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Principles of Stellar Healing

FROM what has been said relative to stellar anatomy and stellar diagnosis it should
be apparent that, whether or not their practitioners recognize it, the success of all
non-physical methods of treatment– including Metaphysical healing, New
Thought healing, Christian Truth healing, Mental healing, Divine healing and Yoga
healing–depends upon altering the composition, the activity or the organization of
the thought-cells within the astral form. As the thought-cell organization of the finer
forms constitutes the soul, which is identical with that which the material scientists
call the unconscious mind or the subconscious mind, that which is attempted by each
of these methods is soul healing. Each and every one of these processes by which the
soul is beneficially changed, therefore, can properly be termed a method of

The general principle involved in the mentioned methods of soul healing is to bring
about thought-cell and thought structure changes by prayer, affirmation, suggestion,
or other means of directing thoughts to the accomplishment of the healing process. In
stellar healing also, thoughts are directed to the healing of the soul. But it embraces
three valuable factors not employed in other methods of healing by non-physical

1. Before healing is attempted, stellar diagnosis is employed to determine exactly
which thought-cells and thought-cell structures are chiefly responsible for the physical
disease. While a general health treatment- commonly also is employed, in addition
thoughts and other energies selected are then directed to the specific groups of
thought-cells needing to be altered to bring about the healing.

2. The thoughts and other energies thus utilized are not general in nature, but are
carefully selected to provide antidotes or a type of energy specifically adapted best to
change the discord of the inharmonious thought-cells and thought structures needing
treatment into the harmonious state which will bring health.

3. As planetary energies of specific progressed aspects always contribute discord or
intensity, or both, to the thought-cell activity before these have the power and discord
necessary to attract disease, other planetary energies selected specifically to give these
same thought-cells harmonious activity–even as a harmonious progressed aspect
would do–are employed by the stellar healer to reinforce the thoughts he uses in the
soul healing process.

Even as the physical cells and organs of the material body have intelligence and
know how to perform definite functions, so also the stellar-cells and stellar structures
within the soul are intelligent, perform functions, and have desires which are not
under the direct supervision of objective consciousness. Their intelligence is limited,
but they know how to perform certain types of work, and how to exercise
extra-physical power to bring about the physical events they desire. This
extra-physical power by which the stellar-cells attract not only health or disease, but
influence also all other events that enter the life, is the same as that now recognized in
our universities as the Psychokinetic Effect.

We are justified, I believe, in considering man’s physical body, his inner-plane form
as mapped by his birth-chart, and his thoughts as different parts of himself. He exists
in, and is influenced by, two different environments. The physical world, including
the people and objects he contacts and the food he eats, embraces the outer world
environment. Astrological energies, other people’s thoughts, the astral radiations of
objects both of the outer and the inner plane, and the influence of the spirits of the
dead and the denizens of the astral world constitute the inner world environment.

And in so far as a great amount of research conducted by the three research
departments of The Church of Light has been able to reveal, the inner world
environment on an average has just about as much influence over the individual and
what happens to him as does the outer world environment. The people and the
conditions he meets in the outer world environment stimulate certain thoughts and
emotions, and the astrological and other energies he contacts in the inner world also
stimulate certain thoughts and emotions. These thoughts and emotions, regardless of
the source of their stimulation, influence the desires of his thought-cells and thus
powerfully affect the events that come into his life.

His thought-cells bring events into his life such as they desire (including disease or
health) through influencing his behavior, and through bringing extra-physical
pressure to bear upon his physical organism and his physical environment. From our
studies of the manner in which progressed aspects coincide with characteristic
events, we are warranted in concluding that on an average the events which come
into the individual’s life are about equally due to his physical behavior and to the
pressure which, unknown to him, his thought-cells, working from the inner plane,
bring to bear upon his environment.

Knowledge of how both environments affect man, and of the intelligence, nature and
power of the stellar-cells leads the stellar healer to four important conclusions:

1. Not only the diseases of the physical body, but all the ills which beset human life can
be successfully treated by the methods of stellar healing.

2. In such treatment, if it is to prove successful, the desires of the thought-cells must be
so changed that they will desire, and therefore work for, the things which the individual
also desires.

3. The thought-cells desiring the things which the individual also desires, must possess
or be given enough energy that their extra-physical power is sufficient to bring
whatever change in the physical body or the physical environment is necessary to
complete the healing.

4. The greater the facilities afforded the thought-cells by the physical environment, the
less extra-physical power they will need to complete the healing.

Chapter four of the reference book, PROGRESSED ASPECTS OF STANDARD
ASTROLOGY1, is devoted to explaining and illustrating the fact that what takes
place in the individual’s life at any given time is the product of the facilities of
physical environment and the pressure brought to bear upon the physical
environment by the stellar-cells. The greater the resistance offered by physical
environment to the events and conditions the thought-cells desire, the more power
the thought-cells must have to be able to bring these events and conditions into the
individual’s life. The stellar-cells desiring–because their own discords make them
feel so miserable–destruction of the physical body or some part of it, need have only
the additional energy afforded by a weak progressed aspect to cause the body to be
attacked by disease if facilities for the disease are sufficiently present in the
environment. Lack of vitamins in the food, over-abundance of proteins or starch in
the food, mineral-poor foods, contact with virulent bacteria or viruses, and exposure
to wet and cold, lower the resistance of the environment to the pressure of the
disease-seeking stellar-cells.

On the other hand, even the most powerful discordant progressed aspect may be
unable to give the disease-seeking stellar-cells enough activity to overcome the
resistance offered them by the physical body if the foods are employed as
PRECAUTIONARY ACTIONS which are recommended for the particular
progressed planetary affliction in the five B. of L. lessons on STELLAR
DIETETICS: Course XIV, Chapter 3 and Course XXI, Chapters 7-10.

Yet in spite of any possible diet, and in spite of any probable facilities for health
afforded by the most favorable physical environment, if the individual reinforces the
disease-seeking stellar-cells by powerful discordant thoughts during the time they
receive energy from either a weak or a powerful progressed aspect, they may gain
activity enough that they can overcome such resistance, and the individual will
become ill. Health or disease, or other material condition, is not dependent
exclusively upon thought-cell activity as influenced by thinking and planetary
energies, nor is it dependent exclusively upon physical behavior and physical
environment. It is dependent upon the reaction between thought-cell activity and
physical conditions. Physical remedies, therefore, if properly selected and applied,
may play an important part in the healing process. Let those who teach otherwise go
without food and water for a few weeks, or without air for as little as ten minutes.

The Use of Astrological Energies in Healing

–Not only is the power and harmony or discord of each type of thought-cell activity
within the finer form mapped by the planets in the chart of birth, but a progressed
aspect to a planetary terminal in the birth-chart or progressed chart adds energy to
and increases the activity of, the thought-cells mapped by the terminals involved in
the progressed aspect. The commencement of any disease not present at birth always
coincides with one or more progressed aspect which is characteristic, and provides
the progressed constants of, the disease. Other and usually more harmonious
progressed aspects give thought-cell activity which works to attract health.

Some 3,300 years ago our good brother, Akhenaten of Egypt–as explained in detail
in chapter one of the reference book, ASTROLOGICAL LORE OF ALL
AGES–developed a method by which a stellar healer could deliver to the selected
group of thought-cells of a patient, harmonious planetary energy of the type desired
and in a manner which would produce the same change and activity of the
thought-cells as would be induced by a harmonious progressed aspect from the

He had found that the inner plane and the outer plane can influence each other only
through Boundary-Line electromagnetic energy, and that the electromagnetic
energy of the body is a natural conductor of planetary and other inner-plane energies
which at the time are tuned to a corresponding frequency. And he had found that it is
possible to tune the nerve currents, which we now know to be electromagnetic, to the
decave of electromagnetic vibration corresponding to the astral vibration of any
selected planetary energy, and thus direct the planetary energy along with the
electromagnetic energy of corresponding vibration, through the hands to the zone of
the body to be healed.

Organic electromagnetic energy, in the West commonly called animal magnetism,
and in the East commonly called prana, is the natural conductor of astral energy. As
water is a ready conductor of electricity, so the electromagnetic nerve currents are
ready conductors of astral vibrations, with this difference, that the electromagnetic
currents moving over the nerves pick up and most readily conduct astral energies
which, although perhaps of a higher decave, have a similar vibratory rate.

It is because the thought-cells mapped by Sun, Moon and Mercury have such ready
access to, and so powerfully influence, the electromagnetic form and the nerve
currents that these three planets are so significant in the birth-chart, and their
thought-cells have more power than those mapped by some other planet similarly
placed and having the same aspects. The Sun thought-cells rule and are in constant
contact with the electrical energies of the body. The Moon thought-cells rule and are
in constant contact with the magnetic energies of the body. The Mercury
thought-cells rule and are in constant contact with the cerebral thoughts and the
electromagnetic currents that move over the nervous system.

Because electromagnetic energy must be present to permit the thought-cells to
reproduce their condition and to realize their desires in the physical cells and
functions, and because electromagnetic energy in ample volume must be present if
the physical cells and organs are to be healthy and strong, it is good practice for the
stellar healer to give a general electromagnetic health treatment as a prelude to the
specific treatment in which selected planetary energies are delivered to the
thought-cells corresponding to the afflicted zones or organs.

After this general treatment designed to give vitality and health to the body as a
whole, in which thoughts of perfect health are carried to the consciousness of the
physical cells and organs by the electromagnetic energies delivered to them, the
stellar healer gives the more special treatment in which the thoughts selected for this
purpose are delivered to the thought-cell groups chiefly responsible for the disease
along with the planetary energy most adapted to change their composition,
organization and desires in the direction of health. To do this, through mood control
he tunes his feelings, and thus the electromagnetic energies flowing over his nerves
and from his fingers, to the vibratory rate of the planetary energy which he thus seeks
to deliver to the thought-cells of his patient. Then he either places his hands over the
zone where the planet is located which is the chief source of the difficulty, or better
still, he places one hand over the zone and the other on the opposite side of the limb or
body, so that the selected planetary energy will travel along the electromagnetic
circuit thus established.

In addition to this direct method of reaching the thought-cells with the selected
thought and planetary energy, the spine also should be treated by placing the hands
close together along either side of the backbone where the nerves branch off which
reach the zone or organ to be treated.

As chapter three of the reference book BODY DISEASE AND ITS STELLAR
TREATMENT2 considers in detail the endocrine reactions to planets and thoughts,and
as the function of each endocrine gland and its planetary rulership and relation to
diet are also set forth in the five lessons on STELLAR DIETETICS2, endocrine
secretions will merely be mentioned here in connection with the planetary energies
to which each reacts. But both for diagnosis and treatment purposes the zones of the
body ruled by each sign and the structure or organ ruled by each planet will here be

Sign Rulerships

ARIES rules the head and face, the upper jaw, and the cerebrum, or upper
hemisphere of the brain.

TAURUS rules the neck, the ears, palate, tonsils, cerebellum, or lower lobes of the
brain, the occipital region, larynx, pharynx, and vocal cords.

GEMINI rules the shoulders, arms, hands, bronchi and the lungs.

CANCER rules the lower part of the lungs, the breasts, the diaphragm and the

LEO rules the spine and back, and the heart.

VIRGO rules the abdominal and umbilical region, the duodenum and the intestines.

LIBRA rules the lumbar region, the kidneys, the ovaries, the seed, and the internal
generative organs in general.

SCORPIO rules the sinus or pelvis of the kidneys, the ureters and bladder, the
sigmoid flexture, rectum, prostate gland, uterus and external generative organs in
general. The nose also seems to respond somewhat to the activities of Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS rules the hips and thighs and the sciatic nerve.

CAPRICORN rules the region of the knees.

AQUARIUS rules the legs below the knees, and the ankles.

PISCES rules the feet and toes.

Planetary Rulerships

SUN rules the vitality, influences the spleen where the vital electric energy is stored,
and the heart which pumps the blood to the various parts of the body. It rules the spine
and has a decided influence upon the action of two front pituitary hormones and the
thyroid gland.

MOON rules the constitutional magnetism, influences the medulla oblongata and
base of the brain where magnetic energy is stored, rules the fluidic and lymphatic
system of the body, and has considerable influence over the eyes. It also has a
decided influence upon the action of the back pituitary gland, the thymus gland, and
the hormones of the alimentary tract.

MERCURY rules the brain and nervous system and has a determining effect upon
the frequency of the electromagnetic vibrations of the body. It rules the nerve
currents, the mouth and tongue, and also has a decided influence upon the action of
the parathyroid glands and one hormone of the front pituitary gland.

VENUS rules the venous blood and the veins, skin and hair. It also has a decided
influence upon the action of the thyroid gland and the gonad glands.

MARS rules the muscular system and the red corpuscles of the blood. It also has a
decided influence upon the gonad glands and upon the secretion of both adrenalin
and cortin by the adrenal glands.

As these are the chief chemicals with which the body fights toxic conditions and
invasion by bacteria, an afflicted Mars predisposes to fevers, blood poison,
abscesses, and various types of infection. The infection occurs because the body does
not have at hand the chemicals with which it otherwise would oust the invaders.

Wounds, abrasions, cuts, tears, surgical operations, and hot, dry feverish complaints
are typical of Mars afflictions. It tends to violence, and to acute and painful diseases.

JUPITER rules the arterial system of the body, the liver, and the fats and glycogen
stored as fuel. It also has a decided influence upon the manufacture and secretion of
insulin by the pancreas gland.

SATURN rules the bones and ligaments, the teeth, and the mineral salts of the body.
It also has a decided influence upon the action of the adrenal glands in the
manufacture and secretion of adrenalin, a decided influence over the spleen, and a
decided influence over one hormone of the front pituitary gland.

As the spleen is the storage battery of the vital electric energy, an affliction to Saturn
tends to a condition of the spleen in which it is unable to get and hold reserve energy.
Saturn also tends to produce poverty in other essential things, such as lack of the
proper elements in the food, lack of assimilative ability and, through inadequate
adrenalin, lack of ability to draw on the emergency fuel supply.

Saturn is negative and subtle in its influence. It tends to the accumulation of toxins in
the blood, and to various chronic and wasting diseases which persist because of lack
of vigor and energy to remove their cause. Atrophy, tuberculosis, arthritis, and
cancer are types of afflictions which are characteristic of Saturn.

URANUS, as the octave of Mercury, has considerable influence over the
sensitiveness of the nervous system and the nerve currents which flow over it. Its
action is to increase the potential and vibratory rate of the electrical energies
generated by the nerves, encouraging high tension such as precedes cerebral
hemorrhage or appendicitis. It also has a pronounced influence over the action of the
parathyroid glands, and influences one hormone of the front pituitary gland.

NEPTUNE has very much the same influence over the action of the parathyroid
glands that Mercury and Uranus do in giving sensitivity to the nervous system, and it
influences the hormone of the pineal gland.

Its most pronounced influence on disease is through the negative condition it induces
through the action of the pineal hormone to suppress and counteract the action of
cortin. The excessive negative condition thus induced tends to the accumulation of
toxins. Neptune is also the poisoner. And because it reduces the action of the typical
Mars gland, so the poisons cannot be eliminated from the body, it favors the
formation of pus, and moist wasting diseases. It tends to perversions, to the use of
narcotics and opiates, and as closely associated with the astral plane, is responsible
for certain maladies caused by astral entities, which when severe enough become

PLUTO, while having the drastic quality and sometimes the forcefulness of the
watery sign Scorpio, which it rules, in most respects may be considered as a higher
octave expression of the Moon. It influences the hormone of the pineal gland, one
hormone of the front pituitary–the one related to co-operative effort–the cortin
hormone of the adrenal cortex, and secretions of the parathyroid glands. When its
thought-cell activity increases the pineal secretion, rather than cortin, we have much
the same negative condition and susceptibility to toxic poisons as are brought about
by the influence of Neptune. Pluto also tends to a sensitiveness to people’s thoughts
and to the vibratory rates from the astral plane. Through its affinity with the eighth
house rulership of Scorpio, it enables those on the inner plane of life to impress their
thoughts in a recognizable form on the individual. These may be beneficial or they
may be coercive and tend to irresponsible mediumship or obsession.

Where to Give Treatments Through the Nerves Leading From the Spine

–It is, of course, quite beyond the scope of these lessons to teach physical anatomy.
There are, however, 31 pairs of spinal nerves, which take their origin in the spinal
cord and make their exit from the vertebra.

When some portion of the body is diseased or not functioning as it should, quite
commonly there is a sensitiveness, or cold area, where the nerves leading to this
portion of the body enter the vertebra. And the chiropractic school of therapy, basing
its treatment on adjustments of the vertebra, gives us a very clear picture of just where
these nerves lead. And because the stellar healer, not to give adjustments but to
administer planetary energy, needs this information, what follows is taken from
Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology, by H. L. Cornell, M.D.:

The spinal column is made up of seven Cervical Vertebrae, twelve Dorsal Vertebrae,
and five Lumbar Vertebrae. The Sacrum is classed as No. 25, and the Coccyx as No.
26. The count is made from the skull downward.

First Cervical–Atlas: The tissues and organs affected by the nerve supply passing
through this vertebra are the brain, scalp, atlas, optic tract as far as the commissure,
the cranial bones, the upper ear, ossicles, and the upper forehead.

Second Cervical–Axis: The nerves passing through this vertebra supply the brain,
ears, a part of the face, and the back of the neck.

The third, fourth and fifth cervicals are called the Middle Cervical Place.

Third Cervical: The nerves which pass through the third cervical supply the retina,
cheeks, nasal passages, and the face.

Fourth Cervical: Nerves passing through this vertebra pass to the eyes, cornea, retina,
mouth, gums, teeth, bones and tissues of the face, the jaw, eustachian tubes, the outer
ear, the posterior nares, nasopharynx, and the hyoid bone.

Fifth Cervical: The nerves which pass through this vertebra go to the face, nose, eyes,
lower jaw and teeth, the hyoid bone, and to the lateral and posterior muscles of the

The sixth and seventh cervicals are known as the Lower Cervical Place.

Sixth Cervical: Nerves passing through this vertebra supply the larynx, vocal cords
and surrounding tissues, the thyroid gland, palate, posterior part of the mouth,
tonsils, upper part of shoulders, anterior parts of the arms, lower parts of neck,
sterno-mastoid region, and upper parts of the bronchi.

Seventh Cervical: The nerves passing through this vertebra go to the trachea
(windpipe), radius, upper part of arms, muscles on back of neck, and to the deltoid
muscles of the shoulders.

The seventh cervical and the first dorsal are called the Arm Place.

First Dorsal: The nerves which pass through this vertebra supply the muscles of the
arms, the humerus, ulna, bones of the hands, the clavicle, scapula and shoulders, the
first pair of ribs, the manubrium and the upper bronchi.

The second and third dorsals taken together are called the Heart Place.

Second Dorsal: Nerves passing through this vertebra supply the heart, its vessels and
covering, the pericardium, the aorta, the bronchi, the second pair of ribs, hands, and
muscles of the lower arms.

The third and fourth dorsals together are called the Lung Place.

Third Dorsal: Nerves passing through this vertebra supply the chest, breast, nipples,
lower sternum, the third pair of ribs, lower heart, lungs and pleura.

Fourth Dorsal: The nerves passing through this vertebra have a wide field of activity,
going to the lower lungs, fourth pair of ribs, the liver, gallbladder and bile duct.

The fourth and fifth dorsals are known as the Liver Place.

Fifth Dorsal: This dorsal is also called the Center Place. It is the general heart center,
and the nerves passing through it supply the fifth pair of ribs.

The sixth, seventh and eighth dorsals are grouped as the Stomach Place.

Sixth Dorsal: The nerves passing through this vertebra reach the sixth pair of ribs and
about the same region as given under the seventh dorsal vertebra.

Seventh Dorsal: The nerves passing through this vertebra reach the stomach,
esophagus, mucus membrane of mouth and stomach, tonsils, uvula, pharynx, palate,
seventh pair of ribs, omentum, eyeballs, pupils, iris and cornea of the eyes.

Eighth Dorsal: The nerve supply through this vertebra passes to the lower part of the
stomach, the pylorus. duodenum, upper spleen, pancreas, diaphragm and eighth pair
of ribs.

Ninth Dorsal: It is known as the Spleen Place, and the nerve supply passing through
this vertebra goes to the spleen, omentum, duodenum, and the ninth pair of ribs.

Then tenth, eleventh and twelfth dorsals are called the Kidney Place.

Tenth Dorsal: The nerve supply passing through this vertebra goes to the upper
kidneys, the suprarenal capsules, to the eyelids and to the tenth pair of ribs.

Eleventh Dorsal: The nerve supply passing through this vertebra goes to practically
the same region as that through the tenth dorsal, and to the eleventh pair of ribs.

Twelfth Dorsal: The nerve supply passing through this vertebra goes to the lower
portion of the kidneys, the ureters, the end of the spine, the twelfth pair of ribs, and
rules the serous circulation.

The first and second lumbars are known as the Upper Private Place.

First Lumbar: The nerve supply through this vertebra passes to the ureters, loins,
peritoneum and the upper small intestines.

The second and third lumbars are known as the Private Place.

Second Lumbar: The nerve supply passing through this vertebra goes to the small
intestines, vermiform appendix, ovaries, cecum, peritoneum, and to the muscles of
the legs.

Third Lumbar: The nerve supply passing through this vertebra goes to the abdominal
muscles, lower small intestines, cecum, colon, appendix, hepatic and splenic
flexures, ovaries, broad ligaments, bladder, testicles, sexual organs, anterior muscles
of the thigh, and to the knees.

The fourth and fifth lumbars are known as the Lower Private Place.

Fourth Lumbar: The nerve supply passing through this vertebra goes to the womb,
vagina, bladder, prostate gland, large intestines, colon, rectum, pelvis, hip bone,
buttocks, femur, posterior thighs, tibia, fibula and the feet.

Fifth Lumbar: The nerve supply passing through this vertebra goes to the uterus,
rectum and buttocks.

Sacrum: The nerve supply passing through the foramen of the sacrum goes to the
womb, buttocks, posterior part of the thigh, and to the anus and rectum.

Calculating the Harmony or Discord of a Planet

–Now, following the rules given in Chapter 02, let us calculate the harmony or
discord of some of the planets in the John Edwards chart given on page 4 of
Chapter 01. In these calculations reference should be made to the Table of
Essential Dignity Values given on page 66 and the Power Grill given on page 67,
at the front of this lesson. This Power Grill shows the power of each aspect made
by each planet calculated according to the rules given in Chapter 01.

The Sun is in mutual reception with Jupiter which gives it 5 harmodynes, and is in
mutual reception with Neptune, which gives it another 5 harmodynes. The Sun thus
has 10.00 harmodynes. Sun conjunction Mercury is neutral. Sun square Pluto has
2.73 astrodynes, which gives the aspect 2.73 discordynes. Sun opposition M.C. has
2.20 astrodynes, which gives the aspect 2.20 discordynes. 2.73 plus 2.20 gives the
Sun 4.93 discordynes. 10.00 (harmodynes) minus 4.93 (discordynes) gives the Sun a
net total of 5.07 harmodynes.

The Moon is in its harmony, which gives it 1 harmodyne. Moon trine Mars has 3.50
astrodynes. Dividing 3.50 by 4 gives .88. 3.50 minus .88 gives the aspect 2.62
harmodynes. 1 plus 2.62 plus 2.17 gives the Moon 5.79 harmodynes. Moon
opposition Saturn has 4.25 astrodynes. Dividing 4.25 by 2 gives 2.13. 4.25 plus 2.13
gives the aspect 6.38 discordynes. Moon square Asc. has 6.17 discordynes, which
gives the aspect 6.17 discordynes. 6.38 plus 6.17 gives the Moon 12.55 discordynes.
12.55 (discordynes) minus 5.79 (harmodynes) gives the Moon a net total of 6.76

Mercury conjunction Sun is neutral. Mercury semi-sextile Venus has 1.57
harmodynes. Dividing 1.57 by 4 gives .39. 1.57 plus .39 gives the aspect 1.96
harmodynes. Mercury thus has 1.96 harmodynes. Mercury square Pluto has 4.70
astrodynes, which gives the aspect 4.70 discordynes. Mercury parallel M.C. is
neutral. Mercury opposition M.C. has 4.17 astrodynes, which gives the aspect 4.17
discordynes. 4.70 plus 4.17 gives Mercury 8.87 discordynes. 8.87 (discordynes)
minus 1.96 (harmodynes) gives Mercury a net total of 6.91 discordynes.

Venus is in its exaltation, which gives it 3 harmodynes. As previously calculated, its
semi-sextile with Mercury has 1.96 harmodynes. Its parallel with Mars is neutral, as
the one-fourth harmodynes due to Venus is canceled by the one-fourth discordynes
due to Mars. Venus conjunction Uranus has 7.60 astrodynes. Dividing 7.60 by 4
gives the aspect 1.90 harmodynes. Venus trine Pluto has 5.13 astrodynes. Dividing
5.13 by 4 gives 1.28. 5.13 plus 1.28 gives the aspect 6.41 harmodynes. 3.00 plus 1.96
plus 1.90 plus 6.41 gives Venus 13.27 harmodynes. Venus opposition Saturn has
4.05 astrodynes. As one-half is added for Saturn discordynes, and one-fourth is
subtracted for Venus harmodynes, the difference is one-fourth in discordynes. 4.05
divided by 4 gives 1.01. 4.05 plus 1.01 gives the aspect 5.06 discordynes. Thus
Venus has 5.06 discordynes. 13.27 (harmodynes) minus 5.06 (discordynes) gives
Venus a net total of 8.21 harmodynes.Mars is at home, which gives it 2 harmodynes.

As previously calculated, its trinewith the Moon has 2.62 harmodynes. Mars sextile Saturn has 3.75 astrodynes.
Subtracting one-half for Saturn and one-fourth for Mars leaves only one-fourth as
harmodynes. 3.75 divided by 4 gives the aspect .94 harmodynes. Mars trine Uranus
has 2.20 astrodynes. Dividing 2.20 by 4 gives .55. 2.20 minus .55 gives the aspect
1.65 harmodynes. Mars trine Pluto has 6.67 astrodynes. Dividing 6.67 by 4 gives
1.67. 6.67 minus 1.67 gives the aspect 5.00 harmodynes. Mars semi-sextile M.C. has
2.20 astrodynes. 2.20 divided by 4 gives .55. 2.20 minus .55 gives the aspect 1.65
harmodynes. 2.00 plus 2.62 plus .94 plus 1.65 plus 5.00 plus 1.65 gives Mars 13.86
harmodynes. Mars square Jupiter has 7.52 astrodynes. One-half subtracted for
Jupiter and one fourth added for Mars is equivalent to one-fourth subtracted. 7.52
divided by 4 gives 1.88. 7.52 minus 1.88 gives the aspect 5.64 discordynes. Mars
square Neptune has 7.98 astrodynes. 7.98 divided by 4 gives 2.00. 7.98 plus 2.00
gives the aspect 9.98 discordynes 5.64 plus 9.98 gives Mars 15.62 discordynes.
15.62 (discordynes) minus 13.86 (harmodynes) gives Mars a net total of 1.76

Jupiter is in mutual reception with the Sun which gives it 5.00 harmodynes, and in
mutual reception with Pluto which gives it another 5.00 harmodynes. Jupiter
semi-sextile Saturn has .23 astrodynes. As the one-half added for Jupiter is
subtracted for Saturn, this gives the aspect .23 harmodynes. Jupiter conjunction
Neptune has 9.50 astrodynes. Dividing 9.50 by 2 gives the aspect 4.75 harmodynes.
Jupiter parallel Pluto has 5.40 astrodynes. Dividing 5.40 by 2 gives the aspect 2.70
harmodynes. Jupiter semi-sextile Pluto has .15 astrodynes. Dividing .15 by 2 gives
.08. .15 plus .08 gives the aspect .23 harmodynes. Jupiter sextile M.C. has 6.68
astrodynes. Dividing 6.68 by 2 gives 3.34. 6.68 plus 3.34 gives the aspect 10.02
harmodynes. Jupiter trine Asc. has 1.18 astrodynes. Dividing 1.18 by 2 gives .59.
1.18 plus .59 gives the aspect 1.77 harmodynes. 5 plus 5 plus .23 plus 4.75 plus 2.70
plus .23 plus 10.02 plus 1.77 gives Jupiter 29.70 harmodynes. As previously
calculated, Jupiter square Mars has 5.64 discordynes. Thus Jupiter has 5.64
discordynes. 29.70 (harmodynes) minus 5.64 (discordynes) gives Jupiter a net total
of 24.06 harmodynes.

Saturn is in its harmony, which gives it 1 harmodyne. As previously calculated,
Saturn sextile Mars has .94 harmodynes. As previously calculated Saturn
semi-sextile Jupiter has .23 harmodynes. Saturn sextile Pluto has 5.92 astrodynes.
5.92 divided by 2 gives the aspect 2.96 harmodynes. Saturn semi-sextile M.C. has
1.55 astrodynes. 1.55 divided by 2 gives the aspect .78 harmodynes. 1.00 plus .94
plus .23 plus 2.96 plus .78 gives Saturn 5.91 harmodynes. As previously calculated,
Saturn opposition Moon has 6.38 discordynes. As previously calculated, Saturn
opposition Venus has 5.06 discordynes. Saturn parallel Uranus has 7.07 astrodynes.

7.07 divided by 2 gives the aspect 3.54 discordynes. Saturn opposition Uranus has
4.45 astrodynes. 4.45 divided by 2 gives 2.23. 4.45 plus 2.23 gives the aspect 6.68
discordynes. 6.38 plus 5.06 plus 3.54 plus 6.68 gives Saturn 21.66 discordynes.
21.66 (discordynes) minus 5.91 (harmodynes) gives Saturn a net total of 15.75

As the other aspects in the John Edwards chart have the same number of harmodynes
or discordynes as they have astrodynes, a comparison of the Power Grill on page 67
with the Harmony Grill on page 68 at the front of this lesson, will show how the harmony
or discord of each of the others planets is obtained.

Calculating the Harmony or Discord of Each Sign and House

–The calculation of the harmony or discord of a sign in the birth-chart, or the
harmony or discord of a given house, is a very simple matter once the net total
harmony or discord of each planet has been computed in harmodynes or discordynes.

The Harmony or Discord of a Birth-Chart Sign

–Rule: Unless it is an intercepted sign, or occupies more than one house, the
unoccupied harmony or discord of a sign is one-half the net harmony or net discord of
its ruler. The unoccupied harmony or discord of an intercepted sign is one-fourth the
net harmony or net discord of its ruler. When a sign occupies the cusp of more than
one house, its unoccupied harmony or discord is acertained by allowing one-half the
harmony or discord of its ruler for each house cusp it occupies. The total harmony or
discord of a sign is ascertained by algebraically adding its unoccupied harmony or
discord to the harmony or discord of each planet–including M.C. or Asc.–in the

The Harmony or Discord of a Birth-Chart House. –Rule: To the unoccupied
harmony or discord of the sign on the cusp as influencing one house, algebraically
add the unoccupied harmony or discord of any intercepted sign in the house and the
net total harmony or discord of each planet–including M.C. or Asc.–in the house.

Double Rulership Signs

–Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars. Aquarius is ruled by both Uranus and
Saturn. Pisces is ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter.

Rule: When a sign has two rulers, algebraically add the net total harmony or discord
of both rulers and divide by 2. The result will be the harmony or discord (in reality the
average harmony or discord of the two rulers) of the ruler of the sign.

As finding the harmony or discord of each sign and house is based upon the net
harmony or discord of the planets, let us refer to the Planetary Harmony Grill on page
68 at the front of this lesson to ascertain the total net harmony or net discord of each
planet and proceed to calculate the harmony or discord of the signs and houses in the
John Edwards chart. In so doing we will find it a great saving of work to calculate the
harmony or discord of signs and houses at the same time.

Sagittarius is on the Asc. Jupiter, its ruler has 24.06 harmodynes. Dividing 24.06 by 2
gives unoccupied Sagittarius 12.03 harmodynes. The Asc. has 2.72 discordynes.
12.03 minus 2.72 gives Sagittarius 9.31 harmodynes. As no other planet is in the first
house, the first house also has 9.31 harmodynes.

Saturn has 15.75 discordynes. Dividing 15.75 by 2 gives unoccupied Capricorn 7.88
discordynes. As no planet is in the sign, Capricorn has 7.88 discordynes.

Aquarius has 2 rulers. Saturn, one ruler, has 15.75 discordynes. Uranus, the other
ruler, has .86 harmodynes. 15.75 minus .86 gives 14.89. 14.89 divided by 8
(one-fourth of average as Aquarius is intercepted) gives unoccupied Aquarius 1.86
discordynes. As no planet is in the sign, Aquarius has 1.86 discordynes.

Venus in the second house has 8.21 harmodynes. 7.88 (Capricorn) plus 1.86
(Aquarius) gives 9.74 discordynes. 9.74 minus 8.21 (Venus) gives the second house
1.53 discordynes.

Pisces has 2 rulers. Jupiter, one ruler, has 24.06 harmodynes. Neptune, the other
ruler, has 7.63 harmodynes. 24.06 plus 7.63 gives 31.69. 31.69 divided by 4
(one-half average) gives unoccupied Pisces 7.92 harmodynes. Four planets are in
Pisces. Venus has 8.21 harmodynes. Sun has 5.07 harmodynes. Uranus has .86
harmodynes. 7.92 (unoccupied Pisces) plus 8.21 plus 5.07 plus .86 gives 22.06
harmodynes. Moon has 6.76 discordynes. 22.06 minus 6.76 gives Pisces 15.30

The third house has 4 planets. 7.92 (unoccupied Pisces) plus .86 (Uranus) plus 5.07
(Sun) gives 13.85 harmodynes. 6.76 (Moon) plus 6.91 (Mercury) gives 13.67
discordynes. 13.85 minus 13.67 gives the third house .18 harmodynes.

Mars has 1.76 discordynes. 1.76 divided by 2 gives unoccupied Aries .88
discordynes. As no planet is in the house, and Aries is on its cusp, this gives the fourth
house .88 discordynes.

Mercury, in Aries, has 6.91 discordynes. 6.91 plus .88 (unoccupied Aries) gives
Aries 7.79 discordynes.

Venus has 8.21 harmodynes. As Taurus holds no planet, but occupies 2 house cusps,
it has the full value of Venus. It has 8.21 harmodynes.

The fifth and sixth houses hold no planets. Dividing 8.21 (Venus) by 2 gives the fifth
house 4.11 harmodynes, and the sixth house also 4.11 harmodynes.

Mercury has 6.91 discordynes. Dividing 6.91 by 2 gives Gemini 3.46 discordynes.

Pluto, in the seventh, has 17.10 harmodynes. 17.10 minus 3.46 (Gemini) gives the
seventh house 13.64 harmodynes.

The Moon has 6.76 discordynes. Dividing 6.76 by 2 gives unoccupied Cancer 3.38
discordynes. 17.10 (Pluto in Cancer) minus 3.38 gives Cancer 13.72 harmodynes.

The Sun has 5.07 harmodynes. Dividing 1.07 by 4 (as Leo is intercepted) gives
unoccupied Leo 1.27 harmodynes. Jupiter and Neptune are in Leo. 1.27 (unoccupied
Leo) plus 24.06 (Jupiter) plus 7.63 (Neptune) gives Leo 32.96 harmodynes.

32.96 (Leo) minus 3.38 (unoccupied Cancer, as Cancer is on its cusp) gives the
eighth house 29.58 harmodynes.

Mercury has 6.91 discordynes. Dividing 6.91 by 2 gives unoccupied Virgo 3.46
discordynes. Saturn, in Virgo, has 15.75 discordynes. 3.46 (unoccupied Virgo) plus
15.75 (Saturn) gives Virgo 19.21 discordynes. As Virgo is on its cusp and Saturn the
only planet in the house, this gives the ninth house also 19.21 discordynes.

Venus has 8.21 harmodynes. Dividing 8.21 by 2 gives unoccupied Libra 4.11
harmodynes. M.C. in Libra has 4.79 harmodynes. 4.11 (unoccupied Libra) plus 4.79
(M.C.) gives Libra 8.90 harmodynes. As Libra is on its cusp, and there is no other
planet in the house, this gives the tenth house also 8.90 harmodynes.

Scorpio has 2 rulers. Mars, one ruler, has 1.76 discordynes. Pluto, the other ruler, has
17.10 harmodynes. 17.10 minus 1.76 gives 15.34 harmodynes. Dividing 15.34 by 4
(one-half average) gives unoccupied Scorpio 3.84 harmodynes for each house cusp it
occupies. As no planet is in the twelfth, this gives the twelfth house 3.84 harmodynes.

Mars in the eleventh has 1.76 discordynes. 3.84 (Scorpio on its cusp) minus 1.76
(Mars) gives the eleventh house 2.08 harmodynes.

3.84 plus 3.84 (Scorpio on 2 house cusps) gives unoccupied Scorpio 7.68
harmodynes. 7.68 minus 1.76 (Mars in Scorpio) gives Scorpio 5.92 harmodynes.

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