar cells of the movable type, are good starters. But
they are so keen on pioneering that they tend to take up new projects before the ones
already commenced are sufficiently under way. They should be instructed how to
take pleasure in finishing what they start, and in not starting anything that they are
unwilling to see through to its completion.

Third General Consideration.

–The third step, also as having a bearing upon temperament and ability, is to note
the triplicity in which the planets are found. This indicates to what extent the stellar
cells and stellar dynamic structures tend to express through inspiration, emotion,
aspiration, or as influenced by practical considerations.

As in Lloyd George’s chart six of the influences are in airy signs, he would move
largely upon the intellectual plane. Practical considerations also would play an
important part in his decisions, as three planets are in earthy signs. Two planets in
fiery signs indicate considerable zeal and enthusiasm. But as he has no planets in
watery signs, he may well know how to move others to tears, and may appeal to their
sympathies, but is himself moved only by logic and reason.

People with too few planets in the fiery signs should be taught how to cultivate zeal
and enthusiasm. If the watery influences are deficient they should cultivate
sympathy and kindly emotions. An increased interest in mental activities should be
advised when the airy signs are lacking in planets. When the earthy signs have too
little influence in the chart, the individual should be instructed how to cultivate a
more practical attitude.

And in his vocation and other endeavors, these should be selected with a view to his
abilities and shortcomings as thus indicated by the triplicity distribution of the more
active thought-cells in his astral body. To do the things which are compatible to the
Quality and Triplicity of the more prominent influences in his chart he merely will
need to utilize thought-cells which already are within his astral body; but to do the
things which are not compatible to them, because the thought-cells are not thus
already in his astral body, he will have to work hard to build them into himself. While
not an impossible task, this means the systematic expenditure of an immense amount
of energy over a long period of time to be able to do what another person, with the
proper thought-cells already built, as indicated by his birth-chart, can do with almost
no effort.

Fourth General Consideration.

–The fourth step is to note which houses are accentuated by containing planets. As
planets indicate active thought-cells built into dynamic stellar structures, the houses
holding planets indicate the departments of life in which the thought-cells have
enough energy to attract events.

In Jean Harlow’s chart, three planets in the 10th gave her much public notice, and the
two planets in the 7th made partners an active factor in her life. Luther Burbank, with
the only two angular planets in the 4th, gained fame in farming. Thomas Edison, with
five planets in the 4th in a different sign, gained fame from work done in his
laboratory. Conan Doyle, with six planets in the 12th was active in stories of crime
detection and in psychic research. Charles Lindbergh, with four planets in the house
of travel, the 3rd, was most active in flying. And Anne Lindbergh, with seven planets
in her 10th–including the ruler of her 7th in conjunction with the ruler of her
1st–gained public recognition by accompanying her famous flying husband on
perilous trips of exploration.

To build entirely new thought-cells into a compartment of the astral body which will
have the vigor, and therefore the same power to attract events, as would be indicated
normally by several planets in the house of the birth-chart, is probably a larger task
than most people can accomplish. Therefore, the compartments of the astral body
that already have the most numerous dynamic structures, as mapped by the planets,
should be considered as representing possibilities either for fortune or misfortune.
And the client should be instructed how to avoid indicated misfortune, how to turn
the discordant thought-energy shown into constructive channels, and how to take
greater advantage of such compartments of his astral body as show unusual stellar
cell activity of a harmonious nature.

Fifth General Consideration.

–The fifth step is to note the influence of each planet in the house it occupies. That
is, each dynamic structure is composed chiefly of the thought-elements indicated by
the planet mapping it, and these give their characteristics to the department of life
mapped by their house position. This should be appraised before proceeding to the
detailed delineation.

The public notice Anne Lindbergh receives, for instance, is influenced by each of the
seven planets in her 10th. Jupiter gives abundance, and as it is ruler of the 4th, it
associates her in the public mind with a wealthy father. Pluto is both the planet of
universal welfare and the planet of gangsters and kidnaping. In the 10th of Upton
Sinclair it brought him fame through unceasing toil for universal welfare. But in
Anne Lindbergh’s chart, being square Saturn, ruler of her children, it brought her
notoriety in connection with the kidnaping of her baby and its murder and the
$50,000.00 ransom paid without avail. Mars, the ruler of the 3rd, in the 10th,
conjunction the flying planet, Neptune, also brings her honor as a daring aviatrix.

In addition to the planets in his 3rd, Charles Lindbergh has both Pluto and Neptune in
the 7th; house of open enemies. Neptune is the planet of aviation; and early in 1934
the cancellation of air mail contracts by the Postmaster General brought him into
sharp conflict with the administration. In 1932 the kidnaping of his child brought a
nation wide search for the gangsters, as indicated by Pluto in his 7th, who took
ransom money from him, although the child had been murdered by someone almost
immediately after it had disappeared.

Jean Harlow had Jupiter, the planet of abundance, in the 5th, house of love affairs and
entertainment. It is one member of a grand trine, and her outstanding success was in
the realm of entertainment. But she had Mars and Uranus in her 7th, house of
marriage, and her marital life was an outstanding example of strife, disruption and

Lloyd George, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Wm. Jennings Bryan and
Anne Lindbergh get the widest publicity for such events as come into their lives,
because the Moon, representing the common people, is in the 10th. Their actions and
their affairs are perennially of public interest.

The house position of each planet, in addition to indicating the type of influence
surrounding the department of life mapped by the house, also is a guide to the Mental
Antidote which must be applied to overcome the misfortune, if such should be
denoted, relating to the department of life.

Sixth General Consideration.

–The sixth step is to note the relation which exists between the house occupied by
each planet and houses the cusps of which it rules; how many planets are above the
horizon, how many are east, if the Asc. is fast or slow, and such matters.

When a planet is not in its own sign, but is in some other sign, it indicates that the
thoughts about the department of life which it rules by sign have become
subordinated to the department of life indicated by the house in which the planet is

For instance, if the ruler of the 7th is in the 1st, it indicates that the experiences before
human birth with other life-forms have been such that they have built thought-cells
into the compartment of the astral body relating to personal power with a type of
activity which gives the individual the ability to dominate and overcome partners and
open enemies.

But if the ruler of the let is in the 7th, it indicates that past experiences
have built into the compartment having to do with partners and open enemies a
thought-composition which enables the partner or open enemies to have more
influence over the individual than he has over the partner or open enemies.

This relation between two departments of life, in which one has a preponderance of
influence over the other, may be to the individual’s advantage, or it may be to his
disadvantage. Yet it is not something inevitable. It is a condition due to the
organization of thought-cells in his astral body. Therefore, if it is a condition of
considerable disadvantage, the astrologer should instruct his client just how to go
about it to build thought-cells into his astral body which will alter the influence thus
shown in the birth–chart and enable him to attract conditions which are more to his
advantage and to the advantage of society.

By way of illustrating what is meant: Jean Harlow, with the ruler of her 1st in the
10th, was dependent for success upon popular approval. Anne Lindbergh, with the
ruler of the 7th in the 10th, gives her honor some power over her husband. Grau San
Martin, with the ruler of the 10th in the 12th, is dependent for honor upon secret plots
and the relative power of secret enemies.

The Detailed Delineation of a Birth-Chart.

— The first six steps in judging any horoscope, as applied to natal astrology, will be
seen to be in the nature of a preliminary survey in which, to be sure, important
information is gained and beneficial advice is given, but in which the precision of
detail is omitted. That is, no attempt up to this point has been made to determine all
the factors relating to any special department of life, nor to give all the advice
regarding it which should be given.

That most important matter of the aspects has so far been completely neglected. And
it is noting the number and nature of the aspects received by each planet in the chart
which constitutes the seventh step in judging any horoscope.

When, therefore, in delineating a birth-chart, this seventh and final step is reached,
the best plan is to take up each distinct department of life in orderly succession,
consider what bearing each of the first six steps or general considerations, have upon
it, and then to this add the influence of each aspect affecting it. and state the findings
in as much detail as seems desirable.

The order of sequence which should be followed is not as important as it is to have
some definite system always to follow so that no phase of the life will be overlooked.
The order in which the activities and interests are presented in the bold-faced
subheadings of the Chapters 3 to 7 inclusive we believe to be a good
system to follow. But if thought more desirable, the detailed delineation can be
commenced with the things ruled by the first house, considering the various things
ruled by each house in turn, moving on around the chart to the twelfth house.

But in whatever order the departments and phases of human activity are considered,
no delineation of any department of life or type of anticipated endeavor should ever
be considered complete until definite and detailed advice is given to the client as to
the very best course of action to pursue regarding it.What he needs to know is not so
much what will happen, as what he can do about it, and just how to do it.

If we start, for instance, with temperament and disposition, a statement of them as
they exist is valuable to indicate adaptability to certain types of endeavor. But when
the details of the disposition are revealed, as indicated not merely by signs and
planets, but also by aspects, it is likely that certain characteristics are shown which
are a detriment to the individual and which detract from his usefulness. These traits,
therefore, should be pointed out as requiring correction.

Even so, nothing constructive has been accomplished. And not until the astrologer
gives his client instructions in detail just how to go about it to correct the undesirable
trait, by diverting its thought-cell energy into constructive channels, should he
consider he has given a complete delineation regarding this phase of life.

Before passing from the first house of the birth-chart the health will most
appropriately come in for consideration. It is not judged, of course, exclusively from
the first house, but according to the rules given in Chapter 4.

It is scant comfort to the client to be informed that as the Sun in his birth-chart is not in
an angular house, has no aspect to Mars, no good aspect to Jupiter, and is severely
afflicted, he has so little vitality he will probably die at a time most people are in their
prime. If such positions occur in the birth-chart it is the obligation of the competent
astrologer to tell him just how to go about it to build up a vitality far more vigorous
than indicated by his birth-chart, so that he may live and accomplish the things he
wishes to do.

The birth-chart reveals the diseases to which an individual is subject. But this
information is of little value unless the astrologer advises his client what thoughts to
think, what foods to avoid and what ones to use abundantly, and what environmental
circumstances to cultivate, that he may avoid these diseases. They are attracted by the
unusual activities of certain thought-cells which are discordant. And the client
should be given detailed instructions in transforming these discordant
thought-compounds into harmonious compounds, and on using Rallying Forces to
supply them with harmonious energy instead of that which is discordant.

Should poverty be indicated in another birth-chart, instead of advising his client he
must always remain in want, the astrologer, by keen analysis of the chart should be
able to find the best possible field for acquiring money, and give his client specific
instructions on cultivating those attitudes and experiences which enable him to
attract a competence.

The astrologer should be able to select the vocation which his client should follow to
be of greatest benefit to himself and others. When thus advising an adult, there are
other considerations than those shown in the chart. A child can be educated to fill any
place in life for which it has natural ability as shown by the chart. But already part of
the life of an adult has flowed by. He can only with great difficulty start in the manner
of a child. His educational background, and acquired handicaps must be taken into

Some have energy enough to gain an education after thirty; but to most it would be
useless to advise an occupation requiring a good education if at that age they were
still comparatively illiterate. One who in his own country might have been a good
public speaker, but who has arrived in America after maturity, may find his accent
too great an obstacle for him to overcome to follow this occupation here.

Thus in advising an adult in regard to activities where education and acquired habits
are important, his cultural background and experiences since birth, as well as the
chart for the time of birth, should be given proper consideration.

Affectional matters have considerable bearing upon the happiness, usefulness and
spirituality of nearly every life. If the birth-chart indicates much disappointment and
discord throughout life where these interests are concerned, the astrologer should not
be content merely to tell his client that marriage will be disastrous, that love will be
unrequited, or whatever the condition shown happens to be. He also should instruct
just how to overcome these conditions indicated. Often if a certain type of person is
avoided in affectional matter, or another type cultivated, or the affectional relation be
on a prescribed basis of mutual tolerance, happiness may be gained from an
otherwise discordant affectional life.

And even more frequently the assiduous cultivation of certain habits of thought and
action, which the astrologer should be able to point out, will convert this, or any other
department of life, from an intolerable situation into one of satisfactory expression.

After all, the condition attracted, whatever it may be, is due to the energy and activity
of certain easily ascertained thought-cells within the astral body. These thought-cells
have been formed by states of consciousness; and they can be added to, or altered by
other states of consciousness. To do this requires the cultivation of new feelings,
impulses, and thoughts, about the department of life in which a change of fortune is
desired.Habits of long standing, such as those which have built powerful dynamic
thought-structures into the astral body, are not changed merely by willing them to
change They are altered only by resolutely following the law of new habit formation,
as set forth in Course XIV, Chapter 7.

No impossibility is involved in changing a birth-chart opposition into an effective
trine, or a birth-chart square into an effective sextile, as will presently be explained.
But even partially to succeed in such an effort new habit-systems must be formed to
displace those indicated by the discordant aspect, and this is difficult enough even
when the best method is followed. Therefore, the astrologer should be able to instruct
his client not merely in the habits of thought and action which will build the desired
new stellar cells into his astral body, but also the method by which most readily the
new habit-system can be established.

The best planet in each chart delineated should always be selected, as it indicates
those things with which the fortune will be best. And in this selection, prominence of
the planet should receive attention as indicating its power to attract events and
circumstances.The worst planet in every birth-chart also should always be selected; but as
indicating those things with which, by adding their character vibrations discordantly
to the astral body, association will conduce most to misfortune.

However, aside from any one planet thus selected, most charts present an appearance
which at once attracts attention to certain outstanding configurations. Such a
combination may be a close square from angles, a close trine from prominent planets,
a grand square or a grand trine.

A grand square gives just as much ability as does a grand trine, but to the extent the
individual lives in the department of life indicated by the harmoniously aspected
planets he will be lucky, and to the extent he lives in the department of his life
indicated by the afflicted planets he will attract misfortune.

Before illustrating this, as so little has been written about Pluto, I should point out he
is co-ruler of Scorpio, and on his adverse side is the planet of gangsters and
profiteers, while on the higher side his laws are: Know Yourself; Master Yourself;
Be Yourself; Give Yourself.

Now look at the chart of Thomas A. Edison, and you will perceive standing out an
unusual square and an equally unusual sextile. Sun, Mercury and Neptune are
conjunction in the 4th, in close sextile to Pluto in the 6th. So long as he worked in the
laboratory, as indicated by the 4th, and with his employees as indicated by Pluto in
the 6th he was a most lucky man, benefitting himself and contributing to universal
welfare, as indicated by the sextile to the Universal Welfare planet.

But when he ventured into the department of life mapped by the 5th he often met
heavy losses. This square contributed to his great inventive ability as strongly as if it
had been a trine; but in his financial ventures, especially those of a speculative
character, he was anything but fortunate. Yet in spite of recurrent financial loss, at his
death he left an estate of proportion commensurate with the benefic influences in his
4th house.

Reference can be made advantageously to the grand trine to Venus in the 5th in the
chart of David Belasco, the theatrical producer; to the grand trine to the Moon in the
11th in the chart of Professor Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia
University, and at times National Chairman of the Republican party; and to the grand
trine of Pluto in the 10th in the chart of Upton Sinclair, whose novels have given him
fame and money in spite of the fact that he has fought all predatory interests
constantly in the interest of public welfare.

Next in power to attract good fortune is a planet which connects by a sextile and a
trine two planets in powerful opposition. The dynamic stellar cells in the two
compartments thus connected by an aerial are unusually active. The aerial mapped
by the opposition picks up energy in great volume, but imparts to it discordant static.
But when another planet through a sextile and a trine reach each terminal of the
opposition with an aerial, these harmonious aerials are able to drain the great energy
of the opposition harmoniously into the stellar cells of the dynamic structure which
this planet maps. Such a planet, and the department or life it maps, consequently, are
commonly called the best in the chart, and attract the most spontaneous good luck.

In the chart of Charles Lindbergh, for instance, the opposition of Pluto and Neptune
in the 7th to Uranus and the Moon in the 1st, is connected by both Sun and Mars in the
3rd (house of journeys), sextile Moon and Uranus, and trine Pluto; Mars also being
trine Neptune.

In the chart of Anne Lindbergh the opposition of Uranus to Sun, Moon, Mars,
Neptune and Mercury, is connected by Saturn in the 6th, sextile Uranus and trine the
five mentioned planets. On their flights of exploration she is not merely a passenger,
but an efficient helper.

Next to the grand square in its power to attract misfortune is a T, in which two planets
in opposition are connected by a third planet which is square to both. Henry Ford has
such a T-square in which Pluto, although trine the M.C. and conducing to business
success, is square Mercury and Sun, and to the Moon. This has not merely brought
labor difficulties, but afflicted him in court when he attempted to expose Wall Street

The Three Methods of Planetary Energy Control.

–These grand squares, T-squares, oppositions and squares all map definite stellar
aerials which pick up the energies of the planets involved in such a manner that they
are given a definite quality of static discord. The aerials they map are present in the
astral body because feelings, emotions, and impulses of the discord implied have
been repeatedly present when the departments of life connected by the aspect have
been associated.

What the astrological client wants, and what the competent astrologer should
furnish, is a method by which these discordant thought-compounds can be handled
so that they will cease to attract misfortune, or better still, will attract good fortune, in
the department of life which their house position in the birth-chart indicates.

There are three distinct methods by which such control of planetary influence over
the life may be gained. They may be used singly, or in combination. And it should be
a part of every birth-chart reading to instruct the client just how to go about it to
prevent the heavier afflictions in his chart from bringing into his life the misfortune

With a chart like that of the late Jean Harlow, it was not enough to tell her she would
always be unfortunate in marriage and should stay single. She plainly was one who
did not wish to remain single. Marriage was important to her. And the astrologer
should have been able to tell her how to change the thought-compounds in the
compartment of her astral body mapped by the 7th in such a manner that she could
have had at least a reasonably happy marriage.

Rallying Forces.

–When the individual’s thoughts and feelings are tuned to a certain vibratory
quality, the nerve currents, which are electrical energies, become conductors of this
quality of astral energy and carry it readily to all the stellar aerials of the astral body.
So long as this state of feeling is maintained the chief astral energy received by the
stellar cells at the terminal of all the aerials is of this type, and of this harmony or
discord. If the energy thus picked up and transmitted to the various dynamic stellar
structures is pleasant, it causes thought-cell activity, to the extent the energy has
volume, and of a character which is fortunate.

If, in the birth-chart there is some favorable aspect, it is much easier to tune the
consciousness to its harmony and hold it there persistently than to tune in on some
quality to which no stellar aerial in the astral body is tuned. The more outstanding and
powerfully harmonious the aspect, the easier it is to tune in on its harmony and pick
up its energies in volume.

An individual, for instance, who has a grand trine in his chart finds it easier to tune in
on its harmony, and to hold that state of feeling, than on a less pronounced aspect.
And by the same token an individual with a grand square has more difficulty in
keeping from tuning in repeatedly on this grand square than on less powerful aspects.
To the extent the person lives in the environment and conditions indicated by the
aspect it is easier for him to tune in on its vibrations, whatever they may be.

So long as he keeps his consciousness and feelings tuned to the best influence in his
chart, its planetary energies are picked up and added as Rallying Forces to the various
thought-cells reached by aerials. It is because those who have grand trines in their
charts thus, without premeditation, live in such vibrations, that their lives in other
departments than those reached by its aerials are often so successful.

By establishing the habit-system of keeping tuned in on the best influence in the chart
the individual can minimize the amount of discordant planetary energy that reaches
the thought-cells in his astral body, and at the same time furnish them with a type of
energy that stimulates them to activities toward attracting more fortunate events.

Mental Antidotes.

–Rallying forces, to the extent they are accompanied by thoughts and feelings, also
tend to change the thought-composition of the stellar cells. To the extent the
thought-compound is thus altered will it tend to attract a different fortune in the
department of life where it functions. But the use of Rallying Forces is too general to
be most effective in this respect.

The most effective way of changing the thought-composition of a stellar cell from a
discordant compound into one harmonious is through the application of its Mental
Antidote. The thoughts of the Mars type most readily enter into harmonious
compounds with those of the Moon or Pluto type. The thoughts of the Saturn type
most readily enter into harmonious compounds with the Venus or Neptune type.
Thoughts of the Jupiter type enter most readily into harmonious compounds with
those of the Mercury or Uranus type. And in applying these thoughts and experiences
it is essential, if strongly harmonious thought-cells are to be re-made from those
inharmonious, that there be pleasure in the association.

As Course IX is largely devoted to finding and applying such Mental Antidotes, the
details can be acquired there.


–Conversion, also a mental alchemy process, does not contemplate changing the
thought-compounds in the astral body through adding to them other
thought-elements than they already possess. Instead, realizing that planets connected
by a heavy aspect, regardless of the nature of the aspect, map dynamic stellar
structures possessing an immense amount of energy, it proposes to utilize all the
energy present harmoniously through a rearrangement of the thought-elements
already present, and perhaps adding more of the same planetary type.

It is possible, through the conditioning process described in Course XIV to learn to
take pleasure in almost anything, even though always heretofore it has been most
distasteful. Such work requires the establishment of new habit-systems. And a new
habit-system can not be established merely by willing to do so. There is a definite
technique, as set forth in Course XIV, Chapter 7, and the astrologer should be able to tell his
client not merely what new habits of thought he should adopt to convert a discordant
aspect into a source of harmonious power, but also just how to go about it to establish
the required habit-systems.

A discordant aspect implies that the thought-elements of the two planets involved,
because the things indicated by the departments of life revealed by their house
positions have been present in the mind under disagreeable circumstances, have
combined in a thought-compound of definite discord. As a consequence,
unconsciously, and usually also consciously, whenever these two departments of life
are present in the thoughts there is a feeling of dissatisfaction or annoyance.

As these thought-cells were formed by discordant states of consciousness in relation
to definite departments of life, they can also be reformed harmoniously by
harmonious states of consciousness in relation to the same departments of life. It is
all a matter of giving to them harmonious energy of greater volume and intensity than
was originally given discordantly in their building. Harmonious thinking and feeling
about the things mapped by discordant planets rearranges the thought-elements in
the stellar cells relating to these things, and if the things thus brought about belong to
different departments of life, an aerial capable of picking up corresponding energy
harmoniously is built across the astral body connecting the two compartments.

That is, instead of thinking about things mapped by the favorable aspects in the chart,
as in applying Rallying Forces, Conversion is accomplished by thinking about the
things mapped by the most discordant aspects in the chart. But the association
between two departments of life thus thought about must be free from discord and
charged with pleasurable feeling. As the stellar cells are thus altered in the
arrangement of the thought-elements of which they are composed, the pleasant
association between the departments of life dissolves the stellar aerial across the
astral body mapped by the discordant aspect, and builds a new one which picks up
energy free from static and gives it a harmonious trend.

Conversion is far more difficult in practice than the application of Mental Antidotes;
for when the things mapped by a discordant aspect are thought about there is an
almost irresistible tendency for the thoughts to warp around to a viewpoint which has
elements of discomfort. Often there is something like a mental argument with the
person so signified, or about the matters indicated. Therefore, Conversion is not
something which can be accomplished by an untrained mind. For its success the
departments to be harmoniously united must only be thought about in a pleasurable

Yet to one conversant with the technique of forming habit-systems in reference to
thoughts and feeling, who at the same time has sufficient resolution, any stellar aerial
present in his astral body at birth, as mapped by an aspect in his birth-chart, can be

Furthermore, its energies can be fully utilized in a manner that will attract fortunate
conditions, instead of those unfortunate, by building across the astral body a stellar
aerial, not mapped by the birth-chart, but nevertheless quite as effective, such as
customarily is mapped by a sextile or a trine.

Through Conversion, which every astrologer should understand, an opposition can
be transformed to exert the influence of a trine, and a square can be rerouted so that its
effect in the life is that of a sextile.

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