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Love, Marriage and Partnership

Love, Marriage and Partnership

MARRIAGE is a complex relationship involving somewhat every department of
life. Even friendship, the financial success, honor and the attitude of relatives are
influenced by marriage; and especially does it include as its outstanding factors, a
close partnership, association with the opposite sex, affection, and the love embrace.

The thoughts, feelings and impulses of the soul before human birth, derived from its
experience with each of these distinctive departments of life are not retained in a
single compartment of the astral body. Instead, they originally were built into, and
now reside in, the particular compartment of the astral body mapped by the house or
dynamic stellar structure corresponding to the department of their origin.

If the one important thing about marriage, for instance, were the amount of financial
success it would bring, the partnership house and the houses of money, especially the
8th, which is the house of the partner’s money, would be the chief things to consider
in a birth chart.

Marriage to certain other persons is measured as to its desirability almost exclusively
by the love embrace. That there is little kindness shown, and much strife and
bickering at other times, seems of no importance. With such a yard-stick marriage
must be measured almost exclusively by the 5th house.

The Four Factors of Success in Marriage.

–Because what people expect and desire from marriage are so diverse, it is
impossible to give the factors in the order of sequence of their importance to all. The
sequence must be changed to meet special needs. Possibly the following order of
importance applies to the average person:

1.PARTNERSHIP.–The stellar cells and stellar structures mapped by the 7thhouse,
their harmony or discord and the intensity of their activity, as well as the
general quality, determine the kind of partners in general that are attracted into the
life. If Saturn is in the 7th, all partners will tend to be serious and cold; if Jupiter is
there they will tend to be jovial and benevolent; if the Sun occupies this house they
will tend to dignity and importance. Thus from the planet in the 7th, or less precisely
from the ruler of the cusp of the 7th, can be gauged the general type of partner which
the individual will have.

How the partner thus indicated will affect the life must be determined by the aspects
formed by the ruler of the 7th. These indicate not only the thought-compound of
which the stellar cells in the compartment of the astral body relating to partnerships
are formed, but also open lines of energy exchange, of definite harmony or discord,
with other compartments in the astral body. Because the thought-cells of the
partnership compartment are connected, for instance, with the thought-cells of the
money compartment, by a stellar aerial mapped by an aspect from the 7th house to the
2nd house, money will be an important factor as influencing the success of the
partnership. The partnership, likewise, because of this free communication of energy
between these compartments, will have an important bearing upon the financial

The more prominent the planet, and the more powerful its aspect to the ruler of the
7th, the more influence the things relating to its compartment in the astral body will
have over the partnership. Such influences are mutual. But the compartment having
the stronger influence over the other is the one with the most active stellar cells, that
is, mapped by the most prominent planet.

Consequently, if there is a planet in the 7th made prominent by having several
powerful aspects, and the planet ruling the 2nd is not prominent, an aspect between
the two indicates that the partnership will have more influence upon money than
money will have upon the partnership. But if the planet ruling the 2nd is more
prominent than the planet ruling the 7th, money will have more influence upon the
partnership than the partnership will have upon money.

This, if course, is a principle which can be applied to the aspects of planets between
any two houses. The activity of the stellar cells mapped by a planet determines the
amount of their influence, both in relation to the life, and in relation to the amount of
influence exerted by any other group of stellar cells mapped by another planet to
which there is an aspect. It is the thought-energy possessed and exerted which, in all
cases determines the amount and kind of influence mapped by any position in the
birth chart or by any progressed aspect.

The nature of the influence exerted by one department of life over another
department, as indicated by the aspect between two planets, must be gauged by the
nature of the aspect. If, for instance, there is a trine aspect between the ruler of the 7th
and the ruler of the 2nd, partnership will tend to bring good luck in money matters
and money matters will tend to bring good luck in partnership. But if the aspect is a
square, the partnership will be an obstacle to financial success and financial
difficulties will be an obstacle to the success of partnership.

In judging the influence of any department of life, every aspect to the ruling planet
should be taken into consideration, not merely as a harmony or discord, but as
indicating a definite kind of condition which arises from the department of life which
the other planet rules. It should be considered as an opportunity, an obstacle, friction,
luck, agitation, etc., arising from the department indicated by the house position and
rulership of the planet making the aspect, which tends to influence the department of
life being considered in this definite way.

Thus must the partnership be judged to influence, and be influenced by, every planet
making an aspect to the ruler of the 7th.

As a rule either Uranus or Neptune, in so far as they are involved in it, tend to disrupt
marriage and bring separation. In the 7th house there are instances when
exceptionally well aspected in which they bring the finest type of marriage relations.
But even in such cases the circumstance of the union are decidedly unusual. The cusp
of the 7th merely being occupied by Aquarius or Pisces, however, is not so drastic.
Upton Sinclair, for instance, with Aquarius on the cusp of the 7th, but with the other
three marriage factors harmonious, has had an exceptionally fortunate marriage in all

But an afflicted Uranus in the 7th is another matter, as illustrated by the chart of Jean
Harlow, here presented. Mars conjunction Uranus in the 7th, and both heavily
otherwise afflicted has brought tragedy and disruption to her marital relations.

Any aspect of the Sun in a woman’s chart or of the Moon in a man’s chart to the planet
Uranus tends toward unconventional conduct. It is the freedom planet, and its
individualism expresses thus in relation to the opposite sex. Any aspect of the Sun in
a woman s chart or of the Moon in a man’s chart to Neptune tends to a peculiar
unrealizable idealism regarding the opposite sex. Neptune in the 7th is not suddenly
disruptive, as is Uranus, but the partner is given imaginary qualities which the
realities of life do not permit of fulfillment. The partner may be strangely afflicted,
the one desired may already be married, a queer slow process of estrangement may
occur, or some involved condition develop which leads to an unsatisfactory married

2.OPPOSITE SEX.–Aside from partnerships and the affections the opposite
sex has an influence upon each life.

To an extent undreamed of by most, a woman’s health depends upon the astral and
electromagnetic forces radiated by her brothers, her father, her husband and all the
men she even remotely comes near.

The kind of energy she thus receives from men, as well as the influence of men in
general upon her life, is determined by the stellar cells mapped by the Sun in her birth
chart. If the Sun is well aspected she will attract to herself, because the thought-cells
relating to the opposite sex are harmonious, favors and fortune from men. But if the
Sun is afflicted, it indicates that the thought-cells relating to the opposite sex are
inharmoniously compounded, and she will attract misfortune from men accordingly.

Man, in no less degree, depends for health and inspiration upon the astral and
electromagnetic forces radiated by his sisters, his mother, his wife and all the women
he approaches even closely enough for conversation or a handshake.

The kind of energy he thus receives from women, as well as the influence of women
in general upon his life, is determined by the manner in which the stellar cells within
his astral body mapped in the birth chart by the Moon are compounded. If the Moon is
afflicted by aspect, women-in general prove a detriment such as the aspect indicates.
But if the Moon receives good aspects it reveals that the thought-compounds built of
his experiences with the opposite sex are harmonious, and that women will favor and
assist him.

Man depends largely upon woman for magnetic power and woman depends largely
upon man for vital strength. Even as the thoughts of an individual tune his astral and
electromagnetic energies to their vibratory rate, so also the sex of an individual gives
a distinctive quality both to his astral energies and to his electromagnetic energies.
Aside, that is, from being vital electromagnetic energy or constitutional
electromagnetic energy, the electromagnetic energies are either strongly or weakly
sexed, according to the individual, and are either masculine or feminine according to
the gender.

Those who have no contact by speech or handshake with the opposite sex become
one-sided creatures. Thus does monastic life become an open avenue for all manner
of fantastic beliefs and obsessions. Such isolation from the balancing magnetic
contacts are always indicated in the birth chart by an unusually severe affliction.

3.AFFECTIONS.–The strength, importance and success of the affections ingeneral,
without reference specifically to the marriage partner, children, relatives, or
friends is to be judged from the planet Venus. The affections are important in the life
and powerful to the extent that the planet Venus is prominent. Their general
satisfaction, or lack of it, is indicated by the aspects Venus receives. And these
aspects, by the house positions of the planets making them and the house position of
Venus, indicate what things conduce to, or detract from, affectional success, and in
what manner.

4.LOVE AFFAIRS.–Love affairs, which include those that result in marriage
and those that do not, and the circumstances relating to them, including the embrace
of marriage, are to be judged from the 5th house.

Venus may well play an important part in lovemaking, but some love-making has
very little of the Venus quality of affection in it. The individual who has Venus
prominent in his chart will desire Venus expression; but in actual love-making, and
in the success of it, the thought-cells mapped by the 5th house play the determining

If Mars is in the 5th, love-making will attract strife; if Saturn is there, a quality of
coolness will develop; or if the Moon is in this house of passion, lack of constancy
will play a part. How these influences will affect the life, of course, must be
determined by the aspects of the ruler of the 5th and the houses occupied by the
planets aspecting it.

The thoughts, feelings, impulses and emotions relating to the love embrace and to
other pleasures have been built into the compartment of the individual’s astral body
mapped by the 5th house. What will be attracted to him relating to pleasures and the
love embrace, therefore, must be judged from the 5th house. And to the extent this
relation is a factor of importance in marriage the 5th house conduces to or detracts
from the marital happiness.

Opportunities to Marry

–As a general rule the aspects to which the Moon applies in a man’s chart, and the
aspects to which the Sun applies in a woman’s chart, represent the opportunities to
marry. The first complete aspect the significator thus makes is the first opportunity,
the second complete aspect is the second opportunity, and so on.

A composite pictures of partners in general may be had by reversing the chart and
judging it as if the 7th were the partner’s first. But in selecting from among various
opportunities to acquire a husband or wife, the particular woman is indicated by the
aspect to which the Moon applies, and the particular man is indicated by the aspect to
which the Sun applies.

In a man’s chart, if the first aspect made by the Moon were to Uranus in the 10th, this
would indicate a woman who was eccentric or interested in some unusual pursuit,
and in some manner associated with business. If the second aspect were to Saturn in
the sixth, this would indicate a later acquaintance of more serious and laborious turn,
who, in some manner was related to illness, or was a servant or inferior.

In a woman’s chart, if the first aspect made by the Sun were to Neptune in the 11th,
the man so indicated would be visionary, a promoter, and his relation to friends
would be noticeable. If the second aspect completed by the Sun were to Jupiter in the
4th, the man so designated would be jovial, probably possessing wealth, and
interested in real estate or the hotel business.

Usually every planet to which the significator of the opposite sex completes an
aspect before leaving the sign indicates a possible opportunity to marry. If the chart
otherwise is pronouncedly a marrying chart there may be opportunities beyond those
thus shown. If the chart is not strong for marriage, the weaker aspects thus indicated
will bring only friendships that will not develop far enough to imply marriage.
Gemini or Sagittarius on the 7th rather frequently gives a second marriage.

The value of being able thus to determine the individual who is indicated by any
planet to which the significator of the opposite sex applies lies in revealing the
fortune which the life would have in association with each prospect so designated. If
the planet thus applied to were much afflicted, the individual also would be similarly
afflicted. But if the planet indicating the particular marriage opportunity were
powerful and well aspected, the partner would be likewise fortunate.

If the application made is by good aspect, it signifies that the relation between
husband and wife would be harmonious, to the extent there might be harmony with
any partner. But if the application made is by adverse aspect, it signifies that the
relation between husband and wife will tend to be discordant, according to the nature
of the aspect.

Therefore, if the Sun in a woman’s chart, or the Moon in a man’s chart, applies
favorably to the first planet with which an aspect is completed, and by adverse aspect
to the second planet, the first opportunity to marry is the better. But if the first
application is to an adverse aspect, or even to a planet much afflicted, and the second,
or third aspect is a harmonious aspect to a more favorable planet, it is better to ignore
the early opportunity and wait for the later one. The planets to which Sun or Moon
thus applies, by their characteristics and the house occupied, give hints sufficiently
clear to enable each individual so indicated to be recognized.

Whom to Marry

–Many factors conduce to, or detract from, the suitability of two persons to wed, but
in particular there should be magnetic harmony, kindred intellectual interests, and
not too divergent spiritual ideals.

1.PHYSICAL HARMONY.–Between people so closely associated as man and
wife there is an exchange of electromagnetic energies. The etheric body is a union of
energies of opposite polarities; solar electromagnetic energy and lunar
electromagnetic energy. This electromagnetic energy, generated by the chemical
processes of the body, is really the life of the physical form.

The nerve currents are such energies traveling over the nerves. And their vibratory
rates, aside from those given temporarily by the transient thoughts and feelings, are
determined by the thought-cells of the astral body as mapped by the planets.

The positive electromagnetic energy is ruled by the Sun. Its quality, therefore, is
largely determined by the Sun-sign; but to a degree also by any planet aspecting the
Sun; for such a planet reaches the etheric body through the dynamic stellar structure
mapped by the Sun, into which its aerial leads.

The negative electromagnetic energy is ruled by the Moon. Its quality is largely
determined by the sign occupied by the Moon in the birth chart; and to a much less
degree by any planet aspecting the Moon. Such an aspect implies an aerial leading
into the dynamic stellar structure mapped by the Moon, through which it gains direct
access to the etheric body.

Any planet aspecting Mercury, at times, through the thoughts it stimulates, reaches
and influences the quality of the etheric body. The conscious thoughts, ruled by
Mercury, tune the electromagnetic energies to their vibration. But this influence is
pronounced only while the particular thoughts are prominent in the mind. It may,
therefore, be considered not as the permanent rate to which the nerve currents
vibrate, but merely as those tuned in on temporarily.

Aside from such temporary tuning in by means of the conscious thoughts, which may
or may not be habitual, the quality of the electromagnetic energies of the body may be
determined chiefly by the signs occupied by the Sun and Moon; carrying in minor
degree the vibratory rate of the planets from which these luminaries receive aspects.

In reaching the outside world, however, the solar electromagnetic energies and the
lunar electromagnetic energies, thus colored by planetary vibrations as indicated by
their aspects, must pass over the ground-wire mapped by the degree on the
Ascendant. Electromagnetic energy which thus passes over the ground-wire to the
world without is known as personal magnetism.

This ground-wire itself has a vibratory quality which also is imparted to such
electromagnetic energies as pass over it. Not only the sign on the Ascendant must
thus be considered, but all planets in the first house also, because they are closely
enough associated with the ground-wire to impart their vibratory rates to it.

The magnetism of an individual, therefore, is not a simple energy, but a compound of
solar energy and lunar energy of the quality indicated by the signs occupied, and the
aspects made, by Sun and Moon, to which still other vibratory rates are added by the
sign on the Asc., planets in the first house, and planets strongly aspecting the degree
on the Asc.

To the extent electromagnetic energies have a similar vibratory quality they the more
readily fuse and blend. The magnetism of watery signs blends best with the
magnetism of watery signs. It also blends in less degree with the magnetism of
earthly signs; but will no more blend with the magnetism of fiery signs than oil will
blend with water. Magnetism of the fiery signs blends most readily with that of fiery
signs. It blends somewhat with that of the airy signs; but refuses to unite with the
magnetism of the earthly signs.

If the Sun in one chart is in a fiery sign and the Moon or Ascendant of another chart is
in a fiery sign, the magnetisms, to the extent shown, are given a fiery vibration, and to
that extent will fuse pleasantly. That is, for magnetic harmony, it is not absolutely
essential that the Sun-signs shall be of the same triplicity, or even of complementary
triplicity, although the energies blend more completely when they are.
Electromagnetic energy of the same, or of complementary quality, will blend
whether given its quality by the Sun, Moon or Ascendant. But the blend is more
perfect if in both cases it is given by the Sun, in both cases by the Moon, or in both
cases by the Ascendant.

The electromagnetic energies of an individual are subject to being somewhat raised
or lowered through the mental attitude, or sympathy for another. After all, the
vibratory rate they possess as mapped by the signs and planets in the birth chart, is
due to the vibratory quality of the thought-cells in the astral body. That is, the solar
electromagnetic energy has a quality determined by the thought-cells of the dynamic
stellar structure mapped by the Sun. If the Sun receives a strong aspect from Uranus,
it indicates that the thought-cells mapped by the Sun have in their composition also
some of the Uranian thought-element. And this, to an extent modifies their vibratory
quality, because in addition to the vibrations of the Sun-sign, they partake of these
Uranian thought-element vibrations.

The vibrations of the electromagnetic energy which when it is radiated to others is
termed personal magnetism is quite complex; for in addition to other qualities they
partake of the sex of the individual. Electromagnetic energies of similar vibratory
rate fuse readily, and without jar or discomfort, and if at the same time they are of
opposite sex, and to the extent they are strongly sexed, there is pronounced attraction
of the one for the other.

But even when of the opposite sex, magnetisms which are of too dissimilar
characteristics do not fuse or blend, and often are violently destructive, one to the
other; the weakest suffering most. When the vibrations are thus so divergent, as
indicated by signs which are contradictory opposites, such as Aries and Cancer,
Capricorn and Gemini, or Taurus and Leo, they can not be brought into synchronism,
and they jar from their impact.

When the divergence of vibratory rates is less antagonistic, having certain factors of
similarity as indicated in the birth chart, under kindness and sympathy the feelings so
engendered are able to raise or lower or otherwise adjust to each other so that they
enter into a satisfactory fusion. Even when there is rather wide divergence in birth
chart vibratory frequencies, the conditions of courtship may bring about the feeling
of sympathy which adjusts the vibratory rates of the electromagnetic energies, one to
the other.

Under such conditions, so long as the kindness lasts and hardships do not too greatly,
through thoughts about them, cause a reversion to the natural birth chart vibrations,
the magnetic blend will persist. But when, as often occurs after marriage, irritations
arise, and financial worries absorb much of the attention, this artificial adjustment of
electromagnetic vibratory rates is destroyed, and each has as the normal quality of
personal magnetism only that which the thought-cells, as mapped in the birth chart,
impart to it. That is, the quality imparted to it by love of the other departs as soon as
the love no longer is a vigorous and persistent factor in the consciousness coloring
the thoughts.When this transpires, husband and wife whose magnetisms fused nicely during
courtship and the honeymoon, find the blending no longer present, and each wonders
why the magnetism of the other is so annoying.

If, however, the quality of the magnetism of each is quite similar to that of the other,
due to the sign-vibrations of the thought-cells in the astral body mapped by Sun,
Moon or Ascendant, their normal everyday electromagnetic energies fuse
harmoniously without particular adjustment on their part. When irritations arise,
their temporary tuning in on different rates, due to the thoughts and feelings at the
time, may make it impossible for the electromagnetic energies to blend. But as soon
as the difficulty is past and each has a normal mental attitude there is, without special
effort on their part, a satisfactory blending of electromagnetic energies again.

In marriage, therefore, it is favorable when the electromagnetic energies have, as
shown by Sun, Moon and Asc. in the birth chart, much in common, and not too much
which is of the contradictory quality. For practical purposes, and without going into
the fine points, the personal magnetism of individuals may be broadly classed into
two polarities, electric and magnetic.

The positive signs, and the positive planets, give the electromagnetic energies of the
body a positive, electric quality. The negative signs, and negative planets, give the
electromagnetic energies of the body a negative magnetic quality. Electric personal
magnetism blends well with electric personal magnetism, especially if the sexes of
the persons are opposite. Magnetic personal magnetism blends nicely with magnetic
personal magnetism. But electric personal magnetism will not blend with magnetic
personal magnetism. They recoil from each other, and close association is injurious
to both.

Very few people are exclusively electric, or exclusively magnetic in temperament.
To the extent there are elements in common the magnetisms will readily fuse. When
the electromagnetic vibratory rates are about equally divided between positive and
negative the temperament is said to be electromagnetic. These people are able to
blend with all other types somewhat, but not so thoroughly as do those more
pronouncedly of the same temperament.

In referring to this matter of energy exchange, which is so important in the close and
constant association implied by marriage, in addition to the general vibratory quality
of the electromagnetic energy, or personal magnetism, it is found that when a planet
in one chart occupies the same degree of the zodiac as a planet in the other chart there
is a ready exchange of astral energies of the nature indicated by the planets involved.

Each planet maps the terminal of a stellar aerial, and if there is a dynamic structure
acting as such a terminal in the same degree of the same zone in the astral body of
each, this affords the facilities for astral energy exchange. The nature of the energy
given to the other is shown by the planet and its aspect in the chart of the one who
imparts it.

Thus if Saturn in one chart is in the same degree as Mars in another chart, a
close association of the two persons enables the Saturn energy to reach the Mars
terminal. And to the extent Saturn is afflicted, it imparts to the Mars terminal
inharmonious energy. And because Mars and Saturn are discordant, one to the other,
even if not afflicted, the energy exchange is detrimental to both.

Venus and Mars, however, between those of opposite sex are natural lovers. Mars in
one chart on Venus in the other, other things not interfering, often brings a strong and
lasting attachment. The Sun in one chart on the Moon in the chart of a person of
opposite sex also indicates an exchange of energy which is usually satisfactory and
lasting. In this case, however, because Sun and Moon rule them, the exchange is of
electromagnetic energies as well as those astral.

It is probably not good practice to consider such exchanges if the planets are much
more than one degree apart in the zodiac.

As to the general influence on the various departments of life, of one person when
closely associated with another, this can be determined, although subject to many
modifications, by considering in which house of the chart of one the planets in the
chart of the other fall. For instance, if one person has Virgo on the 10th, and the other
person has Jupiter in Virgo, the influence of the second person on the first would be to
increase the business. It is, only with a minor degree of force, as if Jupiter were placed
in his own 10th house. If Jupiter in the second person’s chart were well aspected it
would be more favorable, of course, than if discordantly aspected.

By thus inserting the planets, according to the degree of the zodiac they occupy, from
one person’s chart into the chart of another, much can be learned of the manner in
which any partnership will influence the life of each.

2.MENTAL HARMONY.–To be companionable, people must have at least
some interests in common. If all the husband cares for is business and baseball
games, and all the wife cares for is literature and social affairs, they are sure to bore
each other, and probably will seek companionship with those of kindred tastes.

It is a mistake, as a rule to which there are numerous exceptions, for husband and wife
to have abilities so closely identical that they become rivals. Too frequently, when
this is the case, there is jealousy of the praise bestowed upon each other. It is better
that each have qualities which the other has not, but which the other admires. Yet
their tastes should be sufficiently alike that they have interests in common. The best
possible mental combination is when husband and wife are vitally and
enthusiastically absorbed in some interest to which each contributes an element
which the other can not.

How to determine the things an individual will be interested in, and thus if two people
will be mentally compatible, may be determined from the temperament, disposition
and mental ability as set forth in Chapter 3.

3.SPIRITUAL HARMONY.–People tend to be uncomfortable when closely
associated with those whose characters are in marked contrast to their own. The
character includes those deep-seated traits which most resist change. Rules for
judging it are given in Chapter 3.

The spiritual level, including the religious conceptions, the ideals, and the many
individual trends and traits, all are embraced in character.

One who lives on a low spiritual level, likes riotous living, is keenly dishonest, and
cares nothing for others or for the future life, is quickly irked by the companionship
of a clean-living, honest and pious companion. A materialist husband is a source of
incessant worry to a spiritual wife. One who cares only for the flesh pots is hardly a
suitable mate for a fine-grained aesthete.

A divergent philosophy of life, because philosophy determines action, is a common
source of discord between wedded people. If one is progressive, is interested in
astrology and the occult, and the other is conservative enough to believe that such
things are the work of the devil, it does not conduce to happiness. Many instances are
brought to our notice, too, in which one of a married pair concludes that all
expression of sex is sin, while the other believes such doctrines are contrary both to
sound psychology and to physical health. Both then consider the other selfish in
demanding a type of life of which the other does not approve. Had they the same
ideals they would be spared such misery.

The Sun-sign, as mapping the most deep-seated and permanent of all the
thought-elements comprised within the astral body, is a significant factor in
determining spiritual harmony. Fire and water, of course, are wide apart in their
spiritual relations as revealed By the motives of their conduct. And even the degree
of the zodiac occupied by the Sun seems to be quite important in their respect.
John A. Hadallier, member of the California State Bar Association, after thirteen
years’ research published in the N. A. Journal for February, 1934, a graph showing
the grouping of actual divorce cases in his files according to the degree occupied by
the Sun.

This graph indicates that when the Sun in the birth charts of husband and wife are
near the sextile and trine to each other there are the fewest number of divorces, but
that when they are near the semi-square, square, sesqui-square and opposition
divorces are most numerous. The square aspect brings the most divorces; those of the
semi-square and sesqui-square are about half as many as indicated by the square; and
the opposition aspect, probably due to the principle of polar opposites, exhibits only
about half the divorces shown by the semi-square and sesqui-square.

When to Marry

–From merely a comparison of the birth charts of a man and a woman it cannot be
determined whether or not they can make a success of marriage. All that can thus be
ascertained is to what extent the fundamental harmonies are present between them
which promote marital happiness.

In an afflicted chart, conditioning by environment since birth may have developed
complexes or fixations that make it impossible for its owner to make a success of
marriage with anyone. But statistical studies show that while an individual is under
harmonious progressed aspects he is unlikely to be attracted toward marrying an
individual with such a complex or fixation, or who is otherwise so constituted that he
cannot get along successfully with anyone in marriage

In the reference book, ASTROLOGY: 30 YEARS RESEARCH the progressed
aspects are analyzed for 215. different marriages. People may marry when the
progressed Moon is in any house, or making any aspect, or making no aspect; but
they only marry when there is a major progressed aspect, other than the Moon, within
one degree of perfect, to the ruler of the 7th.

There is no planet of marriage; but when there is a progressed aspect to the ruler of the
7th, a progressed, aspect to Venus favors marriage. And in a woman s chart, when
there is a progressed aspect to the ruler of the 7th, a progressed aspect to Mars tends
even more strongly toward marriage than does a progressed aspect to Venus.

In the mentioned reference book, the birth charts’ and progressed aspects of 100
persons, both at the time they married and at the time they separated or divorced, are
also analyzed. At the time of marriage 79 of them had a discordant progressed aspect
dominant, and only 3 of them had harmonious progressed aspects dominant.

A large percentage of these people who divorced, later remarried when their
progressed aspects were harmonious, and made a success of the later marriage. Thus
one of the most important steps in making a success of marriage is the selection of a
time for the marriage when there are harmonious progressed aspects strong enough
to act as Rallying Forces, and a harmonious progressed aspect to the ruler of the 7th.
If, at the same time, Venus and the ruler of the opposite sex are unafflicted by
progressed aspect, so much the better.

Progressed aspects from Sun, Moon or Venus to Uranus or Neptune tend to bring into
the life romantic affairs. If Neptune is the dominant influence at the time they tend to
fizzle; and if Uranus is the dominant influence at the time the attachment may be very
strong while it lasts, but commonly lasts only so long as the progressed aspect to
Uranus remains within one degree of perfect.

As to the actual day and time of marriage, it is well, as in starting any important
enterprise, to select a proper time for it. The chart of the marriage, erected for the time
the minister says, “I . . . now pronounce you husband and wife,” should have, in
addition to other favors, as good a 7th house as possible.


–The relation of children to the individual, and their affect upon the life, is to be
judged from the 5th house. Fruitful planets and a fruitful sign on the 5th are
indications of children, but whether the Sun-sign, Moon-sign and Asc. are fruitful
must also be considered.

The relation of the children to the individual, whether they will be a source of just
pride or a cause of trouble, and the nature of the benefit or difficulty, is to be judged
solely from the 5th house.

It is significant that pleasures and children are ruled by the same house. That is, the
thought-cells relating to both are in the same compartment of the astral body. This
means that children conceived in discord, such as indicated by an afflicted house of
pleasure, are of a type which are themselves discordant. The LAW OF AFFINITY
thus indicates that when there is love and harmony between husband and wife, that
the soul attracted will have similar qualities of harmony, which will be evident in the
child’s birth chart.

Astrology should be used by all parents in bringing children into the world. Child
bearing should not be a hit or miss affair. It should be premeditated. More details as to
this will be found in Course XVII, Chapter 4, but anyone can look ahead in the ephemeris
273 days and note if the positions of the planets will be favorable for a child then born. It
is true that gestation may be somewhat shorter or longer than this period, but even so
the Sun-sign and heavier aspects, which last over considerable time, can thus be known.
And by applying the prenatal epoch, as explained in Course X-II, Chapter 8, a chart
can be selected in detail for the child, using the rules there given to work back to find
the proper moment for conception.

If the parents can not attract a soul having such qualities there will be no conception.
But if conception takes place the child will not be a burden to its parents and to
society, but such as the selected chart indicates.


–The home should be judged exclusively by the 4th house. Uranus in the 4th is a
disturbing element. Jupiter there gives a rather sumptuous place and enjoyment in it.
Venus lends itself, when in the 4th, to harmony and a place of comfort. The home, it
should be understood, as thus ruled by the 4th, is not just a house, but the whole
domestic environment, including people.


–Servants are to be judged from the 6th house. A benefic there indicates that those
who work for one will give valuable service. Much of the late President Woodrow
Wilson’s success is attributed to the willing and capable services rendered him by
those in his employ. He had Jupiter in his 6th.

Mars in the 6th gives quarrelsome servants, and difficulties with them. Neptune in
the 6th gives servants who are dreamers and little inclined to work. Saturn indicates
those laborious, and if well aspected that they work hard for their employer, but if
afflicted that they have only their own advantage in view. Thus the type of
individuals who will be attracted into the person’s service is indicated by planets in
the 6th, or the ruler of the cusp of the 6th; but the benefit or detriment they are to him
must be judged by the aspects these planets receive.

Father and Mother

–Theoretically it would seem that the mother should be ruled by the 4th, as this is the
natural house position of the mother sign, Cancer. With no theory to uphold, and not
caring in the least as to results, we conducted an impartial analysis, based on the
progressed aspects to the rulers of the 10th and 4th at the time of the father’s death
and at the time of the mother’s death.

This analysis, set forth in the reference book, ASTROLOGY: 30 YEARS
RESEARCH, based on the progressed aspects at the time of death of 100 fathers and
100 mothers, reveals that there is always a progressed aspect to the ruler of the 10th at
the time of the death of the mother, but not at the time of the death of the father. Also
that there is always a major progressed aspect to the ruler of the 4th at the time of the
death of the father, but not at the time of the death of the mother.

These results have been verified since in still other ways. Therefore, in judging the
influence of the mother in the life refer to the 10th. Its ruler will have some
significance as to her qualities, but chiefly will indicate how she will affect the
individual. The aspects will show the benefit or affliction to him from her.

From the 4th house is to be judged the influence of the father in the life. The ruler of
the 4th will reveal the attitude of the father toward the individual, and the aspects will
indicate whether or not, and how much, benefit will be derived from him.

Inheritance and the Dead

–The nature of the inheritance, if any, to be derived from those who die, gifts and
bequests from others, and the personal property of the husband or wife, are to be
judged from the 8th house.

This house indicates also the good-will, or otherwise, of those who have passed to the
next plane as it affects the life. This is of more significance to those who through the
seance room, or through voluntary communion, come in contact with people once of
the earth but now living on the inner plane.

Collecting Debts

–This 8th house, as indicating other people’s money, is also of particular
significance in the matter of being able to collect money which is due. If there are
several afflicted planets occupying this house, it indicates financial loss through
trusting to the promises of others to pay. If Saturn is there, either debts will be paid
slowly or not at all. If Mars is in the 8th, there will be strife over debts, and money due
can be collected, if at all, only by forceful action.

The practical significance of this is that a person knowing his 8th house is severely
afflicted can refrain from permitting others to become indebted to him. If he is a
merchant, a cash and carry policy may lose him some customers, but in the long run it
will be of financial advantage.

Legal Matters

–Law suits are indicated by the 7th house, because it is the house of the person
bringing suit or being sued. Thus an afflicted 7th tends to involve the individual in
difficulties that must be taken to the court to settle; and the greater the affliction of the
7th the more damage the opponent will be able to do.

But the court itself, where decision is rendered, is ruled by the 9th. For instance, in the
reference book, ASTROLOGY: 30 YEARS RESEARCH, it was found that when
separation of husband and wife was taken into court and became a divorce, there was
always a major progressed aspect to the ruler of the 9th.

From the 9th, therefore, must be determined the attitude of the court, both judge and
jury, before whom any civil or criminal case involving the individual is tried.

End of Life

–The circumstances surrounding the end of life are to be judged from the 4th house.
Jupiter in this house is an indication that the individual will end his days amid
abundance: while Saturn there indicates hard work and responsibilities, and if
afflicted enough that actual want will be felt in the closing days.

The Sun in the 4th is some indication that toward the end the individual will attain to
some prominence or dignity; Mercury that he will be among books, or engaged in
writing; Venus that the surroundings will be bright and pleasant; and the Moon that
the end of life will be full of movement and change.

People with Uranus or Neptune in the 4th, who do not become interested in astrology
and occultism earlier in life, not infrequently are deeply absorbed in such subjects in
their late years.

Uranus, of course, is a disruptive influence in domestic life. And Neptune in the 4th,
aside from interest in occult matters, has a tendency to influence the individual to
retire and live a life away from close contacts with his fellow man; an influence
which becomes more insistent as there is advancement in age.

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