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Just How to Find the Thought Cause of Any Condition

WHATEVER conditions, fortunate or unfortunate, are in the life have been attracted
through three-dimensional activities prompted by, or the four-dimensional work of
thought-cells of definite compounds within the astral body. If we are ever to have a
different type of fortune in any department of life–health, finances, affection,
honor, etc.–the compound of thought-elements within the stellar-cells affecting
that department of life must be changed. And if we are to proceed intelligently
toward making such changes in the psychoplasm and stellar structures of our astral
bodies as will restore health or attain some particular type of fortune, we must first
have detailed knowledge of the thought-cause of the condition to be remedied or

We now possess, as the result of a vast amount of work accomplished by the
Brotherhood of Light Research Department, quite specific knowledge as to the
thought-cause of most diseases of the physical body, and a wide variety of other
conditions to be observed in human lives.

The planets by their house positions in a birth-chart map the family of thought
elements that have been built into the astral body in association with each of the
twelve distinct departments of life. They thus show what thought-elements up to the
moment of birth have been built into the stellar-cells of the astral body in such a
manner as to determine the kind of events and conditions that will be attracted into
the life in each domain of its activities.

The planets are not responsible for the events and conditions attracted. It is easier for
a child to be born when the streams of astral energy from the planets are such, as
indicated by their positions in the sky, that they flow through–rather than crosswise
of–the stellar-cells and stellar structures of the child’s astral body. The child is born
when the astral currents of his environment, as shown by the birth-chart, correspond
as closely as practicable, to the thought compounds and thought structures of his
astral body.

Each of the ten planets in the birth-chart maps the chief structure in the astral body of
one family of thought-elements. The aspects between the planets reveal which
thought-elements have entered into combination, one with the other, in the formation
of compounds, and how these compounds have been formed. The prominence of a
planet in the birth-chart shows the amount of desire energy possessed by the
thought-cells and thought structures it maps. And the amount of desire energy thus
shown indicates how much work, both three-dimensional and four-dimensional, the
thought group is capable of, and consequently how important will be the events
which it brings into the life.

The planet Saturn, for instance, maps the Safety thought-elements. Whatever house
of the birth-chart he occupies relates to poverty. If he is in the house of money it
indicates that the Safety thought-elements are chiefly centered in the 2nd
compartment of the astral body, which has to do with personal possessions. But
Saturn is not responsible for the tendency to poverty thus mapped; for other persons
familiar with such an individual will invariably be able to observe Safety thinking as
a dominant habit of this individual in matters pertaining to personal property. While
its influence from the four-dimensional realm is more pronounced, nevertheless,
even in his objective thinking and habitual actions close acquaintances can not fail to
note, where money is concerned, the Safety attitude.

Jupiter, on the other hand, maps the Religious thought-elements. Whatever house of
the birth-chart he occupies relates to abundance. Thus if he is in the house of money it
indicates that the Religious thought-elements are chiefly centered in the 2nd
compartment of the astral body. But Jupiter is not responsible for the abundance. The
Religious thought-elements in the compartment of the astral body relating to
personal property are responsible for it. And any close acquaintance of an individual
with this position in his chart can not help but notice, even in his objective thinking
and habitual attitude toward money matters, the expansive, optimistic viewpoint
characteristic of the Religious thought-elements.

To thus find, through observing the individual’s habitual thinking, the cause of his
disease is a laborious process. It is far more convenient, especially as the
thought-cause of most conditions have already thus been worked out in considerable
detail, to consult his birth-chart.

The positions in a birth-chart which indicate a predisposition toward a given
condition or event are called the birth-chart constant. Each birth-chart constant really
maps the thought compounds and their relations in the astral body at birth, which if
later given additional thought-energy bring the condition or event into the life. A
Birth-Chart Constant is the thought organization of the astral body at birth which
gives a predisposition toward some particular disease or some particular fortunate

The events themselves, to the extent they are noticeably either more fortunate or less
fortunate than the normal trend of the life, are attracted only at such times as the
thought-cells relating to the department of life affected receive new energy. This new
energy gives the stellar-cells thus involved additional power to work from the
four-dimensional plane, to stimulate objective thoughts of a similar nature, and to
influence the physical conduct.

The more common sources of such additional energy supplies are mapped by the
progressed aspects of the planets. Planetary energy picked up, radio fashion, by the
aerial developed across the astral body when a progressed aspect is formed, is made
available for the use of the thought-cells and stellar structures at the terminals of the
aerial. But the event is not attracted by the new supply of planetary energy thus made
available; it is attracted by the thought activities then stimulated. The stellar-cells
work with such intelligence as they possess, and with the energy supply thus made
available, to bring events of a certain nature into the life.

In addition to Birth-Chart Constants, which reveal the predisposition–due to the
thought compounds in the astral body at birth–toward certain conditions, the
Progressed Constants for a great number of events have been worked out
statistically. These represent the type of thinking which when given additional
energy brings the event into the life toward which the Birth-Chart Constant shows a

Events, apart from the normal trend of the life, are attracted only at those times when
thoughts of a particular type become unusually active. During the time when an
important event is thus attracted through additional thought-cell activity, a close
acquaintance usually can notice the change in the individual’s habitual attitude. But,
because these more than normal thought activities have been worked out in close
detail for many varieties of events, it is more convenient to acquire this information
from the Progressed Constant in its relation to the birth-chart.

In Course 16, Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing, both the Birth-Chart Constants
and the Progressed Constants for 160 different diseases of the body are given. In the
Brotherhood of Light Astrological Reports are set forth–each based upon careful
analysis of the charts of 100 individuals in whose lives the condition or event has
been present– the Birth-Chart Constants and Progressed Constants of other
physical diseases, and of a great many other events and conditions.

These Birth-Chart Constants and Progressed Constants are really statements, using
the astrological factors that map them instead of less concise explanations, of the
predisposing thought-cause, and the stimulating thought-cause, of the condition
encountered. In order, therefore, that we may understand the thought-cause of a
given condition, and thus know how to remedy or benefit it, we must give attention to
the 10 different types of compounds and how they are formed. But, as each
thought-element, no matter what compound it has entered, exerts its own
characteristic four-dimensional activity, its tendency to promote objective thinking
of a particular kind, and its prompting to certain methods of three-dimensional
activity, we should first consider the necessities that developed, and the general
method of expression, of each of the 10 thought-element families.

It was shown in Course 5, Chapter 5, in connection with each of the 10 families of
thought-elements, how it was built up, as chemical elements are built from electrons
and protons, of Nutritive Desires and Reproductive Desires. Each element embraces
factors which work for Self Preservation and other factors which work for Race
Preservation. Instead of repeating what was there stated in general terms therefore, I
will here mention more specific instances of conditions such as were responsible for
building into the astral body the thought-elements of each family.

Power Thought-Elements

–To obtain food, the life-form often found it necessary to dominate certain territory.
To secure the mate of his choice, and having secured her, to prevent her being stolen
by a rival, it came to be a decided advantage to possess authority. And often it was a
great advantage to the herd to have authority vested in a single powerful individual.
Thus among wild horses in Western America the herd is ruled with tyranny by some
stallion which has vanquished all rivals to leadership; and this stallion is brave to
defend his remuda and cunning to lead it from the proximity of danger.

With community life established, this Drive for Significance became more than the
mere seeking food and reproduction. It became the desire to have the respect of
others. With man, it at first, no doubt, extended scarcely beyond the family circle.
The power of authority exercised by the parents gave both themselves and their
children certain advantages. And we find among the ancient Romans that power of
the father extended to such proportions that he had the right to kill his own children
and the children could own no property during the life of the father.

Authority extending further in tribal rule brought still greater advantages; and these
advantages to the one in authority came to be a source of restlessness, discontent and
ambition to others.

Power thoughts are the most deep-seated and persistent of all thought-elements.
Professor Lombroso found, for instance, that men and women under hypnosis can be
made to accept the suggestion that their sex has been changed; but will persistently
resist the suggestion that their social status has been lowered. In human life these
Power thought-elements mapped in the birth-chart by the Sun, are the source of
pride, firmness, approbativeness, conscientiousness and self-esteem.

As the positive, electric, etheric energy which gives vitality and recuperative power,
the ability to govern and direct others, and the power to rise to a position which gives
authority over others, are expressions of thought-elements of the Power family they
can not be too abundant for welfare. People with weak power urges do not have long
lives. All successful politicians have these thought-elements prominent.

Thinking about one’s Significance is responsible for the fortune or misfortune that
comes through attaining positions of authority or failure to attain them, and that
comes through the good or bad influence of the male sex and of those who are in
positions of power. Discordant thoughts about one’s Importance are chiefly
responsible for high blood pressure, infantile paralysis, pneumonia, and diseases of
the spine; and heart trouble, from which more people die than from any other disease,
is entirely due to such thinking.

Domestic Thought Elements

–To provide sustenance and comfort for the young is one of the most commonly
observed activities among most forms of life. The wings with which the maple tree
endows its seed vessels is an example of the parent providing a food supply for its
dependents, and enabling them to find a new and more favorable environment. The
barbs of wild oats and rye are efforts of the parent plants to protect their young from
devouring enemies.

Birds build nests of intricately woven fabric, insects hoard food, animals construct
dens and lairs, to provide for their young; and all will endure labor, hardship and
peril, and will fight to the death, in their interest. Such experiences in housing and
rearing the progeny built Domestic thought-elements, mapped in the birth-chart by
the Moon, into the stellar-cells of the astral body.

Mating and home conditions give rise to ideals and an appreciation of the sublime in
human life; and to expressions of the emotions, not merely in human life but also
among many birds and some insects, through the avenue of music. Birds more
frequently sing not only while mating, but during the whole nesting period. The
domestic urges that give love for home and offspring then overflow in song and
vision of bliss. These thought-elements in the human astral body are the source of
time, tune, sublimity and philoprogenitiveness. They are prominent in the astral
forms of most successful musicians.

Domestic thought-elements express through the feminine, soothing etheric energy
which is commonly called the constitutional magnetism. They indicate the most
receptive region of the astral body, the place where impressions both from the
external world and from the inner plane readily reach the unconscious mind, and thus
influence the mentality.

Thinking about domestic conditions is responsible for the fortune or misfortune that
comes through women and that comes through the influence of the common people.
Discordant thoughts about domestic life are chiefly responsible for dropsy and often
for stomach trouble and mental complaints. They also are present and contribute to
eye and ear afflictions.

Intellectual Thought-Elements

–Insects, birds and mammals when they wander in search of food, find it
advantageous to remember the locality of their home and the locality of previously
found food and water. To recognize an enemy by sight or sound conduces to their
safety. Thus has been developed the perception of form. And in the selection of
material for home-building, perception of size and weight was born.

Color enters into the perception both of enemies and of food; insects and
hummingbirds being attracted by bright flowers, and grazing animals by verdant
foliage. Color also assists in the recognition of their mates. Memory of events
conduces to securing food, as illustrated by domestic fowls that come to the call of
the person who habitually feeds them, but flee the approach of a stranger. Eventuality
also is exhibited by the horse which shies at a point along the road where a week
previous he had been frightened. It is a factor of safety.

Birds and mammals recognize the call of distress, the danger signal, the food-supply
call, and the mating song or noise. This is language in elemental form. And along
with perception of qualities, such expression aids in realizing various desires. In
human life these Intellectual thought-elements that have thus been built into the
astral body, and mapped by Mercury in the birth-chart, are the source of eventuality,
language, calculation and the recognition of size, weight, form and color.

The Intellectual thought-elements determine the habitual method of objective
thinking, and thus what other thought-elements are being added to the compounds of
the astral form. This thinking also tunes the etheric energies flowing over the nerves
to corresponding rates of vibration so that they pick up, radio fashion, planetary
energies of like quality and feed them into the astral body.

Thinking which is studious or expression which is ill-considered is responsible for
the fortune or misfortune that comes through intellectual cleverness or its lack.
Writers, lawyers and teachers who are successful have these thought-elements
prominent. Discordant thoughts of this type, in which there is grinding concentration
on some problem, is chiefly responsible for nervousness, neuralgia, neuritis, sciatica,
hay fever, asthma, and some bowel complaints. Together with thinking about
domestic conditions, they lead to mental diseases. And mental diseases are more
numerous than all others combined. The hospitals in the U.S., for instance, contain
nearly eight times more lunatics or feeble-minded than they contain consumptives.

Social Thought-Elements

–Some plants, such as the pepper tree (Schinus molle) so common as a California
shade tree, bear staminate and pistillate blossoms on different individuals, and the
male and female plants have nothing in common except at that time of year when
insects or wind carries pollen from the male plant to the female blossoms. Yet other
plants, such as those of the primrose family, have male and female associated in a
single flower; and the composite family, including the asters and sunflowers, have
found it advantageous to dwell in blossom colonies.

Among the scorpions and the spiders there is little social life; the Anna hummingbird
deserts the female before the eggs are hatched; and some male mammals, such as the
grizzly bear, associate with the female only for the purpose of reproduction, and they
have no protracted companionship. Yet among other creatures there is a long period
of companionship between the sexes which has survival values. Certain species of
ants (among which as a rule the life of the male is comparatively short), for instance,
mate for life; as does the eagle and the ostrich among birds, and the lion and beaver
among the mammals. Gulls and many other birds live in flocks, and antelopes and big
horn live in herds.

Through experience with companionship and mating in lower forms of life the Social
thought elements that now occupy the astral body of man were built into his finer
form. They are mapped in the birth-chart by the planet Venus, and express as
affection, friendship, mirthfulness, conjugality and inhabitiveness. Those who
successfully express artistic talents have the social thought-elements prominent in
their stellar bodies.

Thinking about mating, about companionship, about love and about affection in its
various manifestations attracts into the life such fortune or misfortune as friendship
and affection bring. Discordant thoughts energized by such emotions are responsible
for much disease of the kidneys, of the venous blood stream, of the thyroid gland, of
the internal or sex organs, and female trouble and the so-called social diseases. Often,
however, in these complaints, aggressive thought-elements also play a part.

Aggressive Thought-Elements

–Every life-form, if it is to survive, must be able to meet and defeat those enemies
from which it can not escape. Changing environment ever brings new obstacles; and
to triumph over them, rather than perish through lack of attempt, requires initiative.
To acquire food there must be incessant activity; and the demands of reproduction
develop the quality of amativeness. Such constructive and destructive experiences in
lower forms of life built into the astral body that now belongs to man form the
Aggressive thought-elements.

They caused the cacti to grow spines and the rose to bear thorns. They gave to the bee
its sting, and the venom behind pointed fangs in the rattlesnake and cobra. Hatred,
anger, passion, and lust are their expression. Birds, beasts and men face peril and
enter into deadly combat in search of food or to win a mate. The thought-elements so
built into the astral body. mapped in the birth-chart by the planet Mars, are the source
of amativeness, destructiveness, combativeness and alimentiveness.

Thinking about lust, destruction, construction, combat and strife brings into the life
such fortune or misfortune as is brought by strife. Successful doctors, surgeons,
soldiers, aviators, moving picture stars, mechanics, engineers, and all whose calling
requires daring, initiative, aggressiveness, and constructive or destructive ability,
have the Aggressive thought-elements prominent in their stellar bodies.

Discordant Aggressive thinking is responsible for more accidents than is any other
type of thought. It is responsible for cuts, surgical operations, burns, infection,
contagious diseases such as small-pox, measles scarlet fever and chicken pox, and is
the most important factor in typhoid, blood poison, malaria, rheumatism, urinary
complaints and some kidney trouble. Together with the Social thought elements it is
responsible for the so-called social diseases.

Religious Thought-Elements

–Even many lower forms of life place implicit faith in their parents. And among
gregarious animals the confidence in the ability of the leader to protect and find
ample for their need becomes the beginning of hope. Reverence and veneration
develop through obedience to such ruling authority, and looking to such higher
power for guidance, protection and the satisfaction of wants. And quite naturally the
social emotions, diverted into seeking the favor of the higher authority, take the form
of devotion.

To acquire the favor of the leader, or higher authority, the spirit of tolerance toward
other members of the group is cultivated, giving rise to good fellowship. The dog
expresses these desires sublimated into a highly religious channel when he is willing
to perish to save his master.

Various experiences in lower forms of life, in which tolerance and good will have
taken part, and in which there was confidence in a higher authority, built the
Religious thought-elements, mapped by the planet Jupiter in the birth-chart, into the
human astral body. These thought-elements express as benevolence, good-cheer,
veneration, hope, reverence and devotion. All successful doctors, and most of those
who succeed in professional work, or who, like salesmen, depend upon the element
of good will for patronage, have Religious thought-elements prominent in their
stellar bodies.

Thinking about religion, good cheer, benevolence, joviality, and faith and
confidence in Deity brings into the life such conditions as come through abundance,
patronage, and the favors of those who have plenty of money and worldly goods.
Discordant thoughts of this type are responsible for extravagance, for paying too
great a price for purchases and for diseases which arise from an over abundance of
something such as some acidosis, one type of diabetes, biliousness, catarrh,
auto-intoxication, carbuncles and fatty tumors.

Safety Thought-Elements

–One of the outstanding abilities of all life-forms which survive is that which
enables them to avoid harmful conditions and consequent destruction. Even in the
mineral kingdom we find that a metal gives a spasmodic flutter when brought in
contact with oxalic acid. Sensitive plants shrink when touched, and the growing leaf
moves so that its under surface is kept away from the direct rays of the sun. Deer flee
when pursued by wolves, and a child withdraws its hand when it comes too close to
the fire. Squirrels and bees store food for winter, and man hoards money. The Safety
thought elements thus expressed by him were built into his astral body through
experiences such as mentioned while his soul was associated with lower forms. They
are mapped in the birth-chart by the planet Saturn, and are the source of secrecy,
acquisitiveness, covetousness, casualty and comparison. All successful lawyers,
managers, and others who depend upon system, order, and persistence for
success–even policemen and top-notch musicians–have these Safety
thought-elements prominent in their stellar forms.

Thinking about fear, caution, acquisition, greed, system, and selfish wants brings
into the life all those conditions which come through lack and poverty or through
systematic and careful planning and forethought. Discordant thoughts of this type,
especially fear, greed, envy, and self-centeredness, are responsible for much loss and
hardship, for privation and the necessity of working diligently for every advantage,
for restrictions of various kinds and heavy burdens. Such discordant thinking always
afflicts through deficiency, and is responsible for cancer, fibrous tumor, pellagra,
atrophy, and constipation, and is chiefly responsible for tuberculosis.

Fear and selfishness are the most unprofitable things in the world; for the
thought-cells so formed attract losses into the life and develop chronic diseases in the

Individualistic Thought-Elements

–When the common food supply becomes exhausted through flood or drought,
ability radically to depart from old food habits may have enabled individuals to
survive. When the authority exercised by the flock leader restricted opportunity
thought-elements for reproduction, rebellion against that authority may have proved
advantageous. And, as environment is constantly changing, the ability to make
marked new departures from previous customs often conduced to survival.

Such experiences in lower forms of life built into the astral body of man the
Individualistic thought-elements, closely allied to the intellectual thought-elements,
but mapped in the birth-chart by the planet Uranus. These are the source of
independence, originality, inventiveness, and unconventionality. Most successful
lawyers, inventors, moving picture stars, astrologers, musical conductors, and others
who must use originality in their work, have the Individualistic thought-elements
prominent in their stellar bodies.

Thinking about independence, inventions, astrology, new ideas and radical
departures from established custom brings into the life both the advantages and the
disadvantages that come, always either directly or indirectly through human agency,
suddenly, unexpectedly and often abruptly, taking away an old, or bringing a new
acquaintance, and a radical change either in the physical or mental life.

Discordant thinking about such matters is responsible for some accidents, and for
much of the sudden separations, and unforeseen sudden changes of fortune. It is
responsible for appendicitis and paralysis, and is an important contributing factor to
arthritis, infantile paralysis and nervous complaints.

Utopian Thought-Elements

–All creatures draw from their astral experiences certain impulses which cause
them to strive for a more satisfying type of life. Apparently we witness a
manifestation of this in the hunting dog which, lying before the fire after the day’s
chase, in his dreams pursues the quarry with quivering excitement, and perhaps thus
accomplishes in wish fulfillment what he failed to do in actual life, Does the race
horse dream of winning the race? Does the famished wolf have visions of fresh meat?
Perhaps. At least we know that men have dreams by day, and others by night, in
which they reach their heart’s desire.

Such experiences, in which mental escape had been made from the harsh restraining
walls of reality to a realm devoid of hardship, have built the Utopian
thought-elements into the astral body. Fanciful and visionary as they seem, and
often, as they are closely allied to the Social thought-elements, revolving around
plans for the benefit of the whole of society, they nevertheless sometimes lead to
action. All successful aviators, most psychics, many occult students and astrologers,
and all who are successful in dramatic art, or in dramatizing their abilities and acting
as promoters, have the utopian thought-elements prominent in their stellar bodies.

Day dreaming, idealistic visions, living in the imagination and fantasy thinking in
general attract into the life such fortune or misfortune as comes through high
expectations devoid of work, through promotion and get-rich-quick schemes,
through dramatic ability, much psychic experience, and ideals which to most seem
impractical. Discordant thinking of this kind is responsible for much bondage of
various kinds, for psychic experiences, for much disappointment in the conduct of
those who have been placed on a high pedestal, for poisoning and for a negativeness
which encourages invasion by bacteria, and to the formation of moist pockets of
infection, which may be quite hidden or may develop into ulcers. It often contributes
to tuberculosis.

Universal Welfare

–Specialization of parts and division of labor are to be encountered not only among
the cells and organs which work together for the common good of the physical body,
but also among the members of many plant and animal communities. Flowers of the
composite family, for instance, quite commonly have ray-flowers ranged around the
outside extending large banners to attract insect pollinators. Such ray-flowers often
are sterile. They do their part for the community, and depend upon the disc flowers to
perform the duties of reproduction.

The cooperation of bees and ants is so common knowledge as to need no comment
other than to point out that bees will forfeit their lives for the benefit of the hive, and
ants for the welfare of the colony. Among mammals, beavers cooperate in dam
building and in the storage of winter food, for the good of the group.

Experiences in cooperation, either for the benefit of a small and selfish group, or for
the benefit of a wider membership, have in lower life-forms built into the astral body
the Universal Welfare thought-elements, mapped in the birth-chart by the planet
Pluto. These thought-elements, which may express either as spirituality or as
inversion, are prominent in the stellar bodies of dictators, gang leaders, and those
who are importantly associated with group movements of various kinds.

Thinking about the welfare of the group, or against the welfare of the group, brings
into the life events which are drastic, and which are in some manner connected with
the enforcement of the group will. Discordant thinking about the welfare of some
group, or against such welfare, is responsible for events brought about by racketeers
and gangsters, by antagonistic ganging up against the individual, and for the
negativeness and degree of sensitiveness which encourages invasion by other
organisms and which when the Intellectual thought-elements also are discordant,
invites hives, hay fever and asthma.

The Type of Thought Compound
Formed Depends Upon
Conditioning Energy

–Thought-elements, like chemical elements, are capable of entering into a variety
of different compounds, each expressing a characteristic activity toward the
environment. Hydrogen and oxygen, for instance, when brought together under
different conditions, unite in compounds having quite different chemical properties.
Two atoms of hydrogen may combine with one atom of oxygen to form the
life-sustaining fluid known as water. Or two atoms of hydrogen may combine with
two atoms of oxygen to form hydrogen peroxide, which is not life-sustaining, but a
destroyer of bacteria and a bleaching agent.

Oxygen combines with nitrogen in five distinct ways: Nitrous oxide, nitric oxide,
nitrogen trioxide, nitrogen peroxide, and nitrogen pentoxide. Each of these
compounds, formed of the same two chemical elements, exhibits distinct properties.

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, when inhaled at first produces a
peculiar intoxication, followed by unconsciousness and insensibility to pain. But
none of the other compounds of oxygen and nitrogen acts in this manner. Each
compound has its own qualities.

Likewise, each type of the ten possible compounds in which almost any two of the
thought-elements can unite, expresses properties which are quite distinct from the
other types.

Observation of the lives of individuals who habitually think in a particular manner
enables us to ascertain the type of thought-compound that expresses in a given kind
of fortune or misfortune. People who think in a particular manner and have the kind
of fortune or misfortune which goes with that kind of thinking, also are found to have
certain aspects in their birth-charts. Our Research Department has made a study not
merely of the type of thinking, and whether it was harmonious or discordant, but has
investigated thousands of lives and thousands of birth-charts in the effort to ascertain
the particular conditions of harmony or discord that accompanied the thinking,
which attracted into the life events having definite characteristics.

As a result of this extensive research, it seems quite conclusively proven that, even as
certain conditions determine what compound will be formed when hydrogen and
oxygen unite, or when oxygen combines with nitrogen, so there are definite
conditions under which the thought-elements unite to form compounds, which when
they express through the activities of the stellar-cells and stellar structures of the
astral body, bring events into the life that, irrespective of the thought-elements
combined, are well defined in their characteristics.

States of consciousness arising from experiences either physical or mental build
thought-elements into the unconscious mind strictly in obedience to the Law of
Association. Resemblance or Contiguity, or both, cause thought-elements of one
experience to unite with thought-elements of another experience, or cause two or
more types of thought-elements entering at the same time to be brought together in
the formation of a compound. Many experiences embrace thoughts of more than one
family; and these thought-elements being Contiguous–entering the astral body at
about the same time–unite.

When thought-elements are thus brought into intimate association through
Resemblance or Contiguity the type of compound then formed depends entirely
upon the CONDITIONING energy present. That is, it depends upon the volume,
persistence and intensity of the pleasure or pain accompanying the experience.
Conditioning energy thus stored in the compound becomes the tension, desire, or
URGE of the thought-cell then formed, to express through a similar channel of
pleasure or pain. Such is the most pleasant expression for the thought-cell because to
express in a manner contrary to its mode of formation would require a type of energy
it does not possess. Yet while it satisfies its own longing through such expression, if
that expression is discordant, it is inimical to the welfare of the individual.

The more intense the Conditioning energy with which the thought-elements are
united, the more beneficial or detrimental becomes the action of the thought-cells
then formed in reference to the organism of which they form a part. There are ten
distinct types of compounds, each of which, because the conditioning energy entered
into the thought-element union in that manner, expresses in thought-cell activities
which are characteristic.

Prominence Compound

–Due to the frequency with which experiences embracing two or more
thought-elements enter the life, these thought-elements may become present in the
stellar-cell structure of the astral body in large volume. Although added to the stellar
form under circumstances of Contiguity–at nearly the same time–that cause them
to form a compound, the Conditioning energy present in so far as pleasure or pain is
concerned may be very weak. Such a compound is one of the most powerful that can
be formed; but its activity as expressed through stellar-cells and stellar structures,
being due to volume rather than to Conditioning energy, chiefly operates to bring
into prominence the special abilities indicated by the thought-elements and the
department of life with which associated. A dynamic stellar structure formed of such
a compound is mapped in the birth-chart by the Conjunction Aspect.

Growth Compound

–Thought-elements united by the Conditioning energy of a steady feeling of mild
pleasure in the experiences from which they are derived enter into a slightly
harmonious compound, which in its expression through stellar-cell and stellar
structure activities, promotes growth. Stellar-cells so composed work both from the
four-dimensional, and the three-dimensional plane, to attract many small advantages
for development. A dynamic stellar structure formed of such a compound is mapped
in the birth-chart by the Semi-Sextile Aspect.

Opportunity Compound

–Experiences embracing two or more thought-elements in which these different
types of thinking uniformly bring a feeling of pleasure, due to this strong and
harmonious Conditioning energy, cause the thought-elements to unite in a
compound which expressing through stellar-cells and stellar structures, draws
opportunities into the life. Thought-cells of such composition work to bring
favorable environmental conditions. Opportunity does not come by chance, but
through the work of such four-dimensional thought groups. A dynamic stellar
structure formed of such a compound is mapped in the birth-chart by the Sextile

Obstacle Compound

–Difficulties may be approached in an attitude of joy that there is a chance to test
one’s strength, and of glory in triumphing over them. Or they may be approached
with distaste, and with acute pain due to the conflict. When the Conditioning energy
with which two or more thought-elements unite is that of painful struggle, the
expression of the compound through stellar-cells and stellar structures invariably
interferes with the adaptation to environment. It works to attract hindrances. Every
obstacle in life is attracted by such compounds. It may be poverty, it may be ill health,
it may be lack of education or opportunity, or it may be the antagonism of opponents;
but whatever the obstacle is, it enters the life through the activities of compounds
conditioned by violent discord. A dynamic stellar structure formed of such a
compound is mapped in the birth-chart by the Square Aspect.

Luck Compound

–Thought-elements brought into mutual association through thinking of their
objects with prolonged and enthusiastic pleasure enter into a union such as causes the
stellar-cells and stellar structures embracing them to work diligently to bring the
realization of desires in the departments of life with which associated. A thought
compound thus highly Conditioned with pleasure energy brings into the life
fortunate conditions such as are commonly attributed to luck. They enter into the
psychoplasm of the most harmonious of all stellar-cells. A dynamic stellar structure
formed of such a compound is mapped in the birth-chart by the Trine Aspect.

Expansion Compound

–The thought-elements built into the astral body when objects or endeavors are
brought together in the experiences along with ideas regarding development, yet at
the same time with no pronounced feeling of pleasure or annoyance, unite in a
compound which is neither markedly harmonious nor beneficial. The Conditioning
energy is slight, and such as it is, instead of expressing in prominence, because it
revolves about development, tends to expression through the stellar-cells and stellar
structures embracing the compound, in the direction of expansion. A dynamic stellar
structure formed of such a compound is mapped in the birth-chart by the Inconjunct

Friction Compound

–Irritations, little anxieties and the small abrasions of life furnish Conditioning
energy which unites the thought-elements of the experiences in association with
them into compounds the stellar-cells and stellar structures of which, because the
energy has been built into them in that way, must express in the direction of attracting
chronically annoying events. Stellar-cells of such psychoplasm work incessantly
from the four-dimensional plane, and through the three-dimensional plane, to cause
friction with others and to bring irritating circumstances. A dynamic stellar structure
formed of such a compound is mapped in the birth-chart by the Semi-Square Aspect.

Separation Compound

–When the desires simultaneously pull in opposite directions, causing a decided
feeling of distress because if one desire is realized the other must be relinquished, the
thought-elements thus built into the astral body are united by one of the most
powerful types of Conditioning energy. This struggle for supremacy between the
thought-elements in expressing through the stellar-cells and stellar structures causes
them to work persistently to force asunder the departments of life with which
associated. A dynamic stellar structure formed of such a compound is mapped in the
birth-chart by the Opposition Aspect.

Agitation Compound

–Things are thought about pleasantly at one time which under other circumstances
are thought about with a feeling of displeasure. The Conditioning energy with which
the thought-elements unite is thus harmonious at times and at other times discordant.
Because the Conditioning energy thus alternates, the compound in expressing
through the thought-cells and thought structures embracing it, tends to break up
pre-existing conditions and conduces to mental and physical agitation. A dynamic
stellar structure formed of such a compound is mapped in the birth-chart by the
Sesqui-Square Aspect.

Intensity Compound

–Long, although rather indefinite, association of thoughts and conditions of two or
more types, builds thought-elements into the astral body in volume. But because the
Conditioning energy is so slight, there being neither pleasure nor pain, the compound
is rather loose in composition, but the stellar-cells and stellar structures embracing it
have intensity of energy, due to volume. They thus rather powerfully attract the
things of the departments of life with which associated. A dynamic stellar structure
formed of such a compound is mapped in the birth-chart by the Parallel Aspect.

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