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Just How to Attain Realization

WHEN we recognize that not only our thoughts and physical behavior, but also every
event which comes to us, even such events as apparently are due to chance, but
which, nevertheless, are herded into our lives through the activities of our
thought-cells operating from the plane of four dimensions, is due to the release of
desire energies from the thought-compounds within the unconscious mind, the
WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF, is illuminated by a more convincing significance.
By the light of this scientific conception, we then perceive that, to the extent we can
alter our characters, the cell composition and cell arrangement within our
unconscious minds will be changed, the intensity and direction of their desire
releases will be different, and our whole fortunes will be correspondingly modified.

Furthermore, we now possess instruments, such as astrological Birth-Chart
Constants, Progressed Constants, and psychoanalysis, by which we can determine
quite precisely both the composition of the thought-cells, and their organization,
along with the type of energy they are likely to receive at any given time, which will
enable them to work more vigorously from the four-dimensional plane than usual.
That is, the implements are at hand which enable us to measure all the important
factors that comprise the character, to gauge the energy of each, and closely to
estimate the direction in which their desire energies will be released at any selected
time, and thus what conditions and events at that time will probably affect the life.

And this perception of the thought composition of the astral body which is
responsible for each trend of objective thinking, each type of physical behavior, and
each event which enters the life, leads immediately to the knowledge of exactly what
changes must be made in the thought-composition of the unconscious mind to
realize any specific condition, to manifest any given talent, or to experience any type
of fortune that may be desired.

Just How to Attain Realization

In the preceding lessons I have given the method by which, through the use of
Conversion, Mental Antidotes and Rallying Forces, each particular trouble or
disease toward which Stellar Diagnosis shows there is a predisposition, can be
avoided. When the thought-composition of the cells or group of cells within the
unconscious mind whose release of desire energies are responsible for the affliction,
is changed so that the energy releases are more harmonious, the difficulty, whatever
it may be, no longer is attracted. But the individual who aspires to live life at its
highest is not content merely to thwart some disease, or merely to make a success in
business or matrimony. Instead, he desires to get the utmost out of living, to make of
his life as complete a success, physically, mentally and spiritually, as possible.

To do this, it is not enough to apply a Mental Antidote to some one or two groups of
thought-cells which have been attracting trouble. What is required is a thorough
overhauling of the character, in which all the weak parts are properly strengthened
and, where new parts are necessary to attract the desired conditions and events, these
are added. This means, of course, a complete rebuilding of the character; for only as
the character is thus completely rebuilt is it possible for the conditions and fortune
attracted to be of a correspondingly better grade.

Most people have traits, not conducing to the greatest effectiveness in living, which
require nothing more than a little reflection to discern. Whenever there is a tendency,
for instance, to over-emphasize the importance of anything, as revealed by an
abnormally sensitive or violent emotional reaction to certain thoughts or situations,
this points to the existence of a complex. It may express as fear, as
self-consciousness, as bashfulness with the opposite sex, as a conscious feeling of
inferiority or of superiority, as an ungovernable temper, as hysteria, or as touchiness
regarding some special subject. And as soon as these are recognized, the methods
explained in Course 5, Chapters 8 & 10 should be applied until there is an adjustment in
the manner in which the desire energies express; the complex being relieved through
the habit of diverting its energies so that they flow through constructive channels.

But in addition to these easily recognized trends which block the way to the highest
type of living, most of us, as the result of experiences which we have completely
forgotten, possess repressions and conflicts within our unconscious minds, which
can be uncovered only by the use of a special technique; repressions and conflicts
which quite unknown to ourselves, are hampering influences. Therefore, in the task
of reorganizing the character, to the end of attracting the best type of fortune, before
attempting to build into the astral body new energies or applying Conversion and
Mental Antidotes to other discordant thought-compounds, it is well first to handle
these desire energies, and put them to some useful work. And in accomplishing this
the discoveries of psychoanalysis will prove a singularly happy aid.

Psychoanalysis first was used as a means of relieving the stress of repressed desires
through analyzing the dreams. It was found, and later experience fully verified these
findings, that many serious diseases are caused by strong desires which are given no
opportunity to express themselves in other ways in the life. That is, the activity being
blocked that would permit them the expression they desire, they find a subterfuge
expression in some disease. Yet in sleep there is less resistance to their being
expressed in fantasy, and they find some satisfaction through draining a portion of
their energy into a dream in which the desire is gratified.

Yet owing to the censorship exercised by the waking mind, more often than not the
dream, as it is remembered, is pictured in such terms as to conceal its true import; for
the waking mind having previously prohibited the realization of the desire in waking
life, it will permit even such imaginary realization, as fully explained in Course 5,
Chapter 10, only when thoroughly camouflaged in symbolism.

Yet by tracing the thoughts that are suggested by a dream, it is found possible to
uncover the true meaning and thus discover just what repressed emotions caused it.
When the repression is once recognized by the dreamer as the cause of his dream, and
also as the cause of his illness, or the other trouble he has been experiencing, it is then
revealed in its true light. Such recognition relieves the pressure from the repression,
and the energy it contains finds some outlet for its expression through thinking about
it. To the extent thinking about the desire in the normal way, without the
magnification which repression induces, drains it of the repressed energy, it is
relieved and the disease cured.

Free Association

–Later investigations revealed that it is also possible to discern the strong repressed
desires by having the patient sit listlessly and tell whatever fleeting thoughts come
spontaneously into his mind. Those strong desires of the thought groups within the
astral body which have found expression in action will have drained, temporarily,
their energy. But the powerful desires which have been blocked will have
accumulated, under this pressure, sufficient force straining for release, that they
deliver a strong impact upon the attention, and thus, as soon as the mind is not
deliberately directed to some other subject, they take control of the thoughts.

Thoughts that thus come spontaneously when the attention is relaxed are apt to be
those actuated by repressed energies straining for release. Thus by tracing the
thoughts which, even though they express the desire in symbolism are nevertheless
instigated by it, though more often than not there is no objective recognition of the
desire, it becomes possible to discern what desire is chiefly causing the discord. This
is called the method of FREE ASSOCIATION.

When repressions are recognized by the patient as having an existence, and are
accepted by him as having a meaning in his life; as forces which should find
expression; rather than thoughts and impulses which are denied; that they are part of
his biological heritage of which he need not be ashamed; that such desires are natural
and normal to human beings, although they require directing into proper channels;
such thinking about them shows them not to be so painful as was supposed, and not so
terrible and serious as had been imagined. And this gives them pleasant Conditioning
Energy that works through the process of Conversion to give the whole complex a
harmony which it did not have before, in addition to affording some energy release
through thinking about the subject of the desires.

The peculiarly discordant compounds, often mapped in a birth-chart by a retrograde
planet, Conditioned by the pain of forcing the desires from rising into the
consciousness, is replaced by rearranging the thought-elements through pleasant
Conditioning energy, by an equally energetic harmonious compound. The new
Conditioning Energy which is responsible for the Conversion is furnished by
repeatedly viewing the repressed desires as nothing to be ashamed of, but as energies
which when given correct expression are quite normal and healthful. If they are of
such a nature that their more gross expression is against the interests of the individual
or society, they nevertheless should be recognized for just what they are, and then the
effort made to sublimate them so that they will find complete and pleasurable
expression on a higher level. It is through such processes that diseases are cured by

Self Psychoanalysis

–Up to about 1920, this was as far as the most advanced psychoanalyst thought of
proceeding. He felt that he could cure the majority of nervous, and some mental,
diseases by these methods, and possibly a number of other diseases that were not
deep-seated organic troubles; but he saw no particular advantages to the ordinary
fairly healthy person in the discoveries of psychoanalysis, astounding though they

But about the time mentioned, a number of the most eminent psychologists extended
their experiments into the lives of what are considered to be quite normal people.
And they attained the most astonishing results. For they found that in every person’s
life there have been innumerable painful experiences, which have been entirely
forgotten by the objective mind, yet which continue to be responsible for much
misery, inefficiency and failure. In fact, it was discovered that almost every
experience of life, that at the time of its occurrence was accompanied by strong
painful emotions, continues to hamper and restrict the individual, and to influence
him in a derogatory manner. As a result of this discovery, they came to advocate Self
Psychoanalysis by every person.

In the years since then, more and more the process they advocated has justified their
faith in it. And because it thus has stood the test of time warrants the quotation of a
paragraph showing what was claimed for it then. It is from an article on the subject by
William MacHarg and Wilfred Lay, Ph.D., which appeared in the Cosmopolitan
Magazine for September, 1921.

“Self Psychoanalysis takes, ordinarily, half an hour a day for about four months. You
will not, however, have to wait so long before you feel the effect of it. Within a few
weeks you will begin to feel an increase in your self-confidence, a drawing together
of your mental powers and a satisfaction in your contact with the world. At the end of
six weeks you will be amazed at the strengthening of your memory, and the incidents
of your early childhood that you can recall. When your self psychoanalysis has been
completed, you will find so many roads to success and happiness open to you that you
will be able to choose what sort of life you want to live.”

After thus choosing the sort of life you wish to live, if it be of the type we have been
considering, which requires a high physical, mental and spiritual success, in order to
live it fully it is probable the character must be still further changed through
Conversion and the application of Mental Antidotes; but at least the self
psychoanalysis indicated will place your feet firmly on the road leading to such high

It will be noticed that special mention is made of childhood memories. Biological
changes, as had been demonstrated by laboratory experiments, are very rapid in
infancy. At that period one ages greatly in a short space of time; but these changes,
and the aging process, progressively slow down with the passing of the years. The
biological changes, such as those which exhibit the aging of the individual, may be
almost imperceptible during the course of a year in a man of eighty, while during the
first year of life they always are vast.

And in a similar way the astral form seems to be more plastic and easily molded by
impressions received during the earliest years of life than at subsequent periods. The
child seems to feel more intensely, and therefore, through this feeling, to build more
powerful desires into his astral form. Furthermore, his lack of experience with the
ways of the world permits him often to place an exaggerated importance upon trifles.
To the extent he is sensitive, and thus unable to appraise events at their true value, he
suffers great mental pain from rather insignificant events. And each time he thus
suffers, regardless of the real triviality or magnitude of the suffering’s cause, he adds
thought-elements to his astral body along with painful Conditioning Energy which
causes them to enter into discordant compounds, or if the Conditioning Energy is
sufficiently exaggerated, to form a complex.

The fact that, as he grows older, he forgets most of these painful experiences, in no
way alters their power to attract him to unfortunate conditions. For just as an
organism is repelled by pain, and endeavors to escape from it, so the objective mind
also endeavors to escape pain; it being one of the laws of objective consciousness that
it ever strives to inhibit the memory of all disagreeable events and emotions.

That is why, looking back upon childhood, we remember it as the time of the Happy
Days. This is also the reason that a year after a vacation in the mountains, the wet, the
cold, the grinding toil of climbing, the mosquitoes, and the blinding smoke of the
camp-fire, are completely forgotten. Only the joyous camaraderie of camp, the
wide-spread vistas, the noble trees, the singing waters, and the glorious sunsets, are
remembered. The disagreeable part remains, but it is held submerged in the
unconscious mind, and only the pleasant experiences commonly are recalled.

But there is this difference between the hardships of a vacation and the hardships of
childhood: the former are viewed as incidental accompaniments of an effort resulting
in pleasure, as all a part of the day’s work and play; while the latter are viewed as
serious troubles, as important menaces to life and happiness. It is the mental element,
rather than the physical pain, which because of the intensity of its distress in the
disagreeable thoughts and emotions of childhood, then contributes Conditioning
Energy which is particularly potent to form virulent complexes.

One who is a failure in life, who continually experiences hard luck, may be amazed to
learn that the cause of his failure is the fear inculcated into him as a child by the
religious teachings of eternal damnation; that it is caused by the inward frustration
arising from constantly hearing the word “Don’t!” from his parents; that it is the
result of a feeling of inferiority produced by associating with an older brother or
sister; or that it is the outcome of the repressed rage felt against members of his own
family in childhood. Yet such frequently is the case.

A child is, of necessity, denied so many of its desires, is forced not to do this, and not
to do that, and coerced into doing so many things against its inclination, that in the
astral body of all ordinary adult human beings there are discordant complexes which
have had their origin in the experiences of early life, in addition to thought-cells
containing discordant thought compounds. And there may also very well be others
originating later in life, which have arisen from circumstances of a far more serious

In the complete reorganization of the character, therefore, to the end of making it
highly competent and fortunate, it is well to begin with the Reconditioning of the
various discordant complexes and repressions within the astral body that have been
built by experiences earlier in the life; so that their energies shall be diverted into
expressing through some harmonious and beneficial activity. And to facilitate the
Reconditioning of each of these complexes and repressions, it is advantageous to
remember the experiences which gave them the Conditioning energy which is thus to
be changed.

Most of these experiences when they are remembered, and viewed by the light of
later knowledge, which enables them to be arranged according to a broader
philosophy, will be seen to have been either quite insignificant, merely as the
incidents necessary in life’s struggle, or as the avenue through which some important
lesson, essential to progress, could be learned. And it has been found in
psychoanalytic practice, that whenever a disagreeable experience is thus recalled in
memory, and seen to be, after all, a benefit, that the new and pleasurable emotion then
imparted to it tends to Recondition the thought-elements within the compound, or the
arrangement within the complex, so that it expresses more harmoniously.

When one can honestly laugh at his own past misfortunes, the thought-elements
within the astral form derived from them are subjected to the process of Conversion,
and are rearranged to form a constructive compound. And in like manner, in recalling
the various annoyances of childhood, if they can be seen as mere trifles, the virulent
compounds they have formed will be Reconditioned into those which are beneficial,
and their repressed energy diverted into useful work. Thus it becomes an advantage,
as an early step in attaining Realization, in the fullest sense of the word, to recall in
memory all the disagreeable experiences of the past, and to view them either as
events whose importance at the time was ridiculously over estimated, or as a
necessary and truly beneficial stepping stone on the pathway to higher things.

It should be understood, however, that any disagreeable event is to be called up in
memory only for the transitory purpose of giving it more pleasant Conditioning
Energy. For, if recalled in memory to again experience the disagreeable emotions, it
will be given new thought-elements along with additional Conditioning Energy of
the type which will increase the power of its discord. A painful image held in the
mind strengthens the compound which it gave form, and tends to attract other similar
painful events. But an experience that was once deemed painful, recalled in memory
as an experience from which in reality benefit was derived, tends to rearrange the
thought-elements in the compound associated with it.

At the same time, it is always well to associate every such painful picture with a
stronger picture in which there is pleasure; to associate the picture from childhood
with a later experience in which there were more agreeable happenings. The end
sought should be merely to remember the painful incident long enough to reorganize
it by giving it a new polarity; and not to dwell on the image of the experience, for that
tends to attract other experiences of a like nature. The experience is to be recalled
only to view its pleasurable side, and then having Converted it, to let the matter drop.
For the rule is, in all visualizing, that the picture of the desired condition should
receive the major portion of the energy and attention.

The Record Which Reveals
Repressions and Complexes

–To recall the events which were responsible for repressions and complexes which
now exist within the astral form, in addition to other methods, Free Association may
be used. Under ordinary circumstances the most convenient and effective way of
doing this is to set apart a half hour each day. Then, with a notebook and pencil ready
at hand, recline in an easy position with the muscles completely relaxed and the mind
as much of a blank as possible. Thus, as near to the sleeping state as can be
maintained without loss of objective consciousness, permit whatever thoughts may
come, to pass freely through the mind. From time to time, arouse sufficiently to make
notes of these thoughts and mental pictures; notes that are for no one else to read but
yourself. And, as if the psychoanalysis proves successful, before it is finished all the
sordid side of the inner nature, the unsublimated primitive desires and impulses, will
have contributed their share to the record, these notes should be kept under lock and

In addition to what passes through the mind in Free Association, the record also
should include an account of all dreams, and all blunders and mistakes made during
the day.

For awhile it will be quite enough to keep this record without trying to understand it.
But after a week or two some of the notes may be read over in the attempt to discern
just what repressions and complexes and thought compounds they express. From the
Free Associations, one thought suggesting another, gradually there will come
remembrances of humiliating experiences and of shameful thoughts and desires.
When these are remembered, they can be Reconditioned pleasantly through viewing
them in proper perspective; as trivial, as experiences necessary and valuable for the
fuller understanding of life, or as primitive propensities not yet sublimated, but
which when properly diverted furnish energies that can be used for high purposes of

The cause of little forgetfulnesses, the misplacing of this article, the failure to
remember that engagement, the tipping over of the water glass, the various other
blunders, may be traced, in each instance, to some disagreeable experience or
thought with which the matter is in some way mentally associated. And by tracing the
line of thought, by the method of Free Association, which spontaneously passes
through the mind, with the blunder as a starting point, the disagreeable event which
caused the complex, and through it the error, can be located. When once it is located,
it can then be viewed in the light of a broad and optimistic philosophy, laughed at
perhaps, and thus Converted into a source of energy which will prove beneficent and

The dreams will be a little more difficult to unravel. Some of them, and possibly
some of the scenes viewed while practicing Free Association, may be actual astral
conditions. But commonly more of them will symbolize some strong desire that has
been repressed. And by taking each factor of the dream and finding just what other
thoughts and images naturally follow it in Free Association, it is possible to learn
what is symbolized by each.

In this connection it is well to bear in mind that the parts of the dream soonest
forgotten are apt to be the most important from the standpoint of psychoanalysis; for
the objective consciousness tends to thrust the portion that arises from a disagreeable
complex out of the memory. Thus by writing down the dream immediately upon
waking, and then writing it down again later in the day, or on the following day, it will
be found considerably altered. And the portion changed or omitted, because there is
always a tendency to forget that which is most painful, frequently is the part of
greatest symbolic value. It is the part which directly symbolizes the discordant

When the meaning of the dream is made plain: that there is such and such a desire
within the astral form which, perhaps, the objective mind would not even recognize
as a possible desire; a mental acknowledgment that the desire exists, and as explained
in detail in Course 5, Chapter 5, the sublimation of its energies so that they will find an
acceptable and adequate expression of their basic nature, will convert a source of
hindrance and discord into constructive energies which can be used to advance the
life along the path selected.

For the best results this process of self psychoanalysis should continue over a period
of several months. It is the general training that should precede the more specific
application of Conversion and Mental Antidotes to the discordant
thought-compounds mapped by discordantly aspected planets in the birth-chart.
Before a gymnast is given drastic exercises to make him especially strong and
skillful for some particular feat, it is common to give him a period of general training
in which the objects are to build up the entire body to a point of vigorous health, and
to remedy any little weaknesses here and there that may, if not strengthened, in time
cause trouble.

Proceeding along a very similar line toward full Realization, physically, mentally,
and spiritually, before attempting the reorganization of the thought-compounds and
groups of thought-cells which already had been built into the astral body before the
moment of birth, and which are specifically mapped by the birth-chart planets, and
before starting on the work of building into the astral body such compounds and
dynamic stellar structures as would be mapped by the birth-chart if it could be given
the planetary strength and the aspects desired, it seems wise first to prepare for this
more arduous work by self psychoanalysis. This will release pernicious repressions
and Recondition complexes and compounds of the type that have been acquired
since human birth.

Reconditioning the Compounds
Mapped by Birth-Chart Constants

–After the Reconditioning of the desires of compounds and complexes which can
be reached through the methods of psychoanalysis has been completed, the next step
is to bring about the Reconditioning of the thought-compounds and Stellar-cells in
the unconscious mind which are mapped by birth-chart Constants which show a
predisposition toward specific diseases and difficulties.

As the method of doing this through Conversion and Mental Antidotes has been fully
explained in the earlier lessons of this course, it only remains to emphasize that in
applying the appropriate kind of thoughts and Conditioning Energy, it is essential to
have the precise mental images or thought-train ever ready at hand and easy to use,
and that steps be taken to insure that they always are used on the occasions selected
for applying them to the discordant thought-compounds. Just a hazy general notion
will not do. If a discordant compound is to be Reconditioned into one harmonious, a
definite and effective system of applying the proper thoughts to it must be formulated
and strictly observed.

Building Into the Character Such
Qualities As Might be Mapped By
Any Birth-Chart Desired

–So far, we have been chiefly considering altering energies that already have been
built into the unconscious mind so that they will express, not as discords and
conflicts, but in the most harmonious and effective manner. But when it is
remembered that all that is within the unconscious mind, whether mapped by the
birth-chart or acquired since birth, has been added to it through experience, we
perceive that merely Reconditioning what already resides within the character is
only a portion of the work to be accomplished in gaining complete Realization. It is
only repair work, so to speak. And in addition to it, many new parts can be added
which will enable the character to function on a level otherwise it could never hope to

Just what these new parts, which are well organized groups of thought-cells added to
the astral body through appropriate mental processes, are, which a given individual
should acquire for his character, depends upon what he already has, and upon the
specific cosmic work he feels he should accomplish. In the limited space here at
disposal, it will be possible to indicate only a few of the beneficial character factors,
and how they can be built into the unconscious mind, so that they will have all the
force of such a dynamic stellar structure as is mapped by a certain planet when it is
prominent and harmoniously aspected in the birth-chart. But this will indicate the
method used. And it will be understood that qualities, through the use of such
methods, can be added to the character, if enough energy can be applied in the
process, such as are represented by any selected planetary position and aspect in a
chart at birth.

Acquiring Positiveness and

–Upon the energy and harmony of the Power thought-cells within the astral body
depends the vitality and the ability to resist the mental influence of others. Especially
people who have the negative planets prominent in their birth-charts need an
additional supply of the Power thought-cells to enable them to keep from being
swayed from their purpose and to prevent their domination. They represent the
specific mental factors most needed by those who are troubled by psychic forces,
more about which will be explained in the next lesson. Self-esteem and
self-confidence are expressions of these Power urges. Self-esteem is essential to
anyone who would gain the esteem of others, and self-confidence is necessary to the
efficient performance of any worth-while task.

Self depreciation and lack of pride and firmness all too often are responsible for
failure. But to preserve significance it is not necessary to be arrogant nor
condescending. Yet it is imperative that one recognize one’s own importance and
value. And, as a matter of fact, each human is being fitted to occupy a function in life
that he can fill better than any other. Each person is really an important cog in the
cosmic scheme; and the proper turning of the mill of the gods depends upon each cog
in the universal wheel performing its special function. Thus is each of us being
shaped and polished to be able to perform his work in the universal scheme of things
with ever greater nicety.

Therefore, each day when the aspirant for Realization retires for his half hour or so,
let him spend a portion of the time meditating deeply on these facts. Let him
withdraw his attention from the cares of the day, and thinking of these matters, learn
to Feel his oneness with the whole universe. Let him feel and know that he is a part of
the Universal Life, and that he is in harmony with this All Of Life; and being
conscious of it, that he is working daily and doing his part to carry out the cosmic

He will then feel and Realize that he is working under Divine guidance, and that he
has responsibilities to the Master Mind which none but himself can fulfill. And he
should permit this Realization of his oneness with all life, and the Realization that he
is assisting in the universal work, to fill him with great joy and thanksgiving. Let it
inspire him to be conscientious, firm, and self-confident in the performance of life’s
work, and let it induce in him a great pleasure through the exercise of these qualities.
Then let him go forth and manifest these attributes in action. By so doing he will build
into himself those thought-cells which give length of life, vitality, and power.

Acquiring Abundance

–These Power thought-cells attract success through their strength and virile energy.
They lead to positions of authority, and give the ability to command others. But there
is still another group of thought-cells which has a special facility to attract abundance
and exceptional good fortune. These are the Religious thought-cells. And the most
powerfully harmonious compound that can be formed is one in which the Power
thought-elements combine pleasantly with the Religious thought-elements.

Therefore, after it becomes possible to Enter The Silence–to turn the thoughts from
the external environment to an apprehension of the inner feelings and thoughts–and
to realize that you are an eternal spark of Deity, possessing an immortal soul that is
working in harmony with all other souls for universal progression; then learn to Feel
intensely Devotion, Hope, Cheerfulness, Veneration, Faith and Optimism.

Realizing that you are a part of Deific Life, and working under the direction of the
Master Architect it will be easy to bring thoughts of benevolence, hope and faith into
association with thoughts of conscientiousness, self-esteem and pride; for you then
will inwardly know that one who serves God so faithfully will only reap that which is
good. And after the period of Going Into The Silence and feeling this Realization
within, then go forth into the world and confirm your Realization by Acts; for when a
change has really been made in the astral body, it will manifest in the outward form,
and by the act is this inward change then demonstrated.

In this building these new and harmonious compounds into the astral form by the
power of thought, the strength of the compound is determined by the volume and
intensity of the feeling imparted to it. But the kind of a compound that is organized
depends upon the quality of the emotions that accompany its formation.

In the formation of the religious-power-compound, for instance, which I have just
explained how to construct, if the thoughts accompanying its formation, during the
period of meditation and when carried out by appropriate acts, are persistent and
mildly pleasant, a Growth-compound will be formed. If the thoughts are mildly
pleasant, but rather intermittent, and interspersed with some slightly discordant
feelings, the compound formed will be of the Expansion variety. If, however, the
feelings accompanying the thoughts and deeds of a power and religious nature are of
the buoyant and joyous quality, the result will be an Opportunity-compound. But if
the emotion is more than joyous, being also enthusiastically happy and intensely
blissful, then will a Luck-compound be constructed. Such a combination is then
called a Power-Religious-Luck-Compound; and no more powerful influence exists
on earth for the purpose of attracting Good Fortune.

The same principles hold also for the formation of harmonious mental compounds
from the other thought-elements: the intensity of the pleasure accompanying their
formation determines whether they will enter into the construction of a Growth, an
Expansion, an Opportunity, or a Luck compound.

Acquiring Good Fortune With the
Populace and the Opposite Sex

–The next most powerful compound that can be incorporated into the character for
the purpose of attaining the highest Realization of success is a harmonious
Domestic-Power-Compound, particularly if it is also a Luck-Compound. It is not so
potent to bring blind good fortune as a harmonious Religious-Power-Compound; but
it gives greater ability, and is even more beneficial to the health. It causes the vital
processes and physical functions to cooperate perfectly, endowing the person both
with vitality and a strong constitution. It attracts favors from the opposite sex and
from people in power, and gives popularity with the general populace. It thus aids in
the accumulation of wealth, in gaining favorable publicity and in the rapid
advancement of the social and business position.

To build such a compound into the astral body, a justifiable joy should be felt in one’s
own importance, and a particular pleasure should be felt in using whatever station,
income, and advantages that are gained to make the home and family more attractive.
Few things build up those mental conditions which lead to general unpopularity so
rapidly as does a discordant home life. And few things tend so quickly to attract
popularity as does the compounds built into the unconscious mind by a happy home.
When such a happy home life can be made to inspire a feeling of importance, dignity,
and conscientiousness, so that these feelings can be carried strongly into the business
world, we have one of the most potent influences extant, not merely for business
success, but for honesty, morality, and integrity of character.

Yet in building such a compound, it is important to remember that it is not the actual
events which happen in the home, the people in it, or the beauty of its surroundings,
that tend to form integrative or disintegrative thought-compounds; but the mental
attitude toward these things.

Life in a hovel, while surrounded by unsympathetic people, can be made a potent
factor in organizing harmonious compounds if one will but search minutely for
causes of joy. And, on the other hand, a palace and servants may be made a potent
source of discord, if only the disagreeable side of conditions is perceived. It is not the
nature of the events which happen that cause the fortunate Conditioning of
compounds but the amount of happiness felt due to the event.

Acquiring Affectional Success

–The compounds coming third in the order of their potency for good, are the
Social-Compounds. In the astral body of a man, a Domestic-Social-Compound is
more fortunate, because women have so much to do with making or marring the life
of a man, and this is the most fortunate of all compounds for Realizing affectional
success, and for attracting good fortune through women. In the astral body of a
woman, the Social Power-Compound is more fortunate; for it insures her happiness
where affectional matters are concerned and also gives her great success in all her
dealings with men.

For a man deliberately to set about building a Domestic-Social-Compound into his
astral form, he should grasp every opportunity to associate an interest in providing
for, and looking after, his own family, with taking an active part in promoting social
activities. He should take a special interest in going out among people accompanied
by his family, or if he has no family of his own, with children or people who are
helpless and need care. He should learn greatly to enjoy mixing with people, and the
mixing of his family with others in social affairs. The custom of whole families
paying visits upon other families is good practice, provided, of course, it can be
arranged so that all concerned will have a happy time. The man who loves to entertain
in his own home will benefit by it both in popularity and in health.

For a woman to build a Social-Power-Compound into her astral body, she should not
confine her interests entirely to domestic duties, but should take a pride in her
personal appearance, and in being agreeable company. The cultivation of a feeling of
kindness and friendliness toward all persons she meets, will tend to combine the
Social and the Power thought-elements properly; and if along with this there also is
felt a joy in being rather queenly and dignified, this will tend to the Conditioning of a
harmonious Social-Power-Compound. Mirth is as important in this life as is work;
and dignity and self-esteem also have their important function.

Acquiring Other Good Fortune

–It will be found quite profitable systematically to build any two families of
thought-elements into the astral body as a harmonious compound. But because of
their greater importance in human life, the time and energy may be spent more
profitably in adding to the thought-cells, compounds in which one of three families
of thought-elements always are present. The most important family that should be
harmoniously combined with as many other families as possible, it that of the Power
thought-elements. Next in importance to the Power group are the elements belonging
to the Domestic thought-element family. And third in importance are the
thought-elements of the Intellectual family.

The etheric energies of the body, that is, the nerve currents and their magnetic field,
in their positive phase are governed by the releases of desire energies by the Power
thought-cells; and the four-dimensional activities of these thought-cells, as mapped
by the progressed aspects of the Sun in a birth-chart, are responsible for attracting
many of the events of major importance into the life. In their negative phase the nerve
currents and their magnetic field are governed by the release of desire energies by the
Domestic thought-cells; and the four dimensional activities of these thought-cells, as
mapped by the progressed aspects of the Moon in a birth-chart, are responsible for
attracting many events into the life of sub-major importance.

The electric currents, generated through the release of desire energies by the Power
thought-cells and Domestic thought-cells, in the wave-length of their radiations, are
commonly governed by the release of desire energies by the Intellectual
thought-cells. These thought-cells powerfully influence the trend of objective
thinking, and the thoughts thus gaining objective attention raise or lower the
vibratory rates of the energy radiated; and through this control of the comparative
shortness of the wavelengths emitted, the individual tunes in on planetary and other
broadcasts of a similar frequency. The energy thus tuned in on, radio fashion,
through the thoughts and feelings that at the time are before the objective attention,
finds its way over the etheric energies of the nervous system, which are ready
conductors of astral broadcasts, to the thought-cells in various regions of the astral
body. Furthermore, the thoughts and feelings, as this whole course has constantly
emphasized, determine what elements are added to the thought-cells and how they
are Conditioned to act.

It is to the Intellectual thought-cells that we must look for the ability to keep the
thoughts Directed into the specific channels which will provide Mental Antidotes or
produce Conversion, and which will add elements to the astral body only in a manner
which will prove constructive and assist in attaining Realization. Therefore, no pains
and effort should be spared to insure that these Intellectual thought-cells have
abundant and harmonious desire energies which with facility can be released

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