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Just How to Heal Yourself

MORE commonly those who speak of
healing refer to correcting merely the ailments of the physical body. But viewed from
the broader standpoint of Mental Alchemy there are twelve distinct departments of
each person’s life, of which the health of the physical body is only one. What happens
in each of these departments is determined by the volume of energy and the
organization of the thought compounds, thought-cells and mental structures within
the one of the twelve compartments of the unconscious mind relating to the affairs of
this section of the total life. Health and disease, from this broader viewpoint, are
terms equally applicable to each of man’s outstanding relations with his

If his relations with any section of his environment are unsatisfactory, this is a certain
indication of inharmony or lack of power on the part of thought compounds within a
definite compartment of his astral body. And the only way he can permanently insure
more favorable conditions in this department of life–in physical vigor, in finances,
in knowledge, in the home, in love, in work, in marriage, in collecting debts, in public
expression, in honor, in friendship or in secret undertakings–is through such an
alteration of the thought compounds within the compartment of his astral body
relating to the department as will give them more energy or a more harmonious

Just How to Heal Yourself

Manipulating the Physical

–When the proper changes have been made in the compounds that form the
thought-cells embraced within a certain compartment of the astral body, this
Reconditioning of the desires of these thought-cells causes them to work from the
four-dimensional plane to attract into the life those physical things most favorable to
fortune in the corresponding department of life. Yet even before such changes have
been completed, the individual can assist by an intelligent selection of the physical
environment favoring a better fortune; for the most of the events and conditions of
physical life are dependent upon physical things.

We can neither help or harm people unless in some manner we contact them, nor can
they help or harm us without such contact. We can not acquire those possessions
which give wealth unless we have access to material resources. We can acquire only
a limited amount of information unless we are able to get assistance from books or
from intelligences possessing information. Fortune in the home is dependent upon a
domicile and people in it. Love affairs and children require human associations.
Food is not manufactured from nothing; it grows and must be acquired. Marriage and
partnership include human companions. Inheritance is usually considered in terms of
physical things. Public expression, to be successful, requires certain material
facilities. Honor is measured in terms of human relations. Friendships can prosper
only if there are friends. And secret enemies are dependent upon beings other than

Each of the twelve departments of life, as thus shown, is dependent for its health upon
proper conditions in the physical environment. And if those most favorable
environmental conditions are provided through intelligent effort, this takes a great
burden from the task of the thought-cells within the unconscious mind.

These thought-cells, or stellar-cells, as they also are called, can move the physical
environment either in the direction of fortune or misfortune only to the extent they
possess or acquire energy. And with the same amount of energy at their command the
degree in which they can move the physical environment depends upon the weakness
of its resistance. The environment may be such that no amount of energy the
thought-cells can muster can overcome its resistance and bring into the life some
particular event. Or it may be such that almost no effort must be spent by the
thought-cells from the four-dimensional plane to bring the event to pass. What
happens on the physical plane is never dependent upon the four dimensional energies
alone, nor upon physical environment alone; but upon the resistance, or its lack, of
three dimensional factors to four-dimensional energies.

This means that in attaining health in any one of the twelve departments of life the
physical factors should not be ignored. While true that, if the thought-cells governing
the fortune in a department of life are given sufficient harmony they will attract, by
their four-dimensional activities, the proper physical conditions to remedy the
difficulty, yet they will require less energy to do the same thing if the proper physical
conditions are provided through the exercise of objective intelligence.

Physical health, for instance, requires that certain physical elements be taken into the
body in the form of food. In spite of any thinking one can do, if the food supply is
deprived of calcium or vitamin D, or its equivalent in sunlight, nervous troubles will
develop. The thought-cells can not manufacture calcium out of air. Without calcium
to counteract and stabilize the influence of phosphorus and potassium the nerves
become over tense, irritated, even inflamed. Or if there is an excess of magnesium
and not sufficient calcium present to balance, the nerves become flaccid and the
individual responds so slowly to stimuli that he is considered dull and inert.

The stellar-cells of the astral body, as explained in Chapter 1, have whatever
intelligence has been imparted to them at the time of their formation. And if the
stellar-cells responsible for a bodily disease are properly Reconditioned and supplied
with sufficient harmonious energy, they will impress the individual who needs
calcium and vitamin D to acquire these necessities. But their four-dimensional work
will be made vastly easier if the individual is aware he needs these elements and
consciously takes steps to get them. In fact, if the individual exercising intelligence
thus secures what he needs in the way of physical ingredients in his food, the
Reconditioned stellar cells will require the expenditure of but a minimum of energy
to be able to build a healthful physical body.

Or to take another commonplace example: Physiological chemists tell us that the
human system requires four different protein compounds which it seems unable to
manufacture from other proteins. Very little of one of these four, histidine, is
contained in milk. Usually milk also contains less iron than the system requires.
Therefore, unless proteins and iron are obtained from some source other than milk
the blood of an adult becomes impoverished. An infant usually has sufficient iron
stored in its liver to carry through the first year.

In the case of an individual suffering from anemia, for instance, the thought
structures mapped in the birth-chart by Saturn, Neptune and Mars when properly
Reconditioned would impress him to eat foods containing iron, a variety of proteins,
some copper, etc. If they were unsuccessful, through not possessing enough energy
to overcome the resistance of environment to his acquiring these materials, in getting
him to eat foods containing these things, he would remain anemic in spite of all his
thinking; for the hemoglobin of the red blood corpuscles is not composed of air, but
of definite chemical substances It is not the function of thought to manufacture iron
which must be present in the hemoglobin to carry oxygen; but it is a function of
proper thought to acquire the iron, with which to replace the daily loss through the
wearing out of red blood corpuscles, from foods containing iron.

What has been said in regard to the physical requirements of bodily health is equally
true in reference to the health of each of the other twelve departments of life. It is not
the function of thought to manufacture wealth out of thin air. Wealth is derived from
raw materials and natural resources, from processing these raw materials, or from
services relating to these things or rendered to members of society. The
Reconditioned thought-cells within the astral body that had their origin in
experiences relative to wealth will work with what intelligence they possess to attract
sources of wealth into the life. But if an individual should refuse such contacts, the
resistance offered by such an environment would be too great for the energy they
possess to overcome. Yet on the other hand, if the individual intelligently associated
with those sources of wealth most harmonious to himself, the Reconditioned
thought-cells would require very little energy to bring him wealth.

Just what the physical environmental conditions are which, at a given time most
favor the attaining of desired results, or most hinder the development of an undesired
event it is the function of the birth-chart and the progressed aspects to inform us. Yet
if already we are aware of the disease, in whatever department of life it manifests,
even without a birth-chart we can get a rather clear picture of the type of thinking
which is responsible for it. And this in turn will point not merely to the changes in
thinking necessary for its correction, but also indirectly to the physical requirements
with which the Reconditioned thought-cells must work to bring the better condition
about.In Course 16, Stellar Diagnosis and Stellar Healing, the Birth-Chart Constants and
the Progressed Constants of 160 bodily diseases are given.

They are given, as determined from statistical studies of the birth-charts and
progressed aspects of people thus afflicted in terms of the prominence and aspects of
plants. But as a prominent planet maps a thought structure in the astral body which
gives rise to an equal prominence in the kind of thinking denoted by the planet, and as
an aspect maps the harmony or discord of the compound in the thought-cells, and
thus the pleasure or pain of the thinking thus energized, both Birth-Chart Constants
and Progressed Constants denote the specific family and kind of thinking which is
responsible for the condition, whatever it may be.

Furthermore, the Birth-chart Constants which make for success in many vocations
have been ascertained, and both the Birth-chart and the Progressed Constants which
coincide with a wide variety of events; events which relate favorably and events
which relate disastrously, to each of the twelve departments of life. These in turn
indicate the family, volume and harmony or discord of the thinking which is
responsible for each of these various events. And it is the function of the Church of
Light Research Department to ascertain these Constants, and therefore the exact kind
of thinking, which is responsible for each important condition and each important
type of event which enter people’s lives.

In connection with each condition and each event, whether it is beneficial or
detrimental, there are environmental factors which assist the kind of thinking which
is responsible, to attract the condition or event, or which hinders it. In Course 16, the
type of foods which facilitate recovery from each of the 160 bodily diseases is briefly
set forth. More specific information is given in Chapters 7-10 of Course 21.

When a particular family of thought-cells acquires an additional supply of discordant
energy, through a progressed aspect forming an aerial to pick up the corresponding
planetary energy with much static, the release of desire energy by these thought-cells
tends to cause the individual to neglect certain substances in his diet that are
especially necessary at this time, due to the kind of thinking in which he indulges, to
his bodily health. These special diet requirements have been ascertained. One does
not need to know about progressed aspects to avail oneself of this knowledge,
although this gives one greater precision in determining the need. If a person, for
instance, indulges in fear, greed or worry, one may be sure he needs the foods
recommended when Saturn is afflicted by progression.

The lessons on Stellar Dietetics, Course XIV, Chapter 3 and Course XXI Chapters
7-10, give the environmental factors in so far as food requirements are concerned,
which under each type of bodily affliction is best calculated to assist the thought-cells
to recover health. And in Course X, especially in Chapters 2-5, are set
forth in sufficient detail the kind of environmental conditions which offer the
greatest resistance to the efforts of discordant thought-cells when they endeavor to
attract various kinds of misfortune into the life, and the factors of physical
environment which most readily aid the efforts of harmonious thought-cells to bring
various kinds of good fortune into the life.

Instead, therefore, of expecting the thought-cells which hare been Reconditioned
through the process of Mental Alchemy to do all the work required to bring health to
any of the twelve departments of life, their four dimensional labors should be
facilitated by the conscious and intelligent selection of those physical environmental
factors which most readily can be used by them in the attainment of the desired end.
The Israelites are supposed to have rebelled when called upon to make bricks without
the straw necessary to bind together the adobe. The easier you make the work
required of the Reconditioned thought-cells, the more confidence you may have they
will possess sufficient energy to accomplish it.

Using Rallying Forces As Aids In

–As the events attracted into the life, including health and disease, relative to any
one of its twelve departments, are determined by the resistance of the external
environment to the four-dimensional activities of the stellar-cells in the
corresponding compartment of the astral body, the more energy the thought-cells of a
given compartment acquire, the more influence they have to attract events of
importance. And at the time, as explained in detail in Course X-II, Chapter 1, a
temporary stellar aerial is formed, as mapped by a progressed aspect, affecting this
compartment, the stellar-cells in it gain an additional energy supply with which thus
to work toward attracting some event.

Whether the event attracted, or the condition affecting the health of the department of
life, is to the benefit of the individual or to his detriment is determined by the pleasure
or pain felt at the time by the thought-cells doing this four-dimensional work. This
pleasure or pain, in turn, is determined by the manner in which the
thought-compound within the stellar-cells was Conditioned at the time of their
formation, as modified by the harmony or discord of the temporary energy reaching
them. A discordant progressed aspect adds energy loaded with painful static to them,
and temporarily Conditions them to act more detrimental than is their usual habit;
while a harmonious progressed aspect adds energy of pleasing harmony to them, and
temporarily Conditions them to act in a manner more beneficial than is their common

It will not here be necessary to explain in detail how the nervous system, in response
to the feelings which at the time are dominant, tunes in the electric energies flowing
over it to pick up astral vibrations of a corresponding rate; nor how these energies
from the planets, from the character-vibrations of objects and from the thoughts of
people, because these nerve currents permeate every region of the body, reach all the
permanent and temporary stellar aerials, such as are mapped by birth-chart aspects
and progressed aspects, and thus the thought-cells fed by these aerials.

These matters are fully explained in Course XVI, Chapter 2, Course X-I, Chapter 8
and Course V, Chapter 6, where it is further pointed out that so long as an individual
keeps his consciousness and feelings tuned to one type of vibration these are the
ones picked up and added as Rallying Forces to all the various thought-cells reached by
aerials. That is, so long as a certain feeling is dominant, the person is so completely tuned
in on a specific wave-length that other wave-lengths of energy are not strong enough to
make their influence felt at the receiving sets which transmit energy to the thought-cells.
The only program received distinctly by any of the thought-cells within the astral body
during such a time, is the one tuned in on by the intense feeling.

So far, therefore, as new energy supplies reaching the thought-cells are concerned,
through inducing and maintaining the feelings he desires man can determine, in spite
of progressed aspects, what these shall be. Yet thought-cells may, and often do,
possess so much inharmony that any amount of temporary harmony reaching them as
a Rallying Force is insufficient to cause them to act in a beneficial manner; and other
thought-cells may, and often do, possess so much harmony that any amount of
temporary discord reaching them as a Rallying Force is unable to cause them to act in
a manner wholly detrimental. In fact, as determined by a vast amount of statistical
work in connection with birth-chart positions and progressed aspects, the energy
with which the compound was Conditioned at its formation is more important in
determining the harmony or discord of the work done by the thought-cells when that
energy is released than is the quality of such temporary energy as may be added to

Permanently to correct a serious disease in any one of the twelve departments of life
it becomes necessary, through some process, more harmoniously to Recondition the
thought compound in the stellar cells chiefly responsible for it. Yet the mere
temporary adding of Rallying Forces, unless these are specifically directed to do that
work, commonly does not sufficiently change the basic desires of the thought-cells;
but only for the time increases their activity.

Furthermore, a Rallying Force is of a definite planetary type; that is, it belongs to the
Aggressive quality, the Religious quality, the Power quality, etc. Consequently the
energy it adds to a thought-cell group or thought-compound is of that quality and
temporarily similar in effect to the thought-elements belonging to the same family. It
should be selected, therefore, just as the thoughts are selected, with due reference to
what specific type is required as a Mental Antidote or to effect Conversion. Then by
associating it with thoughts and experiences definitely chosen for the purpose of
altering the thought-compound, it can effectively be employed to give the required
energy to divert the desires of the thought-cells permanently toward activities
fortunate to the individual.

Each individual, because of the particular thought-cell composition of his astral body
and the stellar aerials connecting his most active dynamic stellar structures, can
acquire harmonious Rallying Forces belonging to certain thought families much
easier than he can acquire the harmonious Rallying Forces belonging to other
thought families. It may be that these most easily acquired Rallying Forces are not
those specifically required properly to alter the thought-cells whose discordant
compounds are responsible for his misfortune. In case they are not, he must cultivate
the other sources of Conditioning Energy which are specifically required to make the
alterations necessary to overcome the disease. But as a rule, even when of a character
not specifically required in the treatment of the disease, because they are acquired in
volume and in harmony with so little effort, and when thus tuned in on add
harmonious energy to all the thought-cells, they can be made of great value in general
to health and fortune.

Such Rallying Forces as are picked up, radio fashion, by the permanent aerials
mapped by birth-chart aspects, or by temporary aerials mapped by progressed
aspects, are not well defined thoughts, nor are they thoughts relative to any particular
department of life. Instead, they are energies which give rise to intense feelings
which are associated with whatever subject or department of life the person at the
time is thinking about. To the extent, while a Rallying Force is present, whether
induced volitionally or without intent, an individual thinks clearly and definitely
about some particular thing, does the energy of the Rallying Force tend to
Recondition in its direction the thought-compound in the stellar-cells relating to the
department of life thus thought about. But such energy as is thus added to the
compound is always of a definite planetary type. That is when one feels Aggressive
one is adding Aggressive thought-elements along with the Aggressive Conditioning
energy to whatever thought-compound the definite thoughts relate, even if they
relate also to Safety or to Power.

Course XVI, Chapter 4 explains the details of tuning in on any selected planetary energy it is
desired to use, whether there is, or is not, a strong aerial within the astral body of the
proper length to pick it up. And Course XVI, Chapter 5 gives considerable information on
using the energies thus selected and tuned in on for healing purposes. The technique
of tuning in is that of inducing and maintaining the feeling of the constructive
energies of the selected planet. The technique of applying them is as vividly as
possible to think of the things of the department of life to be healed, while the feeling
is present.This will Recondition the compounds within the thought-cells relating to

As is fully explained in Course V, Chapters 4-5, the energy of desires can be diverted
through properly selected ASSOCIATIONS to flow in any channels decided upon.
This applies equally to the desires of the thought-cells to work in a given way from
the four-dimensional plane, as to the desires of which we are objectively conscious
which relate to our three-dimensional activities. To hold certain thoughts definitely
in mind while feeling a certain emotion whether derived from a Rallying Force or
from any other source, is to charge those thoughts with the specific planetary type of
Conditioning energy of that emotion. The greater the intensity of the energy imparted
to them, the more powerful to accomplish work do the thoughts associated with it

The Conversion of thought-elements within a thought-compound, or the adding of
Mental Antidotes to the compound, is effective to produce an alteration in the
compound in proportion to the volume and intensity of the Conditioning Energy
added to, or developed within, the thought-compound to be changed. Mental
Antidotes possess some spontaneous ability to generate pleasant Conditioning
energy when added to a compound. But their Power to Recondition the
thought-compound properly, and thus produce the healing result desired, is greatly
increased if they are added along with a conscious feeling of intense pleasure. And
the Conversion of a thought-compound through the rearrangement of its
thought-elements requires the conscious use of pleasant Conditioning energy.

However, either in the application of Mental Antidotes or in the process of
Conversion, if the compound is to be changed in the manner decided upon, this
Conditioning energy can not be just any harmonious Rallying Force that the
individual has special facility to generate. Usually such a harmonious, and easily
acquired Rallying Force, will be found highly beneficial to the compound, because it
is already Associated with the family of thought-elements which is most beneficially
Conditioned within the person’s astral body. Adding these harmoniously to any
other thought-compound within the astral body thus is usually advantageous. But if
the compound is to be altered in the most beneficial way, the harmonious
Conditioning energy must belong to the planetary type of the thought-elements
added or changed.

The Easiest Source of Harmonious
Conditioning Energy

–While the most easily acquired Rallying Forces may not be the ones specifically
required to heal some department of life which is diseased, they are,
nevertheless–for instance, when they belong to the same planetary family as the
mental antidote–sometimes the ones most needed, and they can always be made of
great general value to the life. How they may be determined, therefore, should be

Each person, because of the stellar aerials stretching across his astral body, picks up
certain planetary energies in volume and with less static, than he picks up other
planetary energies. Because of these incoming energies, he finds it easier to feel
intensely harmonious when tuned in on them than when tuned in on other planetary

A planet in the birth-chart which is prominent and receives only good aspects, maps a
powerful group of thought-cells which commonly receive over these aerials mapped
by the aspects only harmonious energies. This group of thought-cells, therefore,
whenever they find opportunity to release energy through connecting up with the
electric currents of the nervous system, tend to tune the individual in, through the
pleasant sensations felt, on the harmonious energies radiated by the planet. A well
aspected planet in the birth-chart, therefore, maps a harmonious Rallying Force
which is easily tuned in on, and can be used with less effort than can energies whose
vibratory rates are not already an integral part of the character.

In particular, there are two configurations which when they do appear in a birth-chart
indicate powerful sources of harmonious and easily acquired Rallying Forces. One is
a Grand Trine, in which two planets in the chart are in trine aspect to each other, and
both are in trine aspect to a third planet, making thus approximately an equilateral
triangle of the stellar aerials stretching across the astral body. In those things
represented by the Grand Trine the individual will be fortunate, because the
thought-compounds in the dynamic stellar structure mapped by each planet are both
harmonious and possessed of a high degree of energy.

Therefore, to the extent the person having such a Grand Trine devotes his energies to
the things of the departments of life indicated by the compartments where these
harmonious thought-cells reside will in his life encounter exceptionally good
fortune. The stellar-cells will work energetically from the four-dimensional plane to
attract favors and success to him relative to the matters associated with their
formation. Our interest here in a Grand Trine, however, is that its spontaneous
harmony and strength enables it so readily to be used as a source of beneficial
Rallying Forces. It is easy to induce and maintain the pleasant feeling which in
quality corresponds to one or more of its planets; and because there are stellar aerials
in the astral body of proper length to pick up this energy readily and in volume, this
makes powerful and beneficial Rallying Forces available with little effort.

The other planetary configuration which indicates a specially potent and harmonious
source of Rallying Forces is a planet which, as often occurs, breaks up an opposition
aspect between two other planets by making the sextile aspect to one and the trine
aspect to the other. The opposition maps an aerial which picks up planetary energy
loaded with separative static. But such an opposition also maps at each terminal
thought-cells into which have been built a tremendous amount of energy. This
energy, from both groups of thought-cells at the ends of the opposition, is tapped
harmoniously by the group of thought-cells mapped by the planet making the sextile
and the trine.

To the extent, therefore, the individual devotes his energies to the things of the
department of life indicated by the compartment where reside the harmonious cells
mapped by the Conciliating Planet, will his life encounter exceptionally good
fortune. And as in the case of a Grand Trine, this Conciliating Planet which in this
relation draws for power from the opposition, maps a source of powerful harmonious
energy which may readily be tapped, and which tunes the whole nervous system in
on the harmonious vibrations radiated by the Conciliating Planet. Because the stellar
aerials present in the astral body that lead to the Conciliating Planet are of a length to
pick up its energy harmoniously and in volume, it is easy to maintain the feeling and
thus acquire a steady supply of powerful Rallying Forces.

Not everyone, however, has either a Grand Trine or a Conciliating Planet in his
birth-chart. But everyone has a Best Planet in his birth-chart, which maps the most
harmonious dynamic stellar structure within his astral body, and this is the receiving
set which has the greatest facility for tuning his nervous system in on powerful
harmonious planetary energy.

Furthermore, when progressed aspects form, each, to the extent it is powerful, builds
a temporary stellar aerial across the astral body. If such an aerial is of the length to
pick up harmonious planetary energy, it also facilitates developing and maintaining
the pleasant feeling of its planetary terminals. Of course, if these thought-cells at the
terminals are of markedly discordant compounds, tuning in on the planetary energies
corresponding to them will facilitate feeling discord and thus picking up, radio
fashion, more discord. But to the extent either the permanent aerials mapped by
aspects in the birth-chart, or the temporary aerials mapped by progressed aspects
within one degree of perfect, are present which tend to pick up only harmonious
energy, can they be utilized to assist in developing powerful Rallying Forces. That is,
it is easy to develop and maintain the feelings corresponding to the planet, and thus
persistently to tune in on its vibrations.


–While as indicated, each individual has within himself stellar aerials which make it
easier for him to develop and maintain a particular type of pleasant feeling, if some
special thought-compound within his astral body needs Reconditioning in a definite
way, in some manner harmonious feelings must be developed of a type
corresponding to the Conditioning energy required for the alteration. That is, if it is
pleasant Jupiter energy which is needed to Recondition the thought-compound, no
other type of energy will do so well. Yet even though there is no harmonious aerial to
the planet Jupiter, either in the birth-chart or by progression, nevertheless
harmonious Jupiter energies can be developed as Rallying Forces.

In that case the work will be more difficult. It will require greater effort to keep the
benevolent, jovial, Jupiterian mood. And the more the person really needs these
Rallying Forces, that is, the further removed temperamentally he is from Jupiter, the
more effort will be required for him to keep himself feeling strongly and
harmoniously in the Jupiterian mood.

Yet irrespective of special stellar aerials, if an individual places himself in a mood
strongly characteristic of any planet’s vibrations, the electric energies of his nervous
system tune in on that planet’s vibrations, and these following the nerves reach all the
stellar aerials within his astral body and find some access to all the thought-cells.
Thus can an individual acquire, through effort, whatever type of planetary energy he
most needs.

But before any such attempt is made he should, as explained in Chapter 2, first
determine the thought-compound and the type of thinking which is responsible for
the condition he wishes to correct. From this information he should, through the
methods set forth in Chapter 3-4, decide whether it is better to use the
method of Conversion, which is the only alternative if the compound causing the
difficulty is composed of Mental Antidotes, or to use a Mental Antidote. If the latter
seems to be the best method to follow, he should then select, according to the
principles set forth in Chapter 3, the family of thoughts that is the suitable

Having selected the antidote, or decided upon Conversion, he should next outline
specific plans for developing the required kind of thinking, and energizing it
harmoniously with as powerful feelings as possible. Included in this plan should be
the determination to substitute selected constructive thoughts for those which are
responsible for the difficulty whenever these come into the consciousness; and to
think about the department of life–about the health of the body if the bodily health is
to be improved–only in association with the thoughts and feelings thus decided
upon. And to make these selected thoughts effective in the accomplishment of the
work contemplated, the plan should also formulate means by which the selected
planetary type of feeling energy can be aroused and maintained while these thoughts
are before consciousness; or if it seems desirable, can be developed as a permanent
mood by which the appropriate Rallying Forces may be added to all the thought-cells
within the unconscious mind.

As explained in Chapter 4, deliberately to substitute one type of thinking for the
type which more spontaneously rises into objective consciousness is to add these
deliberately selected thought-elements and the Conditioning energy at the time
present to the compound of the dynamic stellar structure responsible for the more
spontaneous thoughts. The substitution associates them, and the feeling energy
Conditions the harmony or discord of the new combination. To think about a
department of life adds the thought-elements and the Conditioning energy present at
the time, to the thought-cells of the compartment of the astral body relating to the
department of life.

When Conversion is the method which seems advisable, the problem is not that of
substituting new families of thoughts, but that of substituting the constructive
expression of the same families for their more discordant expression, along with
feeling energy of sufficient intensity and volume to Recondition the compound to be
altered. That is, whenever the thoughts of either family involved in the compound
rise into the consciousness, their constructive expression should deliberately be
substituted for the expression which is more spontaneous. When thoughts relating to
both families of elements in the compound rise into consciousness, as will frequently
be the case because of their association in the compound, constructive thinking
about their relation each to the other should be substituted for the more spontaneous
type of thinking. And whenever thoughts enter the consciousness relating to either or
both departments of life, the thought-cells of which embrace these compounds, the
constructive expression of the thought families embraced within these compounds
should deliberately be substituted for the more spontaneous kind of thinking about
these things. Furthermore, in Conversion, because unless the compound is of Mental
Antidotes the pleasant affinity of the elements is lacking, it requires a far higher
intensity and greater volume of pleasant feeling to effect the proper Reconditioning
of the compound.

Sources of Mental Antidotes and
Conditioning Energy

–Every person, in the past, has had a variety of pleasant experiences. And it is very
easy to select the family of thought-elements to which the incidents chiefly relate. If
the source of pleasure arose mostly from the heightened sense of significance, the
incident was responsible for building Power thought-elements into the astral body;
and when it is recalled in memory and that pleasure again pondered over, more
Power thought-elements are added to the astral form along with harmoniousConditioning Energy.

Perhaps there have been joyous experiences with strife and aggression in the past.
These experiences, recalled as vividly as possible, and with as great intensity of
feeling as can be engendered, not only build Aggressive thought-elements into the
stellar-cells of the unconscious mind, but they add with them harmoniousConditioning Energy.

In thus recalling affectional experiences which have afforded high pleasure, for the
purpose of adding social thought-elements to the astral body along with harmonious
Conditioning Energy, it is essential, if later experiences developing out of these have
been less pleasant, to confine the attention as closely as may be to the briefer period
of idyllic love. If disillusionment followed the happier period, one should live in
reverie, and as intently and joyously as possible, only in the time when affection was
coming into bloom and before its blossoms began to fade.

Living in the past may tend to divert energy from future accomplishment: but when
such is deliberately cultivated, with the past experience carefully selected for its
Conditioning Energy and as an agent for Conversion or for use as a Mental Antidote,
it not only is permissible, but can be made to afford just the thought-elements
required, along with the proper quantity and intensity of Conditioning Energy, to
alter the thought composition of certain stellar-cells in just the desired way.

At one’s leisure it is advantageous to ponder on the various experiences one has had
so far in life, with the object in view of selecting those which were at the time most
highly pleasurable and at the same time of a character which gained satisfaction for
commendable desires. One can briefly analyze them as to the family whose desires
finding satisfaction chiefly gave rise to the pleasure, and note them down under this
thought-family classification for use whenever the occasion seems to require the
application of these thought-elements along with happy Conditioning Energy.

Even aside from applying Conversion or Mental Antidotes, the most satisfactory
method of preventing the mind from being occupied with discordant thoughts which
arise in response to difficulties encountered, is to have ready at hand some selected
interest which has sufficient pleasure already associated with it that it can displace
the discordant thoughts which otherwise would build inimical thought compounds
into the finer form. And with a classified list of reminiscences of happy experiences,
one is in a position not only to recall something from the past to take the place of
intruding mental discord, but one can select the reminiscence thus to be used with the
special need in view for a Mental Antidote or Conversion. In this selection from the
list one may be sure that the substituted reminiscence will add both the
thought-elements and the Conditioning Energy thus engendered, to the mental
compound within the astral form which is responsible for the thinking which it is
used to displace. That is, the fact that it is used to displace a train of thoughts,
associates it with the thought-elements the release of whose energies are responsible
for that train of thoughts.

In addition to such reminiscences, there are experiences one hopes to have, and
experiences of the imagination, which, to the extent they are vivid and capable of
arousing intense feelings of pleasure, can be used as sources of Mental Antidotes and
Conditioning Energy. Such trains of thinking can be devised and tested out as to the
amount of emotional energy they generate. And they can be listed in the same
manner as can reminiscences, for use according to the demand at special times.

It has been said that the joy of anticipation often is greater than that of realization.
Most people get a thrill of pleasure in planning the things they like to do.

The planning of security for the future, in which system, forethought, persistence and
labor are involved can be made to yield both the Safety thought-elements, and
pleasant Conditioning Energy. Most people can acquire quite an intense feeling of
satisfaction through contemplating the steps and the results of such carefully thought
out security plans. And as thinking about such plans, once they have been formulated
and the individual has become accustomed to find joy in them, can be substituted for
any other train of thought that enters the mind, the Safety thought-elements and the
accompanying Conditioning energy can be added to any structure, or to any
compartment, within the astral body.

Nor is it difficult to call up in the imagination hoped for experiences of a religious
nature. One can anticipate actions of good fellowship, deeds of benevolence, and the
jovial kindness and helpfulness which characterizes the Religious thought-elements.
And one can think about the anticipated or imaginary experiences with the glow of
kindly feeling that should accompany such actions. Having formulated them once,
one can then keep them on tap for those occasions when there is special need of the
Religious thought-elements to afford the proper antidote along with proper
Conditioning Energy.

If they are substituted for critical intellectual processes, we may be sure that
associates them with the Intellectual thought-elements which are responsible for
those analytical thoughts. If they are substituted for distressing thoughts about the
home, we may be equally sure that they are then built into the thought-cells of the
astral body relating to the home. But if they are not substituted for other thinking they
tend to move within the astral body to that section relating to the department of life or
that type of activity about which the thinking at the time chiefly revolves.

A still better source of thought-elements and Conditioning Energy than any to be had
from reminiscences or from contemplating something yet to come, is that to be
derived from actual life experience. To actually do something with the feeling of
pleasure in the doing is the most satisfactory way to add thought factors to the astral
body. Intentions thus confirmed by action acquire a power through those actions
which is difficult to attain through imagination only. Furthermore, the unconscious
mind gains a powerful and proper suggestion at the same time; for the action
convinces it that actual results should follow. It is better, therefore, to engage in some
effort which will concentrate the thoughts and feelings according to the
thought-elements and Conditioning Energy desired, than it is merely to call such
activities up in the imagination.

And in addition to the application of the proper thought-elements and Conditioning
Energy to affect the desired change within the thought-cells of the astral body, which
is the process of Mental Alchemy, the healing process will be facilitated by talking to
the organs and thought-cells and telling them just what they are expected to do. They
each have an intelligence of their own, and tend to respond to suggestions thus given
them. Talk to them just as you would talk to an individual, kindly but firmly. And to
aid all to cooperate in the desired end, keep the image of perfect health before the
attention of the mind.

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