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How to Find a Mental Antidote

How to Find a Mental Antidote

WHEN the chemist possesses a compound which is unsuited to his purposes, to
change its composition so that it will have properties more favorable to the ends he
seeks, he proceeds to do one of two things: Through the application of conditioning
energy he rearranges the same elements; as when he applies heat to Hydrogen
Peroxide, driving off a portion of the oxygen, and obtaining Water. Both Hydrogen
Peroxide and Water are compounds of Hydrogen and Oxygen, but with distinctly
different properties. Or, he adds one or more other element to the compound, which
uniting with one or more element in the original, changes its character entirely. For
instance, if he wishes to obtain Nitric Acid which is widely used commercially, he
can add Water to Nitrogen Pentoxide.

Likewise, when it is desirable to change the composition of a thought-compound in
the astral body, so that the stellar-cells and stellar structures formed of it will have an
entirely different influence upon the events they attract into the life, the same two
methods are available: Either, through the application of conditioning energy, the
thought-elements of the compound are rearranged; the process being termed
Conversion; or new thought-elements, termed Mental Antidotes, are added to the
compound, which uniting with one or more thought-element in the original, changes
its character completely.

Two thought-elements may have so pleasant an affinity for each other that whenever
they are associated, by being in the same compartment of the astral body, they tend to
unite in a compound. And because of this unusual attraction, when they are permitted
thus to join, they develop spontaneously a certain amount of pleasant conditioning
energy which thus enters the compound and influences the thought-cells and stellar
structures formed of the compound. Thought-elements which thus tend readily to
unite, and if no special conditioning energy is present, in uniting combine in a more
or less harmonious compound, are said to be Mental Antidotes, each of the other.

Mental Antipathies also exist among the thought-elements. When the Aggressive
thought-elements, for instance, occupy the same compartment of the astral body with
the Safety thought-elements, although they do not readily combine, to the extent
close association does cause them to enter into a compound, is there developed
merely through this association, painful conditioning energy which enters the
compound and influences the thought-cells and stellar structures formed of the

How Antidotes Act

–An increasing number of deaths are caused each year through the effect of carbon
monoxide gas, developed through faulty combustion of fuel in automobile engines.
An engine started, or left running, in a closed garage is responsible for some such
deaths. Others are caused by the gas from imperfect connections, or from the
exhaust, seeping up through the floor into the driver’s compartment, or by the gas
from a car on the road just ahead blowing back into the driver’s face. As the gas is
tasteless, odorless and colorless, the driver does not recognize his danger, is rendered
unconscious, and permits his car to crash.

It can be shown, from ample statistical data, that the thought-cause which attracted
the driver to the carbon monoxide danger, resided in a compound within his astral
body in which the Utopian thought-elements were painfully united to other
thought-elements. But the purpose here of introducing this quite modern danger, is to
illustrate the effect of Antipathies and Antidotes when applied to the human system.

Carbon monoxide is not poisonous in the sense that arsenic, strychnine, and toxic
compounds are. It is readily eliminated from the system when the living person is
removed from the presence of an additional supply. Yet it requires a very diluted
amount in the air we breathe to bring death.

The red blood corpuscles, although possessing consciousness, are quite unlike the
white leukocytes. They are tiny sacks full of hemoglobin. And hemoglobin has a
marked affinity for oxygen. During the passage of the red corpuscles through the
lungs, they take on a load of oxygen, which a few moments later they deliver to the
tissue cells, picking up, for the return cargo to the lungs, carbon dioxide and other
waste products.

But hemoglobin has a much stronger affinity for carbon monoxide than it has for
oxygen. When, therefore, the air contains even small amounts of carbon monoxide,
this unites with the hemoglobin instead of the oxygen. Without a fresh supply of
oxygen the brain can retain consciousness only a few minutes; and other organs of
the body can function only a matter of hours. That is, the carbon monoxide acts as an
antipathy, when it combines with the hemoglobin. The person suffocates just as
surely as he would if for the same length of time he were under water. And the
treatment to relieve the condition is to use a pulmotor, or artificial respiration, just as
in drowning. In fact, he is drowning, and if revived before life ceases, he suffers no
more ill after effects than had he been immersed in water.

When, by means of the pulmotor, or natural breathing if it has not been completely
suspended, the red blood corpuscles are furnished again with a supply of pure air, in
their contact with the tissues they gradually relinquish their carbon monoxide, and
the hemoglobin again combines with oxygen, carrying it from the lungs to the
tissues. Pure air, even if it must be forced into circulation through the lungs by means
of a pulmotor, is thus the natural Antidote for a dangerous carbon monoxide
compound. Nothing else in the way of a remedy is required. If the heart continues to
beat, circulating the blood, and plenty of pure air is furnished the hemoglobin of the
blood, there is such a pleasant affinity between hemoglobin and oxygen, that they
combine in a compound wholly beneficial.

In a similar manner, each family of thought-elements has both its Antipathy and its
Antidote in certain other families of thought-elements. But because the practice of
Mental Alchemy is to relieve distress, and to form such thought-compounds in the
astral body as will attract, through the activities of the stellar-cells and stellar
structures composed of them, more fortunate events, our interest is more pronounced
in determining the Mental Antidotes and how to apply them. Just what these Mental
Antidotes are has been handed down to us through tradition from remote antiquity;
but they have been amply verified through extensive modern research and

Antidotes Should Be Applied to
Both Compartment and Stellar

–The state of consciousness accompanying any physical or mental experience
builds thought-elements of one or more family into the psychoplasm of the astral
body. The thought-elements thus added move to, and are assimilated by, the
compartment in the astral body related to the department of life with which the
experience is chiefly concerned. That is, if the experience has chiefly to do with
money, they move to the 2nd compartment; if it has to do with love affairs, they move
to the 5th compartment; or if it has to do with credit and honor, they move to the 10th

This tends to bring them into proximity with other thought-elements already
occupying the same compartment in the astral body. Such casual association alone
does not of necessity compel them to combine; but in the case of Mental Antidotes,
the affinity is so strong that the slight additional association given by the purpose of
applying a mental remedy is sufficient to enable these incoming elements to enter
into the psychoplasmic compound of the stellar cells, thus changing their nature

When the Mental Antidote for the particular affliction has been determined, it is then
sound practice to cultivate harmonious experiences and harmonious thinking of its
type in connection with the department of life–money, health, honor, friendship,
etc.,–for which the mental remedy is needed.

But in addition to this, the antidote should be applied directly to the Dynamic Stellar
Structure chiefly responsible for the difficulty. If the discordant Dynamic Stellar
Structure attracting the misfortune is chiefly composed of Safety
thought-elements–mapped in the birth-chart by the planet Saturn–whenever
Safety thoughts, feelings or impulses enter objective consciousness, it is good
practice at once to think about and cultivate their antidote. That is, when fear,
caution, acquisition, greed, or cold selfishness, are recognized in the thoughts or
actions, other thoughts and actions should at once be cultivated relating to love,
affection, art, beauty, and friendship, to take their place. The fact that the new set of
thoughts and experiences are purposely developed to take the place in consciousness
of the troublesome ones, associates them immediately with the thought-elements in
the active thought-cells responsible for the difficulty.

Those very active groups of thought-cells forming a Dynamic Stellar Structure in the
astral body, if they are the seat of a difficulty of any importance, are quite certain to
influence not merely the experiences attracted, but also the objective thinking and
feeling. And to whatever type they belong, whenever the experiences or thinking
characteristic of them are present, if the experiences and thinking which constitute
the Mental Antidote are then used in the effort to displace or alter them, these new
thought-elements enter into combination with the ones causing the trouble.

The Dynamic Stellar Structure responsible for the difficulty to be remedied may be
ascertained through a careful process of psychoanalysis: or through a careful
observation of the habitual thought of the individual. The thought-cells of a stellar
structure with energy enough to cause much difficulty in life, also are energetic
enough to influence both unconscious trends of thought and the habitual objective
thinking. But the most convenient method of determining the thought structure, the
cells of which need a Mental Antidote, is through using the known Birth-Chart
Constants in connection with the birth-chart.

But whatever method is used to discover the thought-cause of the condition to be
treated, the Antidote should be applied to the thought-cells in the compartment
affected in the astral body, by associating the Antidote as harmoniously and as
persistently as possible with that department of life; and it should be applied directly
to the Dynamic Stellar Structure through using it on all those occasions, which will
be numerous enough to start with, when the thinking responsible for the difficulty
gains recognition in consciousness.

Now let us consider, in the case of each family of thought-elements, just what
thoughts and experiences should be sought, when it is the chief element in a
discordant thought-compound, to afford the proper Mental Antidote:

Antidote for Discordant Power

— When there is discord arising from a thought-compound in which the Power
elements predominate, this is due to the influence of the other thought-element, or
thought-elements, in the compound, and to the conditioning energy with which the
elements combined. Therefore, the antidote for this other thought-element should be
added to the compartment containing the Power thought-cells, and to the Power
Dynamic Stellar Structure.

To add them thus to the Power Dynamic Stellar Structure, whenever thoughts are
present relating to pride, firmness, conscientiousness, self-approbation,
self-disapproval or self-esteem, thoughts of the character of the antidote of the other
thought-element in the compound should be entertained. Also, experiences should
be cultivated of the nature of the antidote of this other, and discordant,
thought-element in the compound, with the purpose in mind of adding harmony and
strength to the feeling of importance and accomplishment.

There can not be too much of the Power thought-elements in the astral body; and a
great deal of failure in the lives of most people is due not so much to the discord in
association with the Power thought-cells as to their lack of energy. That is, thoughts,
efforts and other experiences relating to significance have been too few, and lacking
in intensity, in the soul’s past to build up these stellar-cells and give them the activity
necessary for high accomplishment.

Their prominence does not prevent difficulties, nor their characteristic type of
diseases, if they are composed of discordant compounds. But it does give ability, to
the extent these Power thought-cells have acquired energy, to overcome difficulties.
Statesmen and those who lead or govern others often have gravely discordant Power
thought-cells; but they always have unusually energetic Power thought-cells. Those
with such discords attract one difficulty after another, but are able to dominate them,
until the discord attracts a physical disease resulting in death. Important men,
because of the prominent yet discordant Power Dynamic Stellar Structure, very
frequently die of heart failure.

To illustrate what I mean, consider the birth-charts and lives of three of our
presidents: Theodore Roosevelt (Birth-chart in Chapter 1) with Sun in 10th,
conjunction Mercury, opposition Pluto, and trine Moon, went out of his way to find
difficulties; but his Power stellar-cells were so energetic that he steadily gained in
authority; yet he died at a time in life when many men are in their prime. Warren G.
Harding (Birth-chart in Chapter 2), with Sun conjunction Mars and Saturn,
opposition Moon, and trine Uranus, was unsuccessful as candidate for Governor, and
as president died from ptomaine poisoning, typical of discordant Utopian
thought-element compounds. Calvin Coolidge (Birth-chart in Chapter 2), with
Sun opposition Saturn, was frugal and accustomed to hardship, but the activity of his
Power thought-cells gave him one political position after another, until he died from
heart failure, typical of discordant Power compounds.

Almost any person who sets resolutely and intelligently about it can acquire some
knowledge or ability that is outstanding in the community where he lives. He can do
something that will secure the esteem of others, or at least, through benefitting the
community, heighten his own opinion of himself. Working to such an end, if the
difficulties are met with joy in accomplishment, this builds Power thought-elements
into the astral body, adding to the vitality and to the importance of the life. Such effort
is well worth while to any person.

Antidote for Discordant Domestic

–In the home, where women and dependents are concerned, and in relation to the
common people, the individual becomes more receptive to impressions than in most
other avenues of life. That is, he is more negative to such influences, and whatever
harmonies or discords are present find easier access to his astral body, and build into
it thought compounds possessing such conditioning energy.

It has been found through experiment and observation that the Aggressive
thought-elements have a peculiarly harmonious and powerful affinity for the
Domestic thought-elements. Aggressive thought elements, ruled by Mars, are the
most positive and energetic of all; just as the Domestics, ruled by the Moon, are the
least positive. When the Aggressive thought-elements are added to any compound
containing the Domestic thought-elements, they immediately enter into combination
with the Domestic thought-elements; and the resulting compound, unless at the time
discordant conditioning energy is added through some painful association, tends to
be of a highly beneficial character.

I believe no thought-compounds give greater courage and daring, or mental activity,
than those formed by a union of the Aggressive thought-elements with the Domestic
thought-elements. Such a compound is mapped in the birth-chart by an aspect
between the Moon and Mars; and, while attracting strife and a tendency to accidents,
even a discordant compound of these two thought-elements has great possibilities for
accomplishment. In other words, they are such perfect antidotes, each of the other,
that in any compound they provide activities that cause their stellar-cells to attract a
certain type of good fortune.

As illustrating this peculiar quality even when in compounds that are otherwise not
harmonious, Theodore Roosevelt (Birth-chart in Chapter 1) had Moon opposition Mars;
Admiral Richard E. Byrd (Birth-chart in the front of this lesson), who was
the first man to fly over both the north pole and the south pole of the earth, has Moon
opposition Mars; Amelia Earhart (Birth-chart at front of this booklet), first woman to
fly the Atlantic, has Moon square Mars; Calvin Coolidge (Birth-chart in the front of this
lesson ) had Moon conjunction Mars; Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator (Birth-chart in
the front of this lesson), has Moon conjunction Mars; and Franklin Delano Roosevelt
(Birth-chart in Chapter 4), has Moon conjunction Mars These individuals all are
noted for courage and daring as well as for high accomplishment.

To add these Aggressive thought-elements to the compartment of the astral body
containing the Domestic thought-cells, this department of the life should be
associated in the mind with activities which are deliberately undertaken for the
protection of the weak and helpless and providing for those unable to care for
themselves; activities that call for initiative, courage, and combat. Even taking the
part of a mistreated dog is a step in the right direction.

To add these Aggressive thought-elements specifically to the Domestic Dynamic
Structure, whenever thoughts enter the consciousness that relate to difficulties in the
home, to difficulties with women, or to difficulties with the common people; these
should instantly and completely be displaced by thinking about some episode in the
life in which initiative and courage were exercised. Or the thoughts may be turned to
some contemplated activity which requires initiative and courage.

Commonly the thoughts arising from activities of the Domestic Dynamic Structure
are of a quality that, even though tumultuous in their emotional content, as soon as
the emotion begins to subside, they leave the individual in a state of passive
acceptance of conditions. Such negativeness of attitude merely increases the power
of the Domestic thought-compound to influence the life. And while it is poor
technique to oppose any thoughts that are discordant to this negativeness; it is
essential in correcting a Domestic thought-element difficulty with a Mental
Antidote, that positive and aggressive, even war-like, thoughts should be substituted.
When such Aggressive thoughts are thus substituted, their purpose of displacing the
discordant Domestic thoughts is sufficient association to cause them to enter into
combination with the thought-elements of the Domestic Dynamic Structure.

Antidote for Discordant
Intellectual Thought-Cells

–The objective mind was evolved the better to adjust the organism to new situations
through actions based upon examination and comparison. This process of
examination and comparison when carried out by the objective consciousness, as
well as the expression of the thoughts through speech or writing, is done at the
expense of electrical energy generated in the brain-cells. That is, such thinking as
adds Intellectual thought-elements to the astral body, is accompanied by vibrations
of the physical brain cells, which in turn consume etheric energy.

The etheric energies thus set in motion flow from the brain as electric discharges over
the nervous system, thus tuning the nerves in on corresponding astral vibratory rates,
enabling them to pick up, radio fashion, such energies from the planets, from other
radiating brains, and from the minds of those on the inner planes of life.

The more powerful the Intellectual thought-cells are in the astral body, even though
combined in discordant compounds as indicated by inharmonious aspects to
Mercury in the birth-chart, the more activity are they able to impart to the physical
brain cells. Up to the capacity of the brain cells to stand the strain thus imposed upon
them, even discordant Intellectual thought-cells are an asset to mental ability.

But because their activities imparted to the physical brain do thus so largely
determine the habitual type of thinking and the habitual tendency of the nervous
system to pick up broadcasted vibrations of a particular type and harmony or discord,
which in turn affect the life in various departments through feeding energies into the
thought-cells in various compartments, it is of utmost importance that the
Intellectual thought-cells should be harmonious.

Faith, and the reliance on a higher power, relieve the Intellectual processes of their
tendency to carry the whole burden of responsibility for what happens in life. They
enable them to relinquish activity about matters beyond their power, and to
concentrate the etheric energies of the brain toward the solution of essential
problems. Over activity of the brain uses up more electrical energy than the brain
cells generate, and thus leads to depression. But steady, directed attention given to
some selected problem leads to such exhaustion slowly in comparison to the
irritation of numerous petty problems which come spontaneously, each one
stimulating unregulated electric discharges over the nerves.

A benevolent attitude toward others, and a calm and abiding faith that things beyond
personal control will work out for the best, or at least some firm philosophy that may
be thought about adds the Religious thought-elements to the astral body. These
antidotes should be added to the compartment of the astral body containing the
Intellectual thought-cells through cultivating such benevolence, faith and
philosophy in reference to the department of life they influence. And they should be
added to the Intellectual Dynamic Structure through substituting such an attitude for
the too insistent, or the discordant, thoughts that intrude in an effort to solve the
problems which life constantly presents.

Antidote for Discordant Social

— Love, affection and friendship, while not antagonistic to safety and self-interest,
yet possess a vibratory quality which softens their hardness. Observation and
experience show that excess of such emotional qualities, or their discords, are
quickly and beneficially modified by the application of caution, system and

The Safety thought-elements are the mental antidote for the Social thought
compounds. But in their application, if the resulting compound is to be truly
harmonious, no element of selfishness, greed or fear should be allowed to creep in;
for these discordant Safety thought-elements are so powerfully conditioned with
discordant energy that they impart a loss-attracting activity to any thought compound
into which they enter; even when combining with Social thought-elements if these
also are discordant. Proper caution and foresight should be used not to attain an
undue advantage, but in the interest of strict justice, in the use of the Safety
thought-elements as an antidote.

Also, because the Social thought-elements, mapped in the birth-chart by Venus, are
so negative, in addition to the mental antidote they need, when discordant, Power
thought-elements harmoniously applied to the compound. That is, pride, firmness
and self-esteem should also be cultivated in association with them.

To apply the Safety thought-elements to the compartment of the astral body
containing the Social thought-cells, the things of this department of life should be
thought about with much care in the effort to discern how each course of action will
affect them; and how they will ultimately affect oneself. Their influence upon the
self-respect in particular should be noted, and courses of action decided upon which
will be just, but which will not detract from the feeling of Significance.

To apply the Safety thought-elements to the Social Dynamic Structure; whenever
discordant thoughts arising from affectional matters enter the consciousness, these
should be displaced by thinking intently about caution, system, order, and persistent
effort in connection with some work or enterprise that enables these thoughts to
afford a feeling of pleasure.

The fact that emotional matters tend to intrude, and these cold and careful thoughts
are used to displace them, even though the Safety thoughts are about something else,
is sufficient association to cause them to enter into the same compound. And if the
thoughts dwell too persistently upon the emotional subject, while the
thought-elements enter the proper thought-cells, they tend to become too charged
with discord to give them a harmonious composition. The feeling at the time enables
one to judge to what extent, in adding the thoughts of firmness and self-respect, as
well as those of the Safety family to the compound, it is advisable to permit thoughts
of the affectional object to be present.

Antidote for Discordant
Aggressive Thought-Cells

–If it is in harmonious compounds, so that it will express in constructive activities
instead of in those destructive, it seems impossible to have too much of the
Aggressive thought-element in the astral body. Without it in ample quantity there is
insufficient energy for worth while accomplishment.

But when as revealed by discordant aspects to Mars in the birth-chart, the Aggressive
thought-cells contain painful conditioning energy, their activities are the source of
strife, infection, accident and other misfortunes. Yet, as indicated already, they have
a powerful and harmonious affinity for the Domestic thought-elements, which are
their natural antidote.

To apply the Domestic thought-elements successfully to the compartment of the
astral body containing the Aggressive thought-cells, thoughts of providing for the
helpless, of making the domestic life more enjoyable for those in the home, and of
taking care of their wants, should be associated with the department of life thus
needing treatment. And to increase the potency of the process, some actual work,
having for object the caring for the helpless or providing for their welfare, should be

To add the Domestic thought-elements more specifically to the Aggressive Dynamic
Structure, whenever thoughts relating to strife, or generated by lust, anger or the
feeling of antagonism enter the consciousness, a deliberate effort should be made to
displace them with other thoughts relating to helping the weak and providing for the
unfortunate. In this work of substituting Domestic thoughts, it will be found that the
Aggressive thought-cells possess so much energy, once they are able to connect up
strongly with the brain cells, as when lust, anger or irritation is present, that it is
unwise to attempt to repress them.

Each individual should have some plan, project or work in which he finds
spontaneous delight, and which at the same time contributes to the comfort of his
family, or to the welfare of the old or young who are helpless. An active interest in
some branch of social welfare work serves the purpose admirably. With such a
Domestic thought interest already well developed, it is not difficult, when lust, anger
or irritation begin to be felt to switch the thoughts to this interest; and to divert the
Aggressive energies being released into channel of construction. That is, if the
energy being liberated is used to build something, instead of to tear down, it performs
a useful work. And when it is present in volume, as is always the case when there is
anger or lust, it is sure to express either destructively or constructively. If it is given
some constructive work, this diverts it from destructive activity. And if this work,
either physical or mental, is undertaken for the benefit of children or others who are
helpless, this adds the Domestic thought-elements to the Aggressive Dynamic
Structure in the manner most suited to provide a satisfactory antidote.

Antidote for Discordant Religious

–Placing too much reliance on faith, good luck and the protection of providence,
instead of taking an adequate share of responsibility, is typical of the manner in
which discordant Religious thought compounds express in the habitual attitude
toward life. The stellar-cells embracing such compounds are mapped in the
birth-chart by discordant aspects to the planet Jupiter.

While it unwise to ask the Intellectual processes to carry the whole burden of
responsibility for what happens, it is equally in error to expect providence, or the
good will of others, to shoulder the whole load. Yet there is so strong an affinity
between the Religious thought-elements and the Intellectual thought-elements that
whenever they are in each other’s presence, unless they are associated painfully, they
tend to combine in a pleasant and harmonious compound. Thus they are the natural
antidotes, each of the other.

To apply the Intellectual thought-elements to the compartment of the astral body
containing the Religious thought-cells, the things of the department of life thus
affected by the Religious stellar-cells should be made the subjects of thorough study
and careful analysis. The critical faculties should be brought into play to determine
the best course of action in every situation when these things constitute a factor.
Feeling should be made subordinate to reason based upon careful examination. Snap
judgments should be avoided.

The old astrological books hold that an afflicted Jupiter, more than any other planet,
destroys the judgment. This is not because Jupiter rules the judicial faculties, but
because discordant Religious thought-cells are able to displace reason and the
critical weighing of factors, one against the other, with wish-inspired impulse.

To apply the Intellectual thought-elements to the Religious Dynamic Structure
requires that over optimism, the blind reliance on chance, and the tendency to permit
things to take their own course in the hope that they will turn out all right, should be
replaced by a careful examination of every situation in which impulse and
enthusiasm urge either an action or inaction. Many situations will arise in which a
critical analysis of all the factors will reveal that impulse and enthusiasm were
leading in the right direction. But aside from preventing actions based on faulty
judgment, such procedure associates the Intellectual thought-elements with the
elements in the Religious thought-cells responsible for the impulse, faith, or
optimism, and thus builds a new and highly beneficial compound.

In applying the Intellectual thought-elements, care should be exercised that no
feeling of distaste for the labor involved arises; for their proper application requires
concentration and, as electric forces generated by the brain cells are involved in the
process, this rapidly consumes energy.

Antidote for Discordant Safety

— In their expression the Safety thought-cells are heavy and laborious. If
harmonious and constructive in trend they are among the most valuable assets of life;
but even when thus fortunate they are decidedly more beneficial when brightened
and given vivacity through adding to their compounds the cheery Social
thought-elements, which are the natural antidote. Furthermore, all thought-cells to
the extent they contain Safety thought-elements in their composition, are negative,
and therefore can be benefitted by adding to them Power thought-elements. When
the Safety thought-cells contain painful conditioning energy, as revealed by
discordant aspects to Saturn in the birth-chart, they in particular need both their
antidote and the Power thought-elements added to them.

To add the Social thought-elements successfully to the compartment of the astral
body containing the Safety thought-cells, pleasant social contacts, musical
entertainment, or artistic trends, should be cultivated in connection with the various
things relating to this department of life. The effort should be toward getting as much
cheer, amusement and pleasant emotion as possible out of these associations. At the
same time, to offset the tendency to negativeness which is always a menace–for
when present it permits control by thoughts, forces and environment other than of
one’s own choosing–there should be maintained, along with the pleasant emotion, a
feeling of firmness, of energies slightly pressing outward, and of self-respect and

To add the Social thought-elements more specifically to the Safety Dynamic
Structure, a definite line of thought and action should be planned and followed, to be
brought into use whenever fear, greed or worry is present in objective consciousness,
and whenever there is a feeling of grief, disappointment or depression.

This plan of action requires the cultivation of some affectional interest which is not
disappointing, the establishment of pleasing social contacts, or the development of
an appreciation of music, art or poetry. If such associations are lively and merry, they
are better than those that require reflection. That is, they should be in the nature of
amusements or recreations, which have enough spontaneous attraction to banish the
worry, disappointment, or other Safety thoughts from the consciousness.

Safety thoughts in particular, and to an extent other thoughts of negative quality, turn
the interests of the mind upon the self. Hence it is requisite in causing them to enter
into more favorable compounds that there is an interest outside the self which
induces the energies to flow outwardly. And to insure that the energies do thus flow
outwardly, instead of negatively permitting outside conditions to cause the flow to be
reversed, it is good technique to maintain a feeling that the energies are slightly
pressing outward, and to hold thoughts of power, vitality and self respect.

This negativeness which is common when Domestic thought-elements, Social
thought-elements, Utopian thought-elements, Universal Welfare thought-elements,
or Safety thought-elements are too prominent in the astral body is not confined to the
stellar-cells but affects the electrical potential of the physical body markedly. The
brain-cells generate electrical charges which make it positive to the rest of the body;
the liver being the opposite pole, carrying the strongest negative charges. Fear,
worry, grief, or other negative thoughts decrease this electrical difference between
brain and liver, which means that they lower the vitality; for the vitality depends
upon this electrical difference. It is quite possible to die of fear, worry or grief; for
when the difference in electrical potential is no longer present, the battery that runs
the body is dead, and the body can not function. Hence the necessity of applying the
vitalizing Power thought-elements to keep the thoughts and brain from becoming too

Antidote for Discordant
Individualistic Thought-Cells

–The thoughts of the Individualistic family are an upper octave expression of the
Intellectual thoughts, and have an equal capacity to tune the etheric energies flowing
over the nervous system in on corresponding astral rates of vibration. And because
they are upper-octave, and therefore have a shorter wave length, to the extent the
Individualistic thought-elements are present in the thought-cell compounds of the
astral body do they give the personal magnetism–which is etheric radiation–a
quality and intensity which others pronouncedly feel. If the Individualistic
thought-cells are powerful and harmonious, it causes others to be strongly, even
violently, attracted; and gives the ability to sway others through magnetic power.

Orators who influence public opinion markedly always have prominent
Individualistic thought-cells. On the other hand, if the Individualistic stellar-cells are
powerful and discordant, as mapped in a birth-chart by a prominent Uranus receiving
inharmonious aspects, it attracts others who exert an undue and unfortunate
influence over the life. That is, whatever fortune or misfortune is attracted through
the activities of the Individualistic stellar-cells is associated directly or indirectly
with a human agency.

Yet, even though the effect on the nervous system liberates shorter wave lengths due
to electrical oscillations, and these short wave lengths broadcast more powerfully
than those released from the nitrogen of the protein fraction of the nerve cells by the
action of the Intellectual thought-cells, the antidote is the same. It consists of
applying the Religious thought elements.

To apply these Religious thought-elements to the compartment of the astral body
containing the Individualistic stellar-cells, the things of this department of life
should be viewed with a greater spirit of give and take; of greater tolerance for the
views and shortcomings of others in reference to them, and with a broad and
optimistic philosophy which places much reliance on higher powers to cause things
to work out as they should.

To apply the Religious thought-elements more specifically to the Individualistic
Dynamic Structure; whenever thoughts enter the consciousness as to the desirability
of destroying the old for something new and untried; especially if the thought of
existing conditions gives rise to a feeling of dissatisfaction; displace such thoughts
by thinking about higher powers which all in their proper time bring these changes
necessary for progress. Turn the thoughts from the dissatisfying condition to the
highest type of religion that has been contacted, whatever it may be.

Antidote for Discordant Utopian

–The Utopian thoughts also are upper-octave expressions. They are shorter wave
lengths, but otherwise similar in characteristic, to the Social thoughts. But because
they are negative they do not radiate powerfully from the nerves as do the
Individualistic thoughts; but instead give the nervous system unusual sensitiveness
to other vibrations. This magnified sensitiveness tends to a like magnification of the
importance of what is received. That is, the activity of the Utopian thought-cells
gives an undue reality to fleeting and evanescent impressions, and exaggerated
expectations, whether these be beneficial or detrimental.

In addition to applying the Safety thought-elements as an antidote, because they are
so negative, an effort should also be made to add the Power thought-elements to the
Utopian thought-element compound.

To apply the Safety thought-elements to the compartment of the astral body
containing the Utopian thought-cells, the things of this department of life should be
thought about with much care in the effort to discern how each course of action will
affect them; a special effort being made not to magnify the importance of these
influences, and thus to avoid ultimate disappointment. Also, their influence upon
self-respect and significance should be studied, and a more positive attitude toward
them should be cultivated.

To apply the Safety thought-elements more specifically to the Utopian Dynamic
Structure; whenever ideas involving projects of great magnitude, or whenever
impressions which seem of much importance enter the consciousness, these should
be displaced by thinking carefully about what is, and what is not, practical in the light
of past experience.

Discordant Utopian thought-cells, mapped in the birth chart by inharmonious
aspects to the planet Neptune, in particular tend to a negative, dreamy state of
consciousness to which should be applied both the hard, concrete, practical facts of
the Safety thought-elements; and, to give more vigor, the vital, courageous, thoughts
of application to detail as an aid to realizing a practical significance instead of
attaining that significance only in the wish-fulfillment of imagination. Even the
harmonious Utopian thought compounds will be benefitted by applying to them both
the Safety thought-elements and the Power thought-elements in painstaking
concrete endeavor; as always the Utopian thought-cells tend to gain satisfaction too
largely through imagination.

Antidote for Discordant Universal
Welfare Thought-Cells

–The thoughts of the Universal Welfare family are an upper-octave expression of
the Domestic thought-elements. They are those of the family expanded to embrace a
still larger group, which in its highest expression includes all living things, wherever

The expression of the Universal Welfare thought-cells releases the highest
frequency short wavelengths which lightning, when it tore asunder the pairs of
nitrogen atoms of the atmosphere, stored in the nitrogen which became the nucleus of
the nerve cells. These shortest of wavelengths developed in the brain and nervous
system, while they do not affect the personal magnetism in the readily recognized
way that those of the Individualistic thought-cells do, give the nerves both greater
range in broadcasting and the most efficient type of receiving set to pick up
broadcasts from other minds, whether those minds are incarnate or discarnate.

The nervous system is specially adapted to broadcasting and clear reception of
thoughts; and is not so sensitive to impressions as when the slightly longer
wavelengths of the Utopian thought-cells are the dominant influence. Because the
natural antidote, the Aggressive thought-elements, are so positive, even though the
Universal Welfare thought compounds are quite negative, they do not require the
application of the Power thought-elements.

To add the Aggressive thought-elements to the compartment of the astral body
containing the Universal Welfare thought-cells, some actively requiring positive
work and initiative should be undertaken in association with the things of this
department of the life, which will benefit a large and deserving group. The
Aggressive thought-elements are very easily applied to such discordant
thought-cells, mapped in the birth-chart by inharmonious aspects to the planet Pluto,
merely by going into some active campaign for the benefit of society as a whole, or
some worthy part of it.

To add the Aggressive thought-elements more specifically to the Universal Welfare
Dynamic Structure, whenever thoughts enter the consciousness relating to psychic
difficulties, or to difficulties with some group, they should be immediately displaced
by thinking about some episode in the life in which initiative and courage were
exercised. Or the thoughts may be turned to some contemplated activity requiring
initiative and courage. The difficulty, whatever it may be, should be completely
banished from the consciousness by Aggressive thoughts that have for their object
worthy attainment or construction of some kind. The circumstance that these
thoughts are deliberately cultivated to supplant the discordant Universal Welfare
thoughts is sufficient association to cause them to enter into the compound where
these are located.

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